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Orange Texas Orange Revolution Soul Sistahs Big Hairboat

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Omarosa made her primetime debut on NBC's "The Apprentice" in 2004. She was eliminated from the show by Trump in Week 9 of the first season. A predictive-programming movie was made in 2006. It contains allusions to British Tavistock psychology including electroshock and drugging.

Omarosa's orange clockwork revolution movie, Soul Sistahs, has her sistah, eminence grise, alter ego, MI6 MKULTRA handler employing electroshock and drugging, played by Michael Todd as a look-alike of Fiona Cunningham McLeod Hill, drugging and electro-shocking her like Kubrick's ultra-violent droogie Fiona Hill and Bill Taylor aka Schiff's whistleblowers stealing Hillary private server aka The White House NICE PROMIS Inslaw server through Britain to SS "Ollie crackwar on black NRA president Butina Bimbo army" Ukraine, not Russian Crimea Ukraine. Hillary private server is the real Anthony Wiener mobile JFK Magic Bullet, or Samson option as depicted, or pre-meditated, in Soul Sistahs in 2006.

Hillary private server meant Pak ISI Awans snooping Obama blackberry and kidnapping Congressional computers, including Black Caucus.

Trump, Obama, Bernie, and Black Caucus all want impeachment but the fakers keep bluffing because they don't want to hang for treason any sooner than they have to.

Hillary private server meant The White House Inslaw PROMIS server which Clinton Foundation passed billions through with a guy named Bill Taylor, Schiff's accomplice aka whistleblower. "Hillary", privately, Schiff and Hillary's whistleblowers, privately moved the White House PROMIS Inslaw server to Ukraine to the JFK snipers lair, but the Bush-Clintons jfKrfKmlK snipers are the government, now they can impeach, or just use all the money, "capital transfer...lynch us(GHW Bush)".

Schiff's other accomplice aka whistleblower is Fiona Cunningham McLeod Hill, Fiona Hill, who moved the Hillary private The White House NICE PROMIS Inslaw server, through Britain to Ukraine, with Imran Awan uploading Obama or Trump, any president, everything to Pak ISI every night, and DNC server was uploaded too every night to Pak ISI. Pak ISI was at 911 breakfast with Goss and Biden, 911 coup.

Treason and Coup, oh, NRA Butina Bimbo, the Oversight committee, Cummings dying after signing two sub poenas for Trump--or another Obama birther contention about his signature not matching. Oversight referred NRA patsies not Ollie crackwar on black NRA president, to IRS. Real NRA would be Ollie and Butina Bimbo army virtual coup. Two NRA patsies referred to IRS proves treason and coup, by mispresion and malfeasance.

White House cyber security official steps down, due to MI6 Soul Sistah Fiona Hill and Bill Taylor's MI6 backdoor installed in England into Hillary's private white house PROMIS Inslaw NICE west wing server during the transition from Obama to Trump.

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