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Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Photo Gallery

On Saturday, 23 January 2016, I purchased a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 (DMC-FZ1000), a superzoom digital camera with a 25-400mm EFL F2.8-4 Leica lens to replace the Panasonic Lumix FZ200 that had become my everyday camera. The FZ200 was still doing a fine job, but I wanted the larger sensor of the FZ1000 with its inherently greater image quality and higher resolution. The FZ1000 is an amazing camera.
Great Blue Heron At Night P1610180-3 Great Blue Heron At Night P1610205 Clouded Strawberry Moon Beyond Victoria Basin P1610114-8 Going Fishing On A Foggy River P1600969
Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog P1610004-8 Going Fishing On A Foggy River P1600865 Smiths Falls Econo Lodge At First Light P1600758-62 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1600747
20210610 Partial Eclipse Thru Clouds P1600664 20210610 Partial Eclipse At Sunrise P1600611-5 20210610 Partial Eclipse Thru Clouds P1600659 20210610 Partial Eclipse At Sunrise P1600646-50
Eastbound & Westbound P1600450 Two Horses Running In Ground Fog P1600010.3 Moonlit Landscape P1600258 Clouded Flower Moon Over The Le Boat Fleet P1600346-50
Centennial Park Fountains At Night P1600174 Chambers Street Subway P1590928-32 Ground Fog Beyond Horses P1600038 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1600094-8
Misty Rideau River & Ground Fog P1600083 Horse Running In Ground Fog P1600015 Milky Way Over Edmonds Lockstation P1590900-1 Night Sky Over Edmonds Lockstation P1590892
Rain Ripples P1590864BW Leaves Bliss P1590870 Le Boats Docked At Centennial Park P1590858 Le Boats Docked At Centennial Park P1590823-7
CP 8707 Eastbound At Dawn P1590685 The Le Boat Fleet Queue At Night P1590505-11 The Le Boat Fleet Queue At Night P1590526-32 Holiday Light Poles At Night P1590456-62
Milky Way Galactic Core Over Irish Creek P1590318 20210320 Aurora P1590288 20210320 Aurora P1590299 Night Clouds Over Irish Creek P1590286
Night Clouds Reflected P1590273 Ground Fog Beyond Winter Trees At Sunrise P1590149 Fog Beyond Snow Fence P1590246 Line Of Trees In Sunrise Fog P1590070
Landscape In Fog P1590154 Smokehouse Smoking In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1590112 CP 8078 Leading Freight Train 113 (P1580488) 2020 Celebration Of Lights P1580733-9
Picking Up CP Deadhead Crew P1580613 Beckwith Street In Snowfall At Night P1580712-8 Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario At Night P1580349-55 Snowy CN 1112 Steam Locomotive P1580316.21
Christmas Eve Sunrise P1580223-9 Sunset Clouds Over The Swale P1580061-7 Sunset At The Swale P1580054-60 Merry Christmas 2020 (P1580053)
Heritage House Holiday Gazebo P1570965-71 Foggy Beckwith Street P1570824-30 2020 Celebration Of Lights Reflection P1570810-4 2020 Celebration Of Lights P1570768074
2020 Celebration Of Lights P1570747-53 Skein of Geese Over Rising Beaver Full Moon P1570589 Night Sky Over Irish Creek P1570492 Clouded Sunrise Over Haze & Ground Fog P1570484-90
30th Anniversary P1570292 Clouded Halloween Blue Hunter's Moon P1570278 New Smiths Falls KFC P1570187-93 Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario At Night P1570166-72
Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario At Night P1570145-51 Le Boat Season End Queue At Blue Hour P1560896-02 Le Boat Season End Queue Panorama P1560819-32 Le Boat Season End Queue At Night P1560770-6
Le Boat Season End Queue At Night P1560749-55 Fog Beyond Misty Otter Creek P1560707 Autumn Island In Fog At Sunrise P1560681 Red Tree Row On A Foggy Autumn Morning P1560663
CP 8504 & 8851 In Morning Fog P1560638 CP 8851 At Dawn P1560602-8 Train Passing Train P1560553-9 Autumn Lower Reach Park On A Foggy Night P1560499-05
Autumn Old Slys Road In Night Fog P1560480-6 Autumn Streetlight P1560466-72 Rail Yard Scene At Dawn P1560424-30 2020 Harvest Moon P1560340-6
Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario At Night P1560312-7 Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario P1560215-20 Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario P1560158-64 Dewy Spider Webs P1560136-42 (crop)
Train Bridge In Morning Fog P1560094-00 Autumn Sumac Closeup P1560083 Misty Rideau Canal In Fog Autumnscape P1560054 Sunrising Above Cloud P1560038-44
