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Wetaskiwin & District Heritage Museum 2013

Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum Established 1986
The Wetaskiwin Heritage museum is located in an historic building on Main Street. Artifacts interpreting the history and settlement of people in the Wetaskiwin and surrounding area make up their exhibits. Permanent exhibits include; Early Businesses, Pioneer Homesteading, Health Care, The War Years Remembered, The Century Home, A Historical Look at Wetaskiwin Banks, a history of Wetaskiwin and area churches.
They also have feature exhibits which change regularly such as "the Women of the Aspenland".

The Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum, in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada celebrates the early history of Wetaskiwin and area. The Museum serves the public by documenting and telling the stories of the courageous individuals who settled here to create the city and district. The Wetaskiwin Heritage Museum is primarily a pioneer museum, dedicated to the documentation and research of early Wetaskiwin settlement, businesses, and lifestyles.

The President of the Museum is Sylvia Larson
The Museum Coordinator is Robert W. Reader
Volunteer Of The Year is Lorraine Lowen

They provide guided tours, school tours, as well as special events throughout the year. They have a small non-lending research library and a small gift shop.

When taking these photo's, one thing that really stands out is the amount of work put into the Wetaskiwin & District Heritage Museum... Photos do not give the amount of credit deserved for the quality of the displays.. You have to be there to experience it. Take your time and enjoy it as I did when taking the photo's Ron Asp

April 02.2013 I spent 4 hours taking photos of the complete museum, at total of 250 photo's. Every photo was a challenge as their wasn't much room to take them and a mixture of every light source you could think of... All photos were shot on a tripod, cable release, and a great lens... The Tokina 12-24 f4..the out come was pretty good. Each photo was done in RAW.

About the Collections
Their collection is made up of artifacts and pictures interpreting the development and settlement of Wetaskiwin and the surrounding area. They showcase "everyday" items used by settlers, as well as early churches, businesses and health care providers.
They feature exhibits include "The Women of the Aspenland", an ongoing display of area women who have made significant contributions to society. To date they have featured 58 women.
"Searching Our Roots: Swedish Emigration" examines the forces which influenced Swedish Emigration to the Wetaskiwin area. Opening soon, the "Origins" exhibit which will include dinosaur bones and archaeological artifacts found in the Wetaskiwin area, the history of the Maskwacis Cree Nations, the Bear Hills Trading Post, a teepee and three new interactive computer games relating to the fur trade, the bison supermarket and the seasonal migration of the Cree.
Approximate number of objects in the collections: 15000

We stopped by thinking it would be a nice way to spend an hour if that. Well I couldn't get my kids to leave!!! This place transformed the basement into an old school house, an old country kitchen, an old general store, and back yard! The kids got to play with real old fashioned tools. From the old fashion stove (not working of course) to the old fashion till in the general store, this place was living history. I have never been to a place where you could experience history in such a hands on way. Like I said this review doesn't even give it justice!

