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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Spring 2024 Gallery tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Spring 2024 Gallery

Photos taken during meteorological Spring 2024 which began here on 1 March 2024 and ends on 31 May 2024.
Winter 2023-24 was the warmest on record with springlike conditions starting well before March.

Song Sparrow Singing DSCN001410 Mute Swan & Three Cygnets At Sunrise 90D113122 Mute Swans & 3 Cygnets At Sunrise DSCN001293 Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D112962
Mute Swan & Three Cygnets At Sunrise DSCN001145 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN001070 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D112889 Mute Swan Laughing At Its Three Cygnets DSCN001000
Common Loon In Flight DSCN000951 Chipmunk On A Rock DSCN000228 Sun Through Thin Clouds DSCN000441 VIA Rail Train 641 Torontobound 90D112770
Solar Pillar Beyond Rideau Canal 90D112714 Gosling Wing Flap DSCN000887 Mute Swan & Cygnet Reflected DSCN000827 Two Loons In Misty Sunrise DSCN000571
Gray Catbird DSCN000736 Weak 20240510 Aurora At Dusk 90D111252 Mute Swan & Three Cygnets DSCN000644 Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D112727-31
Boat In Steam Fog At Sunrise DSCN000624 Mute Swan & Three Cygnets DSCN000291 Flower Moon Beyond Kilmarnock Island 90D112590 Mayfly Reflected DSCN000329
Mute Swan In Setting Moon Reflection DSCN000283 Great Blue Heron Profile DSCN000201 Mute Swan & Two Cygnets DSCN000064 Wood Duck Duckling Train P1100976
Yellow Warbler Warbling P1110115 Clouded Sunrise Through Fog 90D112530 Great Blue Heron Striking P1110016 Great Blue Heron With Catch P1110020
Great Blue Heron Swallowing Catch P1110044 Mute Swan & Five Cygnets P1100899 Dragonfly Caught In Spider Web P1100949 Clouded Moon Setting Beyond Lower Reach 90D112083
Clouded Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D111984 Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D111898 Mute Swan & Cygnets P1100776 Mute Swan Cygnet Hitching A Ride 90D111859
Mute Swan & Six Cygnets P1100634 20240510 Aurora 90D111295 Mute Swan & Cygnets P1100569 Wet White & Purple Iris Beard Closeup P1100529 (crop)
Spider With A Meal P1100353 CPKC 113 Departing At Dawn 90D111620 Yellow Warbler P1100321 20240510 Aurora Beyond Rideau River 90D111232
Sun Rising Beyond Clouds 90D111530 Yellow Warbler Taking Flight P1100219 Female Northern Cardinal DSCN165919 20240510 Aurora 90D111342
20240510 Aurora (iPhone 14-3140) Mute Swan In Flight DSCN166072 20240510 Aurora 90D111337 (crop) 20240510 Aurora 90D111379
Mute Swan In Flight DSCN166070 20240510 Aurora 90D111379 (crop) Lilac Buds P1100182 Yellow Warbler P1100122
20240510 Aurora 90D111370 20240510 Aurora Beyond Irish Creek 90D111405 Eastern Towhee Calling Atop A Spruce DSCN166193 20240510 Aurora Beyond Roses Bridge 90D111398
Warbling Vireo Warbling P1100067 20240511 Aurora Beyond The Swale (iPhone14-3146) 20240510 Aurora 90D111337 20240510 Aurora First Glimmer 90D111209
20240510 Aurora & Clouded Crescent Moon (iPhone 14-3131) 20240510 Aurora Beyond Irish Creek 90D111401 20240510 Aurora & Crescent Moon 90D111320 20240510 Aurora Beyond Irish Creek 90D111404
20240510 Aurora 90D111364 20240510 Aurora Beyond Lower Reach (iPhone14-3137) Mute Swan Taking Flight DSCN166066 Orange-crowned Warbler DSCN166018
Mute Swan In Flight DSCN166073 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D111118-22 Eastern Towhee DSCN165899 Sunrise Beyond Misty Swale 90D111043
Dawn Fog, Mist & Clouds 90D110441 Le Boat Fleet Queue At Sunrise 90D110888 Red Sky Morning 90D110930 Milky Way Galactic Core Beyond Irish Creek 90D110776
Le Boat Fleet Queue Beginning DSCN165731 Gosling Sticking Out Its Tongue DSCN165672 Night Clouds Beyond Turtle Island 90D110375 Great Blue Heron At Night 90D110392
Rising Sun Beyond Foggy Otter Creek 90D110593 Great Blue Heron In The Swale DSCN165548 Great Blue Heron At Abbott Street Dam DSCN165638 Tree In Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D110072
Spring Runoff In Old Mill Channel 90D110334 VIA Rail Siemens Charger Approaching 90D109517 VIA Rail Siemens Charger Departing 90D109539 Rideau Canal Victoria Basin Filled DSCN165496
