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A lighthearted look at a world of entertainment - Cambodian style! Ladyboys, dancers, impersonators, acrobats and others strut their stuff in these images taken at the Station Wine Bar, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Burlesque, comedy, parody, musical revue: some of the sketches hark back to tales in Cambodian folklore, while others are interpretive renditions of contemporary and popular songs. Sometimes poignant and serious, sometimes pure buffoonery, yet always fun, entertaining and spontaneous, these performers give their all in a fun-filled evening that is never quite the same on any given night. Now showing on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays around 10pm, admission free. The actors come and go, they make their exits and their entrances, there is always new talent waiting in the wings.... AND! as the saying goes: the show must go on - as indeed it must. Many thanks to Black, the Black Cats, Bori, Horse, Jai, Jojo, Kak, Kea, Mari, Mong, Narong, Nat, Net, Nora, Pig, Piron, Rajit, Ravy, Sasa, Tola, Vita, and anybody else I have missed, Tony and Kea for producing and directing, and Ravy, Chai, Dara and Vichka for tirelessly serving the drinks.
_DSC0586c.jpg DSC_1338p.JPG Maro _DSC9905.JPG Sasa _DSC0845.JPG Naet _DSC9594.JPG Pig _DSC9716.JPG Jojo _DSC9818dblurb.JPG Nak/Jojo
_DSC9826.JPG Sasa _DSC9740.JPG DSC_1540dblurb.JPG Maro DSC_1569dblurb.JPG Piron _DSC9879dblurb.JPG Sasa DSC_5894.JPG Piron _DSC0524.JPG  Naet
_DSC0532.JPG  Naet DSC_1267p.JPG Kak DSC_1221dblurb.JPG Kak DSC_1240.JPG Mari DSC_1241.JPG Mari _DSC9242pb.JPG Kak _DSC9993.JPG Piron
DSC_1259_01dblurb.JPG Kea/Jai DSC_1250dblurb.JPG Jai/Kea _DSC9798.JPG Naet _DSC9979dblurb.JPG Jojo DSC_5266ddblurb.JPG Nora DSC_1323dblurb.JPG Mari DSC_1473.JPG Mari
DSC_1705ddblurb_01.JPG Narong DSC_1608pblurb.JPG Rajit/Piron DSC_1577dblurb.JPG Piron/Rajit DSC_1559.JPG Jai DSC_1624dblurb.JPG Narong DSC_1660p.JPG Black DSC_1671.JPG Black
DSC_1694.JPG Kak DSC_1698p.JPG Maro DSC_2800_02d.jpg Black/Mari/Black Cats/Piron DSC_1800.JPG Vita DSC_1760dblurb.JPG Horse _DSC9280_01blurb.JPG Nak DSC_1820dblurb.JPG Black
DSC_1822pblurb.JPG Black DSC_1851pb.JPG Pig DSC_2132dblurb.JPG Paly DSC_1876.JPG Maro _DSC9992dblurb.JPG Bori _DSC0785d.JPG Ponleak/Tola DSC_1212dblurb.JPG Kak
_DSC9291p2blurb.JPG Naet DSC_1929.JPG Black DSC_1865p2blurb.JPG Piron DSC_1881dblurb.JPG Pig DSC_1884dblurb.JPG Naro/Pig DSC_1896dblurb.JPG Black DSC_1918dblurb.JPG Jai
DSC_1964dblurb.JPG Black DSC_1960dblurb.JPG Black DSC_1952pdblurb.JPG Black DSC_2009dblurb.JPG DSC_2024p2dblurb.JPG Piron DSC_2028.JPG Piron DSC_2515.JPG Bori/Piron
DSC_2120p.JPG Mari DSC_2203.JPG Piron/Mari DSC_1796ddblurb.JPG Vita DSC_2710dblurb_01.JPG Maro DSC_2743.JPG Maro DSC_2550dblurb.JPG Narong DSC_2790.JPG Piron/Ravy
DSC_1741p2pblurb.JPG Piron _DSC0891.JPG Naet DSC_5056_01.JPG Piron DSC_5089_01.JPG Piron _DSC0567.JPG Srey Neang _DSC0876.JPG Piron DSC_5199_01dblurb_01.JPG Piron
DSC_5200_01.JPG Piron DSC_5229_01dblurb_01.JPG Horse DSC_5176.JPG Horse DSC_8910.JPG Jojo DSC_8971p.JPG Piron DSC_1780p2blurb_01.JPG Jai DSC_5217dblurb.JPG Piron
DSC_8992dblurb_01.JPG Jojo DSC_5764dblurb_01.JPG Piron _DSC0932.JPG Srey Neang _DSC0890.JPG  Srey Neang _DSC0504.JPG Moeng _DSC0481.JPG Srey Neang DSC_1507.JPG Piron
_DSC0617.JPG  Srey Neang _DSC0862.JPG _DSC0866.JPG _DSC0961.JPG DSC_4663_01.JPG Maro DSC_9008dblurbpbase.jpg DSC_9007dddblurb.JPG Sasa
DSC_1302dblurb.JPG Maro DSC_9024ddblurb.JPG Sasa/Jojo DSC_5101_02blurb.JPG Horse DSC_1944p2dblurb.JPG Piron _DSC0044.JPG Sasa DSC_1915.JPG Piron DSC_5393.JPG Piron
DSC_8923ddblurb_01.JPG Mong DSC_2344dblurb_01.JPG Horse _DSC0694.JPG _DSC0586.JPG _DSC0854.JPG _DSC0988.JPG _DSC0695.JPG
DSC_2544.JPG Black _DSC9875p.JPG Jojo _DSC9857p2.JPG Sasa/Tola/Net _DSC9951p2.JPG Jojo DSC_2758.JPG Black DSC_2766.JPG Black Cats DSC_3329blurb.JPG Black
DSC_3315.JPG Kak _DSC9635.JPG Piron _DSC0847.JPG DSC_5226dblurb_01.JPG Horse DSC_1869dblurb.JPG Mong DSC_5242_01blurb_01.JPG Piron DSC_1867p3blurb.JPG Maro