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Gilles Navet30-Dec-2012 23:49
Bravo, il y a beaucoup de talent dans tes images. J'aime tes traitement
Tu es dans mes Fav
PauloCGama04-Jan-2009 18:31
Hi there Steve,
I just want you to know your job is spectacular and, as I've told you once and will tell you once more, I've been learning a lot from you!
Thank you.
Guest 12-Dec-2008 02:15
Thanks for your encouraging feedback! I'll be back here to learn from your fantastic work!
barryml06-Dec-2008 16:52
Steve yours gallery is inspiring, I will return again with lots of admiration and to learn. Thank you for sharing.
peterjay4519-Nov-2008 00:51
Your work is exemplary, I plan on spending more time going through all of your galleries. I look forward to the learning experience.
William Hartshorn09-Oct-2008 21:57
Thanks for your inspirational notes in my Galleries..
It truly means alot coming from a great photographer like you!
Rina 24-Aug-2008 12:58
Thank you very much, Steve!!! Our Estonian nature is also very beautiful... :-))
Guest 21-Aug-2008 20:41
Anastasia Grosvenor 18-Aug-2008 11:54
Absolutely stunning photography. It reaches to the soul. A.G.
Reneneer12-Jul-2008 06:51
Just blown away.
Guest 20-May-2008 22:31
Hi Steve! Stunning set of images - composition I can only dream of :-)
Guest 16-Mar-2008 15:26
thank you for the moment!!!! your photography is amazing.
Guest 29-Feb-2008 15:51
Steve, Thank you for visiting my gallery and your kind words. Your work is simply stunning. I am looking forward to spending some time here. Thanks for directing my attention.
Best Regards, Cynthia
Guest 14-Feb-2008 19:53
Steve, your galleries are remarkable. Even amongst all these other fine photographers, your work shines!!!
Guest 27-Jan-2008 21:02
So many beautiful photos in your galleries. You have quite a talent. I especially like your low light/night photography. I'll be sure to come back again and again. Oh, and as a side note, my first SLR was also a Pentax ME Super. Great camera, and it helped strengthen my love of photography.
Azlin Ahmad10-Jan-2008 10:02
I had a delightful time going through you night shots, this is indeed superb and inspiring photography. I've added you as one of my favourites and will certainly be back to browse your galleries at leisure.
Guest 27-Dec-2007 16:10
I really enjoyed all your galleries ! Thanks for sharing !!!!
Guest 24-Dec-2007 18:16
very nice work, really impressed
Rehan Siddique, UK
Paradoxal Studio Classic23-Dec-2007 10:00
Thank you Steve for offering us those fantastic images !
Denis Vincelette05-Dec-2007 00:50
Very talentuous photographer I just discovered here .. Congratulations .... each one of your landscape image is a Litte Master Piece ... Bravo !
Guest 02-Dec-2007 21:45
Great Gallery
Guest 02-Dec-2007 13:34
Absolutely stunning work here Steve - a joy to view.
nora carlin 28-Nov-2007 14:41
What stunning photos - well done!
I particularly like George and the local photos, especially the daisies and bluebells. You've definately done Appleton proud! Just need to persuade the dearly beloved to treat me to a couple for Christmas.
Steve Goldthorp11-Nov-2007 22:03
Superb photographs - particularly like the 'surprise view' shots, and the 'stone bridge' which must be the stone bridge over the Esk from your main website! Keep up the superb work!
Jola Dziubinska10-Nov-2007 20:29
Beautiful galleries of nature and light. Great art of composition and color. Congratulations on your skill, Steve.
Guest 30-Oct-2007 13:58
hey steve just admiring your pictures on the net at college! hope your ok, no doubt i'll see you soon, say hello to everyone and the animals of course! best wishes, elliot. :-)
Kath Brewer28-Oct-2007 00:38
Your galleries are absolutely stunning!
Juha Ylitalo08-Oct-2007 07:43
Thanks for your comment! :)
Guest 26-Aug-2007 01:28
You are THE BEST!!
I really love your galleries.
Great work! fantastic!
Guest 19-Aug-2007 20:20
I really enjoyed walking through your galleries.
Several images just are superb !
Congrats !!
Guest 15-Aug-2007 18:05
This is a beautiful gallery Steve
RadioWonder30-Jul-2007 07:16
Thanks for visiting my galleries and your kind comments.
William Hartshorn27-Jul-2007 18:47
Steve... You truly Capture the "Magic" with your imagery !!!
Amazing!! Regards....William
blizzard24-Jul-2007 22:41
your photographic skills are amazening
each one tells a story good job.

if you ever get to Straford to visit the Bard get some great shot of the best Pub in England the Dirty Duck !
I took many shots when I was there last time but they were lost in the move from Florida to Colorado
Guest 19-Jun-2007 17:38
I'm go glad that I stumbled upon your collection of pictures. They're fantastic.
Susanne v. Schroeder17-May-2007 03:01
Thank you Steve for your kind words - means a lot to me. Love your work!! Susanne
flowsnow16-May-2007 08:14
Steve, you have great talent in your work. I mean it....really really beautiful.
Naomi 15-May-2007 23:14
You have lovely photos, and it's wonderful that you support the Woodland Trust.
anuschka11-May-2007 10:14
Hello Steve,
Can't tell you how honoured I am by your visit, comments and even votes for some of my work.
Coming from you it means a lot to me and tells me that I am moving forward in photography which is relatively new to me; not quite 2 years.
Putting you with my favorites because I don't want to miss a thing.......
cheers, Anuschka
Rosemarie Kusserow26-Apr-2007 19:51
hanks dear Steve for your compliment and the kind comments and votes, have a nice time, Rosemarie :o)
John Reynolds LRPS03-Apr-2007 14:27
Thanks for looking at my Hockley Heath sunset picture. Took Scamp and the D200 for a walk! Your "Evening Rural Scenics" gallery inspired me to get out and see what I could get. I am a long way from your mastery of this subject but I was quite pleased with the shot! Thanks again.
Guest 22-Mar-2007 15:33
Steve, great work. I especially enjoyed your Lake District gallery since I was unable to make it there during a trip to England last year. I shoot with similar equipment. A 350D + a Sigma 10-20mm. However, I do not capture the light quite as well as you. Your sunsets are amazing. You say you do not use HDR, but a series of bracketed exposures. If not HDR, then how are you blending these exposures? Would love to hear from you.

