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WYK22-Oct-2012 01:08
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dimensionalperspectives04-Sep-2011 21:30
I just uploaded an image of a species that I've never seen before, hoping that someone can tell me what it is. I've looked at all resourses available to me, but haven't found anything ... I'm not familiar with this site, hoping that all can see the picture. I love the galleries here, beautiful pictures. Thank you.
David Winge24-Dec-2008 15:55
Happy Holidays you guys, and thank you for Pbase!!!
Guest 19-Jul-2008 14:02
sooo...this site is cool and I wish I had found it earlier:) You and Emily are way more awsome than "myspaceTom" ;), if we could have playlists on here for our galleries it would frikn rawk:) hehe

Stay blessed.
Holocau12-Jul-2008 05:56
Your work is simply amazing.
Barry S Moore23-Dec-2007 05:25
Hi Slug and Emily,

I have now been on Pbase one and half years. I really enjoy the time I can spend with all the other Pbasers around the world. What was just a place to store and share photos is now a whole social event and I've enjoyed the forums and challengers on offer. The camera database is a fantastic resource and has allowed me to decide on new lens combinations and to see what can be achieved.

Best wishes to you and all your family, Christmas 2007, Barry
Rahul Dutta25-Aug-2007 04:48
hi Slug ,

I have seen Pbase growing since 2001 ...iam a member at pbase since 2002 .

Uv done a fantastic job & this place rocks now ;) .

best wishes to u & ur family :)

--- Rahul Dutta ( Fashion Photographer ) INDIA
Susan T17-Aug-2007 15:03
Finally get to see who Slug is! Yes thanks to you and Emily
for everything it has opened up a whole new world for me.
I find when I am depressed I can come to pbase start playing with
my photos and I am transported to another place, depression gone!
Love it........I am always recommending it to my friends.
Harry David Horning20-Jul-2007 13:25
Slug, I love PBase, Thank You for all your hard work, it is a very inspirational place. Keep up the great photography.
Tba22-May-2007 12:07
Hi Slug,
still waiting anxoiusly for the Service for ordering prints online...
any date set for this?
Thanks Chris, FStopIntl. Aviation photos.
wildoat28-Mar-2007 20:17
Hi Slug
really enjoying pbase and am pleased to have my account here. Love watching the stats and seeing how things progress. Just did a rough calculation, since you have been posting your photos here you have on average had one view of one of your photos every 15.4 seconds. Sorry to say I am not at that level yet !
Cheers and thanks Tony.
Guest 24-Jan-2007 10:10
Hola Slug .. te saluda Pepo desde Lima - Perú , Estuve leyendo la historia de la creacion del PBase que me parece fabuloso , la narración esta hasta el 2004. ¿ Podrias actualizarla entre 2005 y lo que va del 2007 ? ¿ cuantos usuarios somos ? ¿ cuantas fotos hay en el server ? ¿ que capacidad tienen ahora los servidores ? ¿ cuantos usuarios en promedio ingresan al PBase ? Tengo las siguientes paginas , perupepo, vamosloga , fotoperu BYE
matt tomich05-Dec-2006 22:47
You are all missed. Come visit Switzerland!
Guest 28-Jul-2006 10:29
Hi Slug, I just wanna say thanks for PBase. It's a constant source of inspiration for me. And congratulations too, you've got a colorful success story, and millions of people literally benefit from it.
Oliver 30-Jun-2006 21:36
If you're behind the creation of pbase, therefore congratulations. It's simple, convenient, well thought. A better search engine would be welcome (like "show me Leica + provia + summilux"). Possible?
Guest 26-May-2006 01:07
Thank you for making a great site. I wish however that i could search for camera AND lens at the same time :) thanks!
GdL24-Mar-2006 20:26
Hi there,
Just dropping in to say Thank You, Merci, Salamat, Muchas Gracias, Danke.
Now, I'm going to browse your galleries!