The Wetaskiwin Heritage Museum is first class and not to be missed... Three floors of enjoyment. You cannot ask for more friendly staff with tons of knowledge of the area... Come and see, you will be delighted.
Ron Asp of Wetaskiwin
See their Web.Site
_DSC9258pb.jpg   Wetaskiwin's Name
_DSC9258pb.jpg "Wetaskiwin's Name"
The Wetaskiwin Heritage Museum
The Wetaskiwin Heritage Museum
_DSC9269pb.jpg Museum Looking out onto the Main Street
_DSC9269pb.jpg "Museum Looking out onto the Main Street"
_DSC9273pb.jpg Window Display Washing and Ironing
_DSC9273pb.jpg "Window Display Washing and Ironing"
_DSC9277pb.jpg Warm Welcome at the Front Door
_DSC9277pb.jpg "Warm Welcome at the Front Door"
_DSC9287pb.jpg  The Gift Shop at the Museum
_DSC9287pb.jpg The Gift Shop at the Museum
_DSC9290pba.jpg The Wetaskiwin Museum Gift Store
_DSC9290pba.jpg The Wetaskiwin Museum Gift Store
_DSC9281pbase.jpg The Gift Shop
_DSC9281pbase.jpg "The Gift Shop"
_DSC9276pb.jpg  Gift Idea's at the Museum
_DSC9276pb.jpg "Gift Idea's at the Museum"
_DSC9279pb.jpg Three Floors to View
_DSC9279pb.jpg "Three Floors to View"
_DSC9215pb.jpg Communties Halls
_DSC9215pb.jpg "Communties Halls"
_DSC9226pb.jpg Main Floor Display
_DSC9226pb.jpg "Main Floor Display"
_DSC9235pb.jpg Like The Good Old Day's
_DSC9235pb.jpg "Like The Good Old Day's
_DSC9239pb.jpg THe Larson Gallery
_DSC9239pb.jpg "THe Larson Gallery"
_DSC9243pb.jpg Wetaskiwin Mixed Quartette
_DSC9243pb.jpg "Wetaskiwin Mixed Quartette"
_DSC9241pb.jpg The Chautauqua Tent
_DSC9241pb.jpg "The Chautauqua Tent"
_DSC9223a.jpg  Women Of Aspenland
_DSC9223a.jpg "Women Of Aspenland"
_DSC9247pb.jpg  Celebtatings Women's History
_DSC9247pb.jpg "Celebtatings Women's History"
_DSC9222pb.jpg  Lucas Grove Picnics
_DSC9222pb.jpg "Lucas Grove Picnics"
_DSC9267pb.jpg  City of Wetaskiwin Band of Old
_DSC9267pb.jpg City of Wetaskiwin Band of Old
_DSC9228pb.jpg Sabres Football Team
_DSC9228pb.jpg Sabres Football Team
_DSC9244pb.jpg Lots of Displays on the Main Floor
_DSC9244pb.jpg "Lots of Displays on the Main Floor"
_DSC9272bpb.jpg Model Railway
_DSC9272bpb.jpg "Model Railway"
_DSC9173pb.jpg Early Typical Home From the Past
_DSC9173pb.jpg "Early Typical Home From the Past"
_DSC9175pb.jpg  My Mothers Kitchen  seems Like It.
_DSC9175pb.jpg My Mothers Kitchen "seems Like It."
_DSC9186pb.jpg Kitchen Supplies
_DSC9186pb.jpg "Kitchen Supplies"
_DSC9084 copyapb.jpg  Kitcken Of The Past
_DSC9084 copyapb.jpg Kitcken Of The Past
_DSC9068pb.jpg  My Grandparents Had This kind of Stove
_DSC9068pb.jpg "My Grandparents Had This kind of Stove"
_DSC9046pb.jpg That Looks Like Work''
_DSC9046pb.jpg "That Looks Like Work''
_DSC9061pb.jpg  A Bedroom Of Old
_DSC9061pb.jpg "A Bedroom Of Old"
_DSC9181pb.jpg The Baby's Room
_DSC9181pb.jpg "The Baby's Room"
_DSC9178pb.jpg Mom's Room
_DSC9178pb.jpg "Mom's Room"
_DSC9071pb.jpg Mother's Memories Of The Past
_DSC9071pb.jpg "Mother's Memories Of The Past"
_DSC9039pb.jpg  The School House
_DSC9039pb.jpg "The School House"
_DSC9073apb.jpg Helmar Larson's Horse
