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Panasonic Lumix FZ200 Photo Gallery

On Thursday, 2 October 2014, I purchased a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200, a superzoom digital camera that sports a constant f2.8 aperture through its entire zoom range of 25-600mm. This is pretty amazing. In addition, the FZ200 also has the features I'm not happy being without in a camera - RAW format, articulating LCD, and viewfinder (and this one is excellent).
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Broken Bench Beside Pines P1250181-3 Snowy Shoreline Rocks P1250197-9bw Snowy Shoreline Rocks P1250197-9 Blue Jay Atop A Pine P1250176
Snowy Evergreen Avenue P1250050 Winterscape P1250164 Snowy Evergreen Avenue P1250138 Wilting Tulip P1240568-70
After A Snowfall P1240671-6 Snowscape P1240734-9 Autumn Leftovers P1240770 Winter Barn P1240746-8
Wintry Big Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1240803-5 Picnic Anyone? P1240836-8 Above Edmunds Dam At Sunrise P1240890-2 Winter White Water P1240953
Confederation Drive Bridge On A Misty Morning P1240138-40 Winter Field Near Sunrise P1230884-6 Edmunds Lock At Sunrise P1230930-2 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1240009-11
Freezing Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1240459 Tulip Interior P1240483-5 Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs P1240519-24 Tulip Interior P1240551
Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn P1240563-7 Red Tulips P1240426-8 Winter Horses At Sunrise P1240261-3 Winter Canal Basin P1240156-61
Winter Sunrise P1240297-9 Sunrise Solar Pillar P1240234-6 Sunrise Landscape P1240362-4 Winter Shed P1230857
Random Access Memories P1240391 Beckwith Street Bridge At First Light P1240399-401 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1230911-3 Freezing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1240012-4
Winter Garden P1230812 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1230734-6 Winter Bug On A Screen P1230700-2 Snowscape P1230750-2
After The Snowstorm P1230768-70 Old & Older Barns In Winter P1230783-5 Arches P1230657 Victoria Park At Night P1230453-5
Christmas Eve Sunrise P1230619-21 Moonset Beyond The Bascule Bridge P1230555-63 Bridge Street At Dawn P1230385-7 Eight Swans In Flight P1230427
Autumn Clouds P1200833-5 Railway Museum At Night P1230468-70 Victoria Park At Night P1230453-5 Lower Reach At Night P1230483-5
Holiday Carleton Place P1230367-72 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1230355-7 Christmas Boathouses P1230325-7 Holiday Town Hall P1230292-4
Holiday Town Hall Entrance P1230280-2 Tiny Christmas Tree P1230253-8 Geese Leaving The Swale P1230229 Geese In The Swale At Sunrise P1230223-5A
Happy Holidays 1230175-7 CP Engine 9371 (P1230112-4) Christmas Tree Closeup P1230100-2 Fell Off The Wagon P1230088-90
Old Barn Window P1230083 Barn Window P1230079-81 Celebration of Lights 2015 (P1230034-5) Holiday Perth P1220980-2
Had Their Undivided Attention P1220958 Broken Horn P1220953-5 Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario P1220923-5 Canalside House At First Light P1220896-901
Canalside House At First Light P1220896-901 Canalside House At First Light P1220896-901 Otter Creek At Sunrise P1220803-5 Caught In A Crack P1220779-81
Country Sunrise P1220722-7 Moonlit Lower Reach P1220684-6 Snow On Ice P1220664-6 Freezing Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1220617-8
'Hotel' P1220507-9 'Hotel' P1220470-1 Holiday Heritage House P1220404-15 Sunrise Shadows P1220399
River Rocks P1220321-9 Turtle Island At Sunrise P1220278-83 No Parking P1220199-201 Sunrise Landscape P1220188-93
Cornfield Sunrise P1220182-7 Rideau Canal Sunset P1220155-7 Departing Overcast P1220101-6 Equine Pal Posing P1220084
