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Jennifer 14-Jan-2014 20:49
Wow! You are so talented.
jim sherman 01-Dec-2012 14:13
jim sherman pictures are great
routerer25-Jul-2012 08:46
Tình yêu những bức ảnh của bạn Fay, tôi muốn tôi sống ở Texas để tôi có thể đáp ứng bạn và Mollie Sue và học hỏi từ bạn cả hai, nó sẽ cải thiện nhiếp ảnh của tôi rất nhiều.
Tony Dalton05-Jul-2012 09:20
Fay, I was pleased to read your prompt response and comments with respect to my pictures. As we view the many contributions to PBase we can learn so much about other cultures; the joys they express as well as the hardships they endure. We see the beauty in people and in nature and strive to show that beauty in our photos. Photography for me is a hobby and one that I truly enjoy. It is a hobby that has certainly grown and helped me promote the beauty of our Island and to meet many wonderful people. Take care and I hope you do get to experience Cape Breton's beauty and hospitality.

Art Wittingen07-Jun-2012 21:01
Thanks for visiting my galleries.
Nice of you to leave comments as well.
You have yourself beautiful images too, I love your flowers and butterflies the most !
Kind regards,
Art Wittingen, the Netherlands
Chantal03-May-2012 14:37
Thanks for all of your comments Fay. We do love France and never tire of visiting. My mother is french and I still have family there although my favorite thing to do is rent a car and simply drive through the country. Provence is still our favorite destination with Normandy a close second. Thanks again for looking!

Guest 01-Apr-2012 02:16

It was a true honor to work w/ you the short amount of time that I did! You make me want to be a better nurse! Love your profile- I'll be checking in often to see your pictures!

Melanie Milligan
Ceil Hopkins 07-Feb-2012 21:52
Dearest Fay,
I learned of your pictures from Mary and thoroughly enjoyed traveling with you to France. You and Dick look wonderful! Neither of you seem to have aged at all. I particularly appreciated the pictures of the foods and I am sure you enjoyed eating them. You were always a fabulous cook. I remember you could whip up a gourmet meal from whatever you found in your pantry that day. Best wishes from an old friend.
Ceil Hopkins
Stephanie22-Dec-2011 23:29
Greetings Faye ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
It was great to finally meet you last April! Hopefully we'll get together in the new year ~ maybe we can use our "gifts" together.... LOL!
Steph :)
Ed & Dorothy Wallace 22-Dec-2011 03:59
Fay: Ed Wallace Flemington NJ . You advised me on my 300 canon lense and it is great. Now I was wondering what you would advise for wide angle " family type" that you think is good but reasonable.. We have a Canon 40D
PS we really enjoy looking over your pictures. It always gives me ideas
Ed & Dorothy(Kiss) Wallace HCHS class of 1963..
Donna Boback 22-Jul-2011 02:08
Beautiful pics, I enjoyed the Rockwall Farmers Market and the food pics, I'll be back to check your recipe box! Great to see you today!
Photos by Paul15-Jul-2011 00:55
Wotta find !!! I stumbled upon your "gallery" quite by accident this afternoon. Thanks for doing what you do and for being who you are !

John Glines11-Mar-2011 17:03
Nice to meet you, too, Fay. Glad you like my gallery on food. And yes, you should definitely visit the Grounds for Sculpture in south Jersey. It has some remarkable work.
Kristen Pierce 15-Jan-2011 05:04
Fay, you are truly an artist. It is an honor and a privilege to work with you and to know you.
Mary Shurts 10-Dec-2010 04:55
Hi Fay,
Have a new computer, and just found my way back here. I was trying see if you were on Facebook....I hear from Dick every once in a while when I'm on.
Guest 03-Nov-2010 13:08
I have to say that I am really impressed by your work both as a nurse and as a photographer and the only thing I have to say other than that is "KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK".
I will see you on the other side if not before,
Stephanie Gaida 19-Oct-2010 02:30
Fay, I just heard today about Ms. Bailey. I viewed your tribute to her and I'm sure she left this world knowing how very much you both loved her. We still have all 3 of ours and love them dearly so I know how crushed you must be. Can't wait to see how the new baby turns out.
Edwin Wallace 27-Feb-2010 13:48
Hi It's Dorothy & Beau- We met @ HCHS 45th reunion class of (1963) and I really liked your camera. I have since bought a EOS 40D. Really like it however have a long way to get pics as nice as yours.
Would like maintain contact--
Please reply.
Ed & Dorothy ( Kiss) Wallace
Jeffrey Lewis Knapp19-Dec-2009 06:48
hi Fay. I vote. Great pictures. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Happy Holidays. God bless you. Jeff K
Marina Arimany14-Oct-2009 19:36
Thank you for your comments. I love your pictures and your recipes !!!
Madelyn Rybczyk 03-Oct-2009 14:22
Hi Fay -

I met your husband @ Borders yesterday while looking at a book about Pugs. He walked by to tell me to "get a pug", to which I responded "I am, we are picking him up today!" We talked a bit about Pugs and what terrific little dogs they are. I want to say 'thank you' to your husband for finding me as I was checking out to give me your name and telling me to "google it". Your pics are so sweet and have inspired me to capture some candid shots of our little guy.

