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third world microcosm

Knysna, with its spectacular lagoon, is a world-renowned tourist mecca and jewel of the Garden Route region of South Africa. It is the epitome of affluence and opportunity for the economic elite.

On its outskirts lies the sprawling informal settlement of Khayalethu ("Our Home"), which is a microcosm of Third World poverty and socio-economic challenges. This snapshot is taken 12 years into the new post-apartheid democratic dispensation, following Nelson Mandela's reconstruction and development programme, which was amended by Thabo Mbeki's neoliberal GEAR strategy (growth, employment and reconstruction).

This is an attempt to tell a little of Khayalethu's story ............

[See my article: "Khayalethu" in the PBase Magazine, Issue #7, pages 17 - 19]

b1_MG_0946b.JPG b2_MG_0932b.JPG b3_MG_0949b.JPG c1_MG_0711b.JPG
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j8_MG_0898b.JPG m1e1_MG_0982b.JPG m2e2_MG_0990b.JPG n1_MG_0993b.JPG
n2_MG_0996b.JPG o1_MG_0708b.JPG p1_MG_0745b.JPG p2_MG_0746b.JPG
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