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Whitney 21-Dec-2012 08:12
Ah-mazing! I've literally looked at your work for the past hour! It was so great to meet you today:) Super inspired!
Iara 22-Mar-2012 11:59
Ryan, I really enjoy looking at your pictures, it's like being in a art gallery. I look forward to some more pictures of New York State and Michigan from this coming summer. I am sure that you will be able to portrait them in the best possible way.
Always thank you for the inspiring work!
Luko G.-R.17-Jun-2010 10:17
Both creative and effective photography : I like the way you transcribe your environment through photography. You have my vote for the whole, I put you into my fave Pbase photogs too.
Guest 10-Nov-2009 14:50
Awesome photograph!
It's interesting your artworks.
I like your strong color.e.g.Blue or red or dark green....
You showed how even commonplace things and life could easily be changed into art.
I was impressed by your work. I wanted to take the photograph(But I am not good at taking photograph(^-^;A.
Pls.keep taking photograph!
Thanks for having taught nice web-site!
Guest 12-Jul-2009 16:21
One year ago we met and I wrote to you: " are an artist!...Have you ever been in my country?Please go and take pics,it is a wonderful country and deserves to be immortalized by you..."Now you finally have done it!Can't wait to see your pictures of Tuscany.
It was a great honor to be next to you while you were taking pictures in the last 365 days. I feel very lucky.
Please keep enlightening our lives with your works.
What is essential is invisible to the eye...but not to your.
You are the most talented person I know!Never stop observing,creating and traveling!
Guest 13-May-2009 18:15
I occasionally visit your gallery when I am feeling the need to get away from Tecumseh. I almost feel as though I have been sitting on your shoulder as you pass through your life. Thank you for being such a skillful and imaginative photographer, and sharing your images with those of us who are stuck in more mundane circumstances! We travel vicariously with you.
Sayoshi,your student in Berlitz. 31-Jan-2009 12:23
I saw your picture.
very wonderfull!
you're professional!

emma 30-Jan-2009 11:42
I have choosen your tradition darkroom photographs for the surealism in my A2 photography. I was wondering if you could possible give me any background information on yourself so i can use you as my research artist?

Thank You
Guest 30-Dec-2008 00:53
I enjoyed browsing through your pictures today. I felt I had climbed Mount Fuji with you! I particularly liked your recent compositions....the one of the lady walking with an umbrella, and the black and white ones at the shrine.

Hope all is well with you. Are you still heading for Mumbai in January? Are you ever coming home? Love Jocelyn
Ken Kuro 04-Aug-2008 08:28
Hello! Ryan

I want to know the story about those pictures!

T.Hasegawa 04-Aug-2008 03:48

I saw your pictures.That's great!
Your are professional photographer.Please take the picture of our office and our members.

Best regards,
Toshio Hasegawa.

