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Panasonic Lumix FZ80 Photo Gallery

On Friday, 5 October 2018 I bought a Panasonic Lumix FZ80 to give me a superzoom camera that hopefully with its DFD autofocus technology will be able to shoot BIFs and doesn't have the annoying characteristics of the Nikon Coolpix B700 that I bought two years ago.

On Tuesday, 4 June 2019 I turned in the FZ80 for repair since it had started exhibiting an error message and was told the repair would take four weeks. Eight weeks later Panasonic opted to replace it with a new camera rather than repair it. So photos showing a date after 14 August 2019 were taken with the replacement camera.
Three Cedar Waxwings On A Fallen Tree P1090022 Common Loon Spreading Its Wings P1080413 Yellow Warbler P1080863 Bumble Bee On Goldenrod Closeup P1080949
Osprey Watching For Breakfast P1080677 Bumble Bee On Goldenrod P1080919 (crop) Cedar Waxwing P1080640 Green Bee On A Pink Flower P1080757
Great Blue Heron In Flight P1080688 Kingfisher On A Dead Tree Limb P1080625 Female Goldfinch On A Sunflower P1080665 Cedar Waxwing In Flight P1080333
Cedar Waxwing Up Close P1080270 Brown Dragonfly On Goldenrod Closeup P1080386 Kingfisher Waving Its Wings P1080247 Heron Preening In The Bush P1080216
Yellow Warbler & Cedar Waxwing P1080184 Belted Kingfisher On A Tin Roof P1080093 Yawning Otter P1080033 Cabbage Butterfly On A Wet Purple Flower P1070687
Camera Shy Cedar Waxwing P1070816 Hoverfly Atop A Mullein Stalk P1070653 Downy Woodpecker Pecking P1060921 Osprey Balancing On A Cable P1070626
Great Blue Heron Taking Flight P1070482 Detached Lockhouse P1060897 'Art' Pied-billed Grebe Flapping Its Wings P1070202 Kingfisher Taking Flight P1070141
Red Sun Rising P1070086-90 Common Loon With A Crayfish P1060864 Two Young Grebes Going After Parent's Catch P1060828 Red Crescent Moon P1060552
Red Sun Rising Through Ground Fog P1060567 Common Loon Spreading Its Wings P1060433 Wet Mexican Sunflower P1060235 Heron On A Bridge Snapping At An Annoying Bug P1060532
Ruffled Heron Dockside P1060097 Two Pied-billed Grebes P1060145 Kawartha Voyageur Passing Under The Lift Bridge P1050922 Two Peregrine Falcons On A Water Tower P1050768
Peregrine Falcon On A Water Tower P1050773 Peregrine Falcon On A Water Tower P1050756 Male Cardinal On A Feeder P1050637 Great Blue Heron In Flight P1050732
Red Sails P1050668 Kingfisher On A Tin Roof P1040638 Peregrine Falcon With A Catch On A Water Tower P1050379 Cedar Waxwing P1050403
Fishermen Heading Out Under Setting Buck Moon P1050001 Lone Tree In Patchy Fog P1050101 Red-tailed Hawk On A Hydro Tower P1050306 Great Egret In A Northern Wetland P1040656
Snake In The Swale P1040540 Two Cedar Waxwings P1040480 Red Sun Setting Beyond The Bascule Bridge P1040185-9 Red Bugs Mating On Queen Anne's Lace P1040242.4.7
Bug On A Pink Day Lily P1040111-3 20210719 Red Sun Sunspots P1040155 (crop) 20210719 Red Sun P1040155 Red Sun Over The Swale P1040167
Heron On A Weir Railing P1030774 Bullfrog Croaking P1030718 Red Bugs Mating On Queen Anne's Lace P1030561 Winter Autumn Leaves P1030423
Cormorant In A Pine Tree P1030192 Damselfly Closeup P1030108 Golden Daylily Stamen Closeup P1030084-5 Orange & Black Damselfly P1030016
Spider On The Garage Door P1030048-56 Orange & Black Damselfly P1020981 Le Boats Into The Basin P1020900 Yellow Warbler Taking Flight P1020783-04
