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Terri Rucker 15-Nov-2011 22:23
I love black and white photography, it is so artistic and shows texture so much more. Good shots, thank you
Gisella 22-Jun-2011 23:52
Hi Salman,
I love the Flemingdon gallery. FYI - Flemingdon Park is in North York, not East York.
Riz 10-Jun-2011 07:26
Hi Salman , this is Riz from pakistan i come across your work by chance and i really love it , i myself is in this profession but your pics and projection is awsume all you must have God Gifted skill set , Take Care God Bless You ......
NattieLiz 11-Jul-2009 23:44
I reviewed one of your photos for -- I just thought it was exquisite.
Kathryn 18-Feb-2009 21:05

I am interested in considering photos you took of Little India in Toronto for a travel story we are running in an upcoming issue.

Please email me if you are interested. We would need these images by the end of the week... Friday, February 20th.


WASEEM SUKHERA 24-Jul-2008 11:17
hi salman this is waseem sukhera from silver spring, maryland - usa. We all love your work hope some time if u come to maryland e.mail us so that we can host u guys a lavish dinner. Allah Hafiz.
waseem sukhera 24-Jul-2008 11:14
all i wanna say is salman your work is really WOW!!! NICE JOB.
MaggieOlivie07-Apr-2008 23:37
Hi This is maggie from the USA. Beautiful pictures especially of MURREE .
You are a good photgrapher "a good eye"
Do you have any pics of Afghanistan?. Thats one place i have not visited.
Look up my site and tell me what you think.
Again awesome pics. Thanks for sharing. /maggieolivie
Guest 15-Jun-2007 07:43
Pbase needs more galleries like yours.
Guest 20-Apr-2007 08:04
dear Salman,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Excellent work...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa and i will come back with pleasure...
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:50
Keep going forward. You have so much potential.
Raja Junaid Khan 13-Nov-2006 22:15
hi mate, i was just exploring your pictures they are good shots man, but i was hoping ti get my current colij in the photos. it was chinar army public school, try to get more pictures please.

thank you
Anonymous 08-Nov-2006 17:30
Amazing gallery. Every image is more breathtaking than the next. I am a HUGE fan!
You have an amazing eye for bringing out the extraordinary in the ordinary.
The picture of Rida on your stomach looking at you is the most heartwarming picture ever.
The pictures of Pakistan are WOW. Made me miss everything a lot. I could relate a lot to your photography being from Pakistan and living in toronto as well. Amazing work, keep it up!
Peter Chou09-Sep-2006 08:57
Hi Salman,

The photos in my nurses of Singapore gallery were all taken with the Ultron 35mm/1.7 and all of them were exposed at 1/60 sec f/1.7 and 2.0. Thank you so much for viewing my gallery!

Guest 02-Sep-2006 14:24
Hi Salman
Really enjoyed your family images, Rida is soooo adorable. Pakistan, love to see more!

Harry's Pro Shop

Peter Chou22-Aug-2006 02:16
Hi Salman,

Thank you so much for visiting my gallery. I am impressed with your documentary of Toronto and do keep the photos coming!

Lexie 18-Jun-2006 23:00
I love your photographs. They make me homesick for Toronto.
Boston, MA
Salah El-Sadek10-May-2006 20:58
Dear Mr Salman,
I really enjoyed touring your wonderful galleries and looking at your excellent photos, felt I am living and seeing all these magnificent place through your eyes and camera..
Please if you have time drop by my humble galleries sometime, I 'd like to learn from your comments and advices.
Razi 22-Apr-2006 15:36
Salman Bhai,

Totally outstanding and amazing photography. Like Umar, I was also searching Salman Ahmed the Junoon rockstar in Google. Nevertheless I could not leave without looking at some of the wonderful albums, very impressive work. A very best wishes to you and your family.
I liked your nature spotlight on the hills.

Thanks for sharing.

