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Winter 2013/14

To me winter is cold, ice, and snow, so for this gallery I use the meteorological winter definition, which encompasses
the three coldest months of the year, running from December 1 to the end of February, rather than the more common
astronomical winter definition, which is based on the position of the sun and runs from winter solstice to spring equinox.
I also include any photos from late autumn that look like winter (i.e. contain ice or snow). Since I love color, to me the
challenge for winter photography (other than being out in the hostile, unfriendly, and often dangerous environment of
the Canadian winter) is to find and photograph color in a typically gray and drab time of year.

Winter 2013/14 Around the House
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Travelers Tankard 2014 OCA Ontario Curling Championship Games
<< Travelers Tankard 2014 OCA Ontario Curling Championship Games >>
Thawing Rideau Canal 20140320 Thawing Rideau River 20140319
Queen St Convenience 43535-7 Winter Sunrise 20140318 Moon Over Rideau Canal At Dawn 20140317 Rideau Canal Sunrise Solar Pillar 20140316
Thawing Rideau Canal 20140315 Barn & Tall Pine 43389-93 Barn At First Light 20140314 Snowscape 43371
Departing Storm Clouds 20140313 Centennial Park 43358 20140312 Snowstorm 20140312 Blue Jay DSCF14189
Bald Eagle In Flight (crop) 20140311 Pileated Woodpecker DSCF14126 Snowscape DSCF14099-101 Jasper Avenue 20140310
1 William Street E (43233-40) Econo Lodge At Night 43189-97 Two Swans Aswimming 43176 Two Swans Aswimming At Sunrise 20140309
On the Wolfe Island Ferry DSCF14051-2 Bounding Deer 20140307 Three Deer DSCF13970 Tree Between Turbines DSCF13945
House & Wind Turbine Blades DSCF13937-8 Barn & Wind Turbine DSCF13929 Tree Beside Misty Canal At Sunrise DSCF13906-8 Frosty Sunrise Farm 43134
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20140306 Bright Night Light Pillar 20140305 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140204 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140303
Station Theatre Sidedoor 20140302 Perth Bandstand At Dawn 20140301 Rideau Canal Dawn 20140228 Rustic Building At Sunrise 20140226
Rustic Building At Sunrise 42884 B&W Winter Sunrise 20140225 Daybreak Cloud 42822 Farm At First Light 20140224
Canadian Mississippi River DSCF13723-5 Beckwith Street At Dawn 20140223 Here Comes The Sun 20140222 Swale Sunset 20140221
Mac's Ultramar 42627-8 Tracks On Otter Lake 20140220 Snowshoe Hare Profile DSCF13617 Snowshoe Hare DSCF13552
Snowshoe Hare 20140219 Deep In Snow 42612 30 Russell Street E (20140218) Tracks In The Snow 42559
Sunrise Moon Over Pines 42544-5 Dawn Moon Over Otter Lake 20140217 Winter Sunrise 20140216 Porcupine DSCF13485
Deep In Snow 20140215 Beckwith Street At First Light 42477-8 Heritage House On A Bright Night 20140214 River Mist At Sunrise 20140213
Frosty Dawn 20140212 Shed Entrance DSCF13407 Rustic Shed At Sunrise 20140211 Rustic Farm In Winter Sunrise 20140210
Rustic Farm In Winter Sunrise 42252 Irish Creek Sunrise 20140209 Winter Farm DSCF13396-7 Winter Farm At Dawn 20140208
Sunrise Shadows 20140207 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20140206 Beckwith Street Bridge At Night 20140205 Winter Barn In Sunrise 20140204
Reflecting On Icicles DSCF13282-4 Daybreak Snowscape 20140203 Snowy Bench 42004 Wintry Confederation Drive 20140202
Four Trees In Snowfall DSCF13042 OCA 2014 Championship Sheets DSCF13024.27.30 OCA 2014 Championship Sheets DSCF13024.27.30v2 Curling 'Houses' DSCF12998
Snowscape DSCF12993-5 Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre 20140131 Irish Creek Winter Sunrise 20140130 Rideau River Sunrise 41876-8
Winter Barns At Dawn 41872-3 Split-rail Snowscape 20140129 PEPSI At Sunrise 20140128 Blowing Snow DSCF12964
Axle Deep DSCF12954 Blowing Snow 41865 Snowstorm 20140127 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140126
St Francis de Sales Church DSCF12918-20 The Craine House 20140125 Misty Canal Basin At Night 20140124 Iced Spillway 20140123
Iced Spillway DSCF12874 Mist At Sunrise DSCF12849-51 Pines In Mist At Sunrise DSCF12823 Night Mist 20140122
Pines At Sunrise 20140121 Dawn Moon DSCF12783-5 Bright Night 20140120 Bright Night 41821.3
