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katie 30-Nov-2006 16:42
I think I have fallen in love with you just by looking at your work. It is truly like being with you. Love the work. Loved you in the shadows.
B. Shortall - BCS Photography26-Oct-2006 03:00
Love the new additions! Always enjoy seeing whats new here. Both you and I enjoy shooting old rusty vehicles! Love it! Have a look at some of mine - I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on them.
RafM 10-Oct-2006 09:56
I've just viewed your portfolio gallery.
It's one of the best I've seen up to now.
There's a brain and a heart behind each image.
Metaller doomster 29-Sep-2006 17:47
you just made my day!
Guest 26-Sep-2006 15:25
Great photos, go ahead discovering your talent!
Ambreena 22-Aug-2006 01:17
You are an amazing talent..keep up the good work!-Ambreena
TammyJ 21-Aug-2006 18:58
That was one the most amazing pics I have seen in a really long time. I love your work so it feeels so real to I am there. Thnak-you for your visions!
Guest 10-Aug-2006 08:39
Stunning photos, added to y favourite. Jim
Guest 05-Aug-2006 00:23
Hi Shaun:

I've had you in my favorites for some time now. I'm a fellow Haligonian and after looking at all of your pictures I'm amazed we haven't bumped into each other somewhere because I've been to most of those places you photograph lots of times. You do fabulous work, very inspiring. Regards, Cindy
William Hartshorn30-Jul-2006 02:39
Shaun......Your colors and subjects are simply amazing!!!!!
Guest 22-Jul-2006 03:58
Now this is what I call .. awesome work
Guest 13-Jul-2006 13:53
Hi there Shaun, I was looking for a photo of one of the bridges this morning and stumbled into your gallery... WOW, you do amazing work. Really makes me want to come home.

Guest 07-Jul-2006 06:39
Hi Shaun,

Your landscape gallery is really amazing. It inspires me alot. I can feel your energy and talent thru your works. Thank you for sharing.

Hung Ming
Luci 30-Jun-2006 10:45
Hi Shaun, i really love your landscape work, we really do live on such a wonderful planet ! OUTSTANDING IMAGES, captured with passion.
scott clarke24-Jan-2006 01:31
Hey Shaun lovely work in here. I have been to the East Coast a couple of times and you capture it perfectly. You are so on the money when it comes to tricky exposures. I shall return. Regards!
Rick Walker 02-Jan-2006 22:07
Let me be the first person in '06 to say that I've been enjoying your work for almost two years now, Shaun. I've noticed that the older I get, the better you become. I plan to live forever, so if that's any indication...
John Carman20-Dec-2005 16:54
Well it’s been about a year now that I’ve been ShawnLowe-in everyday. I guess the first step to getting better is admitting I’m addicted. My daughter walks by and sees me just staring at the computer, DAD DAD are you OK? Mumbling to myself she can hear me saying time and time again, how does he do it! I guess I’m lucky for now, there’s no known cure! On the bright side of things, I’m a shoe-in for President of the ShawnLowe Fan Club!
Alex Lau04-Nov-2005 03:46
Your photos are so inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
Barry 30-Oct-2005 13:36
Absolutely outstanding. You capture Halifax with soul.
Ashley Hockenberry28-Oct-2005 16:15
Fantastic work by a fellow Canadian. And the Maritimes makes for great subject matter.

