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Norfolk Southern


Brief History:

Norfolk Southern was created when the Norfolk & Western (formed in 1881) and the Southern Railway (formed in 1894) merged together in 1982.  The new headquarters was established in Norfolk, VA.  Norfolk Southern was also the name of a Railroad that had merged into the Southern Railway in 1974, and is the namesake of the current corporation.  In 1997, Norfolk Southern and CSX filed a joint application with the Surface Transportation Board to purchase Conrail.  The STB approved the transaction in 1998, and NS acquired 58% of Conrail, with CSX acquiring the remaining 42%.  NS began operating trains on its portion of Conrail's territory in June of 1999.




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pLE5N4905.jpg pLE5N4875.jpg pLE5N4825.jpg pLE5N4824.jpg pLE5N4817.jpg
pLE5N4805.jpg pLE5N4799.jpg 4793 on 10-24-08.jpg 4242 on 10-18-08.jpg pLE5N4135.jpg
pLE5N4123.jpg pLE5N4028.jpg pLE5N3985.jpg pLE5N2386.jpg pLE5N2346.jpg
pLE5N2274.jpg pLE5N2238.jpg pLE5N2135.jpg 2119 on 08-09-08.jpg pLE5N1848.jpg
pLE5N1831.jpg pLE5N1827.jpg pLE5N1815.jpg pLE5N1803.jpg pLE5N1760.jpg
pLE5N1740.jpg pLE5N1729.jpg pLE5N1716.jpg 1709 on 07-12-08.jpg pLE5N1693.jpg
pLE5N1675.jpg pLE5N1653.jpg pLE5N1635.jpg pLE5N1592.jpg pLE5N1581.jpg
pLE5N1569.jpg pLE5N1543.jpg pLE5N1522.jpg pLE5N1442.jpg 1371 on 06-21-08.jpg
pLE5N1337.jpg pLE5N1293.jpg pLE5N1276.jpg pLE5N1271.jpg pLE5N1248.jpg
pLE5N1236.jpg pLE5N1234.jpg pLE5N1202.jpg pLE5N1194.jpg oLE5N9796.jpg
oLE5N9776.jpg oLE5N9758.jpg oLE5N9749.jpg oLE5N9719.jpg oLE5N9712.jpg
oLE5N9695.jpg oLE5N9687.jpg oLE5N9681.jpg oLE5N9616.jpg oLE5N9578.jpg
oLE5N9558.jpg oLE5N9547.jpg oLE5N9540.jpg oLE5N9533.jpg oLE5N9496.jpg
oLE5N9492.jpg oLE5N9490.jpg 9487 on 05-23-08.jpg oLE5N8839.jpg oLE5N8804.jpg
oLE5N8777.jpg oLE5N8751.jpg oLE5N8745.jpg oLE5N8722.jpg 8715 on 04-15-08.jpg
oLE5N8709.jpg oLE5N8285.jpg oLE5N8261.jpg oLE5N8216.jpg oLE5N8198.jpg
oLE5N8123.jpg oLE5N8097.jpg oLE5N8082.jpg oLE5N8056.jpg oLE5N8042.jpg
oLE5N7395.jpg oLE5N7344.jpg oLE5N7316.jpg oLE5N7234.jpg oLE5N7208.jpg
NS prior to 2008
:: NS prior to 2008 ::