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1550983 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1550940 Moon & Venus Over The Water Tower P1550877-82 Sunrise Ground Fog P1550613
Farm Buildings & Ground Fog At Sunrise P1550606-12 CN Dining Car 4006 At Night P1550476-82 CN Dining Car 4006 At Night P1550476-82BW Beckwith Street Revitalization P1550414
Moon & Mars Conjunction P1550349 Ground Fog At Night P1550315-21 Sunrise Ground Fog Beyond Fence P1550073 Night Clouds Over Irish Creek P1550041
Comet NEOWISE Over Smiths Falls P1550033 Night Sky Composite P1550014 Comet NEOWISE & Airplane Light Trail P1550004 (crop) Comet NEOWISE & Clouds P1540996 (crop)
Moon, Bascule Bridge, Comet NEOWISE P1540991 Night Train (CP 8787) P1540938 Comet NEOWISE Over The Swale P1540931 Comet NEOWISE P1540927
Comet NEOWISE P1540871-3 Comet NEOWISE Over The Swale P1540864 Comet NEOWISE Over Rideau Canal P1540844-50 Comet NEOWISE Over Moonlit Cornfield P1540829
Comet NEOWISE Over Moonlit Rideau River P1540821 Comet NEOWISE Reflected P1540791 Comet NEOWISE Over Irish Creek P1540779 Comet NEOWISE Over Irish Creek P1540779 (crop)
Saturn-Moon-Jupiter Conjunction 2020 (P1540756-62) Equine Pal In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1540631 Foggy Sunrise P1540511-7 Long Freight Train At Sunrise P1540385-91
Centennial Park Fountain P1540281-7 Contrail Through Mercury-Venus Conjunction P1540205 Common Gallinule P1540149 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1540085-91
Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1540043-9 Victoria Basin At Sunrise P1530909-15 Lower Reach Trees In Sunrise Glow P1530902 Red Sky Over Otter Creek P1530832-8
Sunrise Clouds Beyond Gemmels Point P1530762-8 Fiery Sunrise Color P1530636-42 Clouded Flower Moon P1530394 Interesting Night Sky P1530362-8
Sunrise At The Rail Yard P1530327-33 Full Flower Moon Setting Into Clouds P1530273,251 Waiting Train P1530215-21 Eastern End Of Lower Reach At Blue Hour P1530147
Smiths Falls Public Library At Night P1530124-9 Mars Saturn Jupiter above the Moon P1530110-6 Pink Full Moon Setting Over Otter Lake P1530005-11 Moon Setting Beyond The Swale P1520983-9
Departing Freight Train P1520878BW Sunrise At Otter Creek P1520766-72 Blue Hour Farm Lights P1520721-7 Milky Way Galactic Core & Airplane Lights P1520699
Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, & Moon P1520641-7 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1520585-91 Six Incoming Geese At Sunrise P1520488 Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1520431-7
Abstract P1520368 (crop) Rising Sun Through Fog P1520298-04 Sunrise Ground Fog From Afar P1520277-83 Fence & Ground Fog P1520265
Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1520176 Trees & Sunrise Ground Fog P1520158-64 Blue Hour Fog P1520116-22 Winter Wonderland P1520006
Old Post Office Clock Tower P1510982-7 Old Post Office Clock Tower P1510964 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1510926-32 New Footbridge In Snowstorm P1510758-64
Orion P1510700-4 Night Sky With Meteor & Airplane P1510695 Moon Above Four Trees At Sunrise P1510688-94 Drifted Snow At Sunrise P1510683
Drifted Snow P1510683BW Freight Train & Station Theatre P1510653-9 Footbridge In Morning Mist P1510597-03 Sunrise Through Mist Beyond Turtle Island P1510576-82
Moon Beyond Winterscape At Sunrise P1510548-54 Car Beside Big Pile Of Snow P1510541-7 Snow Moon Setting Between Boathouses P1510513-9 Snow Moon Setting Over The Swale P1510471-7
Buried Stone Arch Dam In Snowfall P1510461 Sunrise At A Frozen Irish Creek P1510394-00 The 6:22 Train Torontobound P1510356 Patchy Night Fog Over The Rail Yard P1510331-7
Patchy Night Fog Over The Rail Yard P1510317-23 Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario At Night P1510282-7 Winter Sunrise P1510268-74 Lower Reach Park At Sunrise P1510212-8
Scudding Clouds Over Lower Reach At Night P1510030-6 Footbridge To Turtle Island In Snowfall P1510002-8 Sunrise At The Victoria Basin P1500987-93 Turtle Island Footbridge At Sunrise P1500966-72
Decaying Barn At Sunrise P1500910 Frosty Misty Rideau River At Sunrise P1500868-74 Winter Sunrise P1500791-7 Wintry Rideau River P1500693-9
