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Field Herpetology

Here are photos taken of herptiles (aka reptiles and amphibians) found in the field. I often photograph the habitats in which I find these amazing creatures as well. Snakes have an undeserved reputation as evil and ruthless killers that may stop at nothing to rid the world of humans. In reality, most of them are very mild-mannered and keep to themselves unless molested or stepped on. You'd be annoyed too if something nearly 100 times your own body weight stepped on your tail! Next time you are in the wild, keep an eye out for local snakes, they may be closer and more abundant than you thought.

I am always surprised at how rarely herps appear in popular photography. Even then, only the most beautiful or impressive species are very common (red eyed treefrogs come to mind). Snakes in particular are extremely rare. This is probably due to both their reputation and the often frustrating work necessary to capture the perfect image (you try wrangling a 5 foot p**sed-off ratsnake with one hand while holding a heavy, expensive camera in the other). If you are interested in more herp photography, look for the work of Michael and Patricia Fogden, Bill Love, R. D. Bartlett, and David and Tracy Barker.

***DISCLAIMER*** I have been trained to work with venomous snakes on a near-daily basis. I follow very strict rules and utilize special equipment to ensure both my safety and theirs. Please do not attempt to photograph venomous and potentially dangerous species without proper training and equipment. There is no room for error, and if you are bitten or otherwise injured it is because YOU made a mistake. The animal is just defending itself from what it sees as a large and dangerous predator. Locality information beyond county is not included because these animals and habitats may be participants in my doctoral research and I do not want anyone disturbing their daily lives (except me!).
Me with a Friend....
Me with a Friend....
Photographing Snakes is Fun!
Photographing Snakes is Fun!
Florida and Georgia
:: Florida and Georgia ::
Costa Rica, May, 2004
:: Costa Rica, May, 2004 ::
Arkansas Herps
:: Arkansas Herps ::
New Mexico Herps, Summer of 2005
:: New Mexico Herps, Summer of 2005 ::
Virginia and the Carolinas
:: Virginia and the Carolinas ::
:: Kentucky ::
Arizona, Colorado and Utah
:: Arizona, Colorado and Utah ::
Why not to hold a snake by the head.
:: Why not to hold a snake by the head. ::
Kansas, May of 2006
:: Kansas, May of 2006 ::
Oklahoma herping, June, 2006
:: Oklahoma herping, June, 2006 ::
Big Bend, Texas
:: Big Bend, Texas ::
:: tennessee_and_appalachains_2011 ::