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I Am That.

"Come to the conclusion; I am unborn
I was unborn and I shall remain unborn."

"There is no goal, nor a way to reach it. You are the way and the goal, there is nothing else to reach except yourself. All you need is to understand. Understanding is the flowering of the mind. The tree is perennial, but the flowering and the fruit-bearing come in season. The seasons change, but not the tree. You are the tree. You have grown numberless branches and leaves in the past, and you may grow them also in the future -- yet you remain. Not what was, or will be, must you know, but what is. Yours is the desire that creates the universe. Know the world as your own creation and be free."

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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IMG_0879 2.jpg IMG_0877 2.jpg IMG_1743 2.jpg I-am-That-Talks-with-Sri-Nisargadatta-Maharaj.jpg
Nisargadatta Maharaj. Deep Blue Sky. 1.jpg IMG_0281.jpg Proximity.JPG
IMG_0445.jpg Mind 1.JPG 139916641_R9RoN4Xa_IMG_08902.jpg 139916643_a8r6IlwO_IMG_08772.jpg
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