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Donaghadee, NI

Photos taken in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland.
When the sun is out this is one of the most photogenic places in the world

Some pictures of Donaghadee may be bought at my shop @ Imagekind
Blue & Black Deli Keep off... g1/67/321267/3/94187567.YErNI9pY.jpg
The Tivoli Paddling... RNLI g1/67/321267/3/94187560.4wmSU2dk.jpg
Harbour view u34/pauloferreira/medium/41388010.IMG06114a.jpg Lighthouse view from The Commons The road to Groomsport
The sea (with Scotland far away) Harbour view II South wall of Donaghadee harbour Harbour view III
Harbour view (with RNLI Lifeboat) Lazy winch Lifeboat (very, very idle) The Lighthouse
Where is the fun? Road to Groomsport III Road to Groomsport II The sea (Isle of Man far... far away)
Harbour view v3/67/321267/3/49221663.IMG10902.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221664.IMG10903.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221666.IMG10908.jpg
v3/67/321267/3/49221667.IMG10911.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221862.IMG10912.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221668.IMG10917.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221669.IMG10918.jpg
v3/67/321267/3/49221671.IMG10920.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221672.IMG10922.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221673.IMG10921.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221674.IMG10977.jpg
v3/67/321267/3/49221675.IMG10979.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221676.IMG10980.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221677.IMG11038.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221680.IMG11052.jpg
v3/67/321267/3/49221681.IMG11055.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221682.IMG11061.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221863.IMG11062.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221865.IMG11065.jpg
v3/67/321267/3/49221866.IMG11066.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221867.IMG11069.jpg v3/67/321267/3/49221868.IMG11070.jpg g3/67/321267/3/102547554.jQof5nHf.jpg