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Ida Meyer 11-Jul-2010 02:41
very impressed, beautiful work. Just an admirer\ eedie
Kai Sorensen 09-Nov-2007 21:29
Scott-- Boy oh Boy you have come a long way since we first met, printing your beautiful
Bullfighter images!- What can I say ---"I'm impressed"
Thanks for the phone call- hope you get along good with Paul (and give him a few pointers!!)
Klaus-J. Kahle25-Aug-2007 03:35
Scott, your work (at least the non-passworded) is great. I found you through your "Stuff" gallery and then looked at everything that isn't password protected.
I have great respect for police officers (unless they're writing me a speeding ticket) and can see the your passion for, and drama of your work in your pictures. Being a divorced dad with (now grown) 2 children I can also appreciate the pride and love that only a parent has. I've added you to my "favourites". Keep up the good work!
jwd23-Aug-2007 17:55
I enjoyed viewing your galleries in the past. Can you send me the password ( Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work.
Guest 15-Aug-2007 18:18
This is a beautiful gallery Scott
Francisco702826-Jun-2007 10:58
Guest 08-Mar-2007 12:59
I'm simply loss for words. Kudos!
Brian 24-Nov-2006 08:31
Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.
Roozbeh Shivayi23-Nov-2006 06:58
This is not my first visit to your galleries. Your style of composition and use of contrast really impresses me.
Theresa 06-Nov-2006 14:32
Am very impressed, but not surprised,I always knew it was in there.Luvs you,Ma
Guest 02-Nov-2006 18:20
Good Morning Babyyyy...... Scottie Bourgeois ------- I am back
oksana_p01-Oct-2006 21:13
Great and very diverse work, Scott!

Sid Shirazie 23-Aug-2006 22:04
Very impressed with the effort Scott! It takes a comfortable eye to blink away without recourse.
I was referred to your website by PONY as I had forwarded some shots of his at the FOLSOM Fair held last month at Allan Gardens. This is really an amazing effort and goes a long way in defining Gay Expression of all kinds.

Will stay in touch.
Ivan Cholakov23-Aug-2006 16:30
You have an amazing variety of images and each of them can tell a story!
Guest 23-Aug-2006 15:53
Thank you for your comment on Mystic Palms..I'll be back to check out your work!
Sue Robertson21-Aug-2006 02:24
Hello I just had the pleasure of visiting your galleries. What an inspiration. Sue
Guest 15-Aug-2006 05:22
Scott ... thanks for stopping by my galleries and taking time to comment; your compliment is warmly received. Cheers.
Katie Chew09-Aug-2006 13:21
Thank you for your comment on my photo of the rainbow.
jaac08-Aug-2006 17:03
Hi Scott, nice galleries, gonna take me a few vistis
to catch up, looking forward to it though :-)
Shelley Atkinson 26-Jun-2006 04:35
Dear Scott, I am Shelley Atkinson, widow of P.C.Atkinson. I just had the opportunity to view the pictures you have taken at the funeral. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.No words can express my graditude, they are absolutally amazing. If you can, please Email me back so I know you recieved my thank you. Take care and all the best.
Guest 19-Jun-2006 16:55
I see something very different for your particular set of pictures but I can't quite put my finger on it. 04-Jun-2006 12:10
Very interesting. Mike
Gisela Morales 17-Apr-2006 22:23
Hi Scott,
My name is Gisela Morales, a Palm Springs Photo Festival representative. I have sents you a couple of emails but have not gotten a response. Please, if you have time email me at or call 310.659.0122 I would love to give you some really good news :) !!
Guest 19-Feb-2006 03:36
Scott, your loyal PBase fan club is wondering what happened to you (and Dobby).
Bruce28-Jan-2006 06:40
I must spend some more time here...
so many impressive galleries!
Congrats on a great body of work.
Hodero21-Jan-2006 17:50
You are a great photographer amigo,with a fantastic sense of humor.
Guest 17-Jan-2006 21:03
Maravillosas fotografías
Marc Demoulin16-Jan-2006 20:50
Scott, many thanks, you make me blush.
I consider your Mother and Son gallery being one of the best on the site and I have a lot to learn from you but, above all, our friendship and exchanges are the most important.
Pam 31-Dec-2005 10:52
Living in Michigan now, going through some of your galleries take me back home to Ontario, even as far as my hometown (the Bell building downtown London).
Thank you, please keep sharing your exceptional work!
Guest 27-Dec-2005 16:25
Scott you are a very good photographer!!!! Congratulations !!!
Guest 25-Dec-2005 21:39
Hi Scott
I really enjoyed your pics. Your dog is amazing. I have some nice doggiepics on my site as well, check em out if you like...

I am truely amazed by the variety (is that correct english?) of your work. Keep on sharing them, you are in my favourites.