Greetings from a Canadian (married to an American; used to live in Richmond, Virginia and Montreal, Canada and the Philippines) currently living in Winchester, England :)

JOSE MATA23-Mar-2006 14:48
Tanya H03-Feb-2006 05:21
I also want to thank you for creating PBase and for making it so affordable. I am a freelancer (obviously short on cash) and am making the transition from amateur to professional photographer. Keep up the good work! -T
Mike Morgan 23-Oct-2005 07:06
Mr. Neel/Slug, what a great story on how pbase got formed. Using perl to work with the others must have been a lot of work to arrive at pbase but what a great outcome. You have certainly created a great website that has connected a lot of people. Pbase, photographer and recently married....good to be busy.
nomada31-Aug-2005 19:54
Hi Slug!,
Im writing you only to say thank you for creating pbase.
Greetings from Madrid.
xnir11-Jul-2005 16:56
You are doing an amazing job with pbase
keep it up :-)

maga 08-Jul-2005 11:11
oh its very nice and great!
Patrick DEBETENCOURT01-Jul-2005 13:52
I wanted to thank you for having developped "Pbase". It's a terrific site and I'm more and more addict to it since I started last January !
Today I've learnt Francis Toussaint's death from his guestbook, and as many others I appreciate your decision to let his wonderful galleries on Pbase. He was a source of inspiration for a lot of us...
Thanks and keep up the great work ! Patrick

NB : One day my personnal message disappeared, how could I fix it ?
Mike Koffler 10-Jun-2005 18:40
Love your pictures of Japan. I lived in Yokosuka and Iwakuni in the 80s.
Guest 01-May-2005 23:14
Thank you for developing You have opened the visual world to all of us. What a great place to share, learn and meet such great people around the globe.
Best Regards, KR
Patrick Bold12-Apr-2005 21:56
Thanks for opening a portal to the earth! Your site is a window to world through other peoples eyes. Cheers, Patrick
Chris Sofopoulos07-Apr-2005 11:29
First I want to congratulate you for this idea of Pbase forum. I'm a new pbase member (about one month) and I want to make two questions.
1) Is it possible to upload photos only in medium and original size?
2) In search menu I cannot find myself writing my name or username. Why?

type01-Apr-2005 13:08
Just wanted to say a big thank you for having the inspiration to set up pbase and the faith and stamina to keep it going. It’s made a huge difference to my life and to my photography, although I’m leaving it for quite a while. You guys are obviously in it for the love of it, not the money and the hitches pbase has experienced seem very small compared to the pleasure and personal development it brings. Regards, Niall.
Sam_C23-Mar-2005 01:42
Dude, you're DA BOMB!!! Thank you, Emily, and Jasen for opening the world to myself, and photographers, artists, and romantics the world over. Pbase is the absolute best photo hosting/sharing site on the web, bar none. Thanks and keep up the great work! -Sam
Jeanne Newman23-Feb-2005 23:23
Dearest Slug --

You totally rock!

Thanks for opening my world up. Seriously.

Jeanne Newman
Guest 11-Feb-2005 17:09
Oh yea, did I forget to mention that both my brothers and parents are also on Pbase... Keep things running we love this place.... (and we are all paying members)....
Guest 09-Feb-2005 20:33
Pbase Rules... it's my life line...
Silver06-Jan-2005 05:24
I agree with Kim - is there still anyone running pbase or is the site deserted??
Dave Wyman17-Dec-2004 03:52 is becoming WAY to addictive, but I don't care. I've made many, many friends through pbase and I love posting my pictures here. This site is way cooler than my own and it's helping me improve my photography. And perhaps most amazing of all, you left a nice comment for one of my pbase pics this year.

Please keep up the good work, if I were truly religious I'd call you a saint, but for sure I wish for you (and Emily) to enjoy the holidays.

Guest 14-Dec-2004 05:14
Just want to give you and Emily a huge thank you for this site. I spend way too much time browsing the photos here, and have met some great photographers through PBase.
Guest 09-Oct-2004 04:27
Woah woah woah.... probably doesn't look good when the candidate for presidency can't spell "know" correctly. Sorry 'bout that.