Rustic Horse Shed In Snowfall 20140119 Lone Pine In Snowstorm DSCF12741 Car In Snowstorm DSCF12729-32 Almost A Sunrise 20140118
Snowscape 20140117 Mallard Profile DSCF12620 Jumping Jay DSCF12585 White-tailed Deer DSCF12578
Pine At Night 41781 Moon Over Pines 41771 Full Moon Over Three Pines 20140116 Barely A Sunrise 20140115
Pines In Fog 20140114 January Thaw DSCF12543-5 Frozen Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140113 Red Barn At Dawn DSCF12504-6
Wintry Old Barn Roofs DSCF12483.5 Winter Farmscape DSCF12462-4 Barn Beyond Icy Pasture 20140112 79 Beckwith Street North 20140111
Snowy Tim Hortons 20140110 Frozen Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise 20140109 Frozen Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise 41601 Wintry Otter Lake 20140108
Rideau Canal At Dawn 20140107 Rideau Canal At Dawn 41556-8 A Light In The Night 20140106 Snowy Bales In Snow Covered Field During Snowstorm DSCF12378
Barn In Snowstorm DSCF12371 George Street 20140105 Winter Sunset DSCF12343 Light Pillars 20140104
Produce Stand On A Winter's Night 20140103 Carling Place 20140102 Lafarge Smiths Falls At Dawn 41435.40.42 St James Anglican At Sunrise 41413
Frosty Canadian Mississippi River 20140101 Misty Canadian Mississippi River 41387 Canadian Mississippi River At Sunrise 41374 Barn In Mist 41359-60vs01
Barn In Mist 41359-60 Falls At Almonte At Dawn 41332-5 Falls At Almonte At Dawn 41328-31 Falls At Almonte At Dawn 41325-7
Mill Street At First Light 41318-20 Winter Barn 20131231 First Baptist Church 41306-14 Holy Trinity Anglican Church DSCF12313-5
VIA Rail Station At Dawn 20131230 Wintry Rideau Canal Dawn 20131229 Elmsley At Centre Street 20131228 Hillcrest At First Light 41202-6
Winter Farm At First Light 20131227 Canal Kiosk In Winter 20131226 Holiday Lights 41140-50 Christmas Sunrise Mist 20131225
Moon Over Pines At Sunrise 41113 Iced Tree 20131224 Iced Tree 20131223 Wintry Queen Street At Dawn 20131222
Merry Christmas 2013 Pines Beside The Canal 20131221 Shadow Of Summer Past 41049-51 Riverdale Avenue On A Wintry Night 20131220
Night Clouds 20131219 Winter Night Clouds 41012-3 Snowy Engine 1112 (20131218) Winter Sunrise 40976-7
Frosty Misty Night 20131217 Frosty Trees 40924-5 Winter Sunrise Fog 20131216 Bench & Tree In Winter Sunrise Fog 40900
Main & Beckwith In Snowstorm 20131215 Sunrise Tracks 20131214 Holiday Lights 40840-5 Holiday Lights 20131213
Church Street East 40817-9 Chambers Street Subway 40802-3 Green Cart Corrals 20131211 Rideau Canal Dawn 20131210
Davidson Courtyard 40718 Russell Street West 20131209 Freezing Irish Creek DSCF12262 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131208
County Fair Mall Staples 40589-94 Winter Cornfield 20131207 Gallipeau Centre Driveway 40570-3 Railing Shadow 20131206
Centennial Park At Night 40535 Dock Light At Night 40529 Centennial Park At Night 20131205 On Target 40507-19
Fogged Lights 40498-506 Holiday Lights 40489-97 Holiday Lights 20131204 Running Avenue 40449-51
Christmas Nativity In Lights 40428-33 Main Street 40425-7 Three Trees & Benches 20131203 Where I Stood 40333
Kinsmen Community Pavilion In Fog 40313 Three Trees & Bench In Fog 20131202 Bright Night 40273-5 127 Beckwith Street N (40254-60)
Posing Horse 20131201 Bales & Trees At Sunrise 40191 Winter Barn At Sunrise 20131130 Frosty Sunrise 40161-2
Sun Over 'Time' DSCF11979-81 'Time' Snowbound 20131129 Watch Your Step 40141 Freezing Rideau Canal At Sunrise 40127
Winter Barn At Dawn 20131128 CP Holiday Train 2013 (40083) CP Holiday Train 2013 (40063) CP Holiday Train 2013 (40038)
CP Holiday Train 2013 (40023) CP Holiday Train 2013 Passengers (40018) CP Holiday Train 2013 (40007) CP Holiday Train 2013 Arrives (39984)
CP Holiday Train 2013 Arrives (39964) CP Holiday Train 2013 Approaches (39950) Canadian Pacific 8958 (39904) CP Holiday Train 2013 (39880)
Snowy Pines DSCF11911 Snowy Beckwith Street 20131127 Dock Light At Night 39865 Snowy Pine 39833
Frosty Bales 20131124 Frosty Bales 39688-9v2 Freezing Irish Creek 39658-9 Santa Claus Parade 2013 (39620)
Santa Claus Parade 2013 (39610) Santa Claus Parade 2013 (39590) Santa Claus Parade 2013 (39588) Santa Claus Parade 2013 (39509)
Santa Claus Parade 2013 (39505)