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Gulf War

Shock and awe is a military doctrine that calls
for attempting to directly influence your adversary's
will, perception, and understanding of events by inducing
a state of Shock and Awe. It is not intended to replace the
traditional military aim of destroying the adversary's military
capability, but instead to integrate that destruction into a
larger suite of actions intended to produce the psychological
effect of "breaking the enemy's will to fight".

Military Units
455th Chemical Brigade
30th Military History Det.
142nd Military Intelligence BN
Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT)
5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
304th Civil Affairs Brigade
354th Civil Affairs Brigade
Special Operations Task Force 56
Third United States Army
3d Medical Command
4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne)
3d Personnel Command
Coalition/Joint Task Force-Kuwait
United States Army Forces Central Command - Kuwait
Combat Equipment Battalion-Kuwait
831st Transportation Battalion
United States Army Forces Central Command-Qatar
Combat Equipment Battalion-Qatar
United States Army Forces Central Command Saudi Arabia
7th Transportation Group
10th Transportation Battalion
377th Theater Support Command
43d Area Support Group
68th Corps Support Battalion
335th Theater Signal Command
67th Signal Battalion
151st Signal Battalion
11th Signal Brigade
160th Signal Brigade
25th Signal Battalion
54th Signal Battalion
Multi-National Corps - Iraq
114th Area Support Group
298th Corps Support Battalion
357th Corps Support Bn
New Mexico National Guard
1742nd Transportation Co
812th Transportation Battalion
3rd Military Police Battalion
1775th Military Police Co
49th Military Police Battalion
336th Military Police Battalion
391st Military Police Battalion
319th Signal Battalion
416th Civil Affairs Battation
443rd Civil Affairs Battation
478th Civil Affairs Battation
842nd Engineer Co
133rd Engineer Battalion (Heavy)
216th Engineer BN
223rd Engineer BN
386th Engineer BN
877th Engineer BN
1st BN, 86th Field Artillery
1st BN, 107th Field Artillery
3rd BN, 112th Field Artillery
2nd BN, 147th Field Artillery
1st BN, 152nd Field Artillery
1st BN, 172nd Field Artillery
2nd Bn, 130th Field Artillery
2nd Bn, 162nd Infantry
185th Aviation Group
V Corps
III Corps
264th Engineer Group
228th Engineer Co
724th Engineer Bn
937th Engineer Group
541st Corps Support Bn
924th Military Police BN
17th Field Artillery Brigade
3rd BN, 18th Field Artillery Rgt
5th BN, 3rd Field Artillery Rgt
1st BN, 12th Field Artillery Rgt
6th BN, 27th Field Artillery Rgt
504th Military Intelligence Brigade
16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne)
351st Military Police Co
3rd Military Police BN
519th Military Police BN
89th Military Police Brigade
607th Military Police BN
720th Military Police BN
759th Military Police BN
2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment
1st Squadron
2nd Squadron
3rd Squadron
4th Squadron
Support Squadron
81st Armor Brigade
D Co, 216th Air Defense Artillery
281st Military Intelligence Co
Troop E, 303rd Cavalry
1st BN, 185th Armor Rgt
1st BN, 303rd Armor Rgt
1st BN, 161st Infantry Rgt
898th Engineer BN
181st Support BN
2nd BN, 146th Field Artillery Rgt
13th Corps Support Command
3625th Maintenance Co
339th Military Police Co
126th Finance BN
226th Medical Logistics BN
29th Signal BN
167th Area Support Group
172nd Area Support Group
300th Area Support Group
593rd Corps Support Group
1st Medical BDE
785th Medical Co
31st Combat Support Hospital
301st Combat Support Hospital
118th Area Support Medical BN
2nd Medical BDE
I Corps
3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division
C Co, 5th BN, 5th Air Defense Artillery
367th Maintenance Co
334th Signal Co
18th Engineer Co
209th Military Intelligence Co
1st BN, 23rd Infantry Rgt
2nd BN, 3rd Infantry Rgt
5th BN, 20th Infantry Rgt
1st Sq, 14th Cavalry Rgt
1st BN, 37th Field Artillery Rgt
276th Engineer BN
