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Guest 18-May-2009 02:15
I like your Galleries, your work. You like to go around of the world, you like beautiful women, maybe you love music and fast cars to have same likes I have.
You´ve your way to look around , there a sense of unity in your work.
It´s a pleasure to follow your Art.
Be well, my friend
Guest 02-Oct-2008 15:57
Woow. Fantastic collection! Great composition and colors. Truly inspiring. Keep it up.
wildoat11-Mar-2007 23:59
I have just discovered you wonderful work. I am considering changing from Nikon D200 to Canon. Very probably the eos 1d mk 11, you photos have pretty much persuaded me this is the way to go. I need less nosie and the graduation of colour of the Canon seems divine.
I will check out the rest of your work.
Regards Tony.
Emad Omar20-Nov-2006 21:49
YOu are a very talented
Jason 25-Oct-2006 20:38
Please post more of Corey and Bobby Jo.
I love them.
Keep up the great work.
Laura 27-Jul-2006 04:23
Excellent, love it!
Arthur 19-Jul-2006 09:32
Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.
kalyand12-Jul-2006 18:56
Great Photos .Nice work .
Scott 12-Jul-2006 15:34
This is very interesting site...
Arthur 03-Jul-2006 19:58
Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!
Photodelles21-Jun-2006 21:47
Thanks for your comment, i love your work......... Thanks
BSPN KennyMac08-Jun-2006 23:34
Excellent work. Bravo! You have quite an eye for beauty my friend. peace. 23-May-2006 15:37
Nice site! David
Guest 07-May-2006 07:26
Variety, vividness, originality yet natural, top quality. Thanks.
Hugh Peter Chen17-Apr-2006 10:05
Paul, your works inspired me very much. I've left Japan the end of March. Now I am in Taiwan. Too busy to shoot these days ............
Jason 28-Mar-2006 20:37
Please add some more photos of Corey (GPI) she is awesome !!!!
Guest 25-Mar-2006 11:04
Thankyou Paul for your kind words.So nice to have seen your wonderful work here,superb photosessions ,it´s really inspiring,both studio work and the travel shots too.thanks for sharing.
lovebobo131423-Mar-2006 04:51
Thank you for your comments. You yourself is really a professional. Really love your works. If you visit HK next time, drop me a line so that I may arrange something for you.
Thx again.

Guest 03-Mar-2006 14:29
Please do another session with Bobby Jo and Corey.
They are simply beautiful ! ! !
Keep up the great work!
Frank 28-Feb-2006 17:13
I really like your galleries I like your style and you are inspiring enough for me to become part of pbase i hope one day to do nice work like yourself thank you
Guest 23-Feb-2006 13:12
You have so many good galleries
Each one od them has good composition
I like them!!!
Hugh Peter Chen26-Jan-2006 02:33

Dear Paul,

I've been staying at Okayama University ( Japan ) as a visiting scholar for two weeks. I will stay here for two months.
I just post some pics regarding my Japan experience.

Guest 05-Jan-2006 22:30
Thank you for viewing my gallery and leaving a comment...
Very appreciated..
your studio work is great..I like it and you have great taste in models..
Nice woerk..
Guest 18-Dec-2005 10:58
Great work inspiring
Guest 26-Nov-2005 04:26
Fantastic galleries..really pro images !!
Guest 03-Nov-2005 22:31
Thank you for your comment and message!
Gonzalo Garcia de Viedma23-Oct-2005 11:43
I enjoyed very, very much your galleries. I´ll keep looking for your new works as i have added you to my fav. artists. Great talent !
Guest 13-Oct-2005 13:42
Excellent galleries, Good jobs MATE
dave weathers07-Oct-2005 03:17
Very nice work you really get the color to jump off the page....
Guest 06-Oct-2005 06:58
Great photos, keep up the good work.
Guest 25-Aug-2005 08:57
Nice pictures and album!!
Hugh Peter Chen25-Aug-2005 01:44
Dear Paul,
I just began to restore my galleries in Pbase. Please visit and comment them. I like your homepage and all your galleries very much.
KC Mui 24-Jul-2005 07:18
Me Again,
here ais a good listing for some of the events coming up in Hong Kong
they are continuely updated, so just bookmark the page for until your visit to Hong Kong days are set.
the following Photoclubs I have join their events before,
if you look hard enough, you will find some of my posts in their web pages.

Good Luck
King C Mui 24-Jul-2005 05:54
Just a quick note to say hi here,
nice to have met you today,
you Gallery looks Beautiful
hope my pictures will turn out so nice one day.
stay in touch
my humble story book is at
Guest 29-Jun-2005 12:35

nice homepage you've got!
keep up the good work

Marcio Cabral29-Jun-2005 11:49
Excellent work Paul! Regards from Brazil
Josť Antonio 28-Jun-2005 12:44
Obrigado Paul seu trabalho também é muito bonito.
Grande abraço.
ibomax 24-Jun-2005 21:45
I think you're the best photographer on the earth
Guest 17-Jun-2005 11:37
Hi Paul, Excellent photos. I hope one day I can take portraits like you. Portrait Photography is the most enjoyable in my opinion.

