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Your Favourites

This gallery is a collection of your favourite images, at least according to the number of hits (in decreasing order).
Claes Oldenburg - Ice Cream Cone Peek&Cloppenburg Weltstadthaus by Renzo Piano Peek&Cloppenburg Weltstadthaus by Renzo Piano Girl on Stairs
Sunset over Rhine Valley Cote Granite Rose Preserving the Neptune Temple at Paestum - VI Venice Carnival Portrait
Meerkat Landscape in Umbria v3/34/521334/3/47991112._DSC3393.jpg Pointe de Dinan, Bretagne
Inside Cologne Cathedral Streetpainting View of the Swiss Alps seen from Feldberg Colors of Cologne Cathedral
Venice Carnival Cologne Cathedral unfurnished Pretty Tourist CSD at Cologne
v3/34/521334/3/49717360._DSC3994cropBW.jpg Cloister of Kloster Eberbach, Eltville Ostrich, sceptic Old and Young
Taking Notes Ragusa Pointe du Van Île de Groix - Plage des Sables Rouges (Bretagne)
Venetian Scene Cloister of the Muenster in Bonn Swan  flying low Annika
Surfin' Brittany German Bodypainting Festival 2007 Mieke Water Buffalos of the Tenuta Vanullo
Sicily - Seascape near San Vito lo Capo At the Museum Romanesque Basilica of Kloster Eberbach, Eltville Sicily - Former Tonnara near Scopello
Venice Carnevale 2007 has started Red Skirt Les Orgues, Ille-sur-Tete, Roussillon, France Venice Carnival Portrait
German Bodypainting Festival 2007 German Bodypainting Festival 2007 Streetpainting Artist Candid Portrait
House in the Estuary of Etel River, St. Cado, Morbihan, Bretagne Mother with Child at the Market Dormitory of Kloster Eberbach, Eltville Pointe de Pen-Hir - Tas de Poids, Bretagne
Sicily - Seascape near San Vito lo Capo Cumulus over Black Forest Romanesque Basilica of Kloster Eberbach, Eltville Venice Carnival Portrait
Schwetzingen Palace Garden, Portico of the Mosque Baby Baboon Cologne Cathedral South Front German Body Painting Festival 2008
Seahorse II Chapter House of Kloster Eberbach, Eltville Sankt Peter/Black Forest Claudia
Acciaroli, Harbour Morning Scene in San Giminiano Cellar (Fraternei) of Kloster Eberbach, Eltville Sicily - Historical Salt Mills near Trappani  and Marsala
She's a Nikonian Lay Brothers' Refectory with Ancient Presses, Kloster Eberbach, Eltville Sicily - Cloister of the Duomo di Monreale Flying Grey Heron
Venice Carnival Portrait Venice Carnival 2008 At the Museum Light Performance in Cologne Cathedral
Chrissi and Claudia Shop Window with Mannequin Romanesque Basilica of Kloster Eberbach, Eltville Douarnenez in first morning light
Cologne Carnival Impression of Fall Sicily - Salt Extraction near Trappani and Marsala Evening Sky in Early Fall
Christopher Street Day Rhine Valley seen from Black Forest in the first Morning Light Choir of the Romanesque Basilica of Kloster Eberbach, Eltville St. Cado, Morbihan
Climbing Barrier of Deutz Swingbridge Working for a Living V Stairway to Cologne Cathedral A Flock of Sandpipers at Pte de la Torche, Finistère
Guns N' Roses Blacksmith at Work Sunset at Côte Sauvage, Quiberon (Bretagne) Fall Forest
Venice Carnival Mask Street Portrait Muengstener Bruecke with Train and Steam Engine Cologne Cathedral Reflection
Street Portrait of Giovana from Brasil g3/34/521334/3/49604928._DSC4027hiPass.jpg Coastal Waves in Bretagne Venice Carnival Portrait
Teatro Graeco at Taormina Severin Bridge Cologne Tuscany Village Cote Granite Rose, Bretagne
Street Portrait of a Woman from Spain g3/34/521334/3/55671151._DSC6708Pbase.jpg Ragusa Ibla Sunset at the Beach of Plomodiern
Black Forest Cottage Splashdown or Collision? Path in the Pines Siesta
Olive Garden near San Giminiano Auditorium Pelican waiting for food Fall
Abandoned Borgio San Giminiano Lay Brothers' Refectory with Ancient Presses Baby Baboon
Old Harbour Crane Black Forest Farm Sharing Sunset at Pointe du Raz
