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I don't so much now get the chance to get out and work on photo projects, so what the hell, *I'm* always available.
One of the little cameras that used the obsolete Advantix film. This is my pinhole medium format film camera. IMG_6922bw.jpg CRW_6197.jpg
A clone photo. steprofile.jpg IMG_3458.jpg 126006245.ERJKM1p1.PBaseDSCN0280.jpg
Eye surgeries in May and July 2015 Field vision test results. 171908974.G7kf5xAA.img20210825_19175557.jpg Eye drops first thing in the morning. :-(
Half hour morning ritual of meds and eye drops. Some fun with B/W photo at bedroom window. IMG_1439.jpg At the grave of my kitty Alfred.
IMG_5409.jpg IMG_5945.jpg At Asian food store in Memphis. IMG_6148.jpg
IMG_6179.jpg IMG_3582.jpg Me and my better half. IMG_6659.jpg
At the dentist office again, waiting for Glo this time. IMG_6924.jpg My magnifying glass! From Glo's cell phone. IMG_7140.jpg
At Marco's Pizza again, on my 65th birthday!   IMG_7530.jpg Eye Clinic ... naturally.... IMG_8079.jpg At PQC physical therapy on Mondays.
IMG_8885.jpg Waiting to go into more eye surgery. After leaving surgery center. Another eye surgery. That's 10 since 2012. Damn glaucoma has forced many changes in my life.  IMG_8931.jpg
Still with black eye! IMG_9017.jpg IMG_9039.jpg At Marcos Pizza
Gallbladder removed at Jackson General IMG_9201.jpg At Glo's citizenship ceremony! It is so hard when they are passing away. IMG_4183.jpg Glo at new eye glasses doctor.
Almost a home away from home... The Eye Clinic PC IMG_9379.jpg Waiting for Glo at Gimmie A 5.   IMG_9568.jpg IMG_9625.jpg
IMG_9634.jpg IMG_9677.jpg Red Nose Day 2019 ... then a needed comfort room break!
IMG_9743.jpg IMG_3122.jpg At dentist, one of my least favorite things to do. DSCN0758.jpg The 5DSR. Difficult, but worth the effort.
Late night at the tv. IMG_3653.jpg A little photo fun remembering shoe salesmen! Working to get Glo's new computer up and going.
IMG_0004.jpg I remember when the tv remote had On Off and Channel up or down... and that was ALL. Waiting for Glo shopping at Ross. 1696576.jpg
IMG_0157.jpg 649A3556.jpg IMG_0300.jpg About to go out walking with Glo!
Accidental kitty scratch, in August 2018 Another accidental kitty scratch event. These will probably stay with me a while! IMG_4665.jpg IMG_0331.jpg
Buying shampoo with Glo at Big Lots. IMG_0678.jpg I LOVE those Toyota Rough Country Tacoma trucks. IMG_0933.jpg
170352946.rKPCI5Sw.IMG_5640.jpg a0779.jpg Treadmill makes my legs hurt before much cardio benefit happens. At Windy HIll house.jpg
IMG_1054.jpg IMG_1083.jpg At Red Hook restaurant last day of February 2020 Uggg... feeling a bit nauseous about 8 AM. Stomach is making some racket. Could it be the Red Hook restaurant yesterday?
Covid 19 time   IMG_5901.jpg Waiting for food at Asia Garden in the After Time.   IMG_1325.jpg ... after surviving another shopping excursion at Wally World. IMG_6060.jpg
A chilly day at The Eye Clinic in May Waiting for my Gimme A 5 shopper!   IMG_1483.jpg IMG_6106.jpg IMG_1551.jpg
Waiting for Glo at Walmart. At Jamaican cafe   IMG_1645.jpg Some 'puter time with ginger tea.     IMG_5580.jpg Another day, ... we just came from Tulum.    IMG_5584.jpg
A lot of changes have taken place in the 37 years I have looked out this door. Waiting for Glo to return from taking some items to the car.    IMG_1668.jpg Browsing in the Gimme A Five store.    IMG_1669.jpg Looking about while our little Prius has the oil changed and brakes flushed.
Hanging about at Gimmie A Five.    IMG_1710.jpg With Glo at Gimmie A Five     IMG_1711.jpg Methinks it's a Panda Express kind of day!    IMG_1714.jpg Not quite a soccer player, haha!    IMG_6478.jpg
At WalMart. The State of the Union now.      IMG_1756.jpg A selfie in my own way, (no mirror involved).   IMG_1706.jpg TRYING to get a photo with an unwilling Zhu Zhu!    IMG_5707.jpg Zhu Zhu on the table beside me.
