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Photo a Day B&W 2004-2016

Like a sun Shadows Walk in the Chinatown Beginning of winter Lonely meal A day in the Chinatown
Smile! Taking a break A walk in the Chinatown The Artist Shopping in the Chinatown Walking in the Chinatown
Dans le Vieux Desertique The morning Expresso The Ste-Anne Basilic Reflection Before the storm
Ambiance quebecoise Dancing in the streets The Jacques-Cartier Bridge Oldies Mirror Gothic moods
Basilique Marie-Reine-du-Monde Christ the King Church The Sun Life Building Shapes A cold day Venise?
Big Gothic Art Nowhere Place des Arts Shadows Rue de la Commune
Bad day for flying Ruelles Pelerinage Montreal Underground Country view Galeries
Country Moods Lucarne Timeless Profondeur Country road Proue
Lucarne Gare Centrale District Central Les Cours Mt-Royal Endless A long way
Le Club Monaco Timeless Opposite St-Georges Church L'Oratoire St-Joseph Memories
Brrrrr! The Old Port Tied Beaux-Arts A morning walk Winter Moods
Le Cavalier Maxim Reflet Black magic Le Chateau Frontenac Meeting Dancing in the streets
A nice day at the urban park Shadows Romantic The Jacques Cartier Bridge Reflets Silhouette
Black Mirror Black Reflection Vitraux Reflets Le Complexe Solitude
? The Kid Rue St-Paul Winter moods Higher Ground Chantier maritime
Country Moods Alll by myself Profond Graffiti in b&w Doors En ligne
Shadows Windy Old Alley The Saxoman Lampadaire Sky is the limit!
No smoking? Le Vieux-Port FedEx Big High class Ruelle
The white caleche Ombrages dans le sous-bois Frozen A cold day Rendez-vous Heavy traffic
Le Festival International de Jazz de Montreal La Capoterie Alcool prohibition! Reflection Mauvais temps Hangar
The Montreal Jazz Festival The Montreal Jazz Festival A cold day A tourist tour La Carifiesta Picture from the past
Tragique Red La Carifiesta Taking a break Fashion The city under the rain
Fashion Parade Le Tunnel Ville-Marie The Bonsecours Marquet Urban scene The right partner Repetition
1984, I am watching you Back in time Street Alley The Bridge Waiting for a ride Journee d'automne
Eau miroitante Tristesse Playing in the park Big SPAR RUBY Romantique
Timeless Cafe-terrasse An other time Death and life Tragique Le Chateau Frontenac
Fenetres d'une autre epoque The Protector Chinatown under the rain Pensif Bed rocks Duplicity
1400 Lineaire 225 GMC Le Vieux-Port The Tower
Paysage beauceron Kapitan Georgi Georgiev is passing by The City Hall Duality in time Un endroit reposant Reflection
Ambiance montrealaise Fluids Relaxing Duality Beaux-Arts Le Vieux-Port
Chinatown The Jacques Cartier Bridge Transparence Charpente Country Road Une autre epoque
Walking under the rain Reflection Ruelle Under the bridge The Fire Station Boulevard Grande-Allee
Black and White Duo Le Chateau Frontenac A very nice day Reflection d'automne The Bonsecours Marquet
Smog over the city The Quebec Parliement Walking with my dogs in the Old Montreal One of the hundreds churches in Montreal The Saxoman Smog and rain
White shadow The Clock Tower White reflection The Bonsecours Marquet A nice day Shapes
Old barns A clean street Luminous shapes Sensual Nice curves Smokey
Sky A nice car GM Jazz Band Nice shape The Old Port A quiet morning
Rue de la Commune Reflection Out of time Ruelles Photographing his girlfriend Cool mood on St-Paul St.