Kingbird Taking Flight P1020741-13 Tree Trimming P1020700 Yellow-rumped Warbler P1020619-03.2 Orange Tulips With Red Streaks P1020561
Daffodils P1020537 VIA Rail Locomotive 910 (P1020528-02) Osprey Eyes P1020526-13s Beaver On A Curb P1020519-00
Old Yellow Tulip Stamen & Pistil P1020507 Old Tulip Stamen & Pistil P1020507bw Supersquirrel-Faster Than A Speeding Bullet P1020498 Chippie Standing Tall P1020493
Yellow Tulip Exposed Interior P1020471-3 Yellow Tulip P1020419 Chinese Money Plant Leaves P1020382 Red Tulip Interior P1020375
Migrating Waterfowl At Sunrise P1020360 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1020318 Snow Fence & Drifts P1020314 Open Barn Loft Door P1020305
Abstract P1020285 Water Bottle Bubbles P1020282 Frosty Wood Grain P1020231 Thawing Otter Creek At Sunrise P1020186-92
Wolford Chapel At Sunrise P1020182 Low Key Daffodil Closeup P1020138 Bascule Bridge In Snowfall P1020071 Three Pines & A Broken Bench P1020041
Stewart Park Bench Beside The Tay P1020029 Dripping Awning Icicles P1020013-26s Christmas Supper 2019 (P1010992) Tater, the Pug Christmas Elf (P1010966)
Autumn Snow P1010778-80 Autumn Snowfall P1010677 Snowy Sandra (A Walk In The Park) P1010652-4 Wood Duck In Snowfall P1010650
Snowy Autumn Red Berries P1010583-5 Little Bullfrog P1010564 Northern Leopard Frog P1010226 Waxwing Clinging To The Side Of A Tree P1010143
Waxwing In A Pine Tree P1010131 Heron Beside Falls P1010083 Heron Beside The Detached Weir P1010046 Heron Atop A Bridge Railing P1000988
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly P1000948-50 Heron Looking Up P1000854 Mink Standing Up P1000735 Three Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1000615-7
Loon Warning Off Cormorant P1000524 Cormorant Drying Its Wings P1000413 Loon Family P1000337 Sturgeon Lake Sunset P1000249-55
The 6:22 Outbound To Toronto P1000089 Backlit Red Berries P1000026 Tulip Festival 2019 Leftovers P1150818 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1150797-9
Dripping Loon P1150780 Heron In Flight P1150693 Irish Creek Sunrise P1150616-22 Two Goose Families At Sunrise P1150604-6
Red-winged Blackbird Taking Flight P1150559 Rideau Paddlefest 2019 (1150511-1) Male Downy Woodpecker P1150448 Downy Woodpecker With Full Bill P1150390-1
Blackpoll Warbler P1150377 Beaver Nibbling On A Twig P1150325 Scarlet Tanager P1150282 Scarlet Tanager P1150266
Wet Purple & White Iris Closeup P1150130-2 Heron With A Small Catch P1150046crop Down The Heron Hatch P1150037 Heron With A Catch P1150034
Red-eyed Vireo P1150002 Pileated Woodpecker P1140904 Pileated Woodpecker P1140889 Pileated Woodpecker P1140877
Houseboat In The Creek P1410089 Geese & Goslings P1410045 Cape May Warbler P1140706 Blackpoll Warbler In A Tamarack Tree P1140692
Dripping Loon P1140658 Loon Spreading Its Wings P1140647 Chippie With Leafy Lunch P1140594 Yellow-rumped Warbler Looking Up P1140530
American Goldfinch Rear View P1140523 American Goldfinch P1140521 American Goldfinch P1140512 Warbler With Shingles P1140503
Osprey In Flight P1140439 Yellow Warbler P1140428 Yellow-rumped Warbler P1140388 Yellow-rumped Warbler P1140383-4
Black Throated Green Warbler P1140327 Magnolia Warbler P1140294 Grackle Chasing Heron P1140286 Interesting Sky P1140262
Stretching Swan P1140252 Scarlet Tanager P1140221 Scarlet Tanager P1140205 Scarlet Tanager Scratching An Itch P1140191
Setting Flower Moon P1140101-7 Osprey In Flight P1140070 Osprey In Flight P1140072 Osprey In Flight P1140071