Guest 22-Dec-2005 23:21
I love your work! Your artistic eye and eye for humor mix wonderfully. I'm wondering if you ever visit any photography or art forums to discuss your workflow (such as or ). If you haven't already, please consider this an invitation.
Arnoldo Quintanilla 22-Dec-2005 03:34
Finanlly I got to see and enjoy your wonderful job congratulations Scott I will take the liberty to show all my friends and perhaps some day when the oportunity comes have a
show dispaying all your work. Thanks for sharing this great modern art of you with all of us You are a trully Canadian Artist.
Sincerly Arnoldo.Quintanilla.
type19-Dec-2005 23:19
A generous, expansive, ecclectic and life-affirming collection. I hope I have such a legacy in 20 years.
Kal Khogali15-Dec-2005 03:48
OK Scott, so here is the thing...great images demand attention, they are not passing and forgotten, they express meanings that touch people's souls and awaken the dormant unconcious. No other art captures in an instant and records for eternity a split second of human reality. That split second can be a boring moment or a story telling one, it can be manufactured or a natural one, but the point is some people can pick up a camera and turn humanity in to a story and others can take snap shots. Nothing wrong with snapshots mind, they are personal stories (a kind of song sung to one's self...a personal record on one's own reality if you like). But what you do is the human story. That is intuition, a gift, doesn't have to be concious, because it is in the soul. I am honoured to have you as one of my gallery visitors. Best K
BSPN KennyMac02-Dec-2005 20:07
Thanks for taking the time to look Scott. I appreciate that. I strive to make photos like yours someday. you da man.

Guest 16-Nov-2005 21:25
Thanks for the comments Scott. Keep producing the beautiful images. It`s nice to see B&W alive and kicking. Regards, Adam
Guest 12-Nov-2005 00:11
Scott, have you checked this out yet?
Joseph Levy's infrared site
Guest 07-Nov-2005 01:59
Scott, the kids are adorable and the photos quite lovely.
Guest 26-Oct-2005 20:43
Thanks to Mia for the lovely message!
Have a great time with your cat!
saintj 23-Oct-2005 02:22
Scott I unequivocally 2nd what andy said. You are an amaizing artist, thank you for the kind words!
Guest 20-Oct-2005 07:27
Scott, thanks for your comment at my galleries - it means a lot coming from someone with your breadth of creativity and talent.
I am enjoying your work - it may take a while.....quite some body of images youo've got here.

Mike S 07-Oct-2005 17:43
I'm so impressed with your work,I also agree these should be published let the world see your talent This site is now on my list of favorites.
Guest 26-Aug-2005 22:35
Scott, I'm enjoying Dobby's adventures so much. It's such a great gallery. Look forward everyday to what will be next.
Tammy 21-Jul-2005 04:11
Heather P. suggested I check out your website and I am in awe! Absolutely amazing...LOVE the Mother and Son Collection...should be published in your own book. Thank you so much for sharing your images with us!
Guest 16-Jun-2005 13:49
We think a photo of Dobby in the bath with bubbles in black and white would be quite the shot> What do you think?
Guest 02-Jun-2005 18:17
NOW who's flooding the popular gallerys!
Well deserved Scott.
Guest 24-May-2005 16:04
In response to your post, I would have to say, yes the good has prevailed. For me, to stand in front of a banal backdrop and churn out the typical faces is completely empty. I thrive on creativity and on context. The image has to say something. My expression, the photographer's expectation, my expectations, the styling, the makeup, the effects of the lighting, ect. they all come together in away that hopefully evokes or provokes something from the audience. Much like my performing-I want to bring something out of my audience on stage or I have not done my job. I will continue to create images till I am old and way past my prime because I know that someone will be effected by them. Maybe even inspired. Who knows? The world is your oyster so get the lemon juice and sea salt and dig in!

Good answer to a good question. I have never seen this gallery as being about your beauty. I have always like this gallery because it is broad. For me it is about a creative process among many people which always keeps it original. There are so many galleries on PBASE with gorgeous women in them, but no process. There is nothing for me more intimidating then photographing a beautiful women, it has to be so much more than a staged series of photos to be true. This will only come from a mutual understanding and respect from both model and photographer. I would bet you have had some really bad experiences. But obviously the good has won. Regards Julia.
Garrett 07-May-2005 03:03
Nifty website, Scott.
Guest 28-Apr-2005 20:13
Thanks for the comment Scott. I thought I'd check out your gallery, and I'm glad I did. I love your ultra saturated style. Very nice gallery.
Jim Heaton 21-Apr-2005 16:56
Hi Scott,
I hope you and family are all well.
Reid sent me the link to your website gallery. All shots were great! The Daytona ones brought back a lot of memories.
I don't have your direct e-mail address, so can you send me a message back.
Thanks Scott,
Igor Polotsky16-Apr-2005 01:51
Thank you for your comment.
Your Mother and Son gallery incredibly grate.
I am speechless.
antje kroeger photograpie11-Apr-2005 14:04
so much.

thank you.

FRANK DOMINGUEZ 07-Apr-2005 17:28
Your pictures of mother and son are what photographs are meant to be. Nothing fancy, no digtial, and using the basic's. It has made me bring out my SLR and spend time thinking instead of pointing and shooting. Once again your pictures are inspring thank you for sharing.
Gilles Navet06-Apr-2005 15:50
Gorgeous gelleries Scott with an impressive sens of colors and composition
Pieces of dream here
Your are now in my favorites
Thanks for sharing your work/pleasure
Guest 03-Apr-2005 17:24
Scott your work gets to a good way..spectacular work..regards..
Guest 05-Mar-2005 22:10
Interesantes fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
Cedric Sims18-Feb-2005 03:54
Hi Scott,
Nice gallery you have here. Great variety of photos. Thanks for stopping and viewing my photos also.

KAPS 17-Jan-2005 20:06
Guest 10-Jan-2005 21:51
Garrett says he is one step closer to being famous and to tell you there are two t's in Garrett. Whatever, man!! Thanks for including that picture. Your stuff is awesome.