Irreel Calm Red bike Eaton Center Architecture Skating at the Old Port
Ambiance chinoise/Chinese mood Free like a bird Softness The Old Montreal A quiet Sunday White
Old Montreal Taking a break The Old Montreal Gliding A big CAT Giant
Abandoned Higher A quiet day Ambiance de ville A nice little church Upper Lakes John D. Leitch
Dechargement Caleches Old memories Reflection Le Chateau Frontenac La Basse-Ville
Hello Cecilia The Parliement of Quebec The Olympic Stadium Rue St=Paul Les amoureux City shapes
Romantic Like an angel Eglise de St-Remi A view in the past A big one An old presbytary
City shapes La Citee La Citee Eaux mortes Jazz all around A quiet cold
 A  1000 pieces puzzle Caleches in the Old Montreal Geometric shapes Direction: the sky Le Vieux-Port Nice shape
A cool morning Boulevard Grande-Allee Le Chateau Frontenac Stripes in B&W Profondeur Roof
The Old Port Reflection The Basilique Ste-Anne Montreal Moods Morning light Transparence
Shapes A nice little church The Old Montreal Imposant Repetition The Bonsecours Marquet
The dome A nice morning Le Chateau Frontenac Le Chateau Frontenac A cold day Gothic
A cold day Winter mood Rustique Heavy traffic Boulevard Grande-Allee Haunted
Rue Crescent Summertime Smoggy A nice morning Winter moods A cool walk
The Biosphere Romantica Ambiance speciale NO PARKING Artistic urbanism La Carifiesta
Les rapides d Chambly Calm La Basilique Notre Dame Higher Fashion Winter moods
Frimas / Frost Winter moods Ambiance hivernale Le Musee Le Vieux Port Rue Crescent
A little house A cool walk The Bridge Tourner en rond Stairs La Terrasse Dufferin
Winter moods Diagonal A quiet morning A nice view The three Christmas spirits leaving back next December A cold afternoon
Walking around Architecture unusuelle Montreal moods A cold day for walking Le Moulin Fleming The Mercier Bridge
Place Ville-Marie The Harmonica Man The City Hall Skating at the Old Port The windmill Fleming Limits
Le Marche Bonsecours Le Vieux-Port SEDNA IV Typic to Montreal Don't call us, we'll call you A nice place
The City Hall Rue St-Paul The Mercier Bridge Architecture Le Marche Bonsecours Rue de la Commune
A nice architecture The graffiti bridge Winter in Montreal Winter in a park Le phare Shapes
A cold morning Icy City shapes Back in the past The City Hall La Carifiesta
Typic  to Montreal Columns An another view of the city A nice little boy City mood Shadows
Stairs Walking in the City Architecture Reflection in black & white Sentier / Trail A nice morning for a walk
Dark reflection City shapes A nice morning in the Old Port I am watching you! photo100276.jpg A big one in the Old Port: The Maasdam
A nice morning at the Old Port A nice corner Quiet in the Old Montreal The city is sleeping Contrasts Alysson
A quiet morning No parking Harmonic in black and white A nice morning at the Marina Urban reflection Finding my way
Talking in the Chinatown A nice day at the Marina Dandelions in black and white Urban sequence Geometric mood Soft reflection
Reading my newspaper during a Saturday morning The city tour Stairs Rectangular The Goaler Reflection
Nice curves Like the old times Urban art The hall A nice hall In the early morning
Delicate Heavy Metal Higher The Fleming windmill A chinese boutique Big
Desertic Underground transportation A nice one Exposition in b&w A beautiful bike! Walking in the Chinatown a Saturday afternoon
Fast & furious Pictures all around Photographic ambiance Rue St-Paul Winter in black and white Not a good time for a bicycle ride!
