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Veronica Fresh20-Aug-2011 19:04
Thanks Cindy, re:,, I freaked out when I saw those eyes! Yuck!!!
Lucky shot is all. Most of the time this stupid little Coolpix gives the softest images ever.
Veronica Fresh19-Jul-2010 21:47
Nice looking again at your enormous volumn of beautiful work. I loved looking through your family's to be proud of.
regi olbrechts30-Apr-2009 06:49
Superb pictures Cindy. You're a deam-catcher. Great eye and instinct for subtle, thin, dreamy atmospheres.
Thanks for sharing, you just made my day!
Veronica Fresh20-Jan-2008 04:23
Cindy...You've always been in my "favorite artists" since we started, when? in the Olympus Group? With Yogi? Wow,a lot of mega-pixels between now & then. You've grown & become an absolute professional. Keep going girl! You shine!
Guest 19-Apr-2007 05:34
Dear Cindy,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa and i will come back with pleasure...
Guest 24-Feb-2007 04:30
Beautiful work here Cindy!!!
Guest 06-Feb-2007 03:36
You are very skilled thank you
don nieman05-Nov-2006 13:24
Hey, you did a good job on your title page!
Salah El-Sadek09-Sep-2006 02:10
Hi Cindy,
I am glad to find your site and enjoyed going throgh it, you posses a great collection of fine excellent photos, sure I will visit again.. Thanks for sharing your fine art of photography.. Best wishes,
Michael Weinberg01-Jul-2006 03:11
Hi Cindy. Thanks for the comment about the lens and your dog. The 28-75 is one of my favorites... and I even have a gallery on pbase devoted to it. And in my Tamron 28-75 gallery at, you'll find my favorite dog, Sarah... my step son's Chocolat Labrador. Just thought you might want to see that..... and I will be going through you galleries more carefully... you have a lot of very fine photos to view and to study. All my best, Michael.
Guest 25-Feb-2006 02:07
Hey, I just saw that you cut your own mats. Can you recommend a good but relatively cheap cutter?
Ashley Hockenberry25-Dec-2005 18:45
Thanks for your visit and comments. First of all, I was born in Charleston, WVa, which is not too far from Hurricane, but by WVa standards it is a bit of a drive. I live in Toronto, Canada now, but miss where I grew up.

As for the Rebel XT, it is a good camera, but not as good as the 20D, which I wished I had purchased. I guess we are never satisfied, are we? The Rebel 300 and the 350D are very similar with the exception of speed and focus ability on the AI Servo, but at the end of the day, the image quality is about the same.
Keep up the great work! Merry Christmas

Brando Ho10-Sep-2005 06:03
Hello Cindy,
You had lots of very nice galleries. I got your name from another Pbase'er guestbook. I am glad I stopped by and explore your galleries. You have an excellent "photographer's eye". I need to stop back by to see more of your wonderful photos.....great job Cindy.
Happy photographing,
Guest 01-Aug-2005 16:40
Hi Cindy, It's Barb from PP's..I miss seeing your work there and happned to come across your web site as I had bookmarked it and somehow forgot..your pictures grow increasing lovely all the time..I love the Amish series from June..all your work is super..Barb
Sheldon and Marci Morton02-Mar-2005 03:29
Cindy, your images are simply amazing! I look forward to returning many times.
Guest 11-Nov-2004 06:14
hi cindy,thanks for ur reply,u can go to my page to see my pictures:)
Guest 11-Nov-2004 03:40
hey:nice !i like it very much!i'm ada from
Naturephoto Monique05-Nov-2004 22:15
Cindy, your eye sees the true beauty in every scene, your lens reflects the beauty in your soul.
I enjoyed your gallery, keep up the excellant work.
Best, Monique
Guest 04-Nov-2004 09:21
Mansour Mouasher15-Sep-2004 04:10
Beautiful galleries Cindy. Artistic images. Fantastic colors and composition. Thanks for sharing.
Jim W. 11-Sep-2004 18:59
I was born in Dansville so it caught my eye right away and of course browsed your other wonderful galleries. I too have many old photos that look very similar to yours in content.

Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful photos. I have not been back since age seven.

PauloCGama24-Aug-2004 00:14
Love your 'photo a day' gallery my friend! Cheers
Anne Young11-Aug-2004 23:11
I finally got a chance to look at your galleries, and your photos are spectacular!!! You've got such a great eye. I am adding you to my list of "favorites" so I can check back often.

Jim 03-Jul-2004 23:52
Wow!!This is great!!I love all your images.I see you got some great deer shots while you were here.Better than I had even hoped :) All my best to you!!!!
PauloCGama29-Jun-2004 14:12
Hi Cindy. :-)
First of all thanks so much for your nice words and I mean it. Every friend of Joe is a friend of mine too!!
I've already included you on my friends here and will be visiting your gallery with attention later this evening but I love what I've seen!!

As you know my style sheets were based on Marie Helene's. Not too tough at all although it took me the whole day! lol

See you Cindy and again thank you so much. Joe is a great friend, I feel like we know each other for decades! :-))

Nina 29-Jun-2004 01:49
Hey i love your pictures justin sent me a web page to see
how u took the braces out i love all your pictures i went on
looking through the whole web page hehe i cant believe how good they are
i showed my mom she thought they were really good and you have great pictures
never seen better well ill talk to you soon GREAT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!
Guest 18-Jun-2004 00:55
you have awesome gallery there.
well done. and personally i am inspire by your work.
keep up the good work!
gang14-May-2004 01:05
Thank you for your kindly comments on my pictures.
Michael Cempa17-Apr-2004 05:06
Hi Cindy,

You really have a good eye for the nature/outdoor shots, something I'm trying to figure out. Also, you're one of the few people who regularly checks my PaD gallery, which I appreciate. And you're a fellow 300D user, which also gets you points. :)

Cedric Sims10-Apr-2004 22:03
Nice gallery with a good variety of photos. I have recenlty purchased the Cannon 300d also. It is a nice camera.
Jeff Cochran21-Feb-2004 07:35
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
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Delia Australia 01-Jan-2004 02:17
Hi Cindy, enjoying your photographs once more - you surely have an eye as a photgrapher. Thank You.

Delia 26-Dec-2003 20:58
Hi Cindy,
Eagerly viewed your photographs, interesting and enjoyable you have an artistic 'eye' - more please. Thank you Cindy.

Mike Foote 05-Dec-2003 03:22

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post the gallery of comparison pics for the Z1 and C750. They were very helpful to me.


ofer ashel14-May-2003 22:20
loved your pictures.
most of all i liked the pictures of the flowers
Dave30-Mar-2003 07:37
Hi Cindy,
Thanks for your comments. I currently am using a Canon D60 and all
the shots in the landscape gallery were with the Sigma 17-35 lens
which is soon going to be replaced with the Canon 16-35. Not totally
happy with the Sigma as it is soft on the right side as you may have
You do nice work and I enjoy your images so I'll make a point to
visit your gallery from time to time to check out any new entry's.
Carol A. Brorthers 20-Mar-2003 14:12

Once again, I am transported to a world I never get to see without your wonderful eyes to take me on tour. As I recuperate from another surgery in my air-conditioned home (as temperatures slowly rise), I am amazed at the beauty that surrounds you. The ice, snow, water, mist! These pictures are amazing. Beautiful! Thank you, my wonderful friend!