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Australian Landscapes

Landscapes, mostly from tropical North Queensland, Australia. Two books, each containing 40 of my landscape images, are available from Blurb: and
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Nina Peak from Nina Bay beach, early morning u003301 Landscapes in and near Townsville, North Queensland, Australia
:: Landscapes in and near Townsville, North Queensland, Australia ::
The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia
:: The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia ::
Magnetic Island horseshoe bay lagoon burnt melaleuca  12 by 18 _DSC3325
Waterfall pool (_DSC6707) infrared Hinchinbrook Island rocky point 12 by 18 _DSC2646 fence on tidal flats behind Shelley Beach  12 by 18 _DSC3712 pandanus sunset clouds Hinchinbrook Island 12 by 18 _DSC2813
Hinchinbrook Island rock in water plus crab tracks 12 by 18 _DSC2625 Pool with skull Pinnacles background 12 by 18 _DSC3756 Magnetic Island from Shelley Beach 12 by 18 _DSC3788 Twisted Sisters mangroves 12 by 18  _DSC4924
Beach with crab balls Hinchinbrook Island 12 by 18 _DSC6513 Ferns and blue gum plants Shoalhaven NSW 12 by 18 _DSC7293 Rock ocean peninsula Shoalhaven NSW 12 by 18 _DSC7416 Tide pool and peninsula ground level Shoalhaven NSW 12 by 18 _DSC7429
House Bells Outstation Moorinya clouds panorama 12 by 18 _DSC7429 Island and tide pools Shoalhaven NSW 12 by 18 _DSC7424 beach, ocean, storm  _DSC3855 Mitchell grass and gidgee Moorinya 12 by 18 _DSC9002
Cleveland Bay with clouds panorama 12 by 18 Diamantina Gates NP Queensland gidgee 12 by 18 Diamantina Gates NP Queensland jackaroos shed 12 by 18 Ramsay Bay from Nina Peak Hinchinbrook Island panorama 12 by 18
Diamantina Gates NP Queensland Cattle Creek sunrise 12 by 18 u002907 Diamantina Gates NP Queensland claypans12 by 18 u002918a Gibber plain, Diamantina Gates National Park Queensland u002809 _DSC8165 landscape moorinya old fence twilight
Headland and rocks Shoalhaven NSW 12 by 18 _DSC7426 Interior Old Cork Homestead Queensland 11 by 14 u004534 _DSC8524-01 Moorinya water tank at sunset 2005 _DSC8414 landscape weird poles moorinya
plants and water lilies anderson park water plant anderson park Ocean at Cape St. George NSW landscape dunham river in flood Kununurra WA _DSC7704
Reflecting pool with paperbark and pandanus _DSC3707 Waterhole and balanced rock, Mount Zero _DSC7599 Steam engine and windmillDSC8969 palms and reflections early morning landscape Pallarenda Queensland 11 by 14 IMGP1124
Dead tree and clouds _DSC4288 Tidal creek and salt flats, Cape Cleveland DSC0162 Birthday Creek, Paluma.  Fallen rainforest tree _DSC0721-5 A long way from anywhere
Grass on dunes u002116 tree, beach and creek _DSC7063 Banksia after a bushfire _DSC7046 dune, dead tree, sunset u002119
Dead tree and sand shadow Bullock Creek waterhole sunrise over mitchell grass u001936 Dingo tracks _DSC4863
One-tree hill Three pandanus _DSC4170 Mirima NP _DSC7991 Rocks and couds, Mirima NP _DSC7968
Tree and flats DSC4992 Beach sunrise with dead tree _DSC2923 Flats and hills _DSC4862 Lost sole _DSC4877
Flats and hills, rock in foreground _DSC4860 Sunrise with clouds, Ramsay Bay DSC3590 Diamantina River at Diamantina Gates u002113 Salt flat, plant, and hill, wallaby tracks in middle ground _DSC4923
Salt flat with plants _DSC4944 Island in the flats _DSC4983 The old road _DSC5184 Mangroves and old bridge pilings _DSC5157
Westgid Creek DSCN0883 Frenchman Creek DSCN0824 Mount Coonowrin, Glasshouse Mountains CRW_2173 Tide flats with wave patterns and trees CRW_2250
Road in heathland _DSC5406 Tall open forest invaded by rainforest _DSC5395 Plants and salt flats DSC_7600 Beach, ocean, mangroves IMGP0683
The road to Tegoorah DSC_7467 Salt flat with lone plant DSC_7624 Pandanus and its shadow DSCN1328 Storm before sunrise, Hinchinbrook Island DSCN1366
