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23-APR-2003 photo by Jeff Knapp

Amy Lynn Nutz A dedication from one of Amy's good friends.

It was when I was in the eighth grade that I met Amy Nutz. I had just moved to a new city and I
didn't know anyone at the junior high. The counseling department had students take the new
ones around the school and show them their classes. My guide, Katie, invited me to share lunch
with her and her friends. Little did I know that those friends would become my whole world in
junior high and when I went to high school a couple of them would stay true. Amy was one of
those. When she found out that I wanted to be a writer she asked if I would dedicate my first
book to her.

Amy was one of those people who liked everyone and made everyone feel special. There wasn't
a person at school who could resist her humor and that unique smile. She always had something
funny to say about any situation and always knew if you were feeling down. Those times that
she graced you with her presence were priceless. You felt like you were at the top of the world
when she sat down next to you. She wasn't popular in the way that most people think of. She
wasn't on the cheerleading squad, or student council or didn't play any sports. But there wasn't
a person at school who didn't know who Amy Nutz was.

I was lucky enough to place in the same choir with her, where we stayed for the rest of our
years in high school. We were both altos and although we didn't always get to sit together, she
was never more than an arm's reach away. We had both shared our fear of singing solo, but
would sing proudly in a group. Often times duing lunch she would grace us with a little tune on
the piano. She was often nervous playing in front of people but I don't think she would let that
stop her. In our senior year we decided to team up as Morale Officers for our choir. It was our
job to celebrate the girls' birthdays and plan parties. I will never forget how she used to sing to
them in sign language "Happy Birthday" and put on the act of Marilyn Monroe singing to the
president. We may not have been the best Morale Officers but Amy sure made it so we had fun.

After we graduated we all went our seperate ways. The last I knew she was going to Nevada to
attend community college. I remember thinking what an adventure she was going to have. I
stayed in our home town and attended a nearby community college. I still saw some of my
friends from high school but we all were leading different lives with classes and work.

Almost two years after we had graduated from high school I got a call from my friend Candace,
who had been in choir with me and Amy. I was so excited to hear from her and couldn't contain
my happiness at finding out it was her. When she told me that she wasn't calling under good
circumstances I felt the world drop out from under my feet. Something was wrong. Somebody
had gotten hurt and it had to have been someone I was close to or Candace wouldn't have called.

It was Amy. She had been down here visiting her family to tell them that she didn't want to live
in Nevada anymore. She was planning to drive to Michigan to live with her grandmother and
attend school there. While driving through New Mexico she got stuck in a very bad snow storm
and lost control of her car and hit a truck. She died in March 2002.

I was so devestated even though I had not seen or spoken to Amy in almost two years. I
remember standing in the kitchen staring at the phone long after Candace had hung up thinking
there must have been a mistake. Not Amy. It couldn't have been Amy. She was so special and
had so much going for her. She was going to be somebody. She was somebody to everyone.
And when my mom asked me who had died I knew right then and there that this was reality.
Amy was gone.

So many memories came rushing back over the years. How we both laughed at having to wear
braces through most of high school, sharing fries in junior high at our lunch table, warming up
in choir by giving back rubs, she was so ticklish! Having Amy teaching us sign language to do
with some of the songs that we sang, laughing at the stupidest jokes in choir and crushing on
the presidents of choir council. Once we even stole the mascot of the Men's Choir. A stupid cut
out of a cow with the words "Got Menz?" It turned into a full blown war between the Morale
officers of Men's Choir and us. And how at the end of every year we sang the Battle Hymn of
the Repubic for graduation with the combined choirs and the orchestra.

The thing that I regretted the most is that I never once called her up or wrote to her while she
was in Nevada. The night when I received the news of her death I remember thinking if she had
been lonely in Nevada. Did she have any friends? Did she have someone to share her day's
events with. Or did she every cry herself to sleep at night?

When I went to the funeral my fears had been laid to rest. As I listened to her family and
friends I realized that my fears had been for nothing. Amy had been taken care of. She had been
loved by her family and friends dearly.. They talked and hung out and laughed and joked. I was
happy knowing that Amy had been taken care of for those last two years of her life.

To this day I still think that Amy was the last person who should have died. She was such a
good student, had great morals, loved her family, and was going somewhere in life. She was
loved by all and never disliked anyone that I could remember. She was one of the people you
were happy to know. She was nineteen years old when she died.

So I here I am on my way to writing my first book. This is for you girl, wherever you may be. I
would like to dedicate this book to Amy Lynn Nutz. A promise made is a promise kept.
Although you spent so little time among us, you have finally made your way home.

U  May you always fly with the angels . . .