_DSC9073apb.jpg Helmar Larson's Horse
_DSC9080pb.jpg the Harness Shop
_DSC9080pb.jpg "the Harness Shop"
_DSC9115pb.jpg Melletts Sheet Metal
_DSC9115pb.jpg "Mellett"s Sheet Metal"
_DSC9112pb.jpg Mellett & Co. Sheet Metal Works
_DSC9112pb.jpg "Mellett & Co. Sheet Metal Works"
Untitled_Panorama1pb.jpg  Mellett's Projects
Untitled_Panorama1pb.jpg "Mellett's Projects"
_DSC9134pb.jpg  Native Display
_DSC9134pb.jpg "Native Display"
_DSC9217pb.jpg  Four Band Natives of the Past...
_DSC9217pb.jpg Four Band Natives of the Past...
_DSC9123 copya copypb.jpg  Cree Nation Treaty Six
_DSC9123 copya copypb.jpg "Cree Nation Treaty Six"
_DSC9132pb.jpg Historic Trails And Crossing's
_DSC9132pb.jpg "Historic Trails And Crossing's"
_DSC9126a.jpg  The Wetaskiwin Pow Wow of 1897
_DSC9126a.jpg "The Wetaskiwin Pow Wow of 1897"
_DSC9129pb.jpg  Bear Hills Trading Post
_DSC9129pb.jpg "Bear Hills Trading Post"
_DSC9154pb.jpg  Wetaskiwin Hospitals of the  Past
_DSC9154pb.jpg "Wetaskiwin Hospitals of the Past"
_DSC9156pb.jpg The Hospital Displaty at the Museum
_DSC9156pb.jpg "The Hospital Displaty at the Museum"
_DSC9159pb.jpg  Eight Hotels of Wetaskiwin  days of old
_DSC9159pb.jpg "Eight Hotels of Wetaskiwin" days of old
_DSC9167pb.jpg   Best Butter In Canada
_DSC9167pb.jpg "Best Butter In Canada"
_DSC9169pb.jpg  Best Butter Two
_DSC9169pb.jpg "Best Butter Two"
_DSC9212a.jpg the Dray's Of Wetaskiwin
_DSC9212a.jpg "the Dray's Of Wetaskiwin"
_DSC9141pb.jpg War Years Remembered
_DSC9141pb.jpg "War Years Remembered"
_DSC9150 pb.jpg  War Displays
_DSC9150 pb.jpg War Displays
_DSC9143pb.jpg  The War Years
_DSC9143pb.jpg "The War Years"
_DSC9160pb.jpg  The Canadian Bank Of Commerce Display
_DSC9160pb.jpg "The Canadian Bank Of Commerce Display"
_DSC9163pb.jpg City Meat Market
_DSC9163pb.jpg "City Meat Market"
_DSC9204a.jpg The Hutterites A United People
_DSC9204a.jpg "The Hutterites" A United People
_DSC9190pb.jpg Typical Laundry Business
_DSC9190pb.jpg "Typical Laundry Business"
_DSC9192pb.jpg Culture at the Museum
_DSC9192pb.jpg Culture at the Museum
_DSC9136pb.jpg   Typical Church of the Past
_DSC9136pb.jpg " Typical Church of the Past"
_DSC9266pb.jpg Pump Organ From The Past
_DSC9266pb.jpg "Pump Organ From The Past"
_DSC9162pb.jpg  Driard Hotel Room  as if would have looked like...
_DSC9162pb.jpg "Driard Hotel Room" as if would have looked like...
_DSC9137pb.jpgTraversing Culture
_DSC9137pb.jpg"Traversing Culture"
_DSC9158pb.jpg Jeweler and Optometrist
_DSC9158pb.jpg "Jeweler and Optometrist"
_DSC9166pb.jpg Hair and Feet and the Barbers' Pole
_DSC9166pb.jpg "Hair and Feet and the Barbers' Pole"
_DSC9199pb.jpg  The Swedish Settlers
_DSC9199pb.jpg "The Swedish Settlers"
_DSC9079pb.jpg  THe Outhouse
_DSC9079pb.jpg "THe Outhouse"
_DSC9165pb.jpg  The Upstairs Store
_DSC9165pb.jpg The Upstairs Store
_DSC9109pb.jpg The Tool Shed
_DSC9109pb.jpg "The Tool Shed"
_DSC9118pb.jpg   The Blacksmith Shop
_DSC9118pb.jpg The Blacksmith Shop
_DSC9065pb.jpg   The General Store
_DSC9065pb.jpg The General Store