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Water Heaters


Original equipment from Hinterhoeller Yachts :

Paloma PH-5

Other water heaters on some boats :
Force 10
Wolter 300

* * *

In the USA, 21st century propane water heaters with pilot lights are not rated for RV & Marine use. In Canada, they are allowed and warranteed for marine use.

Note that ABYC requires separate solenoids for each LPG appliance.

21st century alternatives :

Bosch (propane)
Eemax (120V)
EXCEL (propane)
Force 10 (120V &/or heat exchanger)
Indel (120V &/or heat exchanger)
Paloma PH-6 (propane)
Precision Temp (propane)
Raritan (120V &/or heat exchanger)
Seaward (120V &/or heat exchanger)
Zodi (propane)

* * * * * * *

What water heater (make & model) do YOU have installed on your boat and where is it installed? Each picture you share is worth a thousand words.

What replacement equipment would you prefer or recommend? Why?

* * *

Joe & Madeleine Tierney ALLEGRO 33 64 wrote 7 Feb 2010 :

Had very good experience with Todd Glenn . . . . . . Sure Marine Service, Seattle WA 206-784-9903 and 800-562-7797. Have a Wolter 300 on our 33 that is still running due to his technical advice and parts. Wolter is out of business, and Todd has had some replacement parts custom manufactured. Todd is willing to discuss problems on the telephone, and I think he is familiar with most propane demand water heaters. Successfully worked on a bad flow switch I sent him and has also sent me parts. Charges were reasonable.

Thor & Deb Powell MARINER'S CAT V 26C 97 wrote 7 Feb 2010 :

If you could pump in some hot vinegar or better some CLR it may un-block the exchanger. Maybe a radiator shop could flush it. The following is from Consumer Reports who tested these types of heaters.

"During our long-term testing, an indicator on the tankless model warned of scale buildup. We paid US $334 for special valves and a plumber to flush out the water heater with vinegar. Many industry pros recommend that tankless models be serviced once a year by a qualified technician. Calcium buildup can decrease efficiency, restrict water flow, and damage tankless models. Experts suggest installing a water softener if your water hardness is above 11 grains per gallon. Ignoring this advice can shorten your warranty."

:: Albion ::
:: Bosch ::
:: EXCEL ::
Force 10
:: Force 10 ::
:: Paloma ::
Precision Temp  (Wolter)
:: Precision Temp (Wolter) ::
:: Rinnai ::
:: Seaward ::
galley, fwd cabin entry, &  head
galley, fwd cabin entry, & head
galley to port
galley to port