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Bees, Wasps, Ants, Sawflies
Sweat Bee Northern paper wasp (Polistes fuscatus) Northern paper wasp (Polistes fuscatus) Ichneumon Wasp
Index Finger with Ants:  Allegheny Mound Ant (Formica exsectoides) Sweat Bee on Green Flower 2005-07-04~ Wee Wasp 2005-07-10: Bees Knees
This Is My Flower Drink Deep Bee on Goldenrod 100% crop Carpenter Ant
False Honey Ants on Fritillaria Polistes fuscatus Wasp Face I See You
Sick Wasp Formica on Euphorbia Ant on Spurge Night Wasp
Night Wasp side Bumble Bee in Jewelweed Ungainly Orange and Black Wasp Square-Headed Wasp on Goldenrod
Nomada Bee on Spurge Biting Ant - Formica Green Wasp on Queen Anne's Lace Bumble Bee Robs Bee Balm
Green Bee in Evening Primrose Ants Baldfaced Hornet Baldfaced Hornet
Baldfaced Hornet Ant Panic European Paper Wasp Nest Roz' Bees
Michael's Bees European Paper Wasp Nest European Paper Wasp Foundress Pigeon Horntail - Tremex columba
Ophion Ferruginous-tailed Oil-Digger (Centris ferruginea) Azteca ant nest Cyindrical Wasp Nest
Ant nest Leaf-cutter ants Leaf-cutter ant nest hole Abandoned Wasp Nest Under Palm Leaf
Great Golden Digger Wasp on thyme Wasp on Queen Anne's Lace Common Sawfly - Tenthredo Polistes fuscatus on Euphorbia
Bee on Spurge Atta warrior Little Braconid Wasp Nomad Bee
Kleptoparasatized(?) Andrena Bee wasps working on nest Sweat Bees Ant biting a Cordyceps-killed bug
Wasps on nest After puff: 17+ eggs Bullhorn Acacia (Vachellia cornigera) with Pseudomyrmex ant sawfly?
Little wasp infected with Cordyceps Fierce little ant ants milking hoppers Atta ants cutting leaves
Giant Ichneumon (Megarhyssa greenei)