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Terry Richards Handmade Art Dolls


These enchanting and charming one-of-a-kind sculpted dolls are from the imagination and hands of Terry Richards of California, USA. Terry is a multi-talented artist who has been focusing her attention on creating these wonderful characters for 17 years, since 1991.

She has made over 1,600 sculpted dolls-- Santa's, Fairies, Elves, Mermaids and many other fascinating, whimsical characters and creatures. They typically range in size from 12 inches up to about 4 feet. Each one is very original and unique, all by hand, .... no molds, no short cuts.

All clothing and adornments are also made by Terry with loving care and attention to every detail.

Terry is very inventive and resourceful. She collects her rich and high quality materials from vintage clothing and other diverse sources. This includes real furs, luxurious wool fabrics and soft velvets, linen and other classics.

The hair and beards, for example are made from raw wool. She buys the entire fleece, which is about 3 pounds of wool right off the sheep. She then washes this by hand with shampoo about 20 times, and conditions it to be the most lovely fragrant soft material anyone could hope to have for a beard or head of hair.

Vintage jewelry and decorations, fine soft glove leather, and many other clever things come together beautifully to make these dolls of exceptional quality and expression. Eyes are hand painted and glazed to give spark and personality.

Terry Richards is warming the hearts of fans and doll collectors everywhere as her reputation rises. More and more people are finding out about her and we become addicted to what she makes.

Anyone who is interested in further information can contact her directly by email:

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g1/94/490594/3/93423946.QPxn0C3J.jpg The Younger Years g4/94/490594/3/60786141.200605210013w.jpg g4/94/490594/3/60786142.200605210333w.jpg
g4/94/490594/3/60786143.200605210303w.jpg I'm Not Wearing Underwear g3/94/490594/3/53394226.200512050133w.jpg g3/94/490594/3/53394290.200512050143w.jpg
g3/94/490594/3/53394291.200512071423w.jpg g3/94/490594/3/53394292.200512070243w.jpg What did the Buddhist Monk say to the Hot Dog Seller? u49/schutze/medium/36450087.200411151212w.jpg
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u49/schutze/medium/36450094.200411151872w.jpg u49/schutze/medium/36450095.200411152162w.jpg