Ashley Hockenberry
Guest 16-Oct-2005 15:07
Beautiful photos. What sort of camera do you use?
Stefan 16-Oct-2005 03:41
sry it´s me again but damn I really can´t get enough of your pictures!
Stefan 16-Oct-2005 03:39
I´m in love with all of your pics!!
Maurice Burke Photography30-Sep-2005 23:37
Magnificent work, Shaun.
Guest 12-Sep-2005 13:17
wow It is amazing!!!
Dawn 28-Aug-2005 13:59
Shaun your photography is AMAZING!!!!!!! I was going to go to school to become a photographer and now I kick myself in the a%* for not. Do you do weddings? because when I get married I may call you
Guest 27-Jul-2005 14:52
Dear Shaun .. you are really a talented artist.. I bookmark your page as a favorite artist
once againg thanks for sharing.. regards, sulaiman
Guest 27-Jul-2005 02:18
Hi I love all your pics, I was just wondering if you did photos of kids? I know you more than likely dont! If you caould let me know that would be great! mabye next time u can put it on halifax for sale if you do or not, or my e mail is
antje kroeger photograpie19-Jul-2005 15:19
its time for me to write few words.
pictures with soul and character on your gallerys, like them very mutch.
i ll be back. promise.
J.C. Richardson III16-Jul-2005 15:38
John from hfx.general 16-Jul-2005 14:31
Since being exposed to your work - especially the photo a day for 365 days series - I have been looking at the world a bit differently. My mom is a talented painter, and she says her world is all about shapes and areas of dark and light and colour. She says colour is seldom as straight forward as what you see in a glance, and that if you can open your mind and wipe away some notions of what things "should" look like, you will come closer to seeing things in a more pure way. I really love how you do this with your camera's eye and post interpretation of the images. Your work is stunning and helps open the mind of the viewer. Halifax looks different to me since encountering your work

anthony195712-Jul-2005 10:26
Your work is superb Shaun! One of the joys of being part of the Pbase community is having access to exemplary talent like you. It is a joy to linger over your images and appreciate skill and artistry. I have been, and will remain, a frequent visitor.
Guest 10-Jul-2005 17:10
Fabulous photography, I'll be back often.
Rarely have I seen Nova Scotia so beautiful. Sure makes me want to visit.

Judi 10-Jul-2005 00:47
Shaun,just discovered your site & found it breath taking.Some pictures almost jump off the screen at you.Can't wait until i'm in Halifax again to visit your gallery.Keep up the excellent work.Judi
Linda 06-Jul-2005 03:02
Thank You Shaun!
Paul Darrow 05-Jul-2005 23:55
Very nice work Shaun. Your fireworks pics look great.
Paul Darrow
Halifax Daily News
Garrett 04-Jul-2005 12:25
Your work is fantastic Shaun, I'll be sure to reccommend you.
Guest 29-Jun-2005 17:14

nice homepage you've got!
keep up the good work

Marsha 28-Jun-2005 21:15
Your photography is SPECTACULAR! WOW
Margaret Mc Gunnigal 20-Jun-2005 20:21
love your gallery Shaun especiallythe sunset and sunrise pictures. I do like to paintand I must say you have given me some inspiration. I will certainly call back to your site
Guest 08-Jun-2005 07:36
Thx for shraing the beauty. wowwwww. "impresionnnnnteeeee" in spanish. how ridiculus are my pictures if I compare with these. I will appreciate a visit to my galley and advices to be better.
Angie 02-Jun-2005 01:35
Hi Shaun your work is beautiful and can't wait to see more. Angie
Paulina 21-May-2005 10:30
Hi Shaun,
I am a Christian and I just saw your beautiful pictures. May I use some of them during our Sunday services in our singing sessions?
I will put the matching lyrics to your pictures to bring out the inspiration.
You really got a very unique and speicial taste towards the nature.
May God Bless you and your family.
Guest 09-May-2005 08:05
you've got some amazing pictures =D very inspiring work!!
Stephen Lumsden03-May-2005 21:50
eddiebx 02-May-2005 05:51
you buddy from hondasociety linked me to ur pics, i have to say, they are flat out amazing. i love your work!
Guest 23-Mar-2005 00:23
dear friend,

i enjoy viewing your gallery.
full of excellent pix.
thanks for the effort and thanks for sharing.

