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Ancient Egypt

Wall Relief Ramses ll Sphinx Queen Hatshepsut
Tomb of Irukaptah, 6th Dynasty - Saqqara Prisoners of War - Wall Relief, Karnak Temple Statue with no identification - Cairo Museum, Egypt Giza Plateau #1
Hathor (Goddess of Love, Music and Beauty) Feet Painted Wooden Torso and Head of Tutankhamun Hand
Wall Relief Ramesses II Into the Past Now Tomb of Amun-Hir-Khopshef
Ramses ll - Karnak Temple, Luxor - Upper Egypt Offering Diagonal Pyramids Carriers - Tomb of Niankhkhum  Khnumhotep, 5th Dynasty - Saqqara
Luxor Temple - Upper Egypt Queen Nefertari - Luxor Temple, Upper Egypt Offering Rameses II
The Great Sphinx of Giza Step Pyramid of Djoser Giza Plateau #2 Tomb of Irukaptah, 6th Dynasty - Saqqara
Queen Hatshepsut At the Island of Philae Temple Rameses II Giza Plateau #3
Rameses II Ramesseum Temple Peasant Couple Harvesting  - Wall Painting Pyramids at Sunset
Luxor Temple, 8:19 AM - Upper Egypt Military Force of Queen Hatshepsut - Temple of Queen Hatshepsut - Luxor, Upper Egypt Ramses II - Luxor Temple - Upper Egypt Khufu Pyramid
Sphinx & Khafre Pyramid