Reiko Kuramochi 04-Aug-2008 03:43
Your Pictures are very wonderful!
‚h want to look your yukata's@pictureD
Hayato Okude 30-Jul-2008 04:18
Desert's picture is very wonderful!!
But the Great Wall of China is very wonderful,too.
See you next Monday!
Nobuyoshi Iima 29-Jul-2008 10:30
Hi! Ryan,
Conger, Japanese say "Anago", is esquamate fish, but eel,Japanese say "Unagi",is scaled fish.
I think both is good.
jessie dlabal 08-Jun-2008 07:19
Still absolutely breath taking my friend!
Daisuke Izumi 14-Apr-2008 14:05
Ryan, I have enjoyed your wonderful pictures!! and biscuit.
Have a nice trip to Kyoto and Nikko.
Melanie B 11-Jan-2008 18:04
You continue to grow in talent, scope and perspective! Bravo for showing us the "real" world!
Shelia Kidd 27-Dec-2007 05:00
Ryan, your mother sent me your website and I was very impressed with your photos and Brandon's. One day I hope to meet you. I live in Loudon, Tn.
Yuko 28-Nov-2007 04:13
How wonderful!!
I enjoyed your galleries.Your pictures were very vivid.
I want to go some places you took the pictures.
Guest 15-Jun-2007 11:10
Very impressive.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:07
This is as close to perfect as it can get.
Chanel 18-Nov-2006 07:55
Wow... so i remembered your site and was really surprised by your artistic talent both in taking pictures and producing art work. I really had no idea you were this talented... looks like you have a real nak for capturing the moment in people and it really comes through in your work. I didnt see any halloween pics tho.. hahaha. Take care.
stefan 22-Oct-2006 22:38
Nice Photo, please let me know if you are interested in exchanging nice hi-res(3000x2000) photo of Italy. look my gallery section at
Rie 18-Oct-2006 01:24
Ryan no sakuhin wo mite totemo odorokimashita. Bikkurishimashita! Sugoidesune!
Korekara nihon de takusan mata subarashii shashin wo totte kudasai.
Zettutaini misete ne! Tanoshimini shiteimasu:)
Herve Blandin05-Oct-2006 03:36
Just started looking at your galleries, You do a great job with the (often challenging) light given to you, and I can only applaud the empathy for your subjects. No problem adding you to my favs, Ryan. Thanks.
Salah El-Sadek11-Sep-2006 14:10
Hello Ryan,
I think your galleries are some of the best on Pbase,your captures, tones, light,
artistery, technique, ..... all are great.. Thanks for sharing..
Jill 27-Aug-2006 17:08
Beautiful pictures.
I met your Mother on a plane to San Francisco and she shared your info with me, I glad she did.
Shree 14-Aug-2006 16:17
these are seriously amazing.
Esther 27-Feb-2006 05:18
Hey Ryan,
I wanted to come back to your site to see what you have been doing lately. Amazing pictures. I am so jealous of your talent. Have you submitted any for National Geographic? I love the clear pictures and colors. Miss ya!
Sarah:) 30-Dec-2005 16:32
my mum gave me ur site address.your pictures are really good. wish i could take pictures like that! our family sends their love from cape town! BYE!
love sarah
Vinh Luu18-Dec-2005 21:33
Hello, I just stumbled on your galleries and wanted to say that I really enjoyed your photos. You have a wonderful sense of aesthetics. Regards.
Eleni 03-Nov-2005 19:56
Hey! It's been SO long since I checked out the site. Last I spoke to you, you were just getting home from Indonesia and I HAD to check out the recent pics. To say that you "still got it" just doesn't justify. You are an inspiration, because you are continually advancing your talents and skills and have found some amazing new ones along the way. Every single piece of work you've done, from high school to today, are more than amazing, they're truly perfect. While the majority of our small hometown went on to lead mediocre lives with 9-5 daily routines, you somehow found an amazing path that is all your own - one that most can only dream of walking. To say that I'm proud of you isn't just enough, but words cannot be found to express my feelings about all you have accomplished. May God bless your life to no end. I love you.

Mementoes 27-Sep-2005 17:24
Hi! I got your URL from your brother's blog.
I'm Indonesian living in the UK and I'll say... the pictures you took in Indonesia made me feel homesick than ever! :)
Awesome pictures! You're obviously very talented.
Keep up the good job.
Jocelyn 21-Sep-2005 21:27
It was great to see you last night. Having read through your guest book, I see I am not the only one who appreciates your talents and perseverence! I wish you the best with the U of M show in October.
Priya Tuli 07-Aug-2005 19:53
Words are never adequate, are they...some sublime images here. Here's to more travels, and many more images...both of which I can see you enjoy!
Guest 01-Aug-2005 22:50
Ry Guy,
YOU are one awesome photographer! (Thank you, Thanh for sharing in Ryan's unbelieveable under exagerated talent).

I haven't even tipped the scale...there is so much to see. chat more about my favorites another time. Keep the momentum....Wow! A++++ Gold Medal quality.

Sandy (Japan Ctr)

Thanh 29-Jul-2005 21:06
no words; you already know.. just thought it only proper for me to be in this ryan-loving stew, since i am the biggest rhoover groupie ever.

Guest 23-Apr-2005 03:06
Sweet shots! So you've not only got a for guitar, but also for photography. If I owned a marketing firm, I would hire you!
-Mark -- I met you under the arch at UM.
Peter Chou20-Apr-2005 13:36
Excellent travel photos! Love them all and I enjoy seeing the world through your eyes! My personal favourite is the one on South Africa. Keep the photos coming and you have my vote.
Eleni 01-Dec-2004 04:35
So, how long has it been now? I think about 3 1/2 years since we saw each other last. I sent you an e-mail recently, but after checking this site, realized you're probably much too busy traveling the world to check your e-mail! You were an amazing artist during our days in high school, but now? Words can't express how proud and inspired I am. You always had a way of touching everyone's soul - especially mine - and I am so glad that people around the world are getting the amazing opportunity to be touched by your light. There are so many talented people out there, but none can hold a candle to you. "Technical Ecstasy" was your finest piece during high school and I greatly encourage anyone reading this to view this painting. When I saw it hanging on the wall in our gym all those years ago, it brought me to my knees and I wept... nothing in my life has ever opened my eyes to the true beauty of the world quite like that did. And you already know that you will always hold a place in my heart that no one will ever come close to. I miss you and love you will all that I am and I know this is just the beginning for you. I know you have to come back this way again some day, and when you do, I hope our paths can cross again.
All My Love & Respect,
sean808080 23-Nov-2004 11:07
great have quite an eye!

