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DSC_8943-001.jpg DSC_8865-001.jpg DSC_8778-001.jpg DSC_8774-001.jpg
DSC_8733-001.jpg DSC_8728-001.jpg 5th July 2020  The Atlantic 6th July 2020   squashy
7th July 2020  wild flowers DSC_8216-001.jpg DSC_8201-001.jpg DSC_8150-001.jpg
DSC_7945-001.jpg DSC_7688-001.jpg DSC_7636-001.jpg 28th June 2020  megalithic hound
25th June 2020  simply shady 17th June 2020  alert 13th June 2020  soaked 8th June 2020  schnifff
3rd June 2020  intense stare 1st June 2020  picnic DSC_7403-001.jpg DSC_7352-001.jpg
DSC_7349-001.jpg 27th May 2020  cuddle 20th May 2020  pals 16th May 2020  the look
14th May 2020  gaze into your soul 12th May 2020  schniff 5th May 2020  hound stretcher DSC_7021-001.jpg
DSC_6873-001.jpg DSC_6488-001.jpg DSC_6342-001.jpg DSC_5929-001.jpg
DSC_5872-001.jpg DSC_6020-001.jpg DSC_6005-001.jpg 3rd April 2020  faithful hound
7th April 2020  warmest day 13th April 2020  bath time 19th April 2020  comfy 20th April 2020  Guardian of The Ury
27th April 2020  Time passes slowly 28th April 2020  Ury DSC_5871-001.jpg DSC_5825-001.jpg
DSC_5766-001.jpg DSC_5620-001.jpg DSC_5574-001.jpg DSC_5564-001.jpg
DSC_5561-001.jpg DSC_5424-001.jpg DSC_5457-001.jpg DSC_5431-001.jpg
DSC_5328-001.jpg DSC_5317-001.jpg DSC_5272-001.jpg 23rd March 2020  Monarch of the hill
27th March 2020  comfort 22nd March 2020  water hound 17th March 2020  Monarch of The Glen 7th March 2020  waiting
DSC_5161-001.jpg DSC_5112-001.jpg DSC_5026-001.jpg DSC_4974-001.jpg
DSC_4673-001.jpg DSC_4680-001.jpg DSC_4668-001.jpg DSC_4627-001.jpg
DSC_4565-001.jpg DSC_4541-001.jpg DSC_4439-001.jpg DSC_4431-001.jpg
DSC_4366-001.jpg DSC_4359-001.jpg 9th February 2020  into the woods in a storm 14th February 2020  patient
26th February 2020 5pm 29th February 2020  leap year 25th January 2020  frisky hound 12th January 2020  monarch
DSC_4215-001.jpg DSC_4108-001.jpg DSC_3829001.jpg DSC_3795001.jpg
DSC_3778001.jpg 1st December 2019  winter in the woods 25th December 2019  Christmas Hound DSC_3745001.jpg
DSC_3715001.jpg DSC_3573001.jpg DSC_3570001.jpg DSC_3349001.jpg
DSC_3318001.jpg DSC_3317001.jpg DSC_3316001.jpg DSC_3307001.jpg
DSC_3189001.jpg DSC_3063001.jpg 10th December 2019  Yuletide Hound DSC_3357001.jpg
DSC_2825001.jpg DSC_2877001.jpg DSC_2860001.jpg DSC_2816001.jpg
DSC_2766001.jpg 10th November 2019  frosty morning 3rd November 2019  nearly asleep 17th November 2019  lost
30th November 2019  ready DSC_2507001.jpg DSC_2508001.jpg DSC_2113001.jpg
DSC_2111001.jpg DSC_2094001.jpg DSC_2087001.jpg DSC_2082001.jpg
6th October 2019  sleepy 7th October 2019  rainbow 25th October 2019  cuddly lion DSC_1799001.jpg
DSC_1782001.jpg DSC_1747001.jpg DSC_1499001.jpg DSC_1454001.jpg
DSC_1219001.jpg DSC_0207001.jpg DSC_0204001.jpg DSC_0160001.jpg
3rd August 2019  deer 10th August 2019  luxury 28th August 2019  the hard stare 30th August 2019  super vision
31st August  wet n windy DSC_9747001.jpg DSC_9702001.jpg DSC_9694001.jpg
DSC_9578001.jpg DSC_9567001.jpg 7th July 2019  Atlantic weather 19th July 2019  to the beach
29th July 2019  roaming DSC_9427001.jpg DSC_9421001.jpg DSC_9408001.jpg
DSC_9397001.jpg DSC_9335001.jpg DSC_9327001.jpg DSC_9308001.jpg
DSC_9280001.jpg DSC_9266001.jpg DSC_9235001.jpg DSC_9222001.jpg
DSC_9166001.jpg DSC_9155001.jpg DSC_8871001.jpg DSC_8897001.jpg
DSC_8885001.jpg DSC_8802001.jpg 27th June 2019  Hound in the Berlingo 19th June 2019  sunlit woods
16th June 2019  take me with you DSC_8550001.jpg DSC_8515001.jpg DSC_8513001.jpg
DSC_8506001.jpg DSC_8498001.jpg 5th May 2019  hound at low tide 25th May 2019  patient hound
18th May 2019  wet Saturday 12th May 2019  perky DSC_8227001.jpg DSC_8185001.jpg
DSC_80292.jpg DSC_7865001.jpg DSC_7860001.jpg 29th April 2019
