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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> Photos by Subject >> Cityscapes Gallery >> Smiths Falls, Ontario Gallery >> Along the Rideau Canal in Smiths Falls tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Along the Rideau Canal in Smiths Falls

The town of Smiths Falls, Ontario is commonly called the Heart of the Rideau Canal since it's at the midpoint of the canal that stretches 202 km (126 miles) between the cities of Ottawa and Kingston in eastern Ontario, Canada. The Rideau Canal Headquarters Office, the Rideau Canal Museum, the Rideau Canal Maintenance Compound, and three of the canal's lockstations are located in Smiths Falls, so the canal plays an important role in the town.

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Swamp Iris DSCN34262 Strawberry Moon Setting P1410810-6 Powwow Tipi P1410506-8 Rideau Paddlefest 2019 (1150511-1)
Fog Beyond Spring Trees P1130556-8 Fish Study P1130517 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1400688-94 Docked Le Boat Canadian Fleet At Night P1400575-81
Three LeBoats Out Of Twenty P1120681-3 LeBoat Crane P1120643 Detached Lock In Foggy First Light P1400419-21 Victoria Basin Weir P1400361-7
SCOW #1 P1120187 SCOW #1 P1120187BW Interesting Sky P1110686-8 2019 First Boat On The Canal P1110635-7
Cenotaph On A Foggy Night P1390840-4 High Water In Night Fog At Turtle Island P1390805-9 Setting Moon P1390677-83 Christmas Boathouses At Dawn P1390600-6
Spring Runoff P1390583 High Water P1390509 No Kidding DSCN32873 Clouds Over The Swale P1090246-52
Departing Rain Clouds Over The Swale P1090236-42 Centennial Park 'Ice Rink' P1080118-24 Lower Reach At Sunrise P1390210-2 20190310 Snowfall P1070573-5
20190310 Snowfall P1070555 Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1390184-90 Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1390184-90BW Boathouses In Frosty Sunrise P1390142-8
Frosty Winter Cattails P1390119-21 Sunrise Ground Fog At The Swale P1390082-4 Clouded Sun Over Turtle Island P1070548-54 Sun Rising Through Mist P1390031-7
Misty Old Slys Rapids At Sunrise P1390017-23 Crescent Moon Over Turtle Island At Dawn P1380904-10 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1070325-31 Misty Old Slys Rapids At Sunrise P1070297-03
Rising Mist At Sunrise P1070283-9 Rising Mist At Sunrise P1070262-8 Combined Lock Icefall P1070145-7 Combined Lock Icefall P1070144
Boathouse Doors P1060901 Sinking Into The Swale P1060897 Setting Snow Moon Over Collapsing Boathouse P1060821-7 Snowscape P1060445
Smiths Falls Ice Jam P1060232 Moon-Venus-Jupiter Conjunction P1050757-63 Icy Little Rapids P1050632 Jupiter & Venus Conjunction P1380418-24
Jupiter & Venus Conjunction & Meteor P1380171-7 Confederation Bridge In Sunrise Mist P1380036-42 Carss House Roofline Beyond Canal Basin Mist P1380015-21 Frosty Fallen Tree In Sunrise Mist P1370979-85
Rideau River Sunrise Frost P1370937-43 Iced Dam P1050429-31 Moon & Venus Over Turtle Island P1370700-6 Red Channel Marker P1040773
Rideau Canal Visitor Information Centre Windows P1040538 Foggy Swale P1040522-4 Clouded Cold Moon Setting P1360857-61 Rapids Rocks P1040278
Leaky Combined Lock Ice & Water Falls P1040203.6.9 Cenotaph On A Foggy Night P1360410-6 Rideau Canal On A Foggy Night P1360368-74 Rideau River (Night & Day)