Guest 01-Nov-2004 16:56
Just wanted to say that I highly respect your work. Your photography is excellent. You are lucky to have been able to visit such sublime locations.
Jes 24-Sep-2004 02:01
Hi Ryan,
When I saw your pictures, I was absolutely speechless. This incredible rush of happiness came over me and I just felt so lucky that we got the chance to work together. Your photos are more beautiful than anything I could have imagined! I wish you the best of luck where ever you go.
Why the hell didn't we hang out more when you were in Ann Arbor? I don't know where the time went!?!?! If you decide to visit the states, please feel free to contact me and maybe we can hang out somewhere other than the ICC :0)
Your friend,
Meghan 26-Aug-2004 19:20

You are a truly amazing artist! I will miss you here in the office.... it is funny how time flys! Don't forget about your groupies back in Ann Arbor; you will always be welcome here at your home away from home!
Rachael Walker 12-Aug-2004 18:26
I was enrolled in the Spring 2004 painting class with you. I was really impressed by your work then, and especially now. Great Job and good luck with your future ambitions.
natalie 12-Aug-2004 17:19
Your work is amazing and beautiful! I am inspired to go out and start working again.. your photography is incredible, as are your paintings. you are very, very talented..i wish you the best of luck:)
take care, natalie
Guest 05-Aug-2004 20:53
Great photographs! I like the perspective you have for things, as well as your admirable camera skills.

Mari 13-Jun-2004 14:08
Congratulation!!Sugoine!Unbelievable!When I saw your art,I couldnt say anyting.Your art was surprised me and made me so happy. I cant come to your cerebration party but I wish guests gratify your art.
Thank you for everything.I hope I can see you again.
Claire 12-May-2004 19:52
I'm rawther impressed. One of your South Africa pictures is my desktop wallpaper right now, hope that's okay. Can't wait to see more.
Katherine 12-May-2004 02:13
You're quite good, actually. The photographs are incredible, I love pictures of the world, but I love the drawing of needle and thread in the final gallery.
Guest 17-Apr-2004 20:39

I must say that I'm quite impressed with the high quality of your portfolio. Especially enjoyed the Namibia- gallery. Thanks for sharing.

- Rune Molnes
Guest 16-Apr-2004 21:32
Interesantes fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Nik Willson 13-Apr-2004 20:54
I'm impressed by the work you've been doing. I send you good vibrations, as always. [Cryptic Message Follows: Watch out for big pink bruises at Grandma's house.]
In Chummy Esteem,
Hana 06-Apr-2004 20:44
Hi Ryan...
This is Hana, it has been two long years since I saw you last.
Time flies doesn't it? I have been directed to your page after I spoke with your mother regarding my friend's application to AISCT. And God, am I glad I phoned her that afternoon! Through our short encounter at UCT, what I remember about you is the impression of your piercing eyes and your silent but palpable observation for everything around you. What I see here is more of your perception and your eyes to the world than the world portrayed itself. And the lasting impression of your perception felt in those photographs is silently moving. Thank you for the awe-inspiring moments. I felt like I just put my fingertips on the pulsating heartbeat of life and people. Hope all is well wherever you are. I have moved to Cape Town, currently working and studying. If you come over to this side of the world again, do let me know.

With much respect and thanks,
Guest 02-Apr-2004 17:28
Ryan, your work is phenomenally, amazingly wonderful. You have a magical way of interjecting your talent, skills, humor and unique perspectives into all your work. Your pictures bring tears one moment and laughter the next....And to think that you're only beginning, you've only been teasing us till now. You will soon spread your wings and soar to unbelieveble heights. We all look forward to the treasures you will share with us in the years to come. I don't know if you've noticed but words cannot do justice to the pride, respect and love I feel for you. Yerpa
Gretchen 28-Mar-2004 14:22
Ryan - well you already have a proposal for marriage so i wont ask for that, but i agree with what every single other person on here said - amazing, breathtaking, inspiring, beautiful... it does not surprise me after hearing your musical talents and the few art pieces i had seen before. it only impresses me more! when are you going to photograph me? :) i miss chilling out in Bursley or my apartment - i'll have to come see you in Michigan before you move to one of those exotic photographs forever!
lars 19-Mar-2004 17:00
i have come to s. africa and have met some people who know your family at the American school in cape town. they told me about your art on this website because we were talking about the fabulous landscapes all around us. then someone said to look here to see how good you are with all art. i am much impressed and wish i could do even a little bit like you.
Mikhaila 16-Mar-2004 21:42
As a native of S. Africa, I am honoured by your work in my beautiful country and our neighbour to the north, Namibia. There is no doubt that Cape Town alone could provide a lifetime of photo opportunities for you, but you have gone beyond the pale in detail throughout your galleries. Your paintings are especially powerful works and unlike those I know here. Must be that self-expression is more your right as an American and you "feel" your subjects with fluid, masterful strokes of the brush. Lovely, really lovely.
Larry 14-Mar-2004 04:25
You mom's investment and your skill has made rich dividens, your career as a starving artist is nearly over. Best Wishes, LLB
Jessica Beach 06-Mar-2004 04:46
Hi Ryan!