Mourning Dove Lurking In An Evergreen Bush DSCN165458 Contorted Contrail At Sunrise 90D110230 American Bittern In Flight DSCN165395 American Bittern In Flight DSCN165393
Moon Beyond Ground fog 90D109978BW Moon Beyond Ground fog 90D109978 Cloud Mountains Beyond Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D109997 Cloud Mountains Beyond Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D110008
Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D110117 Yellow Warbler In An Evergreen Bush DSCN165072 Yellow-rumped Warbler DSCN165067 VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing At Old Slys Locks 90D109763
VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing At Old Slys Locks 90D109751 Foggy Otter Creek At Sunrise 90D109150 Wilted Purple Tulip P1100017 Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D109642-6
Great Blue Heron In Flight 90D109704 Partial Rainbow Beyond Water Tower 90D109699 Common Loon Spreading Its Wings DSCN164733-4 Goslings On The Rocks DSCN164894
Belted Kingfisher In A Tree DSCN164685 Sun Rising Beyond Fog Over Water 90D109322-6 Great Blue Heron In Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN164598 Sunrise Solar Pillar & Barn 90D109422-6
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D109207 Trumpeter Swans Making Cygnets DSCN164634 Sun Rising Beyond Distant Misty Rideau Canal 90D109247-51 Mute Swan Wing Flap DSCN164529
Sunspots 20240426 (DSCN164474) Geese & Goslings In Fog At Sunrise 90D109162 Ring-billed Gull In Flight At Sunrise DSCN164139 Sun Rising Beyond Fog Over Water 90D109354
VIA Rail Train 41 At Sunrise 90D109094 Mute Swan Busking DSCN164385 Dead Spider P1100014 Rainy Beckwith Street At Dawn 90D109032-5
Osprey In A Field DSCN164267 CPKC 113 Deparing In Rain At Dawn 90D109018 Purple Tulip Interior P1090979 CPKC 113 Departing At Dawn 90D108947
Trumpeter Swan Preening Under Wing Reflected DSCN164202 Spring Runoff Over Old Mill Dam 90D108799 Ring-billed Gull In Flight At Sunrise DSCN164109 Two Mute Swans DSCN164082
Great Blue Heron Behind Grass DSCN164038 Surprise Clouded Sunrise 90D108689-93 Seventeen Cedar Waxwings In A Tree DSCN164020 Horned Grebe In Breeding Plumage Taking Flight DSCN163907
Cloud Bank Over Rideau River DSCN163980 Horned Grebe Couple In Breeding Plumage DSCN163899 Horned Grebe In Breeding Plumage DSCN163905 Cedar Waxwing DSCN163693
Loon In Rain DSCN163867 Purple Tulip Interior DSCN163859 Cormorant In Flight DSCN163846 Red-tailed Hawk Portrait DSCN163594
Bumblebee On A Door Jamb DSCN163745 Cormorant Taking Flight DSCN163827 Fifteen Cedar Waxwings In A Tree DSCN163682 Lower Reach At Sunrise 90D108372
Tree Swallow Putting On The Air Brakes DSCN163600 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D108329 Cormorant In Flight DSCN163569 Female Red-breasted Merganser DSCN163553
Red-tailed Hawk DSCN163581 Male Bufflehead Flapping His Wings DSCN162924 CN 3144 CPKC 113 Mid-DPU At Dawn 90D108199 Wet Spring Blossoms DSCN163540 'Art'
Interesting Morning Sky Over The Swale DSCN163506 Muskrat At Sunrise DSCN163330 Clouded Sunrise Beyond The Rideau Canal 90D108160-4 Tree Swallows Chatting DSCN163476
Osprey Landing On A Floodlight DSCN163383 Rideau Canal Dawn 90D107892 Sunlit Open Dark Pink Tulip DSCN163314 Deteriorating Dock At Sunrise 90D107764
Mist At Sunrise 90D107702 Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN163275 Two Trumpeter Swans In The Swale DSCN163243 VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing The Rideau 90D107707
Clouded 20240408 Solar Eclipse 90D107659 Clouded 20240408 Solar Eclipse DSCN163173 Clouded 20240408 Solar Eclipse DSCN163132 Beckwith Street Bridge At Night In Spring Snowstorm 90D107322-6
Downy Woodpecker Twofer DSCN163049 Female Ring-necked Duck On The 'Alligator' Mound DSCN162949 Blue Light Bandstand 90D107227-31 Mallard Drake In Flight DSCN162882
Wild Turkey Fanning Tail DSCN162959 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D107572-6 Beaver Boogying Along The Road DSCN162853 Lower Reach Park In Spring Snowstorm DSCN162844