I was too excited?
Guest 09-Oct-2004 04:26
Hey Cap'n Slug~
Thought you'd be proud to nkow that you're once-little-now-international venture has spawned itself a political party. Yes, that's right, I'm running for president on behalf of Pbase users everywhere. Feel free to check out the fun, it just got started!

There will be fewer taxes and more photos.

Bonnie Neel21-Sep-2004 02:52
Hi from Nashville!

: )
Guest 11-Sep-2004 17:18

your my hero

yay for UNIX! long live UNIX!

Dan Chusid04-Sep-2004 01:19
Hey Slug: It's about time I left a comment in your Guestbook ! Have appreciated your putting this site together since the day I was exposed to it by various ex- psig gers. The thing that appealed most to me was the lack of bickering among contributors, at least to the untrained eye ;-) Hope you can keep it that way (politics aside). Peace out, - Dan
Guest 02-Jul-2004 15:51

This is a great service and in my opininon one of the best web services I have come accross in my ten years of using the Internet. I have two days left on my trial account and can't wait until my payment reaches you so that I can continue using this service.

Guest 26-Jun-2004 08:31
I know we´re criying all the time because of things that we don´t like about PBase. But the truth is that PBase is a great site. I just stop by to tell you thanks. I hope we all can make it an even better site. Matias, From Chile
Guest 12-Jun-2004 07:23
the introduction of password protect on gallery is so great . thanks for the improvement.

Johannes 18-Mar-2004 16:38
Hey Slug...I'm a pbase subscriber (Pbase is great!)but logged out to go anonymous on this one...
was wondering what happened to the Cancer Girls gallery. That was the calling card that brought me to pbase! It was awesome. Just wondering if you caught crap about it or what.
Consider bringing it back? You can email me if you like.

Hey, thanks for a wonderful site for a great price man.

Guest 28-Feb-2004 20:55
hey slug,thank you for a really great sight,i really liked the Moulin Mud ,hope you continue to bring more...ernie
Guest 30-Dec-2003 12:28
Pbase is the best thing ever for photographers, thanks for everything Slug I shall continue to make good use of pbase and will continue to tell all my friends.Cheers from the U.K. Jeff
Guest 13-Dec-2003 13:28
The best photograph posting site barr none. Superb , professional and user-friendly interface - keep up the good work!

hadley29-Nov-2003 23:09
Slug, Just wanted to thank you for not only the great site, but also for giving us the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. We're in Virginia and met a photographer in the Netherlands recently through a PBase search, kept in touch for a few months, and then went to visit him and his friends this fall. It was a wonderful trip and we're planning on going again next year, if they don't come here first. Keep up the great work!

-nancy and john
Trance21-Nov-2003 03:00
Thank you very much for still keep my photos gallery
Lydia Butynski14-Nov-2003 06:15
Great Images....I love Japan!!
Vigarus Leewanking 06-Nov-2003 23:56
Lovely site.

Looking to invest all my money.
Cheryl 08-Oct-2003 04:13
Continue to keep your passion alive, keep shooting! Love your photos!
Menno Alberts28-Sep-2003 10:22
Hey there Slug! I wanna thank you again for this great site and the opportunity for thousands of people to share there 'captured' moments and frozen pieces of time!!!Thanks soo very much, it's a great opportunity! I hope PBase will last forever and that there will be great developments on the site so that we all will have even more options and great possibilities to present our works of art and/or our precious moments! Thanks again, take care & God bless!! ~ Menno
mugu 06-Sep-2003 02:41
Eddy Meuwese September 7th 2016 4.000.000 pageviews25-Aug-2003 22:48
Hi Slug, thanks for this great site where I can store my pics. Just paid for a year, and also for my wives account, so you have two new clients with us. Thanks again, great site.
michael de la pena 20-Aug-2003 19:56
Hey your stuff rocks.

My name is Michael de la Pena and I am a Latino writer working on my first collection of short stories and poetry. Check me out at
Guest 12-Aug-2003 04:18
Hello? My name is Bigear_man. I have some problems, could you teach me how can input background music in my gallaries.Finally, you pics is very beautiful and Pbase,com is very great.