Your mom gave me the site address. I was expecting truly amazing work based on what I saw from you during high work from the past few years is absolutely breath taking. Everyone always knew that your zest and passion would take you places. Those who know you would agree that these pieces are just a small reflection of your spirit and nature.
Abundance Boekestein 17-Feb-2004 22:10
Wow. will you marry me?
Guest 08-Feb-2004 15:02
Ryan, you have the privilege to travel to all these wonderful places and then you lend us the privilege of transporting ourselves there with you. Your keen eye makes me wonder how I didn't know that you were such a phenomenol photographer. And here I thought you were just a musician, sound artist and painter...

Many wishes of safe and beautiful travels,
William Beckwith 23-Jan-2004 19:24
A friend mentioned your website to me and I must say that I enjoyed viewing your galleries. I have travelled quite extensively and your images have managed to bring my memory bank back to the fore----only with powerful jolts of emotion attached. It would appear that you have a mind as well as an eye, and I wonder what you are doing with your talents. Whatever it might be, may it serve your sense of life, light, form and color to its fullest! Grand stuff, this.
William Beckwith
London, England
vanessa 23-Jan-2004 19:14
I have just discovered your website and have spent a lot of time poring over your photographs. You have accumulated a wonderful array of diverse and interesting topics, and each one has the potential to speak to the viewer and tell a story. I can only imagine that you perpetually look at your world as a photographer, and you must be hard-pressed deciding on what to share. This is an impressive collection!
Ann Merrill 13-Jan-2004 03:04
Ryan, you know you have stunningly beautiful images on this site. I can only guess how far your skills, determination, and obsessions will take you. I don't like to use the word talent, because that word implies that something was rather effortless, as if it all just fell out of you because you have "talent" so you cannot really take credit for it. We know that having it and putting it to work are two separate things. I commend you for your perserverance, and efforts. The artist's job is to teach people to see. Thank you for sharing your vision. I love your pictures. Ann
Jules 01-Dec-2003 03:50
Not only are your photographs aesthetically pleasing,they are also strong, inviting and striking images. I'm truly inspired, Jules
Ai 19-Nov-2003 14:26
Happy Birthday, Ryan!
These are so beautiful pictures, and your talent is amazing!
I think your eyes are so special (blue!) that you don't miss the chance.
Well, happy birthday again & stay warm!
Thanks for the picture (I like it!).
court 17-Nov-2003 05:42
I am pleased to see that some of my talents have rubbed off on you and that you have taken some of my photography expertise with you on your world travels.
ok just kidding. These are really beautiful and I am amazed sometimes that you are so talented with a camera. You have an eye unlike anyone's I have ever seen (but sometimes reminds me of hoovado's) and I know that you will do amazing things with your talents.
No seriously, I knew you would be very talented when you started copying me in first grade.
YOu are amazing!
love, coconut
Melanie Hoover 03-Nov-2003 15:24
It is an astonishing thing to see what one's child can do as he/she matures and grows. To say that you are talented is obvious; what I see in your work is a reflection of your gentle soul, your spirit of adventure, and your willingness to take risks. It is rewarding to know that I had some little part in helping you to travel to places afar, and it is tremendously gratifying to see what your eyes and hands can do with the subjects you encounter. I love your work almost as much as I love you! Mom
Amanda Satchell 10-Oct-2003 23:23
I can't believe how you have grown as an artist. I love your pictures. I can't wait to see what you'll do next! Can I commission you to do something for me?

Lots of love,
your cousin Amanda
Todd Satchell 09-Oct-2003 18:06
Great pictures!!! Keep your vision so that you can share it with others.
Sara 15-Sep-2003 23:34
I know absolutely nothing about photography, but I do know that these are beautiful....beautiful enough to get me to figure out how to use a guestbook. ;)
I wish I could say something more intelligent about your superior-use-of-something-or-other, but I'll just have to settle for this. Thanks for showing these to me.

Heather 08-Sep-2003 23:55
Ryan ~ your pictures are absolutely beautiful, tons of color,
life, and culture captured from all around the world. You
have an eye for beauty which transpires through your collected
works here....keep shooting and expressing to the world
what you see!

Thanks for sharing,
adihsoy nek 14-Aug-2003 22:22
awesome photos man. you really know how to punch out that red eh, impressive.

alright, i'll see you in a bit.