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Haiti: Martelly and Lamothe CIA Watergate Plumber Salute

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Haiti Ayiti Martelly Lamothe Hitler Salute IACD CIA-D

His murderers went to him, attacked him in his home, killed his children and held that, as a Black man, who was NOT a member of the CIA’s FRAPH death squads in Haiti; as a Black man who was not Louis Jodel Chamblain, or a DEA-suspected drug dealer like Guy Phillip or part of the thugs and thieves of the Latortue Regime’s Coup d’etat cabal and the bloody Lame Timanchet, he must die.

July 6, 2005 at 3:00 am in the morning, 1,000 UN soldiers surrounded Site Soley, 440 UN soldiers entered this shack-filled space of sleeping Haitian civilians, fired a total of 22,000 bullets and when it was over, Dred Wilmè, his children, his family and about 60 others from Site Soley, mostly unarmed, sleeping civilians were dead.

He never attacked anyone, never left his own home in Site Soley, Haiti or was a threat to US Security or any nation’s security.

Ayiti Martelly Lamothe Hitler Salute CIA-D

His crime: he would not join in betraying the Haitian masses like the others, like Labanyè whom Apaid/Boulos/Baker, US-subcontractors, bought and armed to wreak havoc on the people of Site Soley and to murder men like Dred Wilmè because of their stand against IMF/WB neoliberal economics, debt, dependency and for their support for inclusion, Lavalas and return of President Aristide.

14,000 to 20,000 Haitians were summarily slaughtered from 2004 to 2006 in order for the UN today to appoint UN Envoy Bill Clinton and Paul Farmer (UN Deputy Envoy to Haiti ) as its faces for “change in Haiti.” In 1995, Bill Clinton sent 20,000 troops into Haiti, not to return the people of Haiti to power in Haiti, but to re-image the morally repugnant economic elites/the Duvalierists into “Civil Society;” not to disarm the Raoul Cedras’ bloody army or the FRAPH death squads. No.

Haiti needs more Dred Wilmès. The world needs more Dred Wilmès.

CIA-D(IACD) aka Brazil-UN-MINUSTAH aka Duvalierist aka CIA paramilitary culture, death-squadded, assassinated, shot down on the street like Chris Hani(South Africa), two civil rights activists in Occupied Haiti: Coordinator of the Platform of Haitian Organizations Human Rights ( POHDH ) Daniel Dorsainvil was gunned down Saturday 2/8/2014 in Port -au- Prince and his wife Gerly Larêche announced the executive secretary of the organization.

Antonal Mortimé demanded an investigation to find the perpetrators , in statements to Haiti Press Network.

Daniel Dorsainvil was fatally shot in the chest which would have been the heart and his wife was hit 5 shots while they were in their neighborhood , said Mr. Mortimer .

"For us, it's an execution. This is a blow to the area of human rights in Haiti ," said the executive secretary of the Haitian Platform of Human Rights.

Lawyers Newton St-Juste and Andre Michel condemned the double murder and rejected("rejete"!) the version that would appear that the victims were returning from the bank.

"This is preferably a political crime to intimidate the industry of Human Rights considered embarrassing to those in power ," said the two opposition lawyers in government.

Other rights activists in Haiti have been targeted for their work.

A lawyer who was investigating corruption allegations last year was locked up overnight. Supporters erected burning barricades in downtown Port-au-Prince on his behalf and then physically escorted him out of the courthouse.

Other human rights lawyers have reported receiving death threats over the phone and being followed.

For, it is our contention at Ezili’s HLLN that any progressive who works for the death-plan people, like USAID, UN, WB, IMF or their pharmaceutical cabals, their agri-business cabals or their corporate transnational behemoths privatizing personal gain and profit behind state power, are neither progressives, nor serious about making this planet more habitable for the human race.