Orange Tulip P1140052 Swan Profile At Sunrise P1140023 Town Swans Back In The Basin P1130864 Brood Of Ducklings P1130838crop
Mama Mallard & Ducklings P1130826 Heron Through Foliage P1130764 Downy Woodpecker In Flight P1130667 Eastern Kingbird P1130640
Male Flicker In A Tree P1130619 Fog Beyond Spring Trees P1130556-8 Wet Leaf Up Close P1130535-7 Fish Study P1130517
Gosling Sticking Out Its Tongue P1130463 Heron On The Canal Bank P1130430 Chippie Out On A Limb Praying P1130364 Goldfinch On A Limb P1130319
Wet Head Loon P1130314 Wet Head Loon P1130311 Stretching Loon P1130238 Beaver In The Swale P1130178
Swans In The Swale P1130161 Checking The Chicks P1130092 Goose & Goslings Swimming P1130081 Swans In The Swale P1130064
Wet Red Tulip P1130032-4 Yellow Warbler P1130002 Swallow Taking Flight P1130001-02 Otter Creek Sunrise P1120879-85
Red Tulips P1120816-8 Silent Song Sparrow P1120807 Daffodil P1120792-4 Three LeBoats Out Of Twenty P1120681-3
LeBoat Crane P1120643 Tree Swallow Taking Flight P1120506-02 Two Perched Swallows P1120478 Watchful Flicker P1120460
Heron In Flight P1120454-03 Swan Aswimming P1120445 Cormorant Swimming Toward Reflections P1120349 Loon Low In The Water P1120290
SCOW #1 P1120187BW SCOW #1 P1120187 Gull With Crayfish P1120155 Over The Shoulder Song Sparrow P1120081
2019 First Flower P1120052 Swallow Landing P1120002-01 Red-winged Blackbird Calling P1110961 Mr Flicker In A Tree P1110857
Deer In A Meadow P1110773 Little Blue Flowers P1110740-2 Angry Swallow P1110723 Downy Woodpecker P1110700
Interesting Sky P1110686-8 Wet Mallard P1110684 Ducks In Flight P1110674 2019 First Boat On The Canal P1110635-7
Almonte Falls P1110556 Preening Flicker P1110446 Geese Domestic Dispute P1110437 Geese Domestic Dispute P1110436
First Chippie Of The Year P1110417 Osprey Taking Flight P1110414 Male Northern Flicker P1110378 Starling In A Tree P1110351
Starling In A Tree P1110333 Heron Taking Flight P1110299 Heron Profile P1110295 Dockside Duck P1110239
Cardinal On A Clothesline P1110216 Eastern Phoebe P1110163 Eastern Phoebe P1110160 Osprey In Flight P1110123
Male Common Merganser P1110059 Heron Nest P1110055 Purple Tulip Interior P1110013-5 Three Swans In Flight At Sunrise P1100929
Ring-necked Duck P1100863 The 6:22 Torontobound At Sunrise P1100901 Loon Calling P1100774 Two Male Wood Ducks P1100735
Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1100587-93 First 2019 Loon P1100564 Male Downy Woodpecker P1100509 Female Hooded Merganser P1100396
Song Sparrow Singing P1100376 Purple Tulip Interior P1100249-51 Heron In The Swale P1100182 Osprey Up Close P1100122
Osprey Profile P1100120 Osprey Landing P1100100 Osprey In Flight P1100089 Springtime In Canada P1100074-6
Osprey In Flight-Rear View P1100060 Male Ring-necked Ducks P1100048 Osprey Taking Flight P1100026 Nest Component Delivery P1100025
Two And A Half Bufflehead Ducks P1090995 Swimming Otter From Behind P1090968 Otter Breaststroke P1090962 Otter On Ice P1090940
Hooded Merganser Stretching P1090814.1 Two Hooded Mergansers P1090809 Osprey Up Close P1090773 Blue Jay P1090765
Tulip Interior P1090693-5 Sundog Over An Osprey Nest P1090687-9 Murder In A Treetop P1090679 Cormorant Out On A Limb P1090646
Song Sparrow Singing P1090603 Wood Duck Pair P1090576 Robin Out On A Limb P1090553 Gull In Flight P1090546
'Onlightened' Osprey P1090478 Gull With A Catch P1090429 Eyes Right P1090420 Territorial Dispute P1090418
