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Andy Rowlands19-Dec-2011 19:35
Nice galleries, wonderful hummingbird shots.
samsast07-Feb-2010 04:32
excellent gallery, you have a eye for photography.
Guest 08-Jan-2010 14:48
Happy New Year Diane!
All your bird's galleries the best! Excellent work!
We've enjoyed. Our congratulations!
Best regards. D&N.
Ashley Hockenberry02-Sep-2009 01:08
Please visit my updated Bestshots gallery and you can see how you have inspired me!

Meng-Yao12-Aug-2009 07:25
christl_herremans30-Mar-2009 13:56
beautiful and very colorful birds galleries
Guest 11-Mar-2009 06:12
Impressive !!!! U are gifted !
Guest 25-Jan-2009 07:16
Hello Diane,
If you can spare some time, I would appreciate very much your comments on the gallery:
Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

Dave Hawkins29-Dec-2008 05:47
Very nice photos.
Guest 26-Dec-2008 07:35
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Guest 18-Nov-2008 10:28
what wonderful galleries you have..
it is really a great pleasure to look at them..
Guest 11-Nov-2008 05:09
Excellent galleries, I enjoyed browsing. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.
Kevin23-Aug-2008 06:57
³¾¤H©j©j,©p¬O¥¢ÂÜ°Õ³£¤£¨£§A¤WMSN, ªü§Ì
Guest 20-Jul-2008 08:07
Hi Diane
Fascinating photos you have and just wonder if local birds are far more away from my lenses and cameras
Guest 15-Apr-2008 17:49
Guy Walsh04-Mar-2008 21:14
Totally Inspiring Sets … Thanks
toxaphene29-Feb-2008 12:10
You got a very beautiful gallary collection, very impressive, thanks
kimene S23-Jan-2008 12:06
Ever truly inspired by your amazingly beautiful work Diane..
Guest 18-Jan-2008 03:25
Wow Diane..I love your work. Fantastic.. the best I have seen.
Guest 18-Nov-2007 19:53
All your galleries are awesome! Very nice job!

Jocelyn Praud
Herve Blandin09-Nov-2007 06:30
Hello Diane, so glad to have discovered your galleries. I hope the little birds become either greeting cards or even the subject of a book with little poems for each one. Very precious work, and with impeccable skill. Those bokehs are from heaven!
Guest 25-Sep-2007 11:59
Hello Diane, your pictures are really superb. 100% perfect. I would love to know which lens you have for shoot at 700mm is with converter or a straight 700mm lens. The detail colours ect are really A1 congratulations Carl
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:19
Wow, that is great. I'm at a loss of words.
Gus Rosenfeld30-May-2007 04:09
Your shots of Yosemite are what caught my eye while scanning the pop galleries; an over photographed subject that you have still managed to infuse with a visual gravity. Your other galleries are what stole my dinner time ;-) Your experience, history of cameras and exceptional talent illuminates each image. I'll be back often, I'm sure. Gus R
msuess28-May-2007 07:33
Hi Diane! Great pictures you got here. So colorful and just superb. Keep it up!
best regards,
Charlie McCartney28-May-2007 03:43
Hi Diane, Enjoyed a look through your bird galleries... they are superb. Thanks for sharing.
Guest 12-May-2007 02:18
Your collection of bird galleries are just amazing. One of the best in PBASE.
Guest 26-Apr-2007 14:57
Hi Diane,
I'm so very happy to have find your galleries. There all are very exquisite work of art. The colors, the bokeh, the focus, the detail, the sharpness, the storytelling, the beauty, the soul, they all there. Your work is truly inspiring and astounding. Keep up the good work, and Happy Shooting. ^^
Tony Quan
wildoat24-Apr-2007 07:56
Hi Diane, you have obviously mastered your craft, thanks for letting us see how you see.
Cheers Tony.
Rowe Elliott21-Apr-2007 02:10
Thanks for looking, Diane!
Svetlana Vasylyeva21-Mar-2007 12:11
Dear Diane, thank you very much for visiting my gallery.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:25
I really appreciate the effort you put into your pictures.
jxsq26-Feb-2007 23:14
i mean to leave some comments to your great photos, but i soon realized that i may have to do it thousand times!

Love all your work, but I especially like the backyard birds - certainly one of the best I've ever seen.
yoram shpirer26-Feb-2007 21:25
Hi Diane
I'm glad I came across your galleries; you have some superb Birds shots. Definitely added to my favorites list!
yoram shpirer26-Feb-2007 21:25
I'm glad I came across your galleries; you have some superb Birds shots. Definitely added to my favorites list!
Yves Rubin26-Feb-2007 21:02
Diane, you have such beautiful and adorable shots! There is so much great quality, you have a clear gift for capturing those great moments of the birds and animals. Thank you for showing us, I'll be back often.