Charles : )
Isabel Cutler10-Aug-2003 12:52
Great job on the new help files near the hit counter...great job overall...I am proud fo support pbase and hope all that support comes with lots of cash for you to keep upgrading the servers! Thanks for all your hard work.
Robert Levy04-Aug-2003 21:17
I did not realize that you are the creator of this great website called Congratulations and keep up the great work! Greatest site I've seen.
Guest 28-Jul-2003 21:18
Nice pictures, Slug! I love those pictures taken in Chapel Hill and Carborro most. Why? Because I live here! Sushi in Akai Hana is really delicious as shown in your picture. I just had it the day before yesterday. :)
My guess is that the Pbase supporter is also from Chapel Hill. Am I right? Being proud of you!
Guest 27-Jul-2003 20:36
Servus ( "Hello" in German) !

I am from Graz in Austria. No! Not the land whith the kangaroos, which is Australia, but the land of Mozart, Vienna and the Alps, ...:-) . I just want to say, as the most people here, that you are doing a really good job at pbase. AND I like your photos to. Wow, you must have seen a lot of the world. Are you the -lucky- friend of Emily Humphrey? If YES,
gradulation. A very nice and symphatic girl, I think.

Friendly greetings from Austria/Europe

Manfred Putz
Dennis Yong Kim 25-Jul-2003 20:28
I must tell you that I am quite envious of you, and all of your collegues who at least had the balls to climb Killominjaro!
I guess that I am especially jelous, particularly because I myself am disabled, and could never even imagine accomplashing such a feat myself!
so once again I give you and your team coudo's and Props!
way to set the Bar!
Guest 29-Jun-2003 12:18
Very nice photo...good work
Guest 09-Jun-2003 10:14

Keep up the great work providing such a good service for people to show off their photos. I have a quick question regarding my user name. I wish to change it. Is there any way it can be done. If so, please email

Guest 15-May-2003 23:01
Hi Slug,

Thanks for sharing..your photos are wonderful....
Guest 08-May-2003 17:20
Great site! I finally found PBase after years of working with photography review sites and switching to near all digital a couple years ago. I've just started one Gallery at PBase and plan more. The "ease of use" factor ~ is - well ~ easy! Many thanks.
alanm01-May-2003 20:49
I've already thanked you for creating such a dedicated & unselfish website for photography enthusiasts. Now I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the photos on your page as well.

My family & friends have enjoyed my page over the past year as I am using it for displaying vintage, restored, family potos dating back to the 1800's. Thanks again. Alan
Guest 16-Apr-2003 07:43
hai slug, nice site you've got here. its helped people publish their "eye". keep rockin man!
Kung Fu Grip 16-Mar-2003 12:36
You have a great photographic eye. Hope to see more of your work in the future...
Todd Bogush17-Feb-2003 20:40
Stunning photos! Very nice work! I especially enjoy the photos from Japan I spent 6 years there (Okinawa)and it Brings back a lot of memories. Keep up the great work.
jan estelle 04-Feb-2003 02:24
kimkj...have been unable to find pictures of round rock ymca basketball pictures...we are grandparents of austin estelle on your son's basketball team there...we will keep looking everyday...please feel comfortable in emailing us...thank you very much...his daddy living here in indiana near us will be very glad to see his son's pictures...
Guest 30-Jan-2003 02:58
Slug dude - although there are many user galleries with well done professional photography, yours is, as many other users would agree with me, to be the top dog. You got a gift of capturing 'human', your technical skills are excellent and somehow those subjects almost appear that they are posing specifically for you, even though you are capturing everyday events at random. Anywho, PLEASE SLUG, more pics! Don't stop now!!
Menno Alberts04-Jan-2003 13:53
Hi slug! Just thought you might like to read this... just found it while surfing and searching on the net...

C U, Menno
Guest 07-Dec-2002 00:20
I really like your travel photo. I also learn a great deal from your pictures to take "real life" pictures during travel. Very good work and thank you.
Tharstun 05-Dec-2002 16:38
Hey Slug, I hope you can get some pictures of those hardassed winter storms that have likely knocked your power out.