Canalside Bench & Tree P1210997-9 Lockmaster's House In Fog P1210964-6 Fogged In Farm P1210958-60 Lockmaster's House At First Light P1210949-51
Fog Bank Beyond The Bascule Bridge P1210947 Gulls Off & On The Poop Dock P1210902,5 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise P1210805-7 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise P1210790-2
Late Season Heron In Flight P1210741 Irish Creek Sunrise P1210711-3 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1210638-43 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1210465-7
Clouded Sunrise P1210462-4 Frosty Autumn Leaf On A Frosty Dock P1210444-6 Frosty Chain P1210407-9 Mist On The Water P1210377-9
Fog On The Water P1210365-7 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1210350-2 Red Red Raspberries P1210325 Departing Patricia Sunrise Clouds P1210311-3
Backlit Autumn Oak Leaf Closeup P1210243 Autumn Trees P1210206-8 Autumn Tree In Sunrise P1210194-6 Autumn Rideau Canal P1210176-8
Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1210161-6 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1210156 Sunrise Pasture P1210133-5 Otter Creek At Dawn P1210101
Autumn Sunrise P1210021-9 Autumn Back Road P1210009-11 Asian Lady Beetle P1200991 Asian Lady Beetle P1200965
Clouded First Quarter Moon P1200939 Mass Takeoff P1200783 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1200737-9 Kilmarnock Autumn P1200704-6
Autumn Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1200683-5 Autumn Bend In The Road P1200441-3 Happy Thanksgiving Canada P1200411 Autumn Tree P1200399-401
Autumn Collapsing Barn P1200323-5 Crescent Moon At Dawn P1200296-8 Moon & Planets Conjunction 20151010 (P1200270) Autumn Back Road P1200254-6
Autumn Back Road P1200254-6 Autumnscape P1200186 Autumn Back Road P1200169-71 Amber Droplets P1200113-5
Yellow Roses Still Life P1200090-2 Yellow Roses Still Life P1200090-2 'Art' Autumn Barn P1200056 Abstract P1200033-5
Abstract P1190992-3 Abstract P1190986-8 Flags At Night P1190850-1 Autumnscape At Sunrise P1190835-7
Irish Creek Sunrise P1190803-5 Otter Creek Dawn P1190752-4 Otter Creek At Sunrise P1190722 Otter Creek At Sunrise P1190710-2
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1190643-5 Econo Lodge Reflection At Dawn P1190628-30 Mum Family P1190600 Phlox From The Ground P1190594
Rideau Canal Sunset P1190555-60 Gull In Flight P1190518 Autumn Cornfield P1190503-5 Clouded Harvest Moon Eclipse P1190454
Clouded Harvest Moon Eclipse P1190425-7 Harvest Moonrise P1190410-2 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1190353-5 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1190347-9
Sunrise Fishermen P1190313-5 Sunrise Fishermen P1190310-2 Curious Cows P1190255 Canadian Shield Autumnscape P1190234-6
Edmunds Dam At Sunrise P1190171-3 Early Autumn Back Road P1190107-9 Old & Older Barn Architecture P1190104-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1190083-8
Roadside Wildflowers P1190043-5 Sunrise Ground Fog P1190006-8 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1180987-9 Abstract P1180977
The 6:22 Approaching In Ground Fog P1180966-74 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1180930-2 Rideau Canal Sunset P1180894-6 Foggy Rideau Canal P1180795-7
Foggy Beckwith Street Bridge P1180783-5 Sunrise Sunrays P1180750-2 Split-rail Fence In Sunrise Fog P1180738-40 Appaloosa In Sunrise Ground Fog P1180685-6
Cormorant Stretching P1180627 Gull Flyby P1180621 Lazy Hazy River P1180606-8 Sunrise Sunrays P1180546-8
Fence In Fog P1180530 Busy Bee P1180477 Sodium Vapor Bokeh P1180442.51 Mum Closeup P1180427-9
Surreal Sunrise P1180393.7-9 Moon & Venus P1180393 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1180312-4 Clouded Sunrise P1180309-11
Gold Cross Pen Set P1180267-9 Monarch Butterfly P1180240 Busy Bee On A Pink & Yellow Flower P1180234 Bee In A Morning Glory P1180199