Three Pines On A Foggy Night P1350380-6 Abstract In Ice P1030416-8 Hotel Day & Night P1350261.76v2 Autumn Snowscape P1030316-7
Autumn Leaves In Ice P1030260 First Ice On The Canal P1030231-3 Autumn Leaves Afloat P1030080-2 Autumnscape P1020894-6
Victoria Park From Afar P1350199-04 Canal Basin At Night P1350181-4 Duck Island Autumn Trees P1020807 Sunrise Beyond Turtle Island P1350131-7
Autumnscape P1200516 Rideau River At Dawn P1020609 Fall Snowfall P1020515-7 Detached Lock At Night P1020169-71
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1020163-5 Canal Basin At First Light P1010910-2 Canal Basin At First Light P1010901-3 Interesting Sky P1010406-8
Autumnscape P1010373 Autumn Tamaracks P1010346-8 Sandra Beside The Canal P1000934-6 Autumn Canal Lights P1340971-7
Le Boat Winter Storage P1000847 Airborne Le Boat P1000756 Airborne Le Boat P1000756 Crop Airborne Le Boat P1000753
Last Day In The Water P1000631 Last Boats Of The Season P1000492 Railroad Bridge At Night P1340936-42 Blue Boat In The Basin At Night P1340176-82
Canal Bubbles DSCN31776 Lily Pads DSCN31480 Lily Pads Art DSCN31480 Lower Reach DSCN31249
Le Boats Before Dawn P1330101-7 Wet Lily Pads DSCN30488-90 Detached Lock Basin DSCN30248-50 Clouded Sunrise Over The Swale P1320567-73
Bridge Restoration DSCN29544 Kawartha Voyageur DSCN29488-90 Wildflowers Near Falling Water DSCN29109 Buck Moon Over Canal Basin P1320239-45
Buck Moon Over Canal Basin P1320162-8 Boat In The Swale DSCN28681-3 Bridge Restoration P1320052-4v1 Hotel At Dawn P1310961-6
Tipis At Sunrise P1310695-7 Zach Fetching His Blue Ball DSCN24765 Canal Basin Sunrise DSCN24681-3 Rideau Paddlefest 2018 DSCN24350
Kawartha Voyageur At Dusk P1310514-9 Kawartha Voyageur At Sunset P1310490-2 Canal Basin Pier At Dawn P1310222-8 Lower Reach Sunset P1310005-7
Sunrise At The Swale P1300766-8 Docked Le Boats DSCN21763-8 Le Boat Canadian Fleet At Dawn P1300698-704 Le Boat Canadian Fleet DSCN21529
Relocated Docks DSCN21388-90 Last Trail Ice DSCN20327-9 Easter Morning Sky DSCN20306-8 Canal Basin Scaffolding DSCN19643-5
Wintery Swale DSCN19592-4 VIA Rail Canada 150 (P1200477) Foggy Winter Morning P1290512 Red Channel Marker In Winter Fog P1290508
Overcast Winter Dawn P1290497-9 Crescent Moon Over Turtle Island P1290476-8 Three Pines In Snowstorm DSCN19061-3 Waiting For Spring P1290459-63
2018 Hazy Super Blue Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse P1290437 The Lockmaster's House P1290224-8 Frosted Bush In Ice DSCN18724 January Thaw DSCN18701
January Thaw DSCN18671 Clouded Sunrise DSCN18653-5 Winter Canal Basin DSCN18598 Sunrise Coloring Mist DSCN18563-5
Sun Shining Through Snow Clouds DSCN18491-93 Frozen Spillway P1290109 Misty Canal Basin At Sunrise P1290079-85 Frozen Rideau Canal DSCN18460
Frozen Rideau Canal DSCN18460 (crop) Christmas Boathouses DSCN18297-9 Three Trees On A Foggy Night P1280771-5 Bright Night P1280770
Frosty Rideau Canal DSCN18246-8 Snowy Turtle Island DSCN18153-5 Sunrise Clouds DSCN18024-35 The Swale DSCN17987
Lower Reach Under Heavy Sky DSCN17943-5 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN17898-900 Rocks In Runoff DSCN17676 Snowy Morning Walk DSCN17553-5
Canal Lock Icefall DSCN17343 Autumn Canal Basin DSCN17217-9 Dock Full o'Gulls DSCN17182 Detached Lock Basin At Sunrise DSCN16986.9
