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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> Photos by Subject >> Cityscapes Gallery >> Smiths Falls, Ontario Gallery >> Smiths Falls Wildlife >> Loons of Smiths Falls tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Loons of Smiths Falls

Two Common Loons DSCN134359 Common Loon DSCN134352 Common Loon DSCN131646 Common Loon Wing Flap DSCN131079
Loon & Raccoon Swimming Past Each Other DSCN100075 Swimming Loon DSCF20791 Loon Posed To Dive DSCN24199 Looking Loon DSCF02088
Loon Stretch DSCF4149 Loon In Tailwater DSCF4155 Swimming Loon DSCF4131 Swimming Loon DSCF4274
Loon And Beaver DSCN23578 Loon With Breakfast DSCN24481 Common Loon DSCF11041 Wet Head Loon P1130314
Common Loon DSCN24422 Two Common Loons DSCN12510 Two Loons DSCN22875 Common Loon DSCF7806
Two Loons DSCN22423 Common Loon DSCF7799 Loon On The Canal DSCN08943 Lounging Loon DSCN22476
Two Loons DSCN24525 Loon Spreading Its Wings DSCN24534 Common Loon DSCN21794 Loon Calling P1100774
Larry the Lounging Loon DSCN25395 Dripping Loon P1150780 Loon Stretching DSCN20489 Two Loons DSCN22421
Loon Flapping Its Wings DSCN24713 Common Loon DSCN25557 Preening Loon DSCN23516 Wet Head Loon P1130311
Loon Pair, One With Catch DSCN27943 Loon Coming Up Empty DSCN27922 Loon With A Catch DSCN19289 Dripping Loon P1140658
Loon Low In The Water P1120290 Loon Spreading Its Wings P1140647 Preening Loon DSCN25392 Wet-head Loon DSCN26776
Stretching Loon P1130238 Common Loon DSCN12522 Loon Stare Down DSCN12465 Common Loon DSCN52790
Loon Flapping Wings In Snowfall DSCN12899 Common Loon Pair DSCN26800 First 2019 Loon P1100564 Stretching Loon DSCN24184
Common Loon DSCN53083 Common Loon Spreading Its Wings P1080413 Common Loon DSCN66189 Common Loon With A Crayfish P1060864
Preening Loon DSCN13329 Resting Loon DSCN13809 Loon Calling DSCN12506 Common Loon Spreading Its Wings P1060433
1 Out Of 3 Loons Spreading Its Wings DSCN23121 Three Loons DSCN20407 Common Loon Courtship Dance DSCN98070 Common Loon In Calm Water Reflected DSCN99519
Common Loon Stretching DSCN56880 Loon Swimming Near Bullhead Lilies DSCN22528 Loon Flapping Its Wings DSCN27877 Loon With Spread Wings DSCN93655
Five Common Loons DSCN99689 Yawning Loon From The Rear DSCN93436 Loon Flapping Its Wings DSCN27926 Common Loon DSCN103013
Loon & Raccoon Swimming Toward Each Other DSCN100074 Common Loon Swimming DSCN93430 Common Loon With A Catch DSCN103553 Four Common Loons DSCN102066
Common Loon (Nonbreeding) DSCN109059 Common Loon DSCN125797 Three Common Loons DSCN127017 Common Loon DSCN124918