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Shea 12-Apr-2005 13:05

I am a Park Ranger for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. I have been searching through your photos and they are excellent! I have been trying to put together a program to educate kids about different types of animals and was hoping to get permission to use some of your photos for the presentation. I have no intentions of selling anything, reproducing, making copies to give out, etc. It is simply a power point presentation on my computer that I carry with me to schools or to nature hikes that we guide for kids to be able to get a little closer look and get them interested in the outdoors. If you are interested in letting me use your photos or would like more information, please email me.

Thanks for your time,

Rob Pavey21-Feb-2005 00:02
Hi Mark,
They are both great cameras. The main advantage of the 20D is that taking pictures is mush faster - faster turn-on, faster writing to mem card, faster continous shooting. This is great for shooting birds. The 20D is also great in low-light as it can go up to ISO 3200.

Guest 31-Jan-2005 13:35
Great photos you've taken. I noticed that you used both the Canon EOS 300 Digital Rebel and the Canon EOS 20D. I'm currently trying to decide between the two and would very much appreciate it if you could tell me what you think of each one in hopes of helping me come to a decision. Thanks in advance!!! Mark
Rob Pavey 15-Jul-2004 09:23
I came across this site by accident - it seems there are more of us than I thought!
Liliana Sánchez 05-Jun-2004 00:15
Dear Rob Pavey,

last 13-Apr-2003 (06:46) you received from Alfredo Garza a request:
From: Alfredo (
I wish to know if you can authorized to me, for put your pic of arizonae woodpecker in my book on birds of La Michilia Biosphere Reserve, Durango, Mexico. Please contact me if you can send me a letter of your authorization. Thanks in advanced
Alfredo sent me your authorization to use some photos. I would like you could send me an e-mail and be in contact with you. I want to send you the relation of the photos we are going to use and others details.
Thanks in advanced.
Rob Pavey20-May-2004 03:40
Nice to meet another Rob Pavey! I've seen you pop up on Google a few times through your Augusta Chronicle work.
Rob Pavey19-May-2004 00:28
I actually took these photo's by handholding the s400 to the eye piece of the scope. I'm not aware of any commercially available solutions but I have a friend who has made an adaptor using some filters and piping
Dave White 05-May-2004 14:50
Hello Rob,
I came across your website and I am amazed to see all your great work and really appreciate it. Keep up the good job. I have a question on the Canon S400 since I have the same digital camera. For a while I had been wanting to attach a spotting scope to the camera and do you have any suggestions on what adapter to get for the s400 and also if you have a suggestion for what spotting scope would you suggest? Thank you in advance.
Rob Pavey 13-Apr-2004 20:34
hi rob,
believe it or not, I am Rob Pavey, too. I'm the outdoors editor for The Augusta Chronicle, Georgia's second-largest daily, and I was trying to help one of my photographers ID a photo, thought to be an egret, so of course I went online to find some egret photos to compare his to. I went to Yahoo and typed in "egret photos" and ended up on your site. You can imagine how surprised I was to see a Rob Pavey photo credit! Anyway, it's a great site. My work is on but I also have a personal site for my antique fishing tackle collection and also a separate site for my book
take care,
Randy Taylor 09-Feb-2004 00:16
Hi Rob,
I saw your URL in your Christmas newsletter. Thanks to you both for sending it.
The photographs here in pbase are great. Keep up the good work and drop me a
note sometime.
fsl03-Jan-2004 06:03
I like your bird shots very much, especially the black swans. I have never seen one before. My daughter says she has seen them at the Hyatt in Aruba, where they are supposedly the only ones on the island.
Garrett Lau20-Dec-2003 09:07
You have an amazing collection of bird photos! I didn't realize there were so many great birding spots in the Bay Area. I've just been going to Charleston Slough. I have a few bird photos in my pbase gallery, taken with my 10D. I've noticed that the quality of your photos dramatically improved with your Digital Rebel. --Garrett
Joanie 17-Dec-2003 00:53
Hi Rob, Nice photos! I'd like to reproduce one of the phainopepla images on a park brochure, with your permission. Please email me, Joanie.
John 29-Aug-2003 21:48
Mr. Pavey, My 13 year old son is interested in drawing one of your pheasants to enter in an art contest. How does he obtain permission?

keith nemitz 05-Jun-2003 00:25
Rob, if you get this please email me. I don't know how to contact you otherwise.

Keith Nemitz
Alfredo 13-Apr-2003 06:46
I wish to know if you can authorized to me, for put your pic of arizonae woodpecker in my book on birds of La Michilia Biosphere Reserve, Durango, Mexico. Please contact me if you can send me a letter of your authorization. Thanks in advanced
Dick Wiesner 14-Apr-2002 21:09
Rob, Great pictures. Thanks for adding my name to the list.
Gayle Spencer 22-Feb-2002 02:09
The pictures bring back memories of some great trips. Keep up the good work!