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Welcome to our galleries, hope you enjoy the pics.

This collection of images, for the most part, are a history of the past 55 years plus
and are dedicated to Sam. We have been together for many years and along the way I
have taken many a photo of her from 1957 until the present day. I will be updating
the site now and again, she will be 73 soon and we have a photo shoot planned.

As you can see in the earliest pics posted her she was always a cutie and enjoyed
looking her best. You will note that she was wearing 4 inch heels in some of the
earliest pics, she knew what made her look good!!! As the years went by and the
fashions changed she tended to stick to the tried and true, bullet bras, form fitting
tops, short skirts, fully fashioned nylons and spike heels.

Back in the 1960's 6 inch heels were hard to find, most were custom made, as were the wasp
waisted corsets that she looks so good in even to this day. We had boots and corsets custom
made in Hong Kong back then,, this was before the Internet so it took some digging to find
the suppliers. Bullet bras fell out of style but she continues to wear them, she has a
lifetime supply of them!!!

The styles of the 1960's are gone except for the women who want to look like women. Today's
lingerie is designed to flatten out all those nice round parts that women were born with,
seems like they want to look like stick figures with no shapes. Obesity has become a national
pastime, seems like folks don't care what they look like any longer, that is very sad.

That will not happen here, Sam will continue to look great!!! Spike heels were designed to
change a women's shape, when she stands in them she automatically has to balance everything
out to keep from falling over. That pushes her butt out back and her chest out front. The
higher the heel, the greater the effect. Ballet Boots exaggerate the effect even more. She
can walk in hers, but can't run - that's a good thing ;-)

I will continue to lace her into her corsets and we will continue to post new images here as
time permits. As far as we are concerned, the 1950's and 1960's never left.

Enjoy the pics!!!

The photographer, being a nature lover at heart, has also included some of his favorite
macro photography work as well as some pics shot around our property. Mother Nature knows
best, she designed women to be soft and round and she designed the flowers and bugs to be
just as beautiful in their own ways.

Sam and the Resident Photographer
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