John Reynolds LRPS12-Mar-2007 17:15
Hi Steve. I am continuing to enjoy the additions to your Lake District gallery. Thank you for the kind comments on my London city towers picture. By the way, the Manchester Ship Canal cruise is booked for the summer! My wife wants it kept quiet out of embarassment - most people go on cruises to the Mediterranean or Carribean rather than from Liverpool to Manchester on the ship canal! She'll enjoy it once she's there.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 14:35
Great work, your photo galleries are fantastic.
Guest 06-Mar-2007 14:01
yoram shpirer26-Feb-2007 20:37
Hi Steve
You have many excellent images in your galleries, I've really enjoyed looking at your photos & will be back again soon for another look.
John Reynolds LRPS12-Feb-2007 18:11
The recent discussions about canals to Manchester got me thinking back to my student days when I regularly visited and walked along the canals at Marple. My wife and I also went there a lot in our "courting days" - early to mid-1980s. We took a trip up there on Sunday and walked a way along the Peak Forest Canal. It was rather chilly and there was a lot of work going on along the canals so the place didn't quite match the rose tinted memories but it was a good day out. First two images are jpegs straight from the camera - trying out the "vivid" mode on my new D200. I normally shoot raw and then tinker in Photoshop. I quite liked the vivid mode as it produced an image something like the Fuji slide film I used to use. I have been looking at your gallery and enjoyed the winter twilights. Best wishes,
Robyco05-Feb-2007 22:59
Hello Steve, saw some real great pictures from you in several galleries.
I do not understand you get so less reply. Put you in my favorite-list that is public, hope it will help you. You can see at my comments what i like most.
Keep continu with uploading those great pictures.
I will be back.
John Reynolds LRPS28-Jan-2007 12:26
Thanks for the interesting comments. For that cathedral interior shot my elboes were resting on a pew back for steadiness (probably very irreverent). For the Llangollen steam train pictures you are right about the difficult lighting conditions - very contrasty with bright sun and dark valley shadows. Had me wondering whether the upcoming Fuji S5 Pro might be a good landscape camera with its increased dynamic range. However, Mandy wants new carpets so there probably won't be any new photographic purchases any time soon. Its been good getting out these last two weekends after the winter cloud and rain. Thanks again.
John Reynolds LRPS27-Jan-2007 21:59
Hope you are keeping well. Came close to your part of the world today - with my wife and two teenage daughters we visted Chester. It was rather a dull day so not much scope for great photographs! My companions were much more interested in checking out the clothes shops! We'll try and come back on a brighter day. Today's pics are on the gallery but as I say, nothing inspiring.
Best wishes,
John Reynolds LRPS09-Jan-2007 11:06
Thanks for the kind comments about the MSC pictures. I am in work just now but will read your comments carefully when I get home. Canals in general and the MSC in particular have always fascinated me. I quite fancy doing the cruise along the canal that operates in the summer - have you done that?
John Reynolds (
Guest 07-Jan-2007 02:41

Thanks for making me feel welcome :) You have amazing galleries. I especially liked the equistrian gallery
Victoria28-Dec-2006 23:39
Hey, Steve

Thanks for your comment, really nice and appreciated that, i love your gallery soooooooo much,seems you touch soooo much nature, it is brilliant chance anyway, have a great life...wish someday i also can living someplace like you shot!!!!!!!Merry Christmas to you and your family ,even it is a little bit late..Whatever, good luck for 2007!!!

All the best from Manchester, Victoria
Kevin Giannini28-Dec-2006 15:16
Excellent work - I've added you to my favorites. Love the lighting in your images/landscapes. Beautiful. Also interested in your HDR images.
Pete Nelson27-Dec-2006 09:22
Hello Steve,I like your work very much so your now on my favorites, I'll be back soon. Pete
Gerard Koehl24-Dec-2006 17:31
Hello Steve, you know that you formed part of my favourites.
I like your search for beautiful luminosities. Continue to make us dream.
Paradoxal Studio Classic22-Dec-2006 23:08
What a so beautiful site !
Magnificent !
Guest 22-Dec-2006 21:52
Got to be one of the best quality photo galleries on pbase..

Some are just amazing..
Eric Carrère12-Dec-2006 11:11
Hi Steve, you have so many terrific shots in your galleries. Love your work, keep up posting are in my favorites list :o)
Cheers, Eric
Guest 12-Dec-2006 08:36
Hi Steve

A million thanks for your support to the Woodland Trust - your images are by far some of the best we have seen submitted by our Voluntary Photographers. Kindest regards, Julia Peet, Woodland Trust Photo Library Officer........
Guest 03-Dec-2006 00:03
Welcome to my favorites!
Leicestershire Wedding Photographer06-Nov-2006 22:29
Thanks for the comments Steve... much appreciated. Love your night landscape shots. They've a unique, almost surreal look. Hope the PP tips and the LAB sharpening actions help. Keep up the good work. Added you to my faves. Ian
Naturephoto Monique28-Oct-2006 21:11
Hello Steve,
Thank you so much for the kind words!
Your work is very good, I realy like your Lightscape gallery.
Best regards, Monique