21st April 2019  long walk 9th April 2019  back home DSC_7080001.jpg 16th March 2019  snow in the woods
DSC_7021001.jpg DSC_6881001.jpg DSC_6769001.jpg DSC_6737001.jpg
DSC_6553001.jpg DSC_6552001.jpg DSC_6532001.jpg DSC_64332001.jpg
DSC_64392001.jpg DSC_64472001.jpg DSC_63902001.jpg 2nd February 2019  wintry woods
11th February 2019  squirrel 23rd February 2019  happy hound DSC_6198001.jpg DSC_6190001.jpg
DSC_6143001.jpg 31st December 2018  Hogmany Hound 25th December 2018  Yule Log 16th December 2018  hound at rest
15th December 2018  east wind 9th December 2018  deer 1st December 2018  wait DSC_5940001.jpg
DSC_6027001.jpg DSC_6001001.jpg DSC_5999001.jpg DSC_5980001.jpg
DSC_5967001.jpg DSC_5973001.jpg DSC_5848001.jpg DSC_5669001.jpg
DSC_5608001.jpg DSC_5357001.jpg DSC_5155001.jpg 17th November 2018  hound in the long grass
4th November 2018  old haunts 3rd November 2018  windy day DSC_4887001.jpg DSC_4917001.jpg
DSC_4809001.jpg DSC_4789001.jpg DSC_4568001.jpg DSC_4573001.jpg
DSC_4412001.jpg 25th October 2018  pre-history hound 28th October 2018  Berry Hill 23rd October 2018  patient
16th October 2018  sight hound 14th October 2018  new path DSC_42742001.jpg DSC_4039001.jpg
DSC_39022.jpg DSC_38512.jpg DSC_3636001.jpg DSC_3572001.jpg
14th September 2018  hound transport 22nd September 2018  sleepy hound 23rd September 2018  therapy hound 18th September 2018  blustery
12th September 2018  hound vision 4th September 2018  hound at the stones DSC_3353001.jpg DSC_3287001.jpg
DSC_3286001.jpg DSC_3241001.jpg DSC_3231001.jpg DSC_3229001.jpg
DSC_3190001.jpg DSC_3201001.jpg DSC_3189001.jpg 30th August 2018  forest trail
DSC_30932.jpg DSC_30582.jpg DSC_24802.jpg DSC_2415001.jpg
DSC_2427001.jpg DSC_2244001.jpg 25th July 2018  rabbits DSC_1778.jpg
DSC_14212.jpg 16th June 2018  greetings 24th June 2018  hot dog 17th May 2018  lethargy
28th May 2018  dozing 31st May 2018  sleepy hound DSC_0239001.jpg DSC_0097001.jpg
DSC_9699001.jpg DSC_9348001.jpg DSC_8175-001.jpg 2nd March 2018  frozen
30th March 2018  walk? 28th February 2018  sun is shining DSC_7397-2.jpg DSC_7376-2.jpg
DSC_7389-2.jpg DSC_7349-001.jpg DSC_7148-2.jpg DSC_7044-001.jpg
DSC_7078-001.jpg DSC_7073-001.jpg DSC_7029-001.jpg DSC_6999-001.jpg
DSC_6663-001.jpg 1st January 2018  first hound walk 7th January 2018  relaxed hound DSC_6405-001.jpg
DSC_6380-001.jpg DSC_6136-001.jpg 29th October 2017  walk DSC_4638.jpg
DSC_4637.jpg DSC_3439-001.jpg 12th August 2017  dog days 7th July 2017  tired hound
DSC_2308-001.jpg 11th June 2017  in the garden DSC_8771-001.jpg 14th May 2017  Hound at The Ythan
15th May 2017  beautiful boys DSC_0992-001.jpg DSC_0984-001.jpg DSC_0802-001.jpg
DSC_0818-001.jpg 10th April 2017  racing for fun 17th April 2017  year of the hound DSC_0003-001.jpg
DSC_9810-2-001.jpg DSC_9806-2-001.jpg DSC_9812-2-001.jpg 12th February 2017  Happy hounds
13th February 2017  happy hounds 2 DSC_9466-001.jpg DSC_9081-001.jpg DSC_9083-001.jpg
DSC_8852-001.jpg DSC_8830-001.jpg DSC_8820-001.jpg DSC_8819-001.jpg
DSC_8807-001.jpg DSC_7490-001.jpg DSC_7481-001.jpg DSC_7478-001.jpg
DSC_7474-001.jpg DSC_7361-001.jpg DSC_7344-001.jpg DSC_7172-001.jpg
DSC_7165-001.jpg DSC_7096-001.jpg DSC_7084-001.jpg DSC_7085-001.jpg
DSC_7082-001.jpg DSC_7073-001.jpg DSC_6814-001.jpg DSC_6530-001.jpg
31st July 2016  11th July 2016  radar 18th June 2016  bask 12th June 2016  Baloo at the beach
DSC_5825-001.jpg 4th June 2016  Haddo House 15th May 2016  Two hounds by the fire 8th May 2016  two hounds at the beach
11th May 2016  Baloo in the forest 23rd May 2016 29th May 2016  Sunday Morning DSC_5269-001.jpg
DSC_5278-001.jpg DSC_4947-001.jpg DSC_4961.jpg DSC_4954.jpg
DSC_4964.jpg DSC_5145-001.jpg DSC_5109-001.jpg DSC_5160-001.jpg
30th April 2016  looked after hound 26th April 2016  hound 9th April 2016  greyhound