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By Road

1939 Ford Truck Detail P1020059 Old GMC 29464 Chrysler Hood Ornament 16913 Hood Ornament 20100725
Flaming Paint Job DSCF02270 Hotrod DSCF02281 Car Art P1020121 Rush Hour Thru A Wet Windshield 20100113
Iridescent '37 Chevy (20100530) Portsmouth Olympic Harbour Tetrahedra 15258 Ford DSCF02279 Pontiac DSCF02294
Dodge Hood 16926-7 '37 Ford (16939) 'Hood Bra' 20130728 Classic Hood Ornament 20120729
Instrument Cluster 20130329 Green Door DSCF02157 Classic Chevy Detail 25516 Snow Tread DSCF11240
'FLAMEN70' DSCF06773 Classic Auto Grill 25511 Car Horns DSCF06757 Axle Deep DSCF12954
'Wash Me' DSCF11373-5 Chevy 'Bowtie' DSCF06759 Wet Street P1010805 Squirrel's-Eye View 38187
1940 Chevy Grill DSCF4372 Rainy Headlight DSCF4996 1953 Chevy Pickup Nose P1090471-3 Yellow Hot Rod P1090447-9
Chevrolet Nose P1090414-6 Rolls-Royce Grill DSCF14536-8 Car In Motion P1160924-6 Snowy Old Milk Wagon 20110208
Old Ford 29354 Snowy Old Ford F-47 Pickup Truck 20130225 Fill 'er Up DSCF03341 Snowy Old Milk Wagon 05673sep
Go-Kart Going 15652 Tractor At Sunrise 20120318 Snowed In 01955 4K Frame Grab Test P1010323
Late Autumn Harvest At Sunrise P1150605-7 Low Tech & High Tech Parking 20080724 'Rio5' (19868) Wet Ferrari 20091205
No Parking P1220199-201 Autumn Parking Lot 24047 Dawn Headlights 22678 Paignton
White Grill 63535 South Padre Causeway 5321 Air Filter DSCF14549-51 2016 Rolling Thunder Car Show & Shop P1090456-8
Parade of Horses DSCF13443 1931 Chrysler Coupe DSCN12719 Studebaker Grill DSCN12725 Nighttime Truck 20130119
New Canal Lock Gates Departing DSCN16105 Abandoned DSCN17883-5 Light Trails P1280134.40.55 Parking Lot Snow Pile DSCN18617-9
Night Sky P1300013A Bridge Restoration P1320052-4v1 Good Wax Job DSCN28455-7 Rolling Thunder Car Club DSCN28462-4
Wet Fender DSCN28477-9 Davidson's Horse-drawn Bread Truck P1330926-8 Cars In Ground Fog P1340649-5 Car In Ground Fog P1340659-61
CP Railyard Office Building P1350286-8 Snowy Fast Food Restaurants P1350295-7 Snow Removal P1380862 HOPPEDUP DSCN36766-8
Oncoming Truck In Sunrise Ground Fog P1460237 Imperial Sand Dunes 26611 Car Beside Big Pile Of Snow P1510541-7 Beckwith Street Revitalization DSCN37532
Paving Day DSCN38082 Revitalized Beckwith Street DSCN39781-6 Beckwith Street On A Foggy Night DSCN41583-5 Equine Food Truck DSCN45081
Tombstone 30654 Tombstone 30658 Tombstone 31089 Tombstone 30665
Tombstone 30620 Tombstone 30642 Tombstone 30634 Holiday Light Poles At Night P1590456-62
Blue Tractor At Sunrise 90D-01472-4 First Autumn Snow 90D09536 Golden Gate, Moon & Venus At Twilight 23139.49 Vehicles On A Snowy Night 90D12756SC
Vehicles On A Snowy Night 90D12756 Vehicles On A Snowy Night 90D12755-9BW Snow Removal 90D13092 Snowy Winter Lane DSCN89254
Night Train After Snowstorm 90D14525-9 20220219 Snowfall At Night 90D14978 20220218 Snowstorm 90D14913 20220225 Snowstorm, Beckwith At Main 90D15395
Wet Beckwith Street At Night 90D17217-21 Beckwith Street In Night Fog 90D26884-8 Rise At The Falls Car Club Show 2022 DSCN101888 1956 Imperial DSCN101990
Foggy Lane 90D35313-7 Paving Beckwith Street DSCN113144 Night Snow On Beckwith Street 90D43007-11 2022 CP Holiday Train Arriving Smiths Falls 90D44641
20221217 Winter Storm At Night 90D48036-40 20230113 Winter Storm DSCN119182 Laundromat On A Snowy Night 90D53209-13BW Car In Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D79461
Foggy Beckwith Street At Main Street 90D83257-61 Wet Beckwith Street 90D82243-7 Moon Beyond Night Fishing 90D85873-7