A cold ride in the streets of the Old Montreal Winter in the Old Montreal Corner Place Jacques-Cartier and St-Paul St. Snow on the :''Rue de la Commune'' Marche Bonsecours on Rue de la Commune in the Old Montreal A walk with the dog
The City in black and white Desert in the Old Port Winter mood on ''La Rue de la Commune'' Frozen for the winter Le Fripon An another time
A fresh walk Froid intense A very cold day! Ruelles / backstreet Urban walk Cold day
Cold over Montreal Winter mood The city asleep A quiet morning on Rene Levesque Blvd Loneliness A quiet morning
A fast one City shapes A nice quiet morning in downtown Montreal Timeless Walking in the Chinatown Nudity
Architecture Walking in the Underground The Eaton Center Dry The City in b&w Corridor
Contraste The city asleep Where is the hockey player? Linear A very nice one Grande-Allee
Graffitis in black and white A cold day! Tourist tour Mining mood Leaves in black and white Winter in the city
Geometric shapes Linear Lexus reflection Cold day at the Old Port Cold in the Old Montreal A cold day at the Old Port
Christmas abstract City shapes Winter in the city A windy day My knife is on fire The Village
Big one! Retired Walking in the Old Fragile Angular Basilique de Ste-Anne
St-Edouard-de-Napierville Church A big toy Sedna IV stuck in the ice En memoire / In memoriam Ship Seagull in b&w
Cool day for a ride The Wall Country mood / ambiance de campagne GMC The Old Port Gothic mood
City moods City shapes Before the rain City moods City shapes Pointe-a-Calliere
The Old Port in the winter CBR 1100 The Jacques Cartier Bridge Complexe McGill The City in b&w Winter arrival
Cold day Cold and dry A cold day in the country Walking in the Chinatown Morning reflection Backstreet
The City in b&w Circles Downtown City moods They are waiting to catch you! City moods
Ambiance de ville / City moods City moods Pignons Grues Renovations Lucarnes en noir et blanc / dormer -windows in b&w
Facade Hotel Viger After the rain Black hole Corniche Freedom
Chinese mood City shapes Curves City shapes Ligtht balls White house
The Boer War Memorial / Le Monument aux héros de la guerre des Boers (1907) Dorchester Square Riding in the Old Montreal Gothic mood City shapes Higher and higher
Eglise anglicane St-George / St George anglican church Reading my newspaper during a Saturday morning City moods The Tower Higher Waiting for some courageous customers
Alley Cold in the city La Maison V.I.P. Ciity moods Relaxing in the city Duo in b&w
Sleeping waters Parallel Trees in black and white Reflection in the nature City moods Majestueux
Porch in b&w Ambiance du Plateau 450 Sherbrooke East Cubism Typic to Montreal St-Ambroise de Kildare
City moods A nice morning on the Plateau Shandhu The morning walk City moods Ambiance du Plateau/ Plateau mood
Morning walk Sleeping for winter Bagels chauds / Hot bagels Can The inside personality A nice morning in the park
Ambiance du Plateau/ Plateau mood City moods Country moods in b&w Ambiance du Plateau/ Plateau mood Bleu Caramel Ambiance du Plateau/ Plateau mood
Shadows in X City moods Waiting for spring Back in the past Ambiance du Plateau/ Plateau mood Typic mood on the Plateau
Lineaire / linear Fresques Ambiance du Plateau/ Plateau mood A new day begins on the Plateau Facade Quiet morning at the City Hall
Majestueux / Imposing Big The Joliette Cathedrale Symetrie Lucarnes Symetrie
Repetition Repetition The door of the temple Abandoned Dancing in the streets The little house
Gothic architecture Before the rain Walking in the Chinatown Cold and windy Graffitis in the city Reflection
Autumn moods The SEDNA IV The morning light A cold day at the Square Victoria In the mood of the Plateau In the mood of the Plateau
The Eaton Centre Very fragile Like cristals Winter mood Rue de la Commune in the Old Montreal Cold day at the City Hall
Montreal Poutine City shapes Waiting for spring Cold Railroad Repetition Couple in black and white
Icy Facade The railroad Frosted Nice day for skating Ambiance du Plateau /Plateau mood
Waiting for the cops Clochers Gothic mood Canon EOS Elan 7 Black Hole Reflection
My old diver companion The Montreal City Hall in the Old Montreal. Nice and quiet Reflection in b&w Reflection in b&w Tronc / Trunk
Calm in black Calm Shapes in b&w Reflection in black Tronc en noir / trunk in black Reflection in b&w
Reflection Sky is the limit! Marie-Reine-du-Monde Early on ''La rue de la Commune'' in the Old Montreal Chantier naval The presbytary
Naked Bar La Tour Corners Le Palais  de Justice /  The Justice Hall The doors are broken St-Anges Church
The door Road going to the village''Les Anges'' nature in black and white Square Old memories A very old one
Molly coming back home Very aged A popular barn around here Molly says '' Hello all of you of Pbase community'''! IMG_1135.jpg Pureté / Purity
Century home / Maison centenaire  Abandoned A nice Husky Écorce / Bark The old orphanage Dandelion in black & white / Pissenlit en noir et blanc