Best wishes, Yves
Guest 21-Feb-2007 04:00
Woderful photos thruout!! I will be back for more.
Debbie B.01-Feb-2007 16:12
Thank you for your nice comments. When I get a chance I will stop by and peruse your galleries. :-)
Guest 12-Jan-2007 06:40
Hi Diane; My Wife and I just returned from Vietnam. Yesterday afternoon, and just thought I'd check in to see how your galleries look. Your January gallery is stunning, and you're doing a wonderful job. We had a wonderful time in Vietnam. My wife got to see old friends that she hadn't seen in over 30 years and in particular, her younger brother, and we also visited an orphanage that she supports. I took over 2000 photos in Vietnam, and I'm in the process of arranging and processing them now. And if you gaze I'll start posting some on P. base. Also I'll soon start making silly comments again on your lovely pictures. I enjoy doing it and I know you enjoy reading them. It's fun. While I was over there, I ran into a very interesting photographs in the Shiseido ad. A very lovely photograph of a Chinese model, and she is a dead ringer for you. A coincidence. Also I found the same model in some Chinese at which I could not read. I wasn't looking for it but there they were. Anyhow, it's good to be back in Vietnam was hot and muggy I don't know if you've ever been there. But the people are wonderful. The cities stink from smog and the traffic is unbelievable. The beautiful order, you see in Taiwan is not there, but the people are great. The food is good, but I don't think you would enjoy the way their restaurants are. I look forward to someday soon visiting Taiwan. I know it's extremely beautiful and very clean. I very much look forward to hearing from you and my wife and I send you our very best. Your friend Ron Grumpa.
Fred Relaix17-Dec-2006 21:11
Great work Diane! I noticed you are now using the new Rebel XTi. I have read rumors of underexposure problems, etc, what do you think? I am debating wether I sould upgrade or not from my Rebel XT... anyway keep your work going, I love your style! All the best, Fred
Guest 15-Dec-2006 20:19
Terrific bird photos. I would like to know how you get them to pose so nicely. They won't sit still for me. :)
villageidiot09-Dec-2006 15:16
Beautiful photos Diane. Mother Nature would be proud of you. Very Unique style. Very Nice.
Guest 07-Jul-2006 00:16
Diane; I just copied a few of my Terns into my favorites gallery so they will be easy to find. Grumpa
Ashley Hockenberry30-Jan-2006 04:41
Nice Goldfinches
Guest 20-Jan-2006 05:38
Hi Diane; I still think you have the best bird pictures anywhere. Sincerely Al
Peter Stahl21-Dec-2005 20:08

Thanks for all the kind comments and for visiting my galleries.. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best to you in the New Year. Happy photograhy in 2006.
Guest 04-Dec-2005 04:45
Diane; Your work is so good, you should publish some books. Al
arminb15-Nov-2005 19:28
Beautiful galleries!
Since you asked about it, I just updated one of mine
Best regards,
Wolfgang Wander25-Oct-2005 02:47
Thanks for this huge amount of nice comments on my gallery. Yes - the 500mm is a lovely
lens but a bit too big and heavy for your hummingbirds. A 100-400 or 300mm lens is probably
the better tool for your wonderful images!
Guest 19-Oct-2005 11:46
Love the bird shots!
Naturephoto Monique16-Oct-2005 23:25
Wonderful galleries, keep up the good work!
Guest 04-Oct-2005 04:56
I really enjoyed your Spring Air gallery. Very uplifting and refreshing. Thanks for sharing.
Jeff Cochran07-Aug-2005 14:42
High quality galleries. Cheers.
Richard Haas 07-Aug-2005 11:35
could you please contact me. thanks in advance
Guest 13-Jun-2005 16:09
You have a collection of very stunning galleries -- Your coloful flowers and my hummingbirds make a great combination ;)

Jim Millar19-Apr-2005 07:10
Diane - Thanks for the comments on my shots - I very much enjoyed your galleries!
Guest 11-Apr-2005 03:29
Hello RosesLover,
Thank You for your visit and comment on my gallery.You have a very lovely gallery with many many colorful and wonderful photos, I come back more often.
What font do i need to display you text characters properly?

Stan Richard19-Mar-2005 14:00
Thanks for the nice comments on my Headin Home panoramic image. I removed the copyright. Cheers! STan
gina_dl14-Mar-2005 16:19
thx for your visit. You have some stunning flower pics yourself
Jedi88 08-Feb-2005 01:01


喜相逢 04-Feb-2005 03:39
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喜相逢 03-Feb-2005 13:03

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Diane Wu02-Feb-2005 18:38
«z ¹ê¦b¤ÓÆg¤F¡ã§A©~µM³£¦³¦sÀÉ...

喜相逢 02-Feb-2005 05:56
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áp§®­¸»R »´¬Õ±a²Û ¥B±N¤ß·N°U¤ëÀH
喜相逢 02-Feb-2005 05:49
A poem for the beautiful photo of Mike.ipg ..

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¦ýª¾ªáÀH­·¨à¥h ³ß»D¤ë¸ò¤p¬L¨Ó
Albert Chou01-Feb-2005 04:07
Guest 29-Dec-2004 03:38
Just wanted to say great photos, i likie how u use the skies in each of your photos.

Also can you tell me the location of the Hotel and accomodation in Tulum and Cancun. I am thinking of taking a honeymoon there next year and would like to into cost of the place you took.


Meng-Yao 03-Dec-2004 05:04
Guest 09-Nov-2004 02:39
just wanted to say that all of your galleries are very
nice. I like the cloud one the best. Keep up the good
work and thanks for sharing.