Luke Orte Cologne Marathon 2003 Side aisle of the Romanesque Basilica St. Ursula in Cologne
Cologne Cathedral with Museum Ludwig Jennie Working for a Living Columns and Candles
Cologne Marathon 2005 Christmas fun fair  in front of Berliner Dom Venice Carnival 2008 Wutach Canyon, Black Forest
Visiting Cologne Venice Carnival Air Brush Michaela
Carolers having a Break Venice, Ponte Scalzi Fall in Black Forest: View from Feldberg Wutach Canyon, Black Forest
Landscape near Licodia Eubea Blooming shrub in an unusual warm winter Venice Carnival 2008 Black Stork (Ciconia nigra)
Street of Naples Corse, Restonica Valley Sicily - Seascape near Scopello Samba
Farmland near Pienza g4/34/521334/3/59628437._DSC8552_DxO_rawframedPbase.jpg Venice, Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs) Farm in the Morning Sun
Black Forest Panorama g4/34/521334/3/91664647.0dnENz1A.jpg The famous house between rocks at the Côte de Granite Rose Mieke
Altermarkt, seen from South Tower of Cologne Cathedral Preserving the Neptune Temple at Paestum - IV Venice Carnival Portrait Harvesting Asparagus
Waterfall Luke Fall Evening in Black Forest Climbing
Central aisle of Cologne Cathedral Peek&Cloppenburg Weltstadthaus Volatile Encounter Margin Milieu
Museum Ludwig and Cologne Cathedral Palermo Sun Mount Etna Cologne Carnival 2008
Sad Baboon Siena Venice Carnival Street Capture at the Flea Market
Woman seen from above l'Arlesienne Palermo Sicily - Castellammare del Golfo
Street Portrait Venice Carnival Mask Two Expressions (Street Portrait) Roncalli Square
Cologne Cathedral Southern Facade Shopping at Schildergasse Marabou Relic Busts of the Klarenaltar in Cologne Cathedral
View of the Swiss alps seen from Herzogenhorn, Black Forest Blue Heron Tempio della Concordia at Agrigent Quartet
Pointe du Raz - Cloud Aeshna Cyanea Sea Fishing Street Portrait
Evening light at the beach Stone Monsters at Cote Granite Rose Venice Little girl in a streetcar, just after being told by her mother to shut up
Evening Sky Red Skirt Edit #4 Always the Sun Venice, Castello
Lizard Venice Carnival Mask Preserving the Neptune Temple at Paestum - VII Sicily - Lo Zingaro Nature Reservation
Daria IV g6/34/521334/3/73611995.F7sjoBll.jpg Street Portrait Blue Heron with Catch
Venice Carnival Portrait Sunset at Pointe du Raz Smoke Pipe Two Cathedrals
Teatro Graeco at Taormina Bar Priori, Volterra Wheelchair Bound Red Skirt Edit #6
Cologne in Christmas Time Venice Carnival Portrait Farmland near Pienza Venice Carnival
Venice Carnival Citadelle of Port Louis, Morbihan Venice, view from Ponte Scalzi Church at Buscemi
Morning Sun in Winter Paestum Temple of Hera Beggar Woman at Cologne Cathedral Venice Carnival 2008
Cologne Cathedral Waterfall in Triberg, Black Forest (II) Venice ... Sign Pointe du Raz, Bretagne
Double Sign Sicily - Temple at Segesta Fete des Gardians, Arles Caltagirone
Venice Carnival Mask Seahorse Working for a Living III Relief of Church St. Gregor, Cologne
Newly Engaged Dekagon of Romanesque Church St. Gereon Pairing Historical Oil Mill
Flying Grey Heron Cologne Cathedral Mieke Venice Carnival Scene
Drinking Sheep Giving away Brochures Venice, Fondamenta de la Preson Landscape near Pienza
Cameraman in the Cold Streetpainting Red Skirt Edit #3 Jorie
Sicily - Selinunte Venetian Scene Inside Cologne Cathedral Maquillage
Venice Carnival 2008 Jennie Tuscany Sunrise Venice Carnival Scene
Otter looking forward to the feeding Being Together Portrait of a woman from Arles Orange Tulip
No Sun Venice Carnival Rencontre g3/34/521334/3/89365852.GesgcAZU.jpg
Morning Mist Evening light in De Alde Feanen, Netherlands Naples - National Archeological Museum Street Capture
Sharing Venice ... Venetian Scene Taking a Nap