There’s nothing more dangerous, more reprehensible, more hypocritical than NAFTA-Clinton, Rwanda-Clinton, a StraussKhan-like socialist or World Bank/USAID/pharmaceutical-Paul Farmer making convenient alliances ultimately serving up neoliberal NGO benevolence as instrument of world peace, economic justice or universal healing and fairplay! At least the right-wingers admit what they do without apology. They believe in genocide, depopulating and sterilization (through GMO, vaccines, food/air/water poisoning) for the greater good and tell you so.

All paradigm changers must gather together and marginalize these so-called do-gooders and progressive fakes prolonging the world’s suffering before we can take down the profit-over-people system they sustain and that’s destroying the earth, all life and maiming our soul. It’s time to marginalize the do-gooders and replace the profit-over-people system and all its evil forces with better values.

Some things should be left to a reformed global market place and we don’t have any problem with wealth based on talent and ruthlessly fair competition. But there are things, which sustain life that ought to be community priorities not subject to trade or profit or cost effectiveness. That which sustains life itself and which one cannot live without are plainly and irrevocably human rights. Every human on earth ought to have reasonable access to clean water, non-toxic food, universal healthcare, authentic education, adequate shelter, bodily security (community police/firemen – ought not to subject to bodily harm and violation.) Anything that does not fit into these life-giving parameters may be subject to fair trade and limitless private profit. Any economic, political or cultural system that doesn’t take care of providing all its citizens with life's minimum basics like clean water, non-toxic food, universal healthcare, authentic education, adequate shelter, community police/firemen is USELESS and need to be re-thought.

On this July 6th day, in remembrance of Dred Wilmè and all in this world who sacrificed to stop the neoliberal globalization death plan, we encourage your voice, your dissent. Haitians in UN occupied Haiti, Haitians in NGO-occupied Haiti like Haitian women and men at immigration detention centers all over the US need your voice, your advocacy and dissent. Today, the poor and majority in Haiti, are facing the same guns and bullets that with extreme depraved indifference, for no reason, slaughtered the mourner Jacob Desir, as he paid his last respect at the funeral of Father Gerard Jean Juste. In the six years since the UN assassination of Dred Wilmè, there’s been no investigation, no indictments.

By Ezili Dantò for Haitian Perspectives, July 6, 2011

Dadi Chery: The aid agencies provided funds to wealthy Haitian landowners on condition that they switch large tracts of Haitian land from production of foods for the domestic market to the production of fruits and vegetables for the U.S. market. Because the U.S. market was nearby, the foods could be sold fresh there while in season; alternatively, they would be processed for export. Based on growth of GDP, the aid policies would look like a roaring success.

The expected consequences for Haitians are elaborated in numerous USAID and World Bank reports. Briefly, famine would ensue for Haitian peasant farmers and they would be displaced in huge numbers from the rural areas to the urban centers.

When the rate of urbanization proved slower than predicted, the Haitian creole pig was wiped out as part of a $23 million eradication and restocking program. This was the first major blow to the peasant subsistence economy, for which this pig had traditionally served as a savings account.

Another blow came with flooding of the Haitian market with cheap Arkansas rice during the Clinton years.

Yet a more recent blow came with the U.N.-introduced cholera epidemic that caused a large migration from the most fertile region of the country – the Artibonite river valley. Currently, less than 40 percent of the food for Haitian consumption is produced locally; as recently as 1986, this was 80 percent.

Since the late 1980s, Haiti has known real hunger. Garment-factory wages have hardly budged from 14 cents per hour. Corporations and their owners have paid no taxes.

The advent of NGOs in Haiti began with a large influx of funds to subvert the democratic process between the expulsion of Jean-Claude Duvalier in 1986 and the election of Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1990. During this period, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funneled over $2.3 million into Haiti. According to USAID’s own estimates, by 1988 U.S. funds reached at least one third of the 1,200 or so NGOs in the country. The current number of NGOs has grown to 16,000 – one NGO per 560 Haitians.

