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Welcome to my PAD Gallery. This gallery reflects images I have in other sorted galleries.
I don't usually display too many images in a series but prefer one of a kind type of images.
Although, I am thinking about what kind of series would be interesting to shoot and what would be interesting for other viewers.

Thanks very much for taking the time to view my images
All Comments Are Welcome

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_DSC9969.png _DSC0020.png _DSC0014-B.jpg _DSC9999.jpg
_DSC9984.jpg _DSC9980.png _DSC9979.png _DSC9974.png
Outside our hotel room - Disney World Florida _DSC9584.jpg _DSC9569.png I don't know what it is, but it's been following me around all day.
A beautiful warm sunny day, a comfortable bench and ice cream. What else do you need? _DSC9383.jpg Québec-Lévis ferry Hold my hand
Ghosts in the Old Town IMG_0300-B.png A True Smile _DSC9518.png
IMG_7723.jpg IMG_7167-Edit.jpg IMG_7182.jpg IMG_7183.png
_DSC5976.jpg Orange Sherbet :) _DSC9240.jpg _DSC9235.jpg
_DSC9234.jpg _DSC9233.jpg _DSC9239-Edit.jpg _DSC9224.jpg
_DSC9229-Edit.jpg _DSC9228-Edit.jpg _DSC9219.jpg _DSC9222-Edit.jpg
_DSC6472.jpg _DSC6322B.png _DSC6186.png _DSC6228.png
_DSC6319-2.png _DSC6320.png _DSC6322.png _DSC6355-Edit.png
_DSC6337.png _DSC6336.png _DSC6025.png _DSC6032.png
_DSC6005.png _DSC6031.png _DSC6197.png _DSC6194.png
_DSC6196.png _DSC6193.png _DSC6215-Edit.png _DSC6219.png
_DSC6199.jpg _DSC6204.jpg IMG_7763-Edit.jpg _DSC9384.jpg
IMG_7551.jpg IMG_7553-PBase.png _DSC9520-Edit.png We don't talk anymore...
IMG_5514-Edit.png Need Girl On Bike Peace to all!
_DSC5045-B2-Sm.jpg _DSC4998-Sm.jpg _DSC3601-BW.jpg Amsterdam - IMG_0402-BW-Stone-FRM.jpg
768097055__dsc6142-b-frm.jpg Looking down from the ESB
Eden This Old House - B&W Version _DSC0032-01 copy2.jpg
Vancouver - Granville Island Too Early to Sleep A Friendly Game of Kill Tennis Amber Past
IMG_0800-DARK-B-FRM.jpg _DSC0104-WATER-BURN2-FRM.jpg Autobahn roadside IMG_0399-FRM.jpg
Calgary Spring Trees EPV0195-BW-BLKFRM.jpg Mmmmm Memories of Christmas Baking
Shortcut to Grandmas House July03-2005-019-Web.jpg NewYork2005DiskOne-071-Velv.jpg _DSC4905-BUZZ2-LIGHT2-FRM.jpg
_DSC0055-BUILDING-BLUR-FRM.jpg Post Processing to B&W NewYork2005DiskOne-157-Ver2.jpg Tonights Sunset
New York April 2005 CalgaryMay2005-022---Retouc.jpg Kananaskis Aug 05 _DSC3085SKY-b2-FRM.jpg
CalgaryMay2005-082-FRM2.jpg Last Nights Sunset An Airport Somewhere... Off The Shelf #2
New York April 2005 On a walk in Vancouver _DSC2863-FRM.jpg
D2XLensTestsJune2605-003-FR.jpg July272005-083-Burn-Ver2-Vi.jpg IMG_0393-B-FRM.jpg _DSC0241-RETOUCH-BW2.jpg
NewYork2005DiskTwo-111Warm-.jpg Amstel is my friend Setting sun in Vancouver Driving in the Netherlands
Subway at Ground Zero No time to reflect This Old House July102005-123-Crop2-Adjust.jpg
Last Night in Mykonos - On to Athens Fun with Macro - 0.5mm graphite Vertical Angles _DSC0241+1.35-FRM.jpg
Amsterdam Bike High Contrast B&W August in Kananaskis
EPV0065-ver2-FRM.jpg _DSC0027-SIGN-BW-FRM.jpg Feb18-2006-StillLife-068-Ve.jpg New York April 2005
Amsterdam Night Light The King on his Throne. Mykonos, Greece Sunset-Jan17-2006-011-ver2-.jpg EPV0010-Crop-BLKFRM.jpg
_dsc1694-B3-crop-FRM.jpg Columbia Icefields1.jpg DSC2834-SKYB2-FRM.jpg July272005-035-VelviaNew.jpg