Mike S 11-Mar-2005 03:33
Saw your picture of the morning sun on the site.....very nice!
then saw you're from the Passage, just down Caldwell Road from us here in Cole Harbour.
Another pleasant surprise!
Lori Squires 10-Mar-2005 06:44
Got your link from space as I saw the sunrise and set your recent picture as background on my desktop. I can only imagine seeing this event happen. Thank you so much for letting me experience the event via your photograph. Again WoW, sunrise - sunset. All other links on this phenomena are of sunsets, yet yours is sunrise. Meantime I have added your website to my favs list. Again, WoW.
Happy Sun-rises.
Leona 05-Mar-2005 01:17
I have to say looking at your pictures makes me only want to become better. Like I have said before just looking at them has taught me SO much and I thank you for this. I hope that you get paid for your talents.
Leona :)
teresa 24-Feb-2005 04:47
The photo that you taken are so attractive, I like them very much.
wally 23-Feb-2005 21:04
i was given this address because of the fairview fire pictures, i am a firefighter.
they are incredible.
the others are as well.
when i am downtown i will certainly go to your gallery
best fire pics i've seen yet
Guest 17-Feb-2005 07:55
Man ur work is truely inovative and extremely inspiring, thanks for sharing!!

Rene Hales14-Feb-2005 03:56
Wonderful images. I will be back for inspiration.--Rene
Guest 13-Feb-2005 07:48
Bravo...would love to be able to make some shots I have seen in your galleries. Just need to keep at it, but you have nothing to worry about because you have made it, and your photos are your proof.
Naturephoto Monique06-Feb-2005 22:30
Wonderful galleries Shaun! Realy amazing!!

Best regards,
James Burns 28-Jan-2005 14:28
Hey Shaun,

I saw you'd bought your domain name so I came by for a look. Awesome stuff man, even the stuff I've seen you post on Phototakers.... When I grow up, I wanna be just like you!


James Burns & Chapter Thirteen Photography
Guest 24-Jan-2005 18:11
Your photographs are amazing. Looking through your galleries has inspired me to take my hobby more seriously and put some more time into it. Please visit my galleries and give me and advice you can, thank you.

Antonis Sarantos24-Jan-2005 08:19
Great Shaun,
You have awesome pictures in your gallerys, i enjoyed every one of them again and again. I will come back soon, you became one of my favorite artists.
Guest 16-Dec-2004 04:11
Hello, Shaun lowe.
My name is Huafeng Ge, I am from China, and my English name is Robin. I am studying at Mount Saint Vincent University.
I've been visiting your gallery since I search for "Halifax", about a month ago.
You are really good at take pictures, and you have a very good sense of lights and colors.
Desired to see more of your photos.
(Sorry about my poor English :P)
jan palm 14-Dec-2004 15:49
Amazing imagery. You are a fantastic storyteller
Enchantment Studio06-Dec-2004 00:05
Shaun, I tried to decide which of your galleries I liked the best, But They are all equally impressive. Thanks for sharing them. David Moreno
Craig Pitman 03-Dec-2004 16:34
Amazing imagery. You do a great job - I love the ones with the colour singled out. I wish to try that myself someday, but in painting form. Speaking of which, they're very inspirational. I've always loved those brightly coloured houses across from the Agricola NSLC too (I lived on Agricola for a couple years).
Ian James Doyle02-Dec-2004 04:16
You're making Nova Scotia proud Buddy. No Bush Pictures?

I'll be back,
James Doyle
Julie 26-Nov-2004 19:00
You have an incredible eye for beauty and art in the most simple places. I love your photos and always look forward to visiting your gallery.
Peter Rackham22-Nov-2004 20:02
Hello, Shaun! Just a note to say how inspired I continue to be by your work -- both artistically and technically. I love all your work, but the panoramas (especially of Halifax) are unequalled! The Province should subsidize you for advertising the beauty of this place! All the best, Peter.
Dai Wynne-Jones 22-Nov-2004 18:09
Hi Shaun,

I was directed to your website by Peter Richard through playing chess online.

As a fellow artist I was spellbound by the photographs I have seen so far. Hurricane Juan and Nothing but sky, but two of the subjects I have looked at. I shall have many hours of enjoyment viewing the rest of your work.

You are a true talent!

If you have the time drop in to my website at

Keep up the fantastic work!

Cheer Dai Wynne-Jones
Karma-Rae 22-Nov-2004 16:04
These photos are so amazing. Thanks for sharing them and providing inspiration.
Guest 21-Nov-2004 06:43
You are easily my favorite. Your work consistently puts me in awe and inspires me to spend more time behind the lens striving to reach the talent that you possess. Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to seeing your new photos.