Guest 01-Dec-2002 23:20
I apreciate your Picture so much!!!!!
I almost falling in love with your pictures when the first time I saw them!!!!
I just wonder what kind of person can take so many amazing pictures, could yoou show me your own pictures?
PsychedelicMind 27-Nov-2002 16:49
Wow. your photographs sure are neat. and useful too :) This is a good resourse for us who draw! Thanks for sharing your art of photography! ~Psyk,
Guest 22-Nov-2002 17:54
Thanks for the site i have updated my site 3 times today and the updates have not been posted?Thanks again for the site.
Guest 22-Nov-2002 02:41

You da man. Your galleries are awesome. BTW I need to email to tell you to delete one of my 2 sites (no sense taking up space when I don't need it). Please drop me line at

Many Thanks.
Alvin Chung19-Nov-2002 19:03
Your photos are amazing...
Haz 28-Oct-2002 13:07
Heya Slug,

This is the first time I came across your page. Very impressive shots you have in here. Composition, lighting and all thats right just seems right. Thanks for sharing the photos with the rest of the world.

tsop27-Oct-2002 15:48
P.S. I just noticed you are responsible for creating this site. Sincere thanks for allowing people to share there photography for inspiration, not just dollars. Very unselfish! By the way I did compliment your photography BEFORE I knew you created this site!
tsop25-Oct-2002 04:03
You have a gift with your ability to compose, and the technical expertise to compliment it.
Your photographs are an inspiration!
Guest 15-Oct-2002 02:23
Excellent site!! Thank you for the hard work and great pictures too!!
One question - where are you physically located. I checked the about pbase link and there is no info on the where about of you - no street address whatsoever. Just curious.

Guest 04-Oct-2002 03:00
Soooo many good pictures... I will work hard to be at least as good as you. No time to take pictures :( You have your own style. Well done. Samuel
Guest 28-Aug-2002 14:57
So you're using 'vi' :))
That's great...

Guest 17-Aug-2002 01:48
Hey, Slug!

Great pictures and great job with this site! Keep up the good work! I noticed many shots from around the DC area, are you from DC? - in fact I have personally taken similar shots of many of the same objects! :)

Guest 15-Aug-2002 22:50
I want to thank you. This is a wonderful thing that you have done for more people than you probably originally bargined for. I sent you a check for $60, but I never sent a check from my online banking to a person before so please let me know that it got there. Thanks again.
Bonnie Chen 25-Jul-2002 05:47
Slug, I'm new to here,but I have to say you've done amazing work!
What a wonderful world before us.
Guest 11-Jul-2002 22:40
I really appreciate you guys' great effort. pbase is definitely the best photography hosting site on the web. Maybe you guys can borrow some ideas from so as to get more financial support from photography related companies?
Just my 2 cents.
Douglas 07-Jul-2002 08:05
Man, you do good work! Thanks for sharing it.

P.S. You got better software than most other picture galleries, too.
Douglas 07-Jul-2002 08:00
Man, you do good work! Thanks for sharing it.
redneck 11-Jun-2002 17:51
Thanks for sharing the beautiful images.
Jim Hasstedt09-May-2002 18:34
Great collection of photos! I bookmarked it to come back and browse when I get more time.
Nice job.
Guest 02-May-2002 18:08
hi slug dear good work keep going so that we can marry soon..i liked the cancer girl...regards from ur future wife..sue
Mike 02-May-2002 15:11
You really do have a talent for photography. Excellent shots, Im very impressed. Looking forward to any additions.
Guest 14-Mar-2002 09:47
Hi Slug,
Thanks for creating pbase, I am really enjoying it!!!!!!
God Bless,
Guest 22-Feb-2002 20:37
Just one questions, the more I look at your pictures (because sometimes is needed ... thousand of them)
and the more I wander a little bit jealously. What else are you doing execpt travelling in the US and taking photos.
It seems that you are everywhere there is an events, and taking thousands of photos (hope for your $$$ and your
time you are using digital )