Razi Mohammad
Northern Illinois University, IL
Umar Shah 14-Apr-2006 22:54
Salman sahab,

I came to your gallery by chance. I was looking for Salman Ahmed the rockstar on Google. Nevertheless I could not leave without looking at some of the wonderful albums you have created. I liked your photos very much. I have also created some albums of my trips to Pakistan and other countries on Sony's imagestation. If you are interested I can send you the links. Best regards and best wishes to you and your family.

Guest 12-Mar-2006 19:25
Totally outstanding work!
Beautfully composed.
THanks for sharing!
Guest 09-Mar-2006 06:20
Hey thanx for ur comment. Your Infareds are great! Interesting to see Ontario that way since I only saw it covered in snow.
B Thomas Johnston26-Feb-2006 11:56
Hi Salman, thanks for leaving your comments on my images. I've just been browsing through your galleries and you have some fabulous images. I really like your abstract and black and white work. Cheers,
Steve Price18-Feb-2006 22:29
Thank your for visiting my site and for your comments. My favourite of your favourites is Cattails in Winter. The Cattails have a striking gaphic quality which you have picked out extremely well with the shallow depth of field. Voted. Please come again. Regards.
Yasir Nisar 21-Jan-2006 03:24

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The purpose is to uplift the Tourism industry of the country as well as the different northern areas of Pakistan for that. This will really help to grow the tourism industry in Pakistan.

I visited your gallery recently and have the honor to find some good information as well as pictures related to Pakistan and different areas. I am much impressed by the quality of images that you have and the different tours that you have undergone and that is why I would like you to contribute your material and photographs for the promotion of a healthy tourism industry in Pakistan. I would appreciate if you could provide me with high resolution images that would definitely go a long way in developing a good image of beautiful Pakistan online. Your contribution for this healthy cause will be appreciated.


Yasir Nisar
Project Director
Eye Net Sol.
Guest 20-Jan-2006 23:58
Hi Salman:
Just discovered your gallery on checking for photos of Murree & Bhurban as I have a chance to go there in May - I think you've convinced not to miss this.

Zaheer Babar 17-Dec-2005 21:29
Many thanks to Salman for such a effort to put these pictures on the web, Murree is always my seccond home as I belong to Rawalpindi, these pictures just reminded me my old days when me and friends used to visit murree almost couple of times in a week even some times just for a cup of coffee, again bundle of thanks,
My best regards for you & your family
Cedric Sims24-Nov-2005 03:20
Hi Salman,

You have a nice gallery with a wide variety of photos. I enjoyed viewing your work.
Thanks for the comments in my gallery.