Venice Carnival Portrait Cormorant Sicily - Seascape near Scopello Here am I
Village in Cilento Slalom Operation Cabin of Deutz Swingbridge  Cologne Testimony
Venice Carnival Mask g1/34/521334/3/93016872.et0by4kx.jpg Inside Cologne Cathedral Somaya at her market stand in Arles
Fritillaria meleagris Sylt Sunset g6/34/521334/3/76843837.yKsj1YXx.jpg Fritillaria meleagris
Olive Trees and Melons in the Maremma Street Portrait Olive Trees at Castiglione del Lago Trying to do a self portrait
Dragon Fly covered with Dew Carnevale in Venice Yellow Bike Streetpainter
Self Portrait Flamenco Concert New Urban Space at South Wharf in Cologne g6/34/521334/3/74127022.HwyzVGsb.jpg
Balloon Bottles Hohenzollern Railway Bridge in Cologne Homeless at Cologne Cathedral View from the South Tower of Cologne Cathedral
Fete des Gardians, Arles Globe by Artist HA Schult Hiking Trail to Feldberg/Black Forest Friends
Paestum Temple of Hera Creek on the rocks Red Skirt Edit #2 Jennie
Venice Carnival 2008 Venice carnival Scene Palinuro, Harbour Flying Grey Heron
Medieval Bridge Santa Pia Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral Beggar Woman at Cologne Cathedral
Platycnemis pennipes, juvenile Magnolia Graffito at Freiburg The Fall
Venice Carnival Venice ... Phare de Ploumanac'h Waiting
Venice, Campanile and Palazzo Ducale Venice ... Cologne Sports Arena View from South Tower of Cologne Cathedral
Cheese at the Market of Acciaroli Pyrrhosoma nymphula Poppy Heart Surgery
Painting with Light Black Forest ain't black at all Venice... Venice Carnival Portrait
Roncalli Square Carnevale The Wild One Fete des Gardians, Arles
Street Portrait Hospital Hotel Dieu in Beaune, Burgundy, France Bald Eagle (juvenile) Carnevale di Venezia
Nightglow Baboon Clan in the Cold Ostrich Locker
Venice, Fondamenta de le Prigioni and Ponte Di Rialto Cologne Carnival Make Up Venice Carnival 2008
Eagle Owl Make Up g6/34/521334/3/73662505.gPof4wxy.jpg Carnevale di Venezia
Piazza del Campo, Siena Wreck Decorated Hohenzollern Bridge Venice Carnival 2008
Cologne Sunset Light on Cologne Cathedral One year old Marlar of Cologne Zoo enjoying a bath Venice Carnival 2008
Street Portrait Sylt Rotes Kliff in sunset light Cologne Central Station Storm over the Crau landscape
g3/34/521334/3/54716588._DSC6328web.jpg Fashion Show Carnevale di Venezia Cologne Carnival Season in Progress
Assault Somaya at her market stand in Arles Cologne Cathedral Window Pane (Detail) Street Portrait
Venice ... Cityscope Black Forest Winter Venezia
Cologne Visitor in Front of Cologne Cathedral Lamppost on Cologne Hohenzollern Bridge Tannery in Fez, Morocco
Venice Carnival 2008 Daria 2 Little Brown Panda Little Brown Panda
Street Portrait Start of Cologne Carnival Session g1/34/521334/3/93073238.kIrcxKLt.jpg Curcuma powder at the market in Arles
Yet Another Waterfall Venice, Fondamenta Zattere Foothills of Black Forest at Sunrise Daria
g6/34/521334/3/83995682.vrGaHJPx.jpg Bayenturm, Cologne Spring Sylt Sunset II
Wearing Colors Make Up Cologne Harbour Construction Site u35/michael_w/medium/40497251._DSC6113Schwannah.jpg
Fine herbs at the market in Arles Cologne Cathedral Muezzin of the old Mosque in New Qurna Fine herbs at the market in Arles
Feeding pigeons in Cannaregio Cologne Carnival 2008 Street Scene in Collioure, Roussillon, France Mieke
Cologne Harbour Construction Site Carnevale di Venezia 2010 Magnolia II Roman pavement in Cologne
Fashion Show Cataract Cologne-All-in-One #2 Fete des Gardians, Arles
Climbing at Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne Cologne Cathedral g4/34/521334/3/90693957.JqSbdko9.jpg Corpus Christi Procession in Cologne
Le soleil de Collioure Annie Stairway to Heaven g1/34/521334/3/127843429.YcN8pXKT.jpg
Streetpainting Coffee Break Start of Cologne Carnival Session Fencing Post