10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry)
10th Aviation Brigade
1st BN, 32nd Infantry RGT
3rd Sq, 17th Cavalry REGT
264th Corps Support BN [Logistics TF 264]
548th Corps Support BN
2nd BDE, 10th Mountain Division
B Co, 10th Signal BN
110th Military Intelligence BN
2nd BN, 14th Infantry REGT
4th BN, 31st Infantry REGT
2nd BN, 15th Field Artillery REGT
210th Forward Support BN
1st BN (ABN), 509th Infantry (A & B Co)
1st Cavalry Division
878th Engineer BN
312th Military Intelligence BN
1st BCT, 1st Cavalry Division
2nd BN, 5th Cavalry Rgt
2nd BCT, 1st Cavalry Division
1st BN, 5th Cavalry Rgt
1st BN, 8th Cavalry Rgt
2nd BN, 12th Cavalry Rgt
3rd BCT, 1st Cavalry Division
3rd BN, 8th Cavalry Rgt
1st BN, 9th Cavalry Rgt
4th BDE, 1st Cavalry Division - Aviation Brigade
1st BN, 7th Cavalry REGT
1st BN, 227th Aviation REGT
DIVARTY, 1st Cavalry Division
1st BN, 21st Field Artillery Rgt
1st BN, 82nd Field Artillery Rgt
3rd BN, 82nd Field Artillery Rgt
DISCOM, 1st Cavalry Division
15th Forward Support BN [2 BCT]
115th Forward Support BN [1 BCT]
215th Forward Support BN [3 BCT]
Engineer BDE, 1st Cavalry Division
20th Engineer BN [1 BCT]
91st Engineer BN [2 BCT]
39th Infantry Brigade (Light)
1st BN, 153rd Infantry Rgt
2nd BN, 153rd Infantry Rgt
3rd BN, 153rd Infantry Rgt
1st BN, 206th Field Artillery Rgt
39th Support BN
1st Armored Division
1-1st Cavalry
123rd Main Support BN
141st Signal BN
1st BN, 4th Air Defense Artillery RGT
501st Military Intelligence BN
1st BDE, 1st Armored Division
1st BN, 36th Infantry RGT
1st BN, 37th Armor RGT
2nd BN, 37th Armor RGT
4th BDE, 1st Armored Division - Aviation Brigade
1st BN, 501st Aviation RGT
1st BN, 501st Aviation RGT
127th Aviation Support BN
DIVARTY, 1st Armored Division
2nd BN, 3rd Field Artillery RGT
4th BN, 27th Field Artillery RGT
1st BN, 94th Field Artillery RGT
DIVENG, 1st Armored Division
16th Engineer BN
40th Engineer BN
203rd Engineer BN
DISCOM, 1st Armored Division
501st Forward Support BN
47th Forward Support BN
127th Area Support BN
Task Force Ironhorse
5th Engineer BN (MECH)
elements, 13th Corps Support Command
555th Engineer Group
244th Engineer BN
21st Theater Support Command
51st Maintenance BN
Task Force Danger
579th Engineer BN
748th Explosive Ordnance Det
415th Civil Affairs BN
2nd BDE, 25th Infantry Division
1st BN, 14th Infantry REGT
1st BN, 21st Infantry REGT
1st BN, 27th Infantry REGT
element, 65th Engineer BN
element, 2nd BN, 11th Field Artillery REGT
30th Infantry Brigade (eHSB) (MECH)
Det 1495, 324th Psychological Operations Co
Co C, 1st BN, 107th Armor REGT
Co B, 279th Signal BN
Co B, 451st Civil Affairs BN
element, 682nd Engineer BN
2nd BN, 108th Infantry REGT
1st BN, 120th Infantry Rgt
1st BN, 150th Armor REGT
1st BN, 252nd Armor Rgt
1st BN, 113th Field Artillery Rgt
230th Support BN
105th Engineer BN
1st Infantry Division [Mechanized]
Headquarters Camp Udairi, KW
121st Signal BN
82nd Engineer BN
141st Engineer BN [ND ARNG]
701st Maintenance Support BN
601st Aviation Support BN
1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division
1st BN, 16th Infantry Rgt
1st BN, 34th Armor Rgt
1st BN, 5th Field Artillery Rgt
1st Engineer BN
101st Forward Support BN
Btry C, 4th BN 3rd ADA Rgt
331st Signal Company
Troop D, 1st Sq, 4th Cavalry Rgt
2nd BDE, 1st Infantry Division
1st BN, 18th Infantry Rgt
1st BN, 26th Infantry Rgt
1st BN, 77th Armor Rgt
3rd BDE, 1st Infantry Division
1st BN, 63rd Armor Rgt
2nd BN, 63rd Armor Rgt
Co B, 2nd BN, 2nd Infantry Rgt
1st BN, 6th Field Artillery Rgt
201st Forward Support BN
DIVARTY, 1st Infantry Division
1st BN, 33rd Field Artillery REGT

We Salute You and Say Thank You

Canon PowerShot S50
1/6s f/2.8 at 7.1mm full exif

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Guest 09-Aug-2008 08:36
Ron10-Dec-2007 23:53
I salute you, the brave and honorable soldiers of the United States Military. In my book you are all heroes.
Ed Barham, JR. Ft. Worth 01-May-2006 17:19
I saw COL Rod Barham 49th MP BN being interviewes on TV. What Guard unite etc is he from. Texas 49th Armorad?? Or what?