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Panasonic Lumix ZS40 (TZ60) Photo Gallery

On 19 March 2014, I purchased a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 (aka Lumix DMC-TZ60, ZS40, TZ60) travel zoom camera to use as a go-everywhere, able-to-shoot-anything, pocket camera. Previous cameras I've purchased for that purpose have always been missing one or more key functions, such as not having RAW capability or not enough zoom range or no viewfinder or had a fatal flaw, such as horrid lens flaring around bright lights (like here). So after months of shooting with the ZS40, it looks good in all areas except it too exhibits flaring around bright lights, (like here and here), but not quite as badly as some, so it's starting to look like this might be a symptom of small sensor superzoom cameras.
Red Tulips Under Window P1200492 'La Vagabonde' P1090656-8 VIA Rail Canada 150 (P1200477) Community Centre Walking Concourse P1200449
Lone Tree In Misty Sunrise 20140825 Five Geese Aswimming 20140806 Red Squirrel Chowing Down P1000243 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1040493-5
Milk Can Mailbox Base P1090647 Crocus Closeup P1020342 Trees In Sunrise 20140429 Three Pines At Dawn P1000548-50
Smiths Falls VIA Rail Station 20140906 Yellow Caboose P1030203 Merrickville Ruins At Sunrise P1090440-2 Equine Pals At Sunrise P1100905
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060603-5 A Rafter Of Turkeys 20140901 Station Theatre At Dawn 20140321 Flooded Footbridge 20140415
Snowed-In Old Barn Door 20140402 Thawing Rideau River 20140319 Interesting Sky P1030982 Smiths Falls At Night P1000709-10
Engine 6591 (20140503) Train To Nowhere 20140703 Decaying Log Barns P1040165-7 Sunrise Fishing 20140627
It's Spring! 20140322 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1000554-6 Three Geese P1010440 Foggy Farm P1100997
Bright Night P1110237,40,41 Sunrise Birds 20140327 Highland Cow P1110349-50 Three's A Crowd 20140418
Foggy Sunrise 20140928 Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140325 Canal In Autumn Sunrise 20140927 Country Sunrise 20140722
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140505 ZS40 Lens Flare P1000346 Pines In Sunrise 20140508 Pastoral Sunrise 20140604
Gemmels Point At Sunrise 20140331 Autumn Wetlands At Sunrise P20140926 Otter Creek Sunrise P1060824-6 Sunrise Reflection P1020827
Winter Back Road P1110402-4 Swimming Beaver At Sunrise 20140423 Barn In Misty Sunrise 20140916 Horse Fence Shadows 20140710
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140407 Stranded Beaver 20140531 Sunrise From Kilmarnock Island 20140326 Swan At Sunrise 20140406
Bird On A Cattail P1030049 Red Barn At Sunrise 20140403 Migrating Ducks At Sunrise 20140411 Sunrise Sunrays P1090985-7
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140606 Misty Sunrise 20140925 Horse & Barn Window 20140419 Cross Crow 20140622
Sunrise Trees In Mist 20140525 Melting Stream At Sunrise 20140324 Rideau Canal Sunset P1010064-6 Clouded Sunrise 20140626
Autumn Barn P1100698-700 Gaggle Of Goslings 20140618 Daily Breakfast P1000166 Crowded Platform P1030211
Water Over The Dam 20140412 Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1000997-9 Flooded Woods P1010426 Merrickville Locks At Sunrise 20140830
Contour Rows P1060251 Moonlit Departing Clouds 20140614 Lens Flare Test f5.6 (P1000067) Sunrise Fishing P1050978 Art
Autumn Marsh 20140918 Sunrise Ground Fog 20140721 Before & After P1000139-40 Rideau Canal Sunset P1090826-8
Rideau Canal Sunset P1030074-6 Fence & Flowers 20140530 Backlit Daffodils P1030554 Commissioners Park P1030615
Lilac Lane P1030970 Pumpkin P1100337 Art Sunrise Sunrays P1100583-5 Ground Fog At Sunrise 20140617
Foggy Sunrise P1100986,8 Bales In Misty Sunrise 20140917 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140912 Sunrise Sunrays P1100804
Pink Peonies P1050138 Swans In The Swale P1020152 Danger - No Swimming 20140416 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140619