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Irena Ryans15-Jun-2015 20:53
Wow, she was beautiful. It's really hard to hear about stories like these. You never know when a death in the family will come. That's why it's so important to be as prepared as possible. That includes making small arrangements for funerals. Wouldn't you agree?
Paul Petrillo 02-Mar-2015 06:03
Tomorro will be 13 years and my heart feels like it was yesterday-- I was Amy's boyfriend at the time she passed heart aches every anniversary of her passing. She was so loved , and i miss her every day . There will never be another person who could love me like Amy did. I will miss and think of you till the day I die. I love you Amy and always will !!!!
Marna K Beilby 14-Feb-2014 00:20
I just want to say that I knew Amy in junior high. We went to Hendrix together. I moved to California to go to high school but I think about her all the time. I googled her today for the first time since I heard about her death. Seeing her photo broke my heart. She was so wonderful and such a great friend. I wrote a book about us in junior high. We included characters of the Mickey Mouse Club because we loved that show. We also had a BFF club. We had membership cards and everything. I lived around the corner from her parents. Oh, AMY, I miss you <3
Jennifer Worthy (Brooks) 06-Oct-2011 22:58
Thank you so much for posting this, I think about Amy often and I miss her allot. She was an amazing person with the biggest heart of anyone I knew. She always always made people laugh and thought of nothing but others. This world lost a beautiful soul when she left but heaven got a wonderful angel. I miss you Amy!
Candace Kappelman (Hart) 15-Sep-2010 23:51
Lisa, Your dedication is wonderful. I'll never forget that night I had to call you with the news, but everytime I think about it all the great memories we shared with Amy comes flooding back. You captured her perfectly... always a smile, always a laugh, and always a huge with encouraging words... that was Amy!
Kourtney Todd (Peck) 30-Nov-2007 20:07
I would just like to say thank you for this page, because it has aloud me to now about this horrible situation. I had been trying to find Amy for many years and did not know of this sight. I am a military wife, so I don't live in Arizona anymore so contact with people is few and far between. A few days before I found this sight I ran across some picture of Amy and I, and that is when my search again began.

My greatest memory of Amy was freshman formal. I was trying to set her up with a friend of mine, but neither knew each other. Well the guy I was trying to set her up with ask to see a picture of her and so I ask if I could get a picture of her and she agreed. The next day Amy came in with the picture of when she was one or two years old in a high chair stuffing her face with food and it was all over. i could not stop laughing, because it was classic Amy move. Well to this day I still have that pictures. Amy went to the freshman formal with us even though the guy was not able to make it and I found the pictures of her and I and it brought back so many memories. I miss Amy every day and I can not explain enough of what a great person she was and how she made everyone around her laugh no matter what.
Guest 14-Aug-2007 21:52
my email is
Torri Bendel 14-Aug-2007 21:52
Hello-this is great! I didn't think to google search Amy until today. I'm Torri, Amy's older sister. I honestly with all my heart never thought Amy would pass away so young, but she is now an angel that I feel is always watching over me. I would like to see how Paul is doing...
It's still very hard to believe she is gone, and those feelings come flooding back to me at anytime, still even 5 years later. I love her and always will, she was such a bright light. As the song goes, "only the good die young". if anyone has any questions for me about Amy or the circumstances surrounding her death, email me. Take care and thanks again for the loving words.
Lisa Farver (Bennett) 02-Aug-2007 04:37
I was the one who wrote that dedication. We met in junior high and were in choir all through high school. I probably wasn't one of her closest friends but I called her friend nonetheless.

I never finished that book. But I still write to this day and am currenlty working on a revision for Luna Books. I still plan on dedicating it to her. I hope it would have been something she would have enjoyed reading.

When I remember our times together and I start crying because I miss your smile and your laughter so much...the thing that help me and makes me laugh the most is that fat angel you were making in your pottery class. I never knew if you finished it. My high school years were the toughest but I look back on all the fun that we had together and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Jeff - thank you for keeping Amy's memory alive.
Bill 06-Mar-2006 19:07
You couldnt have written a better dedication. Hats off. I really miss that crazy chic!
Liz Jacoby 05-Mar-2006 23:48
Hi, I am Amy's friend Liz from Michigan. Amy was on her way here and we were going to attend community college together when she got here. I never got to go to the funeral, and so closure with this has always been an issue until I found this page and got to see photos of her headstone and gravesite. Your dedication was beautiful and you captured Amy perfectly. She was such a unique spirit. Great Job.
Joshua Tompkins 31-Jan-2006 21:38
I was just talking to my friend Megan about Amy, and how much we missed her...then I came on this and couldn't help but cry. Thanks SO MUCH for writing and posting this
paul 25-Aug-2003 11:43
thank you jeff this means the world to me