Cesar Augusto Castro Maldonado16-Jun-2005 02:04
Paul, I am sorry about the comment I left on one of Kelly's photographies.
"The most beautiful woman I have ever seen, too bad the shots do not honor her beauty."

I intended to say "some of the shots" because I believe some of the pictures are scans from film photographs and do not look like the rest I have seen on your galleries.
Guest 26-May-2005 21:03
I love all of your galleries. Keep up the good work!
lorin niculae26-May-2005 09:25
thank you very much for the most beautiful comment in my guestbook! I'm honoured!
Guest 25-May-2005 07:23
Thanks for visited and comments my galleries.
Guest 11-May-2005 23:05
you are such a gifted photographer Paul! i would like to shoot some portraits like yours one day.

thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

Adena Newbery 10-May-2005 08:06
Hello Paul This is Adena Newbery you photographed me a long time ago and am very impressed with your photos. Looking forward to modeling for you again in the near future.
my website

Sincerely, Adena
Guest 21-Mar-2005 09:46
Great collection of photos. I live in San Diego and you have inspired me to go photograph south of the border! Visit my photos at:
Peter Chou16-Jan-2005 09:42
Outstanding studio work you have there! Do keep them coming. Please take a peek at my gallery when you are free and I value all comments and suggestions.
Naturephoto Monique13-Jan-2005 00:38
Paul, you have wonderful and imaginative galleries, love your vivid colors.

Best Wishes,
Robert 26-Dec-2004 14:44
Love your photography Paul, thanks for sharing .
Hugh Peter Chen20-Dec-2004 16:31
Dear Paul,
It's my honour to get your message and comments. Your portrait works inspired me. Thanks.
Mark Koeppen10-Dec-2004 20:27
Paul, You're a favorite of mine. Great models, great artistic expressions.
Sorry to say my question regards your 1DS, having just bought a used 1DS (about 6,000 actuations on it) I've noticed the AF points remain lit for a few seconds after focusing. Is this standard for the 1DS? My 1D MKII, 10D and D60 don't do this, their AF points go out immediately after it focuses.
Hugh Peter Chen25-Nov-2004 14:40
Thanks for your response to my gallery. It's my honour.
Guest 21-Nov-2004 03:32
Great stuff man, u have the hottist models if seen on here sofar, and u shoot them very well, i think i just may change my forte~! ;)~ Shoot on man~!!

ill be back for more`~!
Dan Chusid19-Nov-2004 19:49
Thanks for the nice words Paul. I'm kind of jealous of some of your subject matter. Some beautiful women in here and you've done a nice job of presenting them. Maybe you can spare me a couple? ;-) Regards!
Charlie 16-Nov-2004 14:59
This gallery is exemplary! You really have a touch for light my friend, you are the kind of person I wish was offering classes at the local university here!! But really, your work is great, and I am very impressed!
Guest 12-Nov-2004 21:22
Surprised I haven't signed your guessbook after so many visits in your galleries!

Your model photos are CLASS ONE!
Guest 10-Nov-2004 00:43
what can i say... love the studio work a lot... i'm trying now to play with that, but hey , i do not have your models....

great work!
Guest 30-Jul-2004 04:39
you did a good job... beautiful galleries!!
Guest 07-Jul-2004 12:12
Hi Paul. I specially like the water shots in "on_location_gpi_la" Where and how did you do that. An in general: Did you create the soft blur in the edges of your pictures by Photoshop or by filter? I've just opened my account, so there are no pictures yet... Cheers Chris
Anna Pagnacco30-Apr-2004 01:59
Thank you so much for visiting my gallery...Very kind of you.
You have some beautiful work .I especially love your Work Studio images...Anna
paul yung22-Apr-2004 06:21
Dear FastUno,

Thank You very much for visiting my site. Please kindly let me know which image you are talking about.

FastUno22-Apr-2004 05:35
You have some great photos in here! How do you burn the side of some of your images to bring out the subject? I like that a lot!
Selvin Chance01-Apr-2004 11:17
Came back for another visit. Also, thanks for visiting "Hawaii".
The photos of ordinary people are superb. You've captured their expressions admirably.
Guest 19-Mar-2004 07:36
Great studio work Paul to go along with your wonderful travel shots !
Cheers, robin
Guest 13-Mar-2004 02:18
I realy like your photos.
ac12-Feb-2004 08:55
You have a lot of nice portraits. But I also like your colorful travel shots from "everywhere" in the world. Beautiful portfolio.
PauloCGama04-Feb-2004 00:55
Congrats for your portfolio, a real good one. Good to know you like Rio! :-) Wonderful shots BTW.
Thanks for visiting my page and for the nice words.

Guest 23-Jan-2004 09:15
Extraordinarias fotos.
Selvin Chance29-Dec-2003 06:26

Very nice collection of photos of those "far away places with strange sounding names."
Look forward to your updates.