Good lighting on the porch for a snap. Hanging 'round the machines. Cute little washers all in a row. IMG_6522.jpg
Just started raining! I love the rain, ... when I can watch and hear it from the house. Apple anyone?     IMG_1941.jpg IMG_1944_fdr.jpg DSCN1026.jpg
DSCN1043.jpg IMG_6707.jpg IMG_6714.jpg IMG_1961.jpg
DSCN1060.jpg Probably watching an old Perry Mason rerun while finishing some Thai Tea IMG_1969.jpg Have to hit the Eye Clinic later.    IMG_1973.jpg
IMG_8743.jpg Pretty boring waiting room. Not much to do but take photos of yourself.         IMG_1984.jpg Made it to the exam room.      IMG_1988.jpg Still hanging about in the exam room.        IMG_1989.jpg
The doctor is in! Haha... well, he soon will be.          IMG_1990.jpg A rainy August day, which I like!    IMG_1994_2.jpg The next day, sunny and hot. It's better than Winter.        IMG_1995_2.jpg Back from Saturday shopping.         IMG_2005_2.jpg
Goodies from Aldi's.             IMG_2004_2.jpg IMG_2014.jpg IMG_2039.jpg Scortching hot Saturday, about to tote in some heavy bags of kitty litter! Hey... it's all good!    IMG_2112_2.jpg
DSCN1076.jpg IMG_2115.jpg A bit of a warm Sept. night on the porch.    IMG_5866.jpg Ming loves to be brushed,and he has PLENTY of loose fur.      IMG_7070_1.jpg
Breakfast of champions, ... or a food with which to take morning  meds. 171023503.qZcWAOGA.171023437.EdN9rXYy.IMG_2171.jpg IMG_2185.jpg With the Cube. We want our Prius back!       IMG_2194.jpg
Day... and....        IMG_2197.jpg .... night.         IMG_2198.jpg IMG_2206.jpg Last day with the Cube.
Shorts weather is over. :-(  <--- frowny face...         IMG_2249.jpg A fairly warm day today! Waiting for Glo at Wally World. A cool first day of October, but still quite nice.       IMG_2301.jpg
With Glo's new plant. It actually is quite pretty.             IMG_2314.jpg Not actually expecting, or needing, any more kittens!             IMG_7670.jpg IMG_2372.jpg With my chair companion, Sylvester.    IMG_7754.jpg
Trying to combine the canister image into a single frame!            IMG_5916.jpg Waiting for food at Hana. Glo is in the car. IMG_8632.jpg IMG_8646.jpg
IMG_3131.jpg IMG_3158.jpg Can't sleep, but don't really want to face the day just yet either.    IMG_9082.jpg With Jackie before she curls up for a nap.       IMG_9270.jpg
Eye drops.         IMG_9349.jpg IMG_9433.jpg Kitty Kats are every place I go! Not too greasy sunscreen, but it's still a hassle. Maybe I just won't wear shorts much this Summer.
002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 82 degrees, nice breeze, birds chirping! That's what I like!
IMG_9583.jpg IMG_9640.jpg IMG_9648.jpg IMG_9654.jpg
IMG_9666.jpg IMG_9674.jpg IMG_9694.jpg Jade's drawing.jpg
Well dammit! The Sooners lost.      IMG_9839.jpg Eye Clinic At Gimmie A $5       IMG_3577.jpg IMG_3581.jpg
DSCN1122.jpg IMG_0109.jpg DSCN1137.jpg DSCN1138.jpg
DSCN1139.jpg IMG_0148.jpg 649A4688.jpg DSCN1142.jpg
DSCN1147.jpg Fazoli's open again.                          IMG_3686.jpg DSCN1148.jpg DSCN1166.jpg
DSCN1171.jpg DSCN1173.jpg DSCN1176.jpg Not hot at night now, Fall is in the air. Boo.