As the association between USAID and the NGOs has solidified, the hunger has intensified. Since 1990, for example, those U.S. NGOs that accept aid from USAID have been allowed to cover their expenses by selling non-emergency food aid in Haiti’s markets, in a policy called “monetization.” ((“Sak Vid Pa Kanpe: The Impact of U.S. Food Aid on Human Rights in Haiti,” New York School of Law Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, Partners in Health, RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights, Zanmi Lasante, 2010. By 2010, Haiti’s domestic food production had plummeted to a mere 40 percent, and Port-au-Prince’s population had tripled to over 2 million from its 1981 number of about 800,000.)) The food is generally of poor quality and foreign to Haitians. For example, this has included unfortified Arkansas rice that caused scurvy in prisoners.

If Haiti has become poor, let us be clear on the fact that it was not always so.

Yes, the earthquake has hurt Haiti, but capitalism has hurt it more.

Long ago USAID predicted that, if successful, its aid policies would cause famished farmers to migrate from the Haitian countryside into urban areas, and this would in turn cause the population of Port-au-Prince to double to 1.6 million by the 21st century.

The population swelled as predicted. Then the earth beneath Port-au-Prince shook.

In memory of those who died and celebration of those who live.

A Famine of Quality, by SIR ALBERT HOWARD, C.I.E., Editor of Soil and Health, From Organic Gardening, Vol. II, No. 5, November, 1947

The importance of the proteins made by the green leaf needs no argument. What happens if this item in our food is neglected? The answer is disease, including the diseases of the teeth. Disease in one form or another follows from any neglect in providing the green leaf with the proper materials for synthesising stable proteins. Should this happen the huge protein molecules become weak and unstable: pieces may easily be broken off: these we call viruses. Viruses are therefore not the cause of disease but rather the indications of a famine of quality.

Two main causes are responsible for the production of unstable proteins: (1) growing crops on worn-out soil and (2) introducing into the nitrogen cycle a substitute for humus in the shape of chemical fertilisers. Both, these practices create a weak link in the protein chain between the soil and the plant which is carried forward to the animal, to mankind and then back again to the soil. Obviously attempts to put this right at the human end of the protein chain, by the help of a national health service, are bound to fail. The new national health scheme therefore merely tinkers with trouble after it has happened and does nothing to get to the root of the mischief--the soil.

How did this famine of quality originate? In two ways: (1) by improper methods of agriculture and (2) by the murder of our daily bread. These two factors must now be considered one by one.

Ever since the year 1879, when a combination of the worst season on record and the importation of cheap wheat from the New World put an end to the system of mixed farming, which Coke of Norfolk did so much to establish, insufficient attention has been paid to the earth's, green carpet and to the work of the green leaf. We have tried to make our proteins on the cheap side, as it were. A famine of quality has gradually set in which has been accelerated by the vast supplies of bastard nitrogen in the shape of sulphate of ammonia placed on the market by the makers of the explosives needed in the world war of 1914-18.

The importation of cheap wheat from the virgin soils of the New World did more than help to put an end to the golden age of British farming. This soon led to the murder of our daily bread by providing the roller mills at the ports with the very thing they wanted to incorporate some six per cent. of water in the flour and to sell the offals (which include the priceless germ, the bran and most of the minerals) separately at good prices. By removing the bran a white flour was obtained: the separation of the germ yielded a flour which would carry six per cent. of added water without going mouldy: To obtain a still whiter flour bleaching with chemicals was introduced--first nitrous oxide and then nitrogen trichloride (used in the so-called "Agene process"). Yeast foods in the shape of phosphates, and latterly chalk have also been added. The worst results of this sophistication have been: (1) interference with the powers of elimination leading to widespread constipation and the consequent autointoxication, (2) loss of the power of reproduction and of resistance to invading bacteria and (3) damage to the proteins by the nitrogen trichloride. The investigations by Dr. Weston Price indicate that one of the great causes of dental troubles is murdered bread. He has shown beyond any shadow of doubt in his Nutrition and Physical Degeneration that when primitive races with perfect teeth take to white man's food including plenty of white flour dental caries set m in a very few months. This is arrested when the patients return to their original way of life.

More Famine of Quality, how urea ruins the soil.

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