Osprey On Nest P1010552-4 Bales & Sunrise Shadows 20140716 Afternoon Storm 20140613 Foggy Autumn Canal 20141002
Sunset Clouds P1020896-8 Boats In The Basin P1060450 Rail-Crossing-Way P1030237 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140420
Early Spring Sunrise P1000420-2 Sunrise Fishing 20140719 Setting Moon 20140712 Biting Off More Than It Can Chew 20140715
Coneflowers P1070476-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140611 Heron At Sunrise P1090476 Railway Staff P1030253
Fallen 20141001 Ducks At Dawn 20140717 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140602 Combined Lock At Night P1000523-6
Rideau Canal At Dawn 20140623 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140507 The Grass Is Always Greener 20140517 Lens Flare Test f3.3 (P1000071)
Silo & Trees Above Sunrise Fog 20140908 Sunset Clouds P1060185-7 Rideau Canal Sunset 20140831 Smiths Falls Daybreak P1040544-6
New Equine Pals P1070905-6 Autumn Tree & Fence 20140929 Macaw Wing Spread P1110615 Thawing Rideau Canal 20140320
Smiths Falls At Night P1000709-10 Irish Creek Sunrise 20140425 Pumpkins In A Row P1110281 Dead Or Alive 20140811
Grey Parrot Closeup 20150411 Park At Night P1010844 Hutton Creek 20140523 Winter Shadows P1110387-9
Ruffled Pigeon P1040551 Red White & Blue Bow 20140724 Dove On A Seedy Rock P1000245 Irish Creek Sunrise P1020980-2
Canal Reflection 20140323 Two Feet P1000820 Clouded Sunrise P1060570-2 Irish Creek Sunrise 20140729
Almonte Falls 20140511 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20140409 Winter Back Road P1110384-6 Clouded Moon Over The Canal Basin P1060767
Parrot Closeup P1110548 Bales In Morning Mist P1070269 Sunset Clouds P1020920-2 Misty Sunrise 20140824
Geese On Ice At Sunrise P1010518 Fall Fence 20140923 Autumn Marsh P1100418-20 SRM Breakfast P1000623
Misty Sunrise 20140628 Irish Creek Sunrise 20140404 Sunset Clouds P1030365-7 Beaver On Ice 20140401
The Narrows At Sunrise 20140907 Wind On The Water P1030015 Old Farm Building 20140427 Summer Sunrise 20140621
Pale Horse In Misty Sunrise P1090042 Perched Kingbird 20140723 Dragonfly On A Peony P1050041 On The Beckwith Street Bridge 20140329
Pink & Yellow Tulips P1030625 Sun Lens Flare Test P1000205 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1040674-6 Gazebo & Sunrays P1090719-21
Equine Pal 20140910 Frosty Footprints 20140919 Below The Beckwith Street Bridge 20140603 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1000721-3
Country Lane 20140902 Rideau Canal Sunset P1090820-2 Foggy Sunrise 20140601 OJ Dregs P1030308-10
Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140802 Confederation Drive Bridge At Dawn P1030852-3 Red Sun Rising Balancing Act P1070843 Red Sun Rising Over Mist 20140803
Otter Creek Sunrise 20140410 Foggy Sunrise 20140708 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140711 Beckwith Street Bridge At Night P1000796-8
Released From Winter's Icy Grip P1000981 Sunrise Shower 20140526 Full Basin P1030652 Early Autumn Leaves P1110190
Irish Creek Sunrise P1020110-12 Toy Train Engineer P1030234 Boat At Kilmarnock 20140706 The 6:22 Out Of Smiths Falls 20140909
Goose Swimming At Sunrise P1030909-11 Wolford Chapel In Sunrise Glow P1080918-20 Trees In Foggy Sunrise P1040474 Irish Creek Sunrise 20140428
Loon At Sunset P1050385 The Morning Train Arriving 20140808 Caboose Interior P1030207 Lone Red Tree 20140921
Swan Aswimming P1000393 Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise 20140826 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140820 Backlit Daffodils P1030554 Art
Sunset Clouds  P1060182-4 Clouds At Sunrise P1050113-5 Grazing Horse 20140430 Up On The Roof P1060102
Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1010643-4 Otter Creek At Sunrise P1040439-41 Downtown Streetlight At First Light 20140920 Frosty Leaves P1100317
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140608 Almonte Falls P1030478 Fly On Leather P1060352 Lounging Duck At Sunrise P1020935
The Swale At Sunrise 20140524 Golden Cornfield P1100400-2 Glass Iris Blooming P1010121 Autumn Back Road P1100499-501