CPKC Tanker Train At Night In Spring Snowstorm 90D107381 Eastern Meadowlark DSCN162493 Centennial Park At Night In Spring Snowstorm 90D107515 CP 8951 Departing At Night In Spring Snowstorm 90D107437
Snow Plastered Trees DSCN162815 Dark Pink Tulips P1090932 Eastbound & Westbound Trains Passing At Night 90D107402 Spring Snowstorm At Night 90D107345
Calm Lower Reach DSCN162566 Walkers At Night In A Spring Snowstorm 90D107300 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Barn 90D107287-91 Sunrise Clouds Over Farm 90D107142-6
A Gulp Of Swallows Composite DSCN162744-52 Interesting Clouds Across From Sunrise 90D107199 Water Tower Lit Blue For World Autism Month 90D106877-81 Male Northern Shoveler DSCN162629
Shed Side Detail DSCN162548 Male Northern Cardinal DSCN162545 Eastern Meadowlark Singing DSCN162485 Osprey Watching Waning Worm Moon DSCN162351
Clouded Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D106869 Osprey Closeup DSCN162255 Mute Swan In Flight DSCN162129 Blue Jay Behind A Branch DSCN162210
Mute Swan Preening DSCN162168 Mute Swan In Flight DSCN162123 Male Bufflehead Duck DSCN162060 McNeely Avenue Bridge DSCN161823
Red-winged Blackbird On A Cattail Calling DSCN162095 Geese Flying Over Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D106813 CP 9764 Idling At Night 90D106672 Male Hooded Merganser Taking Flight DSCN162046
Male Common Goldeneye DSCN161825 Male Common Merganser DSCN161904 Tulip Sprouts In Spring Snow DSCN161888 Eastbound Train Crew Change On A Snowy Night 90D106526
Park Bench In Spring Snow DSCN161873 Eastbound & Westbound Night Trains Passing In Spring Snowfall 90D106516 Otter Creek At Sunrise 90D106436 Male Northern Cardinal Calling DSCN161858
Black-capped Chickadee Dining On A Tree Bud DSCN161781 Mississippi Riverwalk DSCN161691 Common Goldeneye In Flight DSCN161844 Lone Tree In Snowfall DSCN161614
Old Slys Lock Office Light At Night 90D106167 Clouds & Sunrise Color Beyond Spring Snow 90D106313 Ring-billed Gull In Flight DSCN161642 Sunbeams Beyond Trees DSCN161493
Male Northern Cardinal DSCN161441 Lower Reach At Sunrise DSCN161599 Snowy Boathouse Roofs DSCN161504 Mute Swan Couple DSCN160838
Tree Trunk In Snow DSCN161540 Song Sparrow Profile DSCN161589 Heritage House Museum At Night 90D106213-7 Male Cardinal Singing DSCN161432
Tapped Maple Tree DSCN161399 Bald Eagle Flying Away At Sunrise DSCN161313 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D106064 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound In Rain 90D105947.9
Mist Beyond Canada Geese DSCN161174 Rideau Canal At Night 90D105771 Black-capped Chickadee On A Branch DSCN161228 Rideau Canal At First Light 90D105782-6
Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN161057 Silver Lining & Sunbeams DSCN161045 Canada Goose In Flight DSCN160931A Small Spider DSCN160959
Seven Ring-necked Ducks At Sunrise DSCN160888 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D105756 Mute Swan In Wind-Blown Water DSCN160855 VIA Rail Train 41 At Dawn 90D105670
Healey School Buses 90D105656BW Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D105621-5 Common Mergansers Taking Flight DSCN160722 Sunrise Beyond Winter Field 90D105631
Canada Geese Territorial Dispute DSCN160766 Canada Goose In Flight DSCN160212 Two Herring Gulls On Ice With A Meal DSCN160671 Red-winged Blackbird In Flight DSCN160706
Common Grackle Courtship Display DSCN160655 Common Grackle DSCN160649 Long-jawed Orb Weaver Spider DSCN160617 Westbound Freight Train In Night Fog 90D105031
Westbound Freight Train Rear DPU In Night Fog 90D105104 Jumping Blue Jay DSCN160543 Crescent Moon Beyond The Victoria Basin At Dawn 90D105331-5 Crescent Moon Beyond Thawing Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN160478
Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN160505 Three Mallards In Flight DSCN160433 Parking Lot Lights In Night Fog 90D104892 VIA Rail Station Tower In Night Fog 90D104925
Path Through Trees In Morning Fog DSCN160370 Male Hooded Merganser DSCN160275 Yellow Daffodils Closeup DSCN160193 (Art) Mr & Mrs Wood Duck DSCN160243
Clouded Sunrise Beyond Irish Creek 90D104686 Male Common Merganser Surfacing With Catch DSCN160187 Migrating Canada Geese Rest Stop (iPhone14-2992) Red-winged Blackbird Calling DSCN160157