Four Swans In Flight P1090390 Male Bufflehead P1090361 Male Hooded Merganser Displaying P1090349 Swan Stretching P1090346
Happy Easter P1090261 Pink Tulip Interior P1090260 No Kidding DSCN32873 Gull On Ice With Sunfish DSCN32839
Clouds Over The Swale P1090246-52 Departing Rain Clouds Over The Swale P1090236-42 Departing Swans P1090128-30 Two Swans In Flight P1090116
Three Swans In Flight P1090114 Three Swans In Flight P1090110 Goose Taking Flight P1090098 Goose Extending Wings P1090088
Stretching Swan P1090058 Common Merganser Pair Taking Flight P1090017 Seven Swans Aswimming P1080883.92 Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1080836
Abstract In Green P1080784 Goose In Flight At Sunrise P1080752 Geese On Ice P1080689 Mute Swans In Flight At Sunrise P1080674
Moon With Geese In Flight At Sunrise P1080594.6 Two Geese In Flight P1080558 Contortionist Swan P1080545 2019's First Great Blue Heron P1080516
Robin On Ice P1080484 2019's First Robin P1080475 Clouded Worm Moon P1080405 Goose In Flight At Sunrise P1080354.6
2019's First Red-winged Blackbird P1080263 Four Swans Aswimming P1080176 Two Swans & Red Channel Marker P1080156 Centennial Park 'Ice Rink' P1080118-24
Migrating Geese Lining The Canal P1080106-8 Trumpeter Swans P1080071 Hooded Merganser Flotilla P1080009 Goose Spreading Its Wings P1080008
Giving Her An Earful P1080006 Swan Preening A Wing P1070869 Nuthatch Upside Down On A Feeder P1070841 White-breasted Nuthatch P1070829
Red Squirrel Up Close P1070826 Blue Hyacinths P1070789-91 Winter Farmhouse At Sunrise P1070772-8 Winter Sunrise P1070744-50
Two Swans In The Canal P1070739 Interesting Sky P1070711-3 Six Swans & A Duck P1070606 Blue Hyacinths P1070581
20190310 Snowfall P1070573-5 20190310 Snowfall P1070555 Clouded Sun Over Turtle Island P1070548-54 The 6:22 Torontobound P1070533
CP 2266 Pulling The Freight P1070520 Old Barn In A Woods P1070494 Red Swing On A Big Old Tree P1070487 Clouded Sun P1070465-71
All Aboard P1070407 The 6:22 To Toronto Arriving P1070386 The 6:22 To Toronto Arriving P1070385 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1070325-31
Misty Old Slys Rapids At Sunrise P1070297-03 Rising Mist At Sunrise P1070283-9 Rising Mist At Sunrise P1070262-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1070255-61
Winter Sunrise P1070181-7 Combined Lock Icefall P1070145-7 Combined Lock Icefall P1070144 Five Swans In The Canal P1070140
Five Swans Aswimming P1070123 Two Swans Not Seeing Eye To Eye P1070119 Red Tulip P1070111 Barn Light In Dawn Light P1070084-90
The 6:22 Train Torontobound P1070068-70 Hairy Woodpecker At Work P1070061 Boathouse Doors P1060901 Sinking Into The Swale P1060897
Misty Rideau River Clouded Sunrise P1060863-69 Clouded Sunrise P1060856-62 Setting Snow Moon Over Collapsing Boathouse P1060821-7 Setting Snow Moon Beyond Winter Tree P1060814-20
Setting Snow Moon Beyond Winter Tree P1060723-9 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1060661-7 Clouded Sunrise P1060556-62 Solar Pillar Over Barn P1060486-92
Common Merganser Couple P1060470 Snowscape P1060445 Farm Winterscape P1060409 Equine Pal Posing P1060389-91
Winterscape P1060365-7 Ducks & Mergansers In Snowfall P1060338-9 Common Merganser Family P1060334 Winter Sunrise P1060280-2
Winter Sunrise P1060265-9 Smiths Falls Ice Jam P1060232 Perched Bald Eagle P1060182 Bald Eagle Perched In Wind P1060173 (crop)