Dan Gallagher
Liam O'Neil 09-Nov-2004 12:13
As a native haligonian living in Tokyo, your gallery has brought some great memories back to me that only a camera lens can capture. Have to admit, there is a small tear in my eye, missing home. Thank you for providing me with your insight into our bastion of peace.
I'll be returning home for the first time in a long time in the Spring. If I had a Keith's here with me, Id raise it to you...
thanks again.
Reuben 26-Oct-2004 05:00
Your Work is both beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the great work
René Wouters 14-Oct-2004 13:40
My compliments on your site and your wunderful images!
Regards from Holland.
PIPs HYIP Pureinvestor 04-Oct-2004 10:30
great site, i found it very informative.

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Tony Dalton24-Sep-2004 19:58
Shaun, every so often I go back to your galleries to see what the latest will be. Your work is very creative and pleasing to many as is evident by the comments. All the best and keep up the great work!
Guest 21-Sep-2004 17:44
Hi Shaun,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that your work looks really great. You may remember some of my posts on Photoeast, but if you don't please feel free to look at my own galleries at I'm still getting things set up, but I'm already very happy with the look and feel of things here at PBase.

Your work is great, and pretty inspirational, too. Keep up the excellent work!

Guest 18-Sep-2004 23:03
I just looked at your galleries, you take wonderful photos.
they are all so nice.
Guest 09-Sep-2004 14:07
Shaun - your work is really terrific, and very original. Looks like I'm gonna have to add you to my Favorites!! :--)
Guest 08-Sep-2004 15:07
Hi Shaun! Just wanted to say you´re the "light master". It is amazing what you´ve created. Thanks a lot for sharing all this with us.
Matias, Chile
Didier Vanderperre30-Aug-2004 02:26
Beautiful and inspiring, I like your work very much!
Neda Atash25-Aug-2004 13:11
Hi Shaun,
Thanks for leaving me a positive message.. I cruised through your work and was amazed at your level of understanding in composition and techniques in B&W. I swear it looks like film. All those shots are worth buying... Any luck on this site selling? Usually photographers don't buy other photographers work... probably because they spend all their money on this obsession... anyway great work!

Bravo! Bravo!
From the country of California...
Guest 24-Aug-2004 02:59
Wow, your work are truly inspiring! I'm new PBase member and just bought a camera similar to your (Dimage A1), and just realized, that it's the photographer not the camera / equipment :-) Great work, man! Envy your talent :-)
Kelly Martell 23-Aug-2004 03:23
Hello there.
I am a fellow Nova Scotian, art lover , artist and beginner photographer. I absolutely love your gallery and your work. You are very talented and was happy to see such familliar subjects in such beauty! If you ever had the time if you could give a look to my gallery at and could give me a few pointers for photography it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Kindly
Richard Stern21-Aug-2004 00:04
Hi from a fellow Nova Scotian. I saw your message on my pbase site - thanks. I browsed your site, and it's awesome! Wonderful lighting, color etc. in all images. By the way, I love my Nikkor 80-400mm.vr, especially for portraits and moving birds.

Good shooting!

Guest 20-Aug-2004 14:59
I have noticed that I can't view your full gallery anymore. Have you done something different to the style sheet? I use Internet Explorer. I have seen this problem in other people's gallery that is set-up similar to yours. Maybe it's just my computer at work and home that is doing this. I'll miss seeing your work.
bluewatermonk09-Aug-2004 21:16
Absolutely amazing work.
Your winter themed gallery has really fascinated me. In Florida I do not get to see that much snow. What you have captured here is both colorful and surreal. I am glad to have found your galleries and will be stopping in to see more.

tomba 05-Aug-2004 19:29
carl 04-Aug-2004 17:49
simply amazeing photos
Guest 15-Jun-2004 03:57
To a Fellow Canadian.. great shots Sean. Greatly enjoyed..
TOOLS 09-Jun-2004 15:32
Simply amazing, no words can describe how amazed I am by the art-work. Your work makes me (someone who never cared for photography or art) want to go buy a new camera and take photography lessons....

