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Steve, Katherine, and Norah | profile | all galleries >> Death Valley National Park 2014 >> Fall Canyon tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Fall Canyon

We had hiked some neat canyons on our trip, but I was not prepared for how stunning Fall Canyon would be. The soaring canyon walls, sublime colors, and interesting narrows and rock formations made this our favorite hike of our trip. It was very different from the sandstone slot canyons we have hiked in Utah and Arizona, but we found it equally as beautiful.

Tuesday morning we drove to the Fall Canyon/Titus Canyon trailhead (on Titus Canyon Road off of Scotty's Castle Road - where we exited Titus Canyon on our drive into the park on our first day). From the parking lot the trail is obvious as it leads around the base of the range into Fall Canyon Wash and the mouth of Fall Canyon (about a mile from the trailhead). We hiked up the canyon, constantly marveling at the high walls, gorgeous rock, and occasional narrows. Two and a half miles into the canyon (or 3.5 miles from the trailhead) we reached an 18 foot fall. Above this fall is the narrowest and most scenic part of the canyon. To access it we backtracked 300 feet and found a route to scramble up and around the fall. These narrows are 0.3 miles long and we meandered through them before turning around to start our return hike.

Overall our hike was a little less than eight miles and 1500 feet elevation gain from the trailhead. I highly recommend this hike to anybody visiting the park. You will not be disappointed!
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