Tiny Spider On A Screen P1180150 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1180132-4 Irish Creek Sunrise P1180129-30 The Ride Across Canada P1180108-10
The Ride Across Canada P1180078 Irish Creek Sunrise P1170974-6 Five Horses At Sunrise P1170956-8 Heron Hunting At Sunrise P1170908
Jumping Heron P1170882 Two Horses In Misty Sunrise P1170842 Old Dock At Sunrise P1170724-6.psd Gull & Sunset Clouds P1170714
Sunflower Field In Fog P1170635 Geese In Air, Geese On Water At Sunrise P1170579-80 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1170536-8 Golden Field At Sunrise P1170521
Cornfield At Sunrise P1170512-4 Irish Creek Sunrise P1170485-7 Bee Balm Bloom Growing Out Of A Bee Balm Bloom P1170464-9 Droopy Wet Brown-eyed Susan P1170461-3
Bucolic Back Road P1170443-5 Dead Tree In Misty Sunrise P1170395-7 Misty Sunrise Fishing P1170357 Misty Sunrise Fishing P1170310-2
Roadside Wildflowers P1170301-3 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1170285-7 Sunrise Sunrays P1170225-7A Purple Loosestrife Along Fence P1170150-2
Purple Loosestrife Along Fence P1170141-3 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1170132-4 Sunset Clouds P1170117-9 Sunset Clouds P1170105-7
Rideau Canal Sunset P1170090-5 Partial Rainbow At Sunset P1170084-6 Anticrepuscular Rays P1170078-80 White & Orange Fish P1170049
Equine Pals In Misty Sunrise P1170030.3 Irish Creek Sunrise P1160959-61 Sunrise Landscape P1160932-4 Sunrise Ground Fog P1160905-7
Bales In Misty Sunrise P1160856-8 Canal Basin At Night P1160715 Kawartha Voyageur At Sunrise P1160697 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1160632-4
Kawartha Voyageur Arriving P1160556 Boat, Train & Lock P1160435.53 Wet Gerbera Backside P1160407-21 Wet Street P1160405
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1160362-4 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1160356-8 Wet Little Yellow Wildflower P1160334 Steam Locomotive Wheel P1160290-2
Centennial Park From The Water At Night P1160238-40 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1160175-7 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1160142-4 Tai Chi Under A Bridge P1160118-20
Equine Pal In Misty Sunrise P1160068-70 A Nuthatch Being A Nuthatch P1160031 Howard Ryan Kelford Knott & Dixon Mural P1150984.87 Lily Anthers & Stigma P1150971-6
Gerbera Backside P1150962-4 Heading Out To Fish P1150938 Ahh Sweet Nectar P1150866 Ahh! Sweet Nectar P1150857
Heading Out To Pasture P1150818 Bales In A Field P1150794-6 Bee Balm P1150787 Trees In Misty Sunrise P1150725-7
Sun Rising Through A Tree P1150713-5 Red Sun Rising P1150679-81 Red Sun Rising P1150667-9 Great Blue Heron On A Green Channel Marker P1150554
Heron In Flight P1150535 Wet Red Gerbera P1150526-31 Railway Perspective P1150505-7 Pines In Misty Sunrise P1150478-80
Horse In Pasture P1150477 Tiny Iridescent Fly On A Wet Leaf P1150392-6 Daylily Droplets P1150349-54 Heron Stalking Breakfast At Sunrise P1150313
Heading Out To Fish At Sunrise P1150308 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1150271-3 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1150268-70 Caution Concealed P1150241-3
Canal Basin At Dawn P1150226-8 Two Horses P1150199-201 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1150175-7 After A Rain P1150160-2
First Daylily P1150135 Daylily Stamen P1150132-4 Yellow Orange Lily P1150012-4 Yellow Orange Lily 'Art' P1150012-4
Sunrise Fog On The Canal P1140934-6 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1140913-5 Sunrise Fishermen P1140898-900 Rain Runoff At Sunrise P1140865
Heron In Flight P1140851 Gray Catbird P1140840 Marigolds P1140794-5 Rain Runoff P1140781
Rain Runoff At Night P1140770-2 Moth Beneath A Leaf P1140711-8 Wet Daisy P1140648-50
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