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Tree Pipit (Skovpiber / Anthus trivialis) (updated:2008-09-21)

The Tree Pipet L 14-16cm (5.5-6.3")
breeds normally in open woodland, particular in needleleaf forests and at the edges of marshes and forests, or in mixed woodland. The Tree pipet is similar to the Meadow Pipet, but more distinctive with a more rugged bill, more distinct face marks and eyebrow stripe, wider and lighter yellow malar stripe, a fainted dark eye line and thinner chin stripe. The underside is more distinctive with more contrast between the warmer yellow-brown breast and white belly, and between wide black breast stripes and thinner side stripes. The back is more green-toned. It has a short curved back claw. Legs and basis of the bill is light red. The body is a little longer and heftier compared to the Meadow piper. Pretty shy and difficult to come at close distance. It often seeks food at the ground. It often pumps the tail up an down. The song flight is unmistakable. The bird rises a short distance up from a tree, and then parachutes down on stiff wings, the song becoming more drawn out towards the end, and the legs hangs forward before the bird lands in a tree again.
Sc Anthus trivialis
En Tree pipet
Da Skovpiber
No Trepiplerke
Sv Trädpiplärka
De Baumpieper
Fr Pipit des arbres
Es Bisbita arbóreo
It Prispolone

Tree Pipit (Skovpiber / Anthus trivialis)
Tree Pipit (Skovpiber / Anthus trivialis)