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Tom LeRoy27-May-2016 07:06
Nice galleries, why did you quit PBase?
Dan Levine 08-Jul-2011 07:31
About the photos & information thats posted on this site" The Juvenile System Indiana Boys School)(IBS)".I'm looking for more information and more photos if possible?If the person that posted the photos can contact me?It would really help?.As a boy.I was in IBS back in 1987.Cottage 2.I recall the monticarlo and the other car in the IBS photo.I recall a Sargent Hinkle,Mr.Newy also known as the clown.I'm 42 yrs old now it's been a long time.I'm just looking for information,people,photos and such?
Guest 07-Nov-2007 06:24
Excellent - I especially like the play pics, your second project...
Guest 24-Sep-2007 02:13
nice pix. what type of work do you do?
Guest 15-Jun-2007 08:10
I think you're on a whole different level than a lot other people.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 06:52
Impressive I must say.
Brenda 17-Aug-2006 17:54
Very nice site!
Guest 31-Jul-2006 07:39
Great pictures and Thank you very kindly for the information provided in the "Wiki"
Richard Haas 30-Jul-2006 10:04
Could you please contact me. Thanks in advance
Frank 13-Jul-2006 21:57
Excellent, love it!
Guest 24-May-2006 09:07
Very nice pictures. Well done.
Muthu Vinayagam24-Mar-2006 14:00
Very nice pictures. Well done.
Gigs Rowland15-Feb-2006 18:29
Thanks for the slide show script

Guest 09-Feb-2006 20:47
Thanks for the help in the forum. You have great work here!

marita toftgard05-Nov-2005 09:23
you have lovely graffitti photos..;-)
and thanks for your help..
Guest 06-Aug-2005 12:18
Hi Srijith,
really beautiful galleries, full of life and color!
Best regards,
mizoleila03-Jul-2005 18:35
Gorgeous, fascinating pictures! Thanks for the world tour. Thanks also for telling me about ZoneAlarm interference in forum. I fixed the problem immediately. Hat's off to you for your kindness, and kudos for your radiant and elegant site. Mizoleila
Rathika Ramasamy26-May-2005 04:28
Beautiful collection,it was treat to see the world through your lens.
Thanks for sharing.
Geeth Mohan 22-Apr-2005 13:39
Sreejith your photos are very good and have nice creativity.You are a best photographer keep it up and do touch on Natural beauties like birds and flowers too in your collections.I liked your combodian pictures and descriptions especialy
Another Mallu 21-Feb-2005 05:07
Hi Srijith,

Awesome work man. Beautiful pictures, capturing the essence of the scenes. Kudos !.
Its a pleasure to see a fellow mallu doing interesting work.

On seconds thoughts, though I agree that good photography has nothing to do with equipment - am tempted to ask - Which camera ? Whats the workflow process ?.

Keep the show going.

Best Regards
~ GN ~
Reddy 13-Dec-2004 23:51
Thanks for the Combodian pictures especially for your detailed discription of pictures
David Keogh 08-Sep-2004 13:55
Thanks for the amazing cambodian pitures. I visited there Nov 03 and even after taking over 1000 pics i have noticed things in your shots that i have missed... really took me back...
Reka Nair 30-Aug-2004 14:27
Hi Srijit,
While searching for some info on Cameron Highlands,I came across your pictures, from there got to your page...I saw your wedding pictures too. I was so impressed the way you've explained your wedding ceremony in detail. It's a great job! The photographs took me through to some familiar places ( by the way, I too come was born in the same neighbouhood!)
It's been a real pleasure going thru yr pages...
Guest 15-Jul-2004 13:33
Hi Srij!
You show us a realy good job here.
Thank you for sharing pics for so many places.
Best regards.
nura 09-Jun-2004 11:07
hey there..
love ur pics..esp those u took of the band.
i'm from s'pore, btw..
Menno Alberts01-Jun-2004 21:23
Hi Srijith, great to see that you've been to so many places!! On your personal site I saw that you are studying in Amsterdam now for computer sciences... it's fun to see a name so often seen here on pbase now studies 'around the corner' from my home:) Take care & good luck with your studies at the Vrije Universiteit!! ~ Menno
Karen Stuebing07-Feb-2004 13:05
Your photos are just incredible. It was like visiting other countries going through your galleries. You managed to capture the feel as well as the image.

