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FDR Haiti Policy Declaration (c) Ezili Danto

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FDR Haiti Policy Declaration, graphic slide from Ezili Danto website, and also here, and here.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Declaration on Haiti,

“We must constantly provoke the division of the barefoot masses against the Oligarchy (or, those living better) and push the Oligarchs to tear each other apart. This is the only way for us to continue to dominate this Black country that gained its independence in combat, which is a bad example for the 28 million Blacks in America.”

« Il faut constamment soulever les va-nu-pieds contre les gens à chaussures et mettre les gens à chaussures en état de s’entredéchirer les uns les autres, c’est la seule façon pour nous d’avoir une PREDOMINANCE continue sur ce pays de nègres qui a conquis son indépendance par les armes. Ce qui est un mauvais exemple pour les 26 millions de noirs d’Amérique. »

Jean Abner Charles Professeur d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine - Email

FDR Haiti Policy quoted by Yvon Pierre

Ashley Pierre, HaitiConnexion group on yahoo, January 29, 2011: Les diverses déclarations du State Department des Etats-Unis n’ont fait que démontrer noir sur blanc que les politiciens de Washington n’ont pas changé. Ils suivent à la lettre ce que leur président Franklin D. Roosevelt avait officiellement déclaré comme stratégie envers Haïti lorsqu’il disait et je cite. J’ai relevé cette citation dans plusieurs textes et articles publiés par le feu Dr Gérard Etienne.

Dady Chery aka Gilbert Mercier: Le président américain Franklin Delano Roosevelt eut à déclarer à l’Union Club (aujourd’hui Université Roi Henry Christophe) lors de la fin de l’occupation américaine en Haïti en 1934.

"I have travelled across the length and breadth of Africa,
and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a
thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high
moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think
that we would ever conquer this country, unless we break
the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual
and cultural heritage, and therefore, I propose that we
replace her old and ancient education system, her
for if the Africans think that all that is
foreign and english is good and greater than their own,
they will lose their self esteem, their native culture,
and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated

Lord Macaulay's address to the British Parliament on the
2nd of February, 1835

How US impoverished Haiti.

Sister Souljah owns Cornel West (video)

Leid Stories—From New Orleans, Lessons About Police Reform—12.22.16, FEMA Katrina as proverb and euphemism for Haiti Quake Aid Scam and FDR Haiti Policy, deja vu deja vu.

People are not ready for armchair foresight, much less high horse helicopter hindsight. How many minutes after the wind subsided did those 17 people have to cross a bridge to seek safety because safety was not available on the other side of that bridge, since MR-GO canal gate had been left open to cause enough flooding to break the dikes, or excuse the subsequent oil fire lighters(Bush photo op smoke same as for crossing from Kuwait to Iraq--by US special forces--for the entire previous week you saw NO SMOKE in N.O. then for Bush photo op, smoke!) for breaking dikes with some plausability, and then defying all logic and reason and morality there was for one week no sweeping of the airport runway my cousins had built, no sweeping runway with backhoes and streetsweepers, along with POTUS/USAF inexplicably Can Do--Not, not laying down blue lights and turning on their portable flight control equipment like they would usually do in the Aleutian Islands in a howling williwaw half-drunk and high for a training exercise--or what do you think oil rig workers do out there in the Gulf, and then to the shame of all that is true and holy about America, the natural all-American 10,000 volunteer emt and police volunteers with their **700** volunteered airboats all blocked by Bush-Cheney, and for added effect the Louisiana national guard away for a racist war which without racism could not happen, all gasoline trucks blocked from Gulf states, buses blocked coming(from other states and DC National Guard Armory!) and going("the bridge")? Airboats blocked by Cheney, aluminum rowboats from parks not dropped by C-10, thus helicopter sales advertised for Bush fam which profitted from same in Vietnam, but if no 700 airboats then no 10,000 emt and police volunteers--98% of rescues in New Orleans were performed with beer cooler pirogues not airboats or helicopters!