Pointe de la Torche Sylt Seascape Piazza del Campo in Siena Fall Fun Fair
g1/34/521334/3/93287106.myiIW7qy.jpg Inside Karnak Temple La Baie de Plangouenal Chartres en lumière
Venice, Zattere Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne The Ditched Icecream Cone Streetpainting
Venice Carnival 2010 has started Waterfall in Triberg, Black Forest g1/34/521334/3/128298985.FQqoupjM.jpg Woman from Arles in her traditional costume
Nike at Collioure Somaya at the market in Arles Tannery in Fez II Venice, Castello
Buttress of Cologne Cathedral Egypt - Thebes, Medinet Habu Product Placement Venezia amore mio
Fete des Gardians, Arles Venice ... Venice Espresso Cup
Venice Impression Cathedral of Amiens Corpus Christi Procession in Cologne Cologne-All-in-One
Decorated Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne North Entrance of Cologne Cathedral Streetpainting Grey Heron
Streetpainting Rehearsal Guard at Luxor Temple Streetpainting
Goethe's house in Weimar Abstract Nude Cologne Streetpainting
Under Construction g3/34/521334/3/121875839.YMbd18hb.jpg Cathedral of Amiens Historical Steam Engine at Cologne Central Station
g6/34/521334/3/77743809.0wfT3nHS.jpg Carnevale di Venezia 2009 has started Egypt - Thebes, Valley of the Queens Sylt Seascape 2007
Heating Up  Egypt - New Qurna Cologne Central Station The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Working in the Tanneries of Fez Streetpainting Egypt - Thebes, Ramesseum Cheetah
g1/34/521334/3/108929240.OYd04lFW.jpg Morning Sun in the Desert g3/34/521334/3/122289447.XELY8kAi.jpg Signs of Fall
Maze Peacock in the Garden of Schwetzingen Palace In the Medina of Fez Pisa
Braiding Cornrows g1/34/521334/3/129965834.V35tvT1T.jpg g1/34/521334/3/93323932.DJtOsxBG.jpg Decorated Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne (Detail)
Double-helix staircase Cologne Cathedral Deutz Bridge, Cologne Cologne covered with snow
Egypt - Deir El-Bahri Bride in the Fountain Arles, Place de la Republique Spring II
View from Kaiserstuhl to Black Forest g1/34/521334/3/94070109.1Q7Ui6uS.jpg Salt Work Bridges of Prague
g5/34/521334/3/99408767.uoCg6aff.jpg Cologne, Hohenzollern Railway Bridge Now things seem to get out of hand... Magnolia III
And every now and then: Cologne Cathedral g3/34/521334/3/94900848.0qZs7ICB.jpg Venezia - Castello g3/34/521334/3/121896821.ONFfLokJ.jpg
Cologne Rheinauhafen g1/34/521334/3/109457100.VgXHdzWc.jpg Cité of Carcassonne Cookshop in Marrakesh
Medieval Bridge Ponte della Pia, Tuscany Cologne Hohenzollern Bridge Ancient spreadsheet from the administration of Karnak Temple Yesterday Paper
Hydrangea Climbing Demolition Museum Ludwig, Cologne
Cloister of Elne, Roussillon, France Espresso Treatment g1/34/521334/3/108842876.QBmcHeiY.jpg Cormorant drying his feathers in the morning sun
Bride on the Bridge Glass Dome of the German Parliament seen from Berlin Central Station Terrace of Pirate Tower, Kasbah, Rabat Spring
Cologne Ray of sunlight pointing into the tomb of Rekhmire Venice Impression Stair well
Czech Musicians g3/34/521334/3/112865990.YxbzuviO.jpg g6/34/521334/3/79745091.nd3yK9iq.jpg g3/34/521334/3/122016149.oIb0Lb4L.jpg
Saint-Malo Fort Yesterday Cemetery of Rabat Baby Baboon with Clan
Valley of the Kings, Entrance Area Cologne Cathedral Cologne Carnival 2008 Le Pont du Gard
School of the Koran in Marrakesh Venice Gargoyle spitting icicles Chartres en lumière
g3/34/521334/3/122098663.RS1ADt3m.jpg Relaxing on the Campo in Siena Venice Venice Carnival Portrait
Venice Carnival Souk in the Medina of Marrakesh Carnival Impression Britta Schmitt, Duo Joncol
Streetpainting River Lot near Saint Cirq Lapopie Cologne Cathedral in Snow Flurry Detail of the Cologne Hohenzollern Railroad Bridge
Kranhaus Turner Demolition III Historical Steam Engine (Detail)