2006-May-07-033-Velvia-Crop.jpg D2XPlantsandBugs-004-FRM2.jpg Tranquility Jan-2006-035-Crop-BLKFRM.jpg
Dangerous Curves Amber Ampoules IMG_0345-Light-FRM-Small copy.jpg NewYork2005DiskOne-222-Ver2.jpg
Burrard Bridge CalgaryMay2005-077-Levels-F.jpg NewYork2005DiskTwo-121B-BLK.jpg Marken, Netherlands
New York, Central Park Golden Morning Java time in Mykonos Limpid Pools
feb02-2006-023-Ver2-FRM.jpg Downtown Vancouver  taken from Granville Island Amazing Manhattan Window Detail Silo Symbiosis
_DSC2326-DSharp-FRM2.jpg NewYork2005DiskTwo-235-Velv.jpg Sleeping Monoliths _DSC0035-CAR-FRM.jpg
Vancouver Kananaskis Calm Before The Storm IMG_0331-Dark-Burn-FRM-Shrink copy.jpg
Athabasca - Backyard IMG_0669-DARK3-FRM.jpg Kananaskis EPV0123-FRM.jpg
Burrard Bridge - Vancouver July102005SunsetOnMonCrop-F.jpg Vancouver 2004 _DSC0155-B-COLOR-FRM3.jpg
First Night - Time for Schnitzel and beer Vintage NewYork2005DiskTwo-052-BLKF.jpg Marken NL
Burrard Bridge Arches - Vancouver.  Another view through the wrought iron towards the other bridge arches. Chateau Whistler Sunset Walk-V2 IMG_0307-C-FRM copy.jpg
Jasper, Alberta NewYork2005DiskTwo-226-Velv.jpg 2006-May-21-037-B-BW-2-B-FRM.jpg Taxi Monopoly?
_DSC4933-FRM.jpg Waiting to jump the crevasse Off The Shelf #3 D2XPlantsandBugs-WEB.jpg
July102005-109-Velvia-BLKFR.jpg July102005 034 EPV0208-BLKFRM.jpg NewYork2005DiskOne-179-FRM.jpg
Chairs on Vacation Jan21-2006-017-FRM.jpg Syros Velvia Mykonos
Aesthetic Movement Where's Dave? Vertigo At the side of our house
DSC1704-crop-FRM.jpg Near Marken NL Atlas Off The Shelf - #1
Hotel McDonald - Edmonton, Alberta Velvia-Copy-IMG_0609-FRM.jpg My Kananaskis Postcard vetro vulcanico
Vancouver 2005 Windmill - Mykonos Downtown Vancouver from Granville Island _DSC3009-B-POSTER-BW-2-FRM.jpg
Calgary May 2005 LUGS Hybrid _DSC0030-ROOM-FRM.jpg
IMG_0388-FRM.jpg Syros Island A re-work using curves. Mexico - Palladium Vallarta Beach
IMG_0395-FRM.jpg Syros Panorama Jan30-2006-Frost-003-crop-F.jpg Calgary Tower - August 2005.jpg
Syros Glow Vertigo - New York 2005 Mykonos Just for fun
IMG_0345-Light-FRM copy.jpg Plamondon Serenity New York 2005
Hybrid II Follow Amsterdam New York  April 2005
NewYork2005DiskOne-159-FRM.jpg Angular Momentum of Light Sept 15 2005 Behind the Red Doors
Burrard Bridge - Looking NW to Vanier Park Sunset-Jan17-2006-023-FRM.jpg Mykonos - Little Venice _DSC0242LIGHT-2-POSTER-FRM.jpg
IMG_0317-FRM copy.jpg Rain is coming Mykonos - Greece July102005-105-BLKFRM.jpg Warming rays gone for the day
MoMA Museum Of Modern Art - NewYork 2005 Forgotten NewYork2005DiskOne-135-BW-.jpg
Walking In Circles Feb03-2006-HDR-Velvia-crop-.jpg Posterization version
Amsterdam IMG_0200-BW-FRM.jpg Centraal Station - Amsterdam
Athens - Theater of Herod Atticus July102005-015-2-Crop-BLKFR.jpg Volendam EPV0190-BW-BLKFRM.jpg
Glossy New York Foggy in New York Old Athabasca School NewYork2005DiskOne-070-BLKF.jpg
Full Contact Tennis _DSC0027-FRM.jpg Cobalt Blue Tonights Sunset - Slightly different angle
Vertigo Dec172005-046-FRM.jpg Road to Whistler Old Train Service Depot - Vancouver
IMG_0364-FRM.jpg Moi CalgaryMay2005-216-ver2-FRM.jpg IMG_0307-C-LevelsCrop-Canvas copy.jpg
NewYork2005DiskTwo-280.jpg July102005-084-CropBLKFRM.jpg CalgaryMay2005-077-Levels-C.jpg Lemon Lime Licks
_DSC0300-2-BW-FRM.jpg Atlas Kananaskis
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