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Polar Plunge 2015

Freezin for a Reason...97 folks raised $ 42000.00 for Special Olympics Manitoba for their 3rd. Annual Polar Plunge by jumping into a pool full of Nicely Chilled WATER on Feb 7th.
Winnipeg temp at the time was around the -10c with a breeze, making it feel like -21c...brrrrrr !
Many came dressed in costumes for the plunge and the athletes choose the best costume.

IMG_0013-1.jpg IMG_0014-1.jpg IMG_0037-1.jpg IMG_0039-1.jpg IMG_0052-1.jpg IMG_0067-1.jpg
IMG_0068-1.jpg IMG_0070-1.jpg IMG_0074-1.jpg IMG_0116-2.jpg IMG_0124-1.jpg IMG_0136-1.jpg
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IMG_0638-1.jpg IMG_0640-1.jpg IMG_0046-1001.jpg