FDR's Haiti Policy is still in effect, US blacks FDR's explicit public enemy number one, Haiti still occupied by "FDR(CIA,UN)" in 2016. Haiti Quake Aid was "like FEMA Katrina", a proverb, and a euphemism for FDR Haiti Policy. The Twelve genocide in Cuba culminated 1898-1912 US intervention to prevent Another Haiti by 90% African army having Spain on the ropes. MR-GO canal gate was left open for FDR, who is always welcome at the White House, along with FDR's Haiti Policy, and any shameful and gratuitous failure it takes to prevent Another Haiti. 10,000 emt and police volunteers with 700 volunteered airboats, why cross the bridge? Volunteer wifi was making 25-50 mile jumps all the way out, so police and emt were using the same wifi as everybody else. All hail Emporer Rahim of Algiers, FDR's nemesis number one, visitted by an FBI informant, underlining that FDR Haiti Policy was and is still in effect by Jim Crow gone global--with Haiti still occupied as we speak. "(FDR), lower your goddamn weapons(Gen. Russell Honore', Alabama Nat Guard, to FEMA mercenaries in N.O.). Brazil was promised a UN Security Council seat for a genocide in Haiti, but to their credit, "failed" to marshal UN occupation troops and Israeli mercenaries(HLSI) to murder more than a few tens of thousands by gunship and cholera.

A Minnesota police officer was acquitted of manslaughter Friday, June 16, 2017, in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile. June 16 is Tupac Shakur's birthday. June 16 Trump announced he is returning to Cold War sanctions against Cuba, pressing for the extradition from Cuba of Tupac Shakur's aunt, Assata Shakur. [1]

A DC rapper called OG Man Man danced on another man's grave last year, like Trump just danced on Tupac and Philando Castile's graves on June 16, 2017. OG Man Man was soon found to be in the lunch line without a punch line, which is "not hip hop", and that was obvious, if you watch the rap on youtube. [2] [3]

Trump is in the lunch line dancing on graves of dead men, with Cold War sanctions against Cuba now in 2017, with FDR Haiti Policy [4] targetting US blacks, and with FDR Luciano-Dulles-Delano aka Dyncorp Pak ISI heroin and oxycontin, interlaced with random kill shots of carfentanil [5] targetting US blacks, and downstream decades later, white suburban youth and US veterans with the random carfentanil kill shot, either in Pak ISI heroin or fake oxy from Pakistan.

Any shameful and utterly gratuitous overt or covert program, Another Vietnam Anytime, No WMD Iraq 2003, Libya 2011 lynching 10,000 black civilians, to prevent Another Haiti 1804 every time. As FDR said in FDR Haiti Policy, the real enemy is US blacks, the m.o. is specifically to destroy Haiti, by extension another shameful and gratuitous Another Vietnam like Andy Jackson invading Spanish Florida to chase escaped slaves to prevent Another Haiti 1804 in Florida.

FDR Haiti Policy formalized Jamaica 1865 Morant Bay(Levy&Peart), and US in Cuba 1898-1912. 90% African liberation army had Spain on the ropes in Cuba in 1898. FDR Haiti Policy specifies installing what we have come to know as CIA Duvalierism and CIA dictators, with regard to the US puppet oligarchies installed in Cuba 1898-1912 and Haiti 1914-1934 and perpetuated by FDR's MI6 trainees Allen Dulles, William Donovan, and L. Ron Hubbard(McClaughrys). [6]

FDR, Luciano-Dulles-Delano deal with USN, targetting black neighborhoods in US with heroin, also formalized the "transition from chattel SLAVERY TO EUGENICS as witnessed by the participants of the Jamaica Committee and continuing into the world wars(Levy & Peart [8], Dr. David Levy himself to me in email adding follow up on Jamaica Committee after its inception, with John Stuart Mill and Charles Darwin on the panel)".


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