When I first saw the gallery, I had drank 2 beers; I simply found your work the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Then the next day, and day after that, and ever since; I've been seeing them over and over again (no beers lol) I still feel how I felt the first time I encountered your gallery.

Thank you and wish you the best.
Gonzalo Olmos 19-May-2004 22:45
Hi Shaun,

Just popping by your site. I have to say your pictures are great! I specially enjoy the picture in B/W submitted to

I was wondering if are u mainly based in digital now or still analog. At present I am considering getting a Digital 35mm camera.

You could visit my website on:

With best wishes,

ame 04-May-2004 22:01
I landed on your site somehow and MAAAAN, you take nice photos...
Just thought I'd let you know.
Guest 04-May-2004 16:40
Hi Shaun
You have a terrific feeling for colors and shapes.
I'm realy impressed.
Comgratulations for your excelent work
Marj 25-Apr-2004 04:33
Love the black & white pics.
Guest 23-Apr-2004 03:42
You are AMAZING!!!! OMG Wow! What kind of camera do you use? Check out my gallery. Tell me what you think. Check out the "Nature & Art" Gallery. Leave me a coment. Thanks. You're awesome again.
Karla 22-Apr-2004 16:46
I just want to quickly say your pictures are awesome. I am from Nova Scotia and recently moved to Alberta..... Quite a culture shock, I was just surfing the net looking for some nice pictures of home and came across your website. I looked at every single picture!
They are great!! Thank you so much for sharing! Looking forward to more.
Robert 19-Apr-2004 02:13
I already posted this in another gallery's comment page but I felt it deserved repeating:
This photography tells a story. I was going to type "every picture tells a story" but we all can figure out why I didn't.
I am amazed with your perception of everyday things in Nova Scotia. I plan on spreading the word on your website as well.
Thanks for showing us your art.
Guest 14-Apr-2004 12:53
Incredible work Shaun. I enjoyed practically every shot in all galleries. You have an eye for composition and perspective. I've definitely added you to my favorites list. Thanks for sharing. Brian
Phil Smith09-Apr-2004 18:21
Great Photos!
gang07-Apr-2004 03:09
Shaun, Thanks for the comments on my photo. I've been shot the snow and ice for half year!
Guest 03-Apr-2004 03:32
Your photos are great but really stood out for me are your painting with light photos. Excellent!
Guest 02-Apr-2004 17:50
Outstanding galleries Shaun! Anyone wondering if the Dimage 7 can be used professionally need look no further.
Guest 01-Apr-2004 00:38
Your photography is incredible.
dave23-Mar-2004 17:50
Hi Shaun......
I had a great time looking at your wonderfull works.
You have a natural eye for a shot
Take care
Dave ...............
G 23-Mar-2004 15:09
Shaun... your work speaks volumns... congratulations.
Guest 19-Mar-2004 06:06
Shaun,I get the feeling you have great patience while your out taking pictures.You have some wonderful work! robin.
Guest 13-Mar-2004 00:33
I like your style of photography. It carefully composes into details and sometimes you try to break the rules and there you go, excellent shots. If you have time please visit my gallery and please comment on my humble images so i can improve. :)

well done and happy shooting

Guest 12-Mar-2004 04:57
so beautiful!!
welcome to my web
I come from Taiwan, nice to meet you!!
John Carman 11-Mar-2004 04:03
Even though I may not be a registered Pbase client, I’ll guarantee ya nobody logs onto the site more then me! To be more specific!! When I’m at work, I Lowe! When I get home I Lowe with my daughter “Oh dad your at Shaulowe again”. The other day I noticed a Site Counter on one of your pages, half those hits were mine! Sorry. You get the point, I’m your biggest fan. If someone walks by while I’m on the computer I always make em stop to check out the most recent upload at Lowe! Your work is very inspirational! Now I read a picture a day, to cool. I’m driving the Shaunlowe Bandwagon with the pedal to the metal, WATCHOUT! John C
judy sidonie tillinger09-Mar-2004 21:00
As a New Yorker I'm especially fond of your night skies and really appreciate the thought. Your work is a joy to behold.