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September Long week-end brings together all the Clubs from the MPAA...Manitoba Pole Archery Association Three teams from Winnipeg...St.Sebastianettes, St.Sebastian and Robin Hoods.The first two days of shooting the archers compete for total team points. Trophies are awarded for "Top Team"and"Top Shooter"on both days at the men's and ladies forks. As well a trophy for the overall "Top Shooter" for the week-end...both men's and ladies forks. All Clubs have junior shooters, that shoot...shot for shot with their team mates. A trophy for both male and female "Top Junior Shooter" is also awarded. Might I add that they... one day will be our "Top Shooters" and the future of Belgium Pole Archery in Manitoba. The week-end is a family affair...the Clubs have husbands,wives,sons,daughters shooting. After two days of hard shooting, a banquet and award presentation awaits us. We relax and enjoy fellowship a great meal and beverages.
:: Sebastianettes ::
IMG_0102-1.jpg Robin Hoods Sebastianettes St. Sebastian IMG_0001-1.jpg
IMG_0010-1.jpg IMG_0012-1.jpg IMG_0015-1.jpg Men's Fork Ladies Fork IMG_0017-1.jpg
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IMG_0032-1.jpg IMG_0034-1.jpg IMG_0035-1.jpg IMG_0036-1.jpg IMG_0059-1.jpg header001.jpeg
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IMG_0088-1.jpg IMG_0090-1.jpg IMG_0093-1.jpg IMG_0094-1.jpg IMG_0106-1.jpg IMG_0109-1.jpg
IMG_0114-1.jpg IMG_0117-1.jpg IMG_0126-1.jpg IMG_0127-1.jpg IMG_0128-1.jpg IMG_0112-1.jpg
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IMG_0128-1.jpg IMG_0131-1.jpg IMG_0138-1.jpg IMG_0139-1.jpg IMG_0140-1.jpg IMG_0143-1.jpg
IMG_0144-1.jpg IMG_0145-1.jpg IMG_0146-1.jpg IMG_0148-1.jpg IMG_0149-1.jpg IMG_0151-1.jpg
IMG_0152-1.jpg IMG_0153-1.jpg IMG_0156-1.jpg IMG_0162-1.jpg IMG_0164-1.jpg IMG_0166-1.jpg
IMG_0169-1.jpg IMG_0171-1.jpg IMG_0175-1.jpg IMG_0177-1.jpg IMG_0178-1.jpg IMG_0180-1.jpg
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