Woodland pool _DSC3705 Clean beach, sunrise, one crab burrow. Hinchinbrook Island _DSC2554 Dead tree, clouds, rocks DSC_7908 Lone gidgee tree at sunset, Moorinya _DSC8992
Fruiting pandanus against clouds CRW_2545 Tea tree swamp, Townsville Town Common DSC_8405 Dead gidgee tree and mitchell grass, Moorinya National Park DSC_8825 Bullock Creek waterhole, Moorinya National Park DSC_8956
Rocks and ferns, Frenchman Creek DSCN0822 Coolibah tree Moorinya National Park DSC_9188 Small waterhole at sunset, Moorinya DSC_9152 Old yards, twilight. Moorinya DSC_8482
Lone tree, twilight.  Moorinya National Park.  DSC_8865 Lone gidgee in Mitchell grass plain, sunset DSC_8806 Bullock Creek waterhole, Moorinya DSC_9050 Waterhole, Granite Gorge DSC_9404
Max in the garden DSC_9703 Granite formation, Hinchinbrook Island DSC_0062 Beach and rocks, Hinchinbrook Island DSC_0022 Ramsay bay, beach and storm, Hinchinbrook Island IMGP4642
Dead tree and Mitchell grass, sunset DSC_8833 Salt flat,  Mt Stuart in background R0010171 Shelly Beach, pandanus, rocks R0010356 Really big rock, Frenchman Creek, near Babinda (DSCN0823)
Spectacular sunrise R0010483  Sunrise over Magnetic Island R0010439 Cracked granite DSC_9394 Beach walking in fog R0010809
Castle Hill, early morning R0010497 Shipwreck near Albany, WA R0012119 Moonrise, old shearing shed u001916 Sunburst over Cleveland Bay R0010428
The eye is upon you R0011158 Bushfire, Pallarenda R0011855 Bushfire, Pallarenda R0011827 After the bushfire R0011992
Ocean, rock, clouds R0012244 Island and rocks near Albany, WA R0012218 Plants, granite, and clouds R0012162 Shore and storm near Albany, Western Australia R0012231
Cleveland Bay,  rocks foreground R0010328 dead melaleuca fragments aug 05 12 by 18 _DSC2401 Birthday Creek and rainforest near Paluma, Queensland Swimming hole with clouds  IMG_0976
Swimming hole with reflections IMG_0887 Swimming hole with reflections IMG_0904 Swimming hole IMG_0929 Swimming hole with clouds  IMG_0979
Burnt out rose gum,  Eucalyptus grandis  IMG_0612 Granite boulders in  Casuarina  forest  IMG_1001 Rose gum,  Eucalyptus grandis  IMG_0621 Native ginger in wet sclerophyll forest (site 3) IMG_0623
Swimming hole with reflections IMG_0907 Swimming hole with reflections IMG_0911 Magnetic Island, rocky foreground, rain pool PC280102-1-2 Wet sclerophyll forest IMG_0798
Cape Cleveland, rock pool foreground PC280213-1-3 Magnetic Island, flats foreground P6120993 Castle Hill from near quarantine station, stormy morning IMG_1318 Kapok trees against sky IMG_1422
Castle Hill, early morning, beach ripples foreground SDIM0461 4wd track and ripples Crab balls and holes Sand ripples and construction work
Channel marker Ripples and just risen sun on flat sunrise with braided low tide channels IMG_2280 Channel marker, Cape Cleveland in background
Castle Hill, low tide, ripples foreground SDIM0471 Old Henrietta Creek highway bridge Sydney city and harbor from North HeadPA220194 beach and sunrise with symmetry IMG_3448
Sydney city and harbor from North HeadPA220177 Sunrise with braided channels and sunburstSDIM0646 Rose Gum at sunsetIMG_3593 Paper daisiesIMG_3525
East coast of North Head SydneyPA220139 Foggy sunriseSAM_255-257 Sunset on the paddockP1000514 Tree and fencelineIMG_4591
Horseshoe Bay rural fire brigadeIMG_4554 Wrecked utes early morningIMG_4504-4506 Sunset at waterbirding site P1000568 Foggy sunrise, yards backgroundSAM_0282
Pandanus in burnt area DSC_0349 sunrise with birds and sand channelsP1000967 Cape Cleveland early morning cool cloudsDSC00966_CF Beach with abandoned sandals and single cloud IMG_0735
clouds and waves early morning_SDI0161 Sunrise with single cloudIMG_0736 branch on beach early morning_SDI0165 Tree, after fireWarning--original size is really largeDSC00984 ACR.jpg
Recent burnWarning--original is bigDSC00997 ACR.jpg Nina Peak from Ramsay Bay Hinchinbrook Island infrared 12 by 18
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