IMG_0527.jpg IMG_0564.jpg IMG_0587.jpg IMG_0673.jpg
IMG_0726.jpg Some stretch time trying to get up. Sometimes I wonder what is the point?     IMG_0754.jpg IMG_0798.jpg IMG_0800.jpg
49 degrees and windy, yeah, it's November   DSCN1210.jpg IMG_0885.jpg IMG_4042.jpg IMG_4043.jpg
DSCN1216.jpg DSCN1460.jpg DSCN1533.jpg DSCN1562.jpg
IMG_1171.jpg  Trying to get up from my cozy warm bedding! Cold, regular bed sheets should be against the law! First covid early August 2021 Second covid late August 2021 Flu shot, October 2021
Covid booster, February 2022 Flu shot, 12-6-2022       IMG_0586.jpg DSCN1725.jpg 172364236.dRWDumz4.IMG_1263.jpg
Not really wanting to get up today. 172334473.Q83ZTl32.IMG_1194.jpg 172364238.1TTIUk2B.IMG_1277.jpg 172364240.fsYEf8pe.IMG_1280.jpg
172364237.PHb64Cmb.IMG_1270.jpg 172386409.CtqU6Ihg.IMG_1320.jpg DSCN1778.jpg DSCN1793.jpg
DSCN1861.jpg DSCN1886.jpg DSCN1892.jpg DSCN1970.jpg
DSCN2039.jpg DSCN2040.jpg DSCN2051.jpg DSCN2053.jpg
DSCN2103.jpg IMG_1489.jpg Power outage for a couple hours around 6AM.     IMG_1615.jpg DSCN2214.jpg
DSCN2316.jpg DSCN2317.jpg DSCN2344.jpg DSCN2348.jpg
Found my old Enterprise shirt!      IMG_6245.jpg IMG_4222.jpg Waiting room at Eye Clinic 8-2-22       IMG_4279.jpg Just clinic info on the tele.         IMG_4281.jpg
Pressures and other things holding their own.          IMG_4284.jpg IMG_6349.jpg IMG_4388.jpg IMG_4393.jpg
Ming at the vet for difficulty breathing. He is ok though!      DSCN2667.jpg DSCN2753.jpg Sara.jpg Shaving with Zhu Zhu        IMG_1845.jpg
IMG_0200.jpg Sometimes ya jus gotta relax.       IMG_1882.jpg IMG_0399.jpg IMG_0485.jpg
IMG_2064.jpg I seem to be one of the few guys left on Earth that does not want a grubby face. IMG_2068.jpg IMG_2080.jpg
What to do.... ? ... watch Leave It To Beaver! IMG_0512.jpg IMG_0545.jpg
IMG_0556.jpg Morning meds with Chex!            IMG_0552.jpg IMG_0582.jpg IMG_0584.jpg
IMG_0452.jpg IMG_0513.jpg So, everything likes to be warm in Winter!       IMG_0516.jpg Talk about not getting cold cocked!                 IMG_0517.jpg
IMG_0572.jpg IMG_0573.jpg IMG_0576.jpg IMG_0637.jpg
I'm SICK, and I hate it.        IMG_2283.jpg IMG_0739.jpg IMG_2298.jpg IMG_2304.jpg
IMG_2309.jpg IMG_2311.jpg IMG_2307.jpg Take your choice!
IMG_0853.jpg IMG_0857.jpg 173267165.KS92iLbg.IMG_21911.jpg 173267166.YV9BQxCS.IMG_2192.jpg
173267167.zOzcfGCF.IMG_2193.jpg 173267168.l7UmK969.IMG_2194.jpg 173267169.rND39YKg.IMG_2195.jpg 173267170.SlBfDa3w.IMG_2196.jpg
173267171.4GJBzSIA.IMG_2197.jpg 173267172.sElpULBg.IMG_2198.jpg 173267173.zDQakHMS.IMG_2199.jpg 173267174.gBJ5rFWg.IMG_2200.jpg
173267175.dPLN70aA.IMG_2205.jpg 173267176.u3uNMcjc.IMG_2208.jpg 173267177.1u9aZRUh.IMG_2210.jpg 173267178.4NrfdYk2.IMG_2216.jpg
What to wear?     IMG_2222.jpg This will do.           IMG_2225.jpg 172179865.3YldRxSS.0001.jpg 172179866.dINXWZtq.00010.jpg
172179867.5XzZflxk.00011.jpg 172179869.G7xnz8Hc.0003.jpg 172181395.cPv163vK.IMG_0988.jpg 172281511.4rcZ30pS.0006.jpg
bread.jpg IMG_0695.jpg jeohanna.jpg IMG_0769.jpg
IMG_0811.jpg 173735421.M8tsl76A.IMG_0812.jpg IMG_0813.jpg IMG_0815.jpg
IMG_0816.jpg IMG_2491.jpg IMG_6603.jpg IMG_0869.jpg
IMG_0870.jpg IMG_0871.jpg IMG_0872.jpg IMG_2550.jpg
IMG_0919.jpg IMG_0938.jpg IMG_0946.jpg IMG_0951.jpg
IMG_0989.jpg IMG_1025.jpg IMG_1026.jpg IMG_1064.jpg
IMG_1067.jpg IMG_1068.jpg IMG_1069.jpg IMG_1072.jpg
IMG_0979.jpg IMG_1133.jpg Feeling overwhelmed with this moving process.     IMG_2679.jpg Sit and rest a while.          IMG_2689.jpg