Venezia Lucca, Piazza dell'Anfiteatro Fabric at the market in Arles Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail in Meknes
Butcher in his antique shop in Chartres La Côte Sauvage Demolition Venice, Castello
Impromptu protest posters Cologne Cathedral Cologne Flooding Demolition II
Phare d'Eckmühl Chateau et Jardins de Villandry Siena g3/34/521334/3/121944283.Uvg50vlS.jpg
Venice Portrait Reflection of Cologne Cathedral g3/34/521334/3/121917024.5tqlivvA.jpg g3/34/521334/3/122044426.cQdpP0eM.jpg
Salt Work g3/34/521334/3/121983924.548Ip3B6.jpg Venice, Palazzo Ducale, San Marco g1/34/521334/3/111887067.ifnFPBjR.jpg
Weaver Czech Musicians g3/34/521334/3/122071510.IlqFqhjD.jpg Hulk
Cologne Cathedral Spectacle g3/34/521334/3/122397114.g4YXXhLb.jpg Cascade du Sautadet Cologne Cathedral
Phare de Ploumanac'h Climbing Cathedral of Amiens Seagulls fighting over food
Koenigsstuhl g1/34/521334/3/128039551.CosQD34G.jpg Vanity Fair Christmas Market
Saint-Malo Ruegen Island Phare d'Eckmühl, Staircase Pointe de Dinan
Phare du Cap Fréhel Supervising Venice Carnival Seashore North Tower of Cologne Cathedral
Projekt Hex Sunset after the first snowfall Czech Musician Fishing at the Côte Sauvage
Salines Black Forest Cologne Cathedral Saint-Malo Plage
g3/34/521334/3/122234613.JSfEErvz.jpg Venice Carnival, Palazzo Ducale Cologne Flooding g3/34/521334/3/122157064.3aYjL4LA.jpg
Pointe de Pen Hir - Tas de Pois Cologne, Rheinauhafen Fritillaria Gondole beneath Rialto Bridge
Venice Cologne Cathedral Chancel Steam Train Rasender Roland, Island of Ruegen Construction Site
g3/34/521334/3/124400499.iyLXzPCy.jpg g1/34/521334/3/125692750.hhz1Aiwa.jpg g3/34/521334/3/122121543.3LvamogR.jpg Ijsselmeer
L'Eglise Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption Trauma Hohenzollern Bridge, decorated Refurbishment of Severin Bridge
Almost Summer Locks at Cologne Hohenzollern Bridge Buttress of Cologne Cathedral Queenstown, New Zealand
Construction Site La Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel View from Feldberg/Black Forest to the Swiss Alps Cologne, Rheinauhafen
Faces of Buildings in Prague Carnevale di Venezia 2011 g3/34/521334/3/124181067.UzQ1nwIF.jpg Cologne Flooding
Ruegen Island Reed Cologne Cathedral Venice
Projekt Hex Ijsselmeer Playing Chess New Zealand, Doubtful Sound Rain Forest
g4/34/521334/3/133055147.GZD49LOb.jpg Urban Ambiguity Rehearsal Cologne Cathedral
Cologne Suedbruecke (South Bridge) Contrast Todtnau Waterfall Padlocks
Buttress of Cologne Cathedral Cologne Fall Fun Fair Le Pouldu Friesland, Netherlands
Nationaal Park 'De Alde Feanen' St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Cologne Flooding Birch Forest
g3/34/521334/3/123029942.6SvgRqy2.jpg A Storm Autumn Cold Front Venice Carnival, Palazzo Ducale
Black Forest Early Winter St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Abbaye Sainte-Croix de Quimperlé Scaffolds hanging from the northern tower of Cologne Cathedral
Phare d'Eckmühl St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Kipper Chateau de Villandry
Fahl Waterfalls Running Le Mont-Saint-Michel Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand
Colosseum in Rome g1/34/521334/3/129566516.AszayfKb.jpg Black Forest early Winter Black Forest Evening Scenery
Nationaal Park 'De Alde Feanen' South Portal of Cologne Cathedral in Winterly Condition Doubtful Sound, New Zealand Fountain
Makkum g3/34/521334/3/123729417.WRRKQeXE.jpg Promises, Bondage River Rhine Winter Shoreline
Cologne Cathedral Belfry Doubtful Sound, New Zealand Buttress of Cologne Cathedral Sunrise after Rainfall
In Rome, Italy Tiber, Ponte Sisto, Dome of St. Peter's Basilica Bride on the Bridge Hector Dolphins in Doubtful Sound
Lightshow Illumina g3/34/521334/3/123906218.5Lui3w0v.jpg Tasman Glacier