Eight Swans Asleeping P1060122-4 Two Swans On Ice P1060082 Two Swans On Ice P1060077 Iced Grand Falls At Almonte P1060029-31
Iced Grand Falls At Almonte P1060022.5 Trees In Winter Fog P1050914-6 Trees In Winter Fog P1050886 Winter Farmscape P1050856
Ice Fisherman On Lower Rideau Lake P1050825 Picnic Anyone? P1050812-4 Moon-Venus-Jupiter Conjunction P1050757-63 Wall Sculpture P1050747-9
Bales In Snowfall P1050723-5 Red Barn Winterscape P1050684-6 Winter Cabin P1050678-80 Icy Little Rapids P1050632
Faux 2019 Super Blood Wolf Moon P1050620 5 to 10 cm (P1050612) Edmonds Lock Outflow P1050592-4 Winter Edmonds P1050591
Abstract P1050575 Blue Jay Sampling Carrots P1050548 American Tree Sparrow P1050536 One-Point Landing P1050532
White-Breasted Nuthatch P1050554 Woodpecker Looking Up P1050559 Woodpecker Pecking P1050508 Vintage Westinghouse Portable Radio P1050480-2
Iced Dam P1050429-31 Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree P1050412 (crop) Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree P1050412 Frost On A Garage Window P1050347
Backlit Frost On A Dirty Garage Window P1050316 Frost On A Garage Window P1050310 Waiting For Spring P1050281A Black & White Horses In Black & White P1050261
Pigeons Going Online P1050243 Wet Mink On Ice P1050228.9 Mallards On The Move P1050225 Sunrise Over Iced Irish Creek P1050150-6
Interesting Sky P1050103-9 Frosted Landscape P1050060-2 Frosty Tree P1050048-50 Departing Train On A Foggy Night P1050027-9
Tanker Cars On A Foggy Night P1050021-7 Snowy Confederation Drive P1040954-6 Abstract P1040924-6 Abstract P1040923
Abstract P1040918 Abstract P1040913 Snowflake P1040872 Two Geese On Ice P1040839
Cutting Edge Photo P1040809-10 Red Channel Marker P1040773 Misty Rideau River Sunrise P1040759-65 Misty Rideau River At Sunrise P1040731-7
Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1040682 Tater Admiring His Painting P1040676 I Think Those Are For Me P1040591 Christmas Eve VIA Train P1040575
Christmas Eve Heritage House P1040567 Snowy Tamarack Needles & Cones P1040554 Rideau Canal Visitor Information Centre Windows P1040538 Foggy Swale P1040522-4
Misty Otter Creek P1040498-00 Natural Ice Sculpture P1040480-2BW Clouded Sun P1040439 Gull With A Bite Of Breakfast P1040412
140+ Pigeons On Wires P1040400 Pigeon Landing P1040401 Hightailing Deer P1040363 Rapids Rocks P1040278
Wild Turkeys P1040249 Perched Bald Eagle P1040220 Leaky Combined Lock Ice & Water Falls P1040203.6.9 Woodpecker On A Limb P1040176
Rideau Canal At Sunrise 'Art' P1040144-6 Frozen Rideau Canal P1040138-40 Beckwith Street At Blue Hour P1040124-30 Pedestrian Underpass P1040096-02
Pedestrian Underpass P1030997-04 Holiday Town Hall P1030969-75 Holiday Lights P1030948-54 Three Swans A-Swimming P1030883
Icy Abstract P1030850-2 Field Clearing P1030843 Mallard Clapping Its Wings P1030821 Hot Air Balloon P1030792.804
Otter On Ice P1030781 Beaver On Ice P1030768 Bald Eagle In Flight P1030707 Double Dog P1030652
Frosty Morning P1030637-43 Frosty Sunrise P1030630-6 Frosty Sunrise P1030596-02 Frosty Grass & Fence P1030592
Frosty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1030575-7 Frosty Post P1030560-2 Frosty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1030548-50 Frosty Landscape P1030539-44
Freezing Fog Along Otter Creek P1030512-4 Freezing Fog P1030511v2 Frosty Landscape P1030500-2 Frosty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1030497-9