Fox On The Go P1000436 Tank Car Train 20140903 Takeoff P1040825 Rideau Canal Sunset P1050332-4
Misty Sunrise 20140804 Foggy Sunrise P1050305-6 Foggy Sunrise P1060565 Boats At Kilmarnock P1050879-81
First Boat Of The Season P1030655 Sunshine On A Cloudy Day P1030272 Bales In Misty Sunrise 20140718 Foggy Sunrise 20140616
Loon In Flight At Sunset 20140705 Red Sun Rising 20140905 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060711-3 The Swale At Sunrise 20140823
Trees In Misty Sunrise 20140904 aMaizing P1000186 Spring Sunrise 20140417 Equine Pals P1040614
The Swale At Sunrise 20140629 Foggy Rideau Canal P1020326-8 Clouded Sunrise 20140805 Heron On Ice-720mm (P1000883)
Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20140607 Wet Street P1010805 Sunset Storm Clouds P1090524-6 Railway Staff P1030251
Rideau Canal Sunset P1040066-8 Risotto Spoon P1030442 Spring Runoff P1020076 Eagle On Ice P1010070
Otter Creek Sunrise 20140812 St Thomas Anglican Church P1080581-3 'Sweet Scoops' P1030108 Couch Stripes P1030427
Red Sun Rising P1070855 Geese & Swans P1000388 Rideau Canal Sunset P1080190 Two Gulls P1040316
P1000067 Camera JPEG P1000067 RAW conversion Blown Highlights P1000395 JPEG Recovered Highlights P1000395 RAW
Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1080637-9 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1040496-8 Mr & Mrs Mallard P1020281 Water Tower At Night  20140405
Old Log Barn In Sunrise Glow P1090418-20 They're Back! P1000368 More Premature Autumn Color 20140829 Pining Grackle P1020850
Spring Runoff 20140408 Spring Runoff P1020501 Autumn In Summer  P1100019-21 Garden Bench 20140615
Perched Chickadee P1080843 Kitchen Sink P1000311 Bale In Snow P1000432-4 Red-winged Blackbird P1020689
Loon At Sunset P1040908 River Grass At Sunrise P1010881-3 On The Wall P1040619-21 Melting Stream P1000383
Mallard Couple P1020869 Running Duck P1020569 Irish Creek Sunrise P1020716-8 American Robin P1010832
Detached Lock Office At First Light P1040379-84 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1070785-7 Rail Yard Pedestrian Underpass P1090632-4 First Sign Of Autumn 20140827
Loon With A Bite Of Breakfast 20140807 Smiths Falls Cenotaph P1010264-7 Dragonfly On A Peony P1050017 Loon Spreading Its Wings P1080211
Otter Creek At Sunrise P1040436-8 Computer P1030467 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1040427-9 Crossed Contrails At Sunrise 20140809
Frosty Canalside Trees P1000493-5 Restaurant Light P1050583 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1080624 Railway Conductor P1030206
Rejuvenating P1010720-2 Engine 6591 (P1030230) Sandra's Pink Crocs P1060914-6 Flying High P1060258
Sterling the Second P1080567 Boathouse Reflection P1020132 Engine 6591 (P1030258) Facing The Bush 20140731
Lone Tree In Misty Sunrise P1090115-7 Apple Trees & Fence P1050233-5 Spare Room Corner P1080685-7 Trees In Foggy Sunrise P1040478-80
Field Of Bales P1060309-11 Sunless Shades P1040628-30BW Red Boat P1040102 Basement Stairs P1080910
Pines In Misty Sunrise P1090205-7 House On A Point At Sunrise P1100082 Misty Sunrise P1090572-4 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise P1080047-9
Cuppa Joe P1020520 Gull & Sailboat P1090315 Clean P1010006 Wall Of Corn P1070686-8
Irish Creek Sunrise P1090339 Bales In Misty Sunrise (Pencil) P1070095-7 Art Heron By A Dam P1070515 Barn In Mist P1060537-9
Sunless Shades P1040628-30 Rideau Canal Sunset P1070659-61 Foggy Rideau Canal P1020331 Toasty P1050898-9
Colours of Canada P1010632 Gosling Flotilla P1050530 Morning Landscape 20140828 Frosty Evergreen P1000472
Distressed Wood P1040235 Lockdown P1080795 Foggy Sunrise P1060561-3 Spring Runoff P1020070
Edmunds Lock P1050461 Landscape At Sunrise P1050080-2 Spring Runoff P1020058 Spring Sunlight P1020210.12
command option P1000964 The Swale P1000916 Evening Clouds P1010820 Mushroom Waterfall P1200438-40
After The Walk P1200470 ZS40 Test - Full Zoom Out (P1000027md) ZS40 Test - Full Zoom In (P1000030md) ZS40 Test - Full Zoom In (P1000030md) RAW Crop
ZS40 Test - Full Zoom In (P1000030md) JPEG Fine Crop