by the way ... continue .....
Larry Brandt25-Jan-2002 18:27
Not a bit.
I work at a high school and certainly have access to musical instruments.
Thanks for the comment.
Guest 25-Jan-2002 03:40
very very nice photos - captured at the right angle and good subject. Good luck to you.
Tomcat 08-Jan-2002 15:39
Don't know how I found your site or if you're still posting things, but I just wanted to take time to say that I think you have tremendous talent! Ever thought of doing shots of musical instruments? :) Mind if I put a link to your website on mine (
Good luck in the future!
laura 22-Dec-2001 03:12
i love your candid girls gallery. i haven't even looked at the rest of them yet, but what i found amazing is your ability to reveal the girls' beauty... no matter what they were wearing, or what they looked like. also, i think it's cool that all the girls that are looking at the camera seem to trust you very much. what's your secret? a lot of people get really nervous and whatnot in front of the camera... well anyway, you're bookmarked on my "favorites" now. and, you're making me want to get a nice camera and start doing photography! i'm in college and i have no idea what i want to do, so every time i see something cool i want to do it. anyway, thanks for posting!
Guest 05-Dec-2001 03:06
hey, what's up, everyone if you don't mind :) check out my gallery. i know this may seem like selfish profiteering, and it is, but hey i gotta do it somehow :) anyways, check it out and post a message, tell me what you think, i like to take pictures, i just need some criticism. or just email me with a subject of (pbase member who likes to criticize jeremys work) or something along those lines :) ideally anything containing PBASE! anyways, happy holidays! and mr. slug, if i'm ever down near your area i'll hand deliver you some money to keep this sweet place running!

(testing if html works )
Jawa 08-Sep-2001 16:32
Great stuff... the best I have seen in a long long time.
Guest 30-Aug-2001 16:17
Slug - Wonderful shots. I spent alot of time looking at your work.

One question? Do you ever stay around home??? It seems like every shot is in a different city...

Keep up the good work.

Guest 10-Aug-2001 23:22
Nice work, Slug. Cancer Girls is an amazing shot. Very powerful. I'm glad I had the opportunity to chat with you tonight. I stepped up a bit out of novice-hood, and into ....errr..... whatever. :-) Keep on keeping on. Di
lou muenz31-Jul-2001 02:03
Awesome work, your photos are real crisp.
Great use of light. Really shows on the black and white shots.
Good idea going with a white background on the wedding photos. I was going through several of your galleries and then entered the wedding gallery and BOOM! White. Really stands out in contrast of your other galleries.
No doubt will be back.
Lou M
Juan Castillo 22-Jul-2001 21:43
Hey Slug Dude:
Listen I have a personal site (non profit) which promotes Latino culture and multiculturalism in Canada, I make some killer wallpapers for my visitors and I was wondering If I can use some of your photos to create some wallpapers, I make basically collections of wallpapers, numbered and digitaly signed this one I would like to call "Around the world in 80 wallpapers" they will have printed a link to wherever you want, this site, your personal site, your e-mail etc. All I need is the OK from you.
Check my wallpapers at:
Cheers and good luck
soleilmia25-Jun-2001 16:55
You are absolutely my hero.
Ehab 05-Jun-2001 06:13
Slug. you're a genius.
Love the photos, spent quite a while looking around, great work.
Leshrec 26-Apr-2001 21:54

solbeam 25-Feb-2001 22:38
Intense photography Mr. Slug. Your "Sunrise, Sunset" album is amazing...when are you gonna let us order prints? The New Zealand shots are also mind blowing. I'll be makin' my way there soon and you just quadrupled my excitement. You have fantastic talent. Congrats and happy travels. :)solbeam
erdna26-Jan-2001 00:30
You Take The Best Photos EVER!!You truly have a gift,and are not letting it go to waste!!I hope someday you will consider selling some of your superb shots as screen savers.When you do,remember;It was MY idea!!Love,Erdna
p.s.I am the first one to post here!!