Red Door Shed P1030467-9 Red Door Shed P1030464-6 'art' Red Door Shed P1030464-6 Snowy Autumn Oak P1030427
Abstract In Ice P1030416-8 John J Carrick In The Seaway P1030394-6 John J Carrick From Afar P1030365 Perth Bandstand At Night P1030336-8
Holiday Perth P1030333-5 Autumn Weeping Willow P1030318-20 Autumn Snowscape P1030316-7 Snowy Pine P1030314
Assembling A Train P1030286 The 6:22 To Toronto P1030277 Autumn Leaves In Ice P1030260 First Ice On The Canal P1030231-3
Gull Mass Exodus P1030211 Splashdown P1030222 Side Lit Fallen Autumn Leaf P1030176-8 Snow Amid Fallen Autumn Leaves P1030170-2
Powered Paraglider P1030101-3 Black-capped Chickadee P1030095 Autumn Leaves Afloat P1030080-2 Frosty Autumn Leaves P1030079
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1030047-9 Irish Creek Night Sky P1030039 Autumn Wolford Chapel P1030027-9 Heron Head P1030020
Heron Beside Swamp Grass P1030014 Autumnscape P1020894-6 Sandra & Raspberry Sorbet P1020871 Duck Island Autumn Trees P1020807
Splashdown P1020784 Autumnscape P1200516 Wet Oak Leaf Closeup P1020704-6 Wet Oak Leaf P1020702
Wet Oak Leaf P1020702BW Rideau Canal At Night P1020689-91 LED Disco Party Bulb P1020663 Wet Autumn Leaf Underside P1020622-4
Gull In Flight P1020649 Rideau River At Dawn P1020609 Autumn Snow P1020569 Autumn Snow P1020566
Fall Snowfall P1020515-7 Fall Snowfall P1020446-8BW Fall Snowfall P1020446-8 Fall Snowfall P1020440-2
Fall Snowfall P1020434-6 Snowy Oak Leaf P1020422-4 Autumn 2018 First Snowfall P1020401-3 Ring-billed Gull Up Close P1020394-6
Autumn St Lawrence Seaway P1020382-4 Autumn St Lawrence Seaway P1020381 RCAF F-86 Sabre P1020349-51v2 Blockhouse Island Quay P1020289-91
Autumn Hardy Park P1020256-8 Autumn Moon P1020218 Detached Lock At Night P1020169-71 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1020163-5
Autumn Barn P1020070-2 Flock Taking Flight P1020049 Clouded Hunter's Moon P1020002 Evening Sunbeams P1010991-3
Blowing Flags P1010975 Male Hooded Merganser P1010965 Merganser Swimming Through Reflections P1010960 Canal Basin At First Light P1010910-2
Canal Basin At First Light P1010901-3 Autumnscape P1010877-9 Sole Sisters Run Walk 2018 (P1010822) Stretching Goose P1010793
Mating Geese P1010788 Wood Duck Standing On The Canal P1010732 Downy Woodpecker P1010715 Raccoon Digging In Mud P1010626.2
Autumn Reflected P1010529-31 Autumn Horse Fences P1010478-80 Interesting Sky P1010406-8 Gull Landing P1010395
Autumnscape P1010373 Autumn Tamaracks P1010346-8 Red Barn With White Trim P1010255 Two Swans In Flight P1010202.4
Swan In Flight P1010197 Ducks In Flight P1010179 Farm Wagon & Wind Turbines P1010151 Wind Turbines & Lone Tree P1010127-9
Rosedale Creek Otter P1010025 Autumnscape P1000970-2 Autumn Leaves P1000946-8 Sandra Beside The Canal P1000934-6
Autumn Chickadee P1000875 Le Boat Winter Storage P1000847 Airborne Le Boat P1000756 Airborne Le Boat P1000756 Crop
Airborne Le Boat P1000753 Autumn Otter Creek P1000652-4 Last Day In The Water P1000631 Autumn Backroad P1000601-3
Autumn Sailboat P1000577 Autumnscape P1000562-4 Last Boats Of The Season P1000492 Dripping Wild Grapes P1000392
Autumnscape P1000361-3 Autumnscape P1000343-5 Thanksgiving Sunrise P1000253-5 Autumn Backroad P1000238-40
Autumn Backroad P1000232-4 Cormorant In Flight P1000095 Two Cormorants P1000088-90 Mr & Mrs Mallard P1000011
Autumn Trees P1000004-6 Sunrise Mist On The Basin P1070311-7