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North INDIA 2010



A travel to Haridwar, Kumbh Mela, Ram Jhula, Lakshman Jhula and Dehli to meet friends

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... for 36 years ... The artist A Tamil Guru
A window without glazing The Holy Trinity The Entry
The Shoemaker His Peanut Stall Garden of Parmarth Niketan
Parmarth Niketan along the Ganga Singing boys Spectator
His Pray Harmonium Player His plate was empty ...
Introversive Determined Veiled
Joy of devotion A bed of nails Let's read the sports page
Grandpa Peanut View from the Bhagirathi Ashram End of pray
Tea time Contrasts A Holy Fancy Fair ?
The family Watercan Sadhu's home The Waggoner
My Cellphone Relax Farm Yard
Sweeping Squad 01 of Har Ki Pauri That's life ... Gentlemen, lay your cards on the table
Welcome to my shop ! Relax The Treasurer of Siva
Close to You, my God Nandi & Kurma Contemplation room of Pilot Baba
Tummy easy listening Chatting Living on the street
The Banyan tree Drinking at the Pump Doooinnngg !
Around the fire Strangers in our midst ... Turbans at the Kumbh
A free meal Cooldrink Hungry
Living on a skateboard The lady and the Rose Palace Hi
Ashrams Enjoying the sun Garden of Eden
Dressed or Undressed ... that's the question ... The boy and his donkeys Watercans
Watercans Mixture at night On his way to Neelkanth
Fallus of Shiva Bandaged toe Aware of Hair
10 Rupees Roasted peanuts A walk from Lakshman to Ram Jhula
Purity Number 5 Leaving the Temple
Selling Ganga Puja Firewood Sweaping ... from dust to dust ...
Reading the Holy Book The Embroiderer A dog's life
Cow & Women on the ghats Deep thoughts Pondering on the ghats
Snake Charmer The Peanut Man Roaming Hobo
View from the town Monkey see, monkey do Surveillance of the bridge
Popcorn Menscape All aboard ...
Purple Ferry Watch your steps ... On his Throne
In the Shade Praying Monks Nike
Oranges Blessing the Ganga There is always work ...
On the Ram Jhula Bridge Center of the Har Ki Pauri Portrait of the White Sadhu
Walking alone on the ghats Venice of Uttaranchal The Baby Bottle
Crossing the Ganga Home of the Homeless Evening song to the Goddes Ganga
A cool night dip Arranging her blessing plate The Sadhu and the Priest
Mind-Readers Keep yourself warm Mango Pickle, Lemon Pickle, Mixed Pickle ...
Power Cut Parmarth Niketan Ram Jhula in the mist
Living along the road Home of the Homeless Numb with cold
In the footsteps of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Driving along the Akhara Tents Bridge over the Ganga
Step Dancing Life on the Ghats Alone with his brick
Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir Going up in Divine Smoke Picking Nose ... an innocent pastime
Ganga in the mist Thali (थाली) 20/= The red gloves
Mr Average Devotional jewelry FLIC ... your LIC
Each his job ... Impish boys look Meal for free
Haridwar Yellow Lady in rose Leisure & Fun of the Ganga
Close listening to her friend's story The Wild Ganga Selling Jewelry
Reading Glasses Sword of God Colors of the street
When wheels stop turning ... Alone in the cold ? Waiting in red, white and blue ...
Cheers ! Birds of different feathers Color your bedroom
Laughing eyes Safe Transport Colors of the alley
Concentration Rag-and-bone man When train passes ... the waiting
Warming hands Good morning Gramps and Granny ! Men and Mules
Asli Hero's underwear ... A town of Shrines Morning Bloom
Train Cuisine Early to rise Herding the flock
A bunch of friends CHOCo at the teastal Going up in Divine Smoke
Fast Food chain for common people Veiled work Fun
Early Holi House of Cards Holi is coming ... !
Portrait of a Shoemaker Men in White Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir
Silent prayer Ceiling of the main Shrine The Guru on His Horse
Like a Prince in the night A Sadhu Checkerboard Wish I was married ...
I need a whole laundry to do my hair ! Bunkering Ram Jhula Fashion
Too many poles for one dog ... ! The boy in the boat Frozen in the mirror
Hare Krishna ... Hare, Hare ... Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir at sunset Tea-Party
Mixture Matka Qulfi Pondering on a question mark ?
Holy Smoke Sadhu's A proud Father
Free in ignorence ! Catching a glimpse Nailed on his bed ...
As you make your bed, so must you lie upon it ! Sudamu knows knitting well ... The Sadhu and the young man
Do you believe in God ... ? A beauty between carpets Naga of Pilot Baba
Well organized profession Praying in the Narayan Temple Lazy Tuesday afternoon
Is my hair well done ? Harry goes Ohm Warming up
Déjeuner sur l'herbe Guru Guru
The old man and his peanuts The girl with the firewood Ganga Puja
Carrying firewood along the gaths Enjoying the Sun Praying the sun
Harry is home Embroidery Hare Krishna Chappel
The Sadhu and the boy Trees don't meet ... Spiritual pondering on the Ghats
New life for the Ganga Reading a book Blessing the Ganga
My local tea stall At the Ghats The Sadhu and the Cow
Carrying the Ganga with one hand ! All on your head ... A Menu
Dharmasala ... or his smile ... In Memory of Krishnan Anand
But His smile will live on ... Living in a Dharmasala Parmarth Niketan along the Ganga
A stick at the doorway Toothache ? Grandpa's eye-appel
Living as a Sadhu And another one, on the way ... Knights of the tea-circle
The waiting Tired A villainous piercing look
Water, the best thirst-quencher Sadhu on the rocks Guru and pupil
Naga Cold ? Relaxing in his tent
Connection by cellphone A bidi before a dip in the Ganga Bless me, O Holy Ganga, purify my soul
Like a Pacha in his Tent Naga tea-time Gathering under the Trident
As you make your bed, so must you lie upon it ! Ramagangapouri in trance Ramagangapouri's soul in bliss
Bandaged toe Going up in Divine Smoke Dinner is served
A clear voice End of pray Well organized profession
The homeless and his table-companions Ramagangapouri in trance Going to school
Put your soles together Reaching School Friends on a string
The Painter Blessings of a Jain Monk Visitors of the Bahá'í House of Worship
White is White