Guest 23-Nov-2005 00:53
Thank you for the kind words about my photography exercises. I really enjoyed yours as well. I am impressed with the B&W photos.
Best regards!
...duncan02-Oct-2005 00:53
Thank you again for you comments on my work and your work is excellent. You have a great eye and your black and white images are superb. The way you capture your daily like is fantastic. You have my compliments.
Guest 01-Aug-2005 15:19
Salman, I truly enjoyed all your galleries. I believe that one of the many roles of photography as a medium, (arguably the most appropriate) is to document our lives and the world around us. To freeze fleeting moments, the way -only- a camera can. You have done a wonderful job at this. I have certainly seen more "technically spectacular" shots around PBase, but they do not tell me the subtle stories that yours do. Keep nourishing this approach to your photography.
Guest 31-Jul-2005 02:21
Salman I really like your galleries. BEAUTIFUL IMAGES.
Guest 28-Jul-2005 00:56
Hello Salman,
I enjoyed viewing your wonderful galleries. You can see how much you care about your photography. Great job!
Guest 23-Jul-2005 03:44
Hey Salman,
Thanks for visiting my gallery and especially for your kind words of encouragement. You should consider selling some of your prints online. I just joined another photo site it's called Check it out it's pretty cool. Good luck and drop me a line in the future.
Keith Carey
nida 19-Jul-2005 06:20
salam, very nice pictures, love them, u've really captured the essence of toronto, just missing something, perhaps you should go to the jazz festival at the beaches on queen st. which is coming this weekend. You can really capture the entertainment and the joyous life of torontorians. Overall, love your website.
Humaira 11-Jul-2005 10:10
U ve wonderful collection of pictures ! amazing , very beautiful pics nicely captured!
Guest 31-May-2005 00:37
I particularly enjoyed your B & W gallery. Of course the rest are also special for me because there are so many familiar scenes. Keep clicking!
Ms D 15-May-2005 15:32
My dear Salman, "A good snapshot stops a moment from running away." Your intuitive observations of the natural world have taken my breath away! For after all, "the contemplation of beauty causes the soul to grow wings." I am deeply awed by your passion with which you have captured the exquisite beauty and wonder of creation. As you pursue this wondrous path, may the newly acquired art of photography become for you an instrument of spirituality, faith, knowing, seeing, exploration and celebration!
tglass13-May-2005 21:21
You've got a great eye for composition! Too many fantastic shots to comment on them all, but you've really made me want to visit Toronto. Thanks for posting on my gallery; I shall be sure to return to yours to see what happens next!
Arn13-May-2005 15:58
You've got a _lot_ of great pics in your galleries. I especially like the Wondrous colors and autumn light galleries. Good stuff.
Guest 11-May-2005 07:56
Hello Salman,
thanks for your comments to my gallery (
Your pictures are fantastic. I have added you to my favourite list !

.07-May-2005 07:13
Hello Salman, I enjoyed visiting your galleries. Your versatility is amazing!
Guest 03-May-2005 03:10
Thank-you Salman, for your comments in my gallery. I took a look in a couple of your galleries, and you have some great images. I've added you to my favourite artists list, so I can come back and look a the rest of your galleries.

Oleg Chermoshniuk18-Apr-2005 11:58
Dear Salman, thank you for visiting my humble galleries and leaving such a nice comments. Your galleries are great !

Vincent Belford16-Apr-2005 11:25
Thanks for the nice comment.
I've had a chance to bounce around your excellent galleries and want to see more.
"want to see more", that's the best compliment one can give a photgrapher.
Michele07-Apr-2005 12:22
Sorry, started the last message with "Thank you" in the subject line, but it doesn't this should make more sense to you than the way the message starts. LOL

Michele07-Apr-2005 12:21
for all your kind words on my work. I viewed your galleries also and they are wonderful.

Hussein 27-Mar-2005 15:20
I must say that your works are GRANDIOSE...Trully you have an eye for pictures. I’m a columnist for (Somali student magazine) and I know lots of people who might be interested to your artistic works. I’m a student (22 years old) and I live in Montréal. So hit be back, whenever you read this post.

shakti 02-Mar-2005 14:49
I loved your stunning pictures. Very Natural and artistic indeed. Definitely a feast for the eyes.

Alex Greggs 25-Feb-2005 05:59
I really enjoyed your gallery, I have moved to the U.S 5 years ago and don't get back home to Toronto often and looking at your work meant a great deal.

Alex G
Luc VN17-Feb-2005 18:15
Hi, I really enjoyed your gallery. It is quite eclectic/diverse. Very good work.
alexeig13-Aug-2004 20:23
Thanks for visiting my galleries and for leaving thoughtful comments. This prompted me to look at yours and I have found a treasure! I especially liked your b/w
Gabrielle 03-Aug-2004 17:40
I think you found your true calling in life. I can't wait to see more.
Yiannis Pavlis26-Jul-2004 04:08
hi there i really like your bw gallery ,i am from usa thanks for share cheers yiannis.
Guest 27-May-2004 16:49
I enjoyed the seeing various views of Ontario in your galleries. Looks like you have great (and well captured) skies and sunsets. Joe (U.S.)