Pam Enz 12-Jun-2009 00:41
I found your images in a search I was doing to prepare for our Provence trip next week. I was blown away by the images you were able to capture, and am green with envy! I shoot with a Cannon XD Rebel, and you have inspired me. Thank you.
Val 24-May-2009 19:21
Hi, can I ask where you got the light up rat ring?

Guest 01-May-2009 02:57
Hi Fay!
Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on so many of my images...but the treasure was in discovering your site!! I have bookmarked it to come back and comment later!! Great galleries!
Guest 21-Apr-2009 17:37
Hello Fay,
Thanks for visiting my galleries and all the nice comments. Rio and Niko said to say woo-woo to Barnum and Ms. Baily Bentwhiskers.
Jarek M20-Apr-2009 02:23

Thank you very much for visiting my gallery and your generous comments and votes.

cits_4_pets23-Mar-2009 02:49
Hi Fay,
Love your far I don't have any in my pet sitting biz but saw this license plate while commuting between pet jobs: Immediately thought of you! I have a gallery with just license plates...gotten quite a few animal related ones.
Thank you for all your comments.
Guest 09-Mar-2009 01:33
I am proud of you too, and believe it or not I am your husband....
eagle11008-Mar-2009 18:37
Hello Fay

I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and I think your work is very good
Guest 05-Mar-2009 14:43
HEllo Fay, thank you for the visit, i like your photos, an smile from Peru.
SueGal02-Feb-2009 02:40
Hi Fay! Sorry I never got back to you after your welcome on my page. Thanks so much and I look forward to looking through your galleries. Cheers, Sue
Braveman Lee30-Jan-2009 16:06
Fay~~Hi~~ Thank you^^
Braveman Lee30-Jan-2009 15:28
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Guest 22-Jan-2009 11:36
Hi Fay,
Thanks so much for dropping by my galleries and taking the time to leave some comments. I'm glad you like the look of my galleries too! You're right, it was a lot of work, but I've posted a couple of short cuts I eventually found in the forum if you want to have a go at it!
Thanks again! I'm off to take a look round your pages now!
P.S. Nice pugs!
Fabienne22-Jan-2009 09:35
Bonjour Fay,
c'est un plaisir de visiter tes galeries, elles sont dynamiques et réalisées avec beaucoup de savoir-faire.

Un grand bravo pour tes galeries.
larose forest photos21-Jan-2009 23:41
I've had the pleasure of looking at some of your galleries (I'll be back to look at more soon), and the insect gallery is remarkable. I just love it. And your gallery on France is superb. And love those pugs! Keep up the great work! You clearly have a wonderful ability to see beauty everywhere.
NM, Milford, NJ 17-Dec-2008 01:09
Your patients are very fortunate to have such a creative person as their nurse -- a person who sees so much beauty and humor in life.
Monique Simons11-Dec-2008 04:48
Hello Fay!
Thank you for the warm welcome and the comments on my photo's! I still have to transfer
a lot of photo's to the galleries, so there is more to come in time!
Cheers, Monique
Al Jones24-Nov-2008 23:17
Hello Fay
Thankyou for your comments on my gallery,as they were greatly appreciated
Pops say Hello too :}
Kind regards Al
Jørgen Erik Christensen13-Nov-2008 20:37
Thanks for your kind comments on my gallery.
And thanks for your wonderfull gallery. Wow, I absolutely love your great gallery on France. And your flower shots are not bad either. So many great shots.
All the best from Jørgen
fdt12-Nov-2008 09:49
Thanks for your comments and for letting me discover your galleries. Plenty of very inspiring pictures here. BR François
LaNiece Charles 22-Oct-2008 20:17
Is there anything you can't do? People who believe Superwoman is a fictitional character have not met you! I love your pictures, your spirit, your example, hell, I just love you period! LaNiece
Guest 11-Oct-2008 15:51
Fantastic galleries, i especially like the one of nature. The photo you used as the cover is stunning. Please keep up the great work!

Maarten van Kempen06-Oct-2008 16:27
Thanks for your comments at my brand new Pbase-gallery! I immediatly checked your galleries and I'm impressed by especially your flower-collection. Great work with beautiful compositions and colors!
Jean-Claude Liehn16-Sep-2008 04:36
Amongst the qualities of your work, a constant relation between pictures and words. Something I like. Jean-Claude, Reims, France.
Chrissie Higgleton31-Aug-2008 10:51
Hi Fay. Thanks for all your lovely comments.I shall be checking your galleries regularly, you have some excellent photos. Hope you are enjoying pbase as much as I am....Chrissie.
Martin Wenzel14-Jul-2008 14:52
Fay - thanks so much for visiting my galleries and your comments on my Irish photos! I hope you get a chance to visit as it is a wonderful place with truly great people (guess you can tell we're Irish here)!! It is changing rapidly however as the Irish are now much better off than they once were! You have some great images and I look foward to seeing more in the future! Best regards, Martin
Dick & Norma Peebles 30-Jun-2008 11:49
You have some great photos here, love the dogs, and keep up the good work.

Dick & Norma
Guest 27-Jun-2008 13:44
Love the bugs and the flowers!!!! Nice work!
Rosemarie Kusserow22-Jun-2008 16:28
Welcome to PBase Fay, I like your works so far, keep shooting, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 18-Jun-2008 00:30
Oh yeah and Welcome to Pbase!
Guest 18-Jun-2008 00:29
You have some really good shots on here. I look forward to seeing many more! Keep up the great work!