Ati 27-Jan-2004 14:20
Harlow..well i've been to Tioman Island last Nov'03.The island is wonderful.From the moment i set foot & lay eyes on the island i was fascinated by the view i had from the jetty & guess wat..i manage to see the sunset on my last night-stay there..(wif my husband-newly wed :)& if anyone wishes to have some quiet moment, y not try Paya Beach.Value for money.
Guest 18-Jan-2004 02:22
Hi Srijith,

I have always had a special love for mountains and panoramic sights and so I find your galleries very attractive. They make me marvel at all the glory that exists right here on earth. You have certainly taken some beautiful photos. Keep at it.

A personal favorite was

All the best from Montreal, Quebec.

PS. One of the people who works with me is from Chennai and visits often.
kiran 13-Jan-2004 09:24
hi Sri,
nice work, man!keep it up and all the best!
Karthy 24-Dec-2003 16:35
Hi Srijith..

Ur photos are excellent...i really appreciate ur talent..

Guest 19-Dec-2003 11:16
Sri - just wanted to drop by and let you know you're doing a great job keeping the forums in check :)
Danny Brison09-Dec-2003 23:32
Hi Srijith,
I come to Kerala in Januari.Give me some hints to make good pictures over there.
Yours are all right. Maybe some information about India will help. My e-mail : Cheers.
Srijith Nair17-Oct-2003 22:39
Hi Michele,

I am just fooling around with an old Fuji Film 4800Z :) Your photos are great. Yes they look very similar to the photos I have posted and the photos I have not posted too!
Michele17-Oct-2003 14:08
Your really helped me on the forum. You have some fantastic shots here. Your Grand Canyon shots look so much like mine !! What kind of camera do you use ??

pushpa 17-Sep-2003 04:43
Nice photos. Would definitely like to visit some o these places.
Ilan Rosen10-Sep-2003 18:23
Just wanted to say I enjoyed your pictures, you have done a real great job compiling this assortment
Kar Weng 21-Jul-2003 06:12

I think yer pics are great! Im headed to Tioman this weekn n was checkin out sites for some pics. Yer pics have definitely convinced me that Ive made a right decision. Anyway, love yer cat too. She's adorable.


Srijith Nair04-Mar-2003 02:54
Thanks.. I am hoping to visit again and again and again! Just love that place.
vk 08-Feb-2003 07:18
you arre stupid
zangwong 07-Feb-2003 05:06
well.....good work!! happy to see malaysia is stated... hopefully u'll come again.....
Bijou 09-Jan-2003 07:43
cool man
Srijith 15-Oct-2002 08:19
Happy to see a person with my name, I am a doing my B.C.A final year in chennai , and my native is kerala! . Keep doing good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Srijith 07-Oct-2002 07:01
Good to see a chap with my name. Just gave a search for "Srijith" in google and presto, saw ur name...
I am from Trivandrum, Kerala. Now working in Chennai as a s/w engr.
All the best, man.
Way to go...

G, Srijith
Ashwin 18-Sep-2002 21:19
Hi Sri,

Great snaps. Looking forward to that day when we'll all be getting together to at one of those places instead of "The Renaissance". May God helpus all attain that goal !!

Love & best wishes !!
Your friend,
Neil Harris 20-Aug-2002 07:31
Lovely photos Srijith. I went to both Malaysia & Singapore about 20 years ago - nice to see what they look like now. Wow - those Petronis Towers sure are big, aren't they?

Good luck with your site.


Neil Harris