Autumn Rideau Canal Basin DSCN16863-5 Autumn Transmission Towers P1260768-70 New Canal Lock Gates Departing DSCN16105 Harvest Moon Over The Swale P1260517-23
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1260377-9 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1260371-3 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1250382-6 Three Rocks In The Rideau DSCN14135
Canal Weedeater DSCN13832 Night Fog Along The Rideau P1230083-9 Foggy Night At The Canal Basin P1230027-33 Kawartha Voyageur In Night Fog P1220993-9
Kawartha Voyageur In Night Fog P1220972-8 Blue Light Special P1220870-5 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1220541-9 Kawartha Voyageur At Twilight P1220496-8
Kawartha Voyageur At Twilight P1220490-2 Hotel On Land, Hotel On Water DSCN12906 Lower Reach Sunset DSCN12049-51 Channel Marker In Fog DSCN11990
Thunder Moon Setting P1210997-02 Canal Traffic DSCN11762 Sitting On The Dock Of The Basin DSCN11755art House Beside The Canal DSCN11336
Canoe Curves DSCN11261 Rideau Canal Foggy Night P1210713-5 Foggy Night On The Rideau Canal P1210645 Docked In Night Fog P1210640-2
Docked In Night Fog P1210637-9 Docked In Night Fog P1210628-30 Foggy Night At The Canal Basin P1210627 Interesting Sky DSCN10800-2
'Salty Paws' P1210585-7 Crescent Moon Over Rideau Canal P1210531-3 2017 Rideau Paddlefest DSCN10117 Tipi On Turtle Island DSCN09266
Strawberry Moonset P1210384 First Boat In The Basin P1210352-4 Canal Basin At Night P1200300-4 Clouded Sunrise DSCN08643-5
Lower Reach At Night P1190851 Setting Flower Moon DSCN07361 Swollen Swale DSCN07132 May 2017 Flooding DSCN06966
Flooded Footbridge P1190720 At The Combined Lock P1190681-3 Trees In Sunrise Glow DSCN06664 Foggy Loweer Reach DSCN06450
Foggy Canal Basin P1190552-4 Pine Shadows P1190539 Under The Beckwith Street Canal Bridge P1190531-3BW Canalside Hotel At First Light DSCN05954-7
Lower Reach At Night 48837-9 Foggy Night At Turtle Island P1190349-51 Cenotaph In Night Fog P1190336 Raging Rapids P1190282
Spring Runoff P1190255 Canal Basin Weir DSCN04789-91 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge In Fog DSCN04022 Wonky Dock & Grass In Fog DSCN03986
Spring Runoff P1180843 Iced-in Channel Marker DSCN03305 Raging Water DSCN03231 VIA Rail Canada 150 (P1180686)
Island In Fog P1180409 Turtle Island At Night P1180315-7 Winter Nightscape P1180057-60 Combined Lock In Winter P1180046-8
Snow Moon Setting P1180009-10 Boathouse Beside The Swale P1170970-6 Sunset At The Swale P1170884-90 Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn P1170868-70
Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN02661-3 Turtle Island After Sunrise P1170726-32 Collapsing Boathouse P1170674 Old Red Boathouse Gone P1170663-5
Frozen Swale At Sunrise P1170656 Frozen Swale At Sunrise P1170639-41 Snowy Shoreline Rocks P1250197-9 Snowy Shoreline Rocks P1250197-9bw
Broken Bench Beside Pines P1250181-3 Collapsed Boathouses At Sunset DSCN02448-50 Winter Canal Basin P1170140-2 Rideau Canal On A Bright Night P1170127-9
Turtle Island Sunrise P1170066 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1170055-7 The Swale At Night P1160726 Christmas Boathouses At Nignt P1160712-3
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