Centennial Park At Night In A Snowstorm P1500644 Footbridge To Turtle Island On A Snowy Night P1500602-8 Library On A Snowy Night P1500595-6 Beautiful House On A Snowy Night P1500568-72
Beckwith Street On A Foggy Night P1500518-24 Tanker Train Departing In Night Fog P1500476-82 Tanker Train Departing In Night Fog P1500476-82 BW Tanker Train On A Foggy Night P1500462-8
Tanker Train On A Foggy Night P1500462-8 BW CP Crew Change On A Foggy Night P1500427-33 CP Crew Change On A Foggy Night P1500427-33 BW Old Post Office P1500385-91
Pedestrian Underpass P1500357-62 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1500264-00 Venus-Moon Conjunction P1500244 Awning Icicles P1500190
Boxing Day Sunrise P1500180-5 Waning Crescent Moon At Sunrise P1500131-7 Back-to-Back Locomotives P1500117-23 Celebration Of Lights 2019 (P1500010)
Back-to-Back Locomotives P1490939-45 Merry Christmas 2019 (P1490938) Wintry Sunrise P1490921-7 Wintry Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1490900-6
Backlit Mist On A Bitter Cold Morning P1490879-85 Wintry Detached Lockstation At Dawn P1490809-15 Two Swans In Lights P1490788-94 Clouded Moon Beyond Clock Tower P1490774-80
Renovated Clock Tower P1490711-7 Setting Cold Moon Beyond The Bascule Bridge P1490662-8 Moon Setting Over The Swale P1490620-6 Holiday Heritage House P1490592-8
Holiday Heritage House P1490571-7 Wintry Sunrise Clouds P1490557 Wintry Sunrise P1490550-6 Barn In Wintry Sunrise P1490508-14
New Two Span Footbridge P1490470-4 Celebration Of Lights 2019 From Afar (P1490442-8) Heritage House Holiday Fence P1490421 Let It Snow! P1490414-20
Celebration Of Lights 2019 (P1490407-13) Snowy Fallen Tree P1490351-7 Celebration Of Lights 2019 (P1490267-73) Celebration Of Lights 2019 (P1490260-6)
Celebration Of Lights 2019 (P1490225-31) New Two Span Footbridge P1490185-9 Celebration Of Lights 2019 (P1490171-7) Calebration Of Lights 2019 (P1490103-9)
Celebration Of Lights 2019 (P1490089-95) Red Sky & Sunrise Solar Pillar P1490054-60 Calebration Of Lights 2019 (P1480997-04) Calebration Of Lights 2019 (P1480815-21)
Calebration Of Lights 2019 (P1480794-00) Frozen Irish Creek Sunrise P1480754-60 Snow On Ice At Sunrise P1480747 Frozen Irish Creek Sunrise P1480740-4
VIA Rail Morning Passenger Train P1480696 20191111-2 Snowfall P1480614-8 Beckwith Street On A Snowy Night P1480600-6 Snowy Winnifred St N (P1480579)
Autumn Sunrise P1480544-50 First Ice P1480530-6 Decaying Barn In Autumn Snowscape P1480481-7 RMEO Rolling Stock In Snowfall P1480446-50
The 6:22 To Toronto Departing P1480384 The 6:22 To Toronto In An Autumn Snowfall P1480367 Cloud Mountains At Sunrise P1480278-84 Chippie In The Rocks P1480226
Flight of Bridge Stairs P1480212-8 Rideau Canal In Sunrise Glow P1480163 Trees In Sunrise Glow P1480135-41 Trees In Sunrise Glow P1480114-18
Dead Calm Irish Creek At Dawn P1480058-64 Clouded Sunrise P1480016-22 Cornfield Sunrise P1470946-52 Bare Trees In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1470897-03
Irish Creek Sunrise P1470862-8 Autumn Trees In Fog P1470799-05 Autumn Trees In Fog P1470799-05BW Autumn Trees In Fog P1470773
Econo Lodge At Dawn P1470736-42 The 6:22 To Toronto Departing P1470652-8 Victoria Canal Basin At Sunrise P1470540-6 Autumn Farmscape P1470519-25
Fiery Sunrise P1470491-7 Irish Creek Sunrise P1470435-41 Rideau Canal Visitor Centre In Sunrise Fog P1470351-7 'HOTEL' Sign On A Foggy Night P1470323-9
Pedestrian Underpass On A Foggy Night P1470267-73 Centennial Park On A Foggy Night P1470232-8 Interesting Autumnscape Sky At Sunrise P1470127-3 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving P1470106-12
Irish Creek At Sunrise P1470106-12 Autumnscape At Davis Lock P1460996 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1460809-15 Trees In Mist & Ground Fog P1460802-8
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1460697-03 Autumn Ivy Leaves P1460662 Misty Confederation Bridge P1460655-61 Frosty Wild Black-eyed Susan P1460564-70
Fog On The Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1460522 Edmonds Lock In Fog & Mist P1460461 Barn In Fiery Sunrise P1460354-60 Docked Boat At Sunrise P1460312-8
Sunrise & Contrail Through Ground Fog P1460298-4 Autumnscape At Sunrise P1460249-55 Oncoming Truck In Sunrise Ground Fog P1460237 Crescent Moon Over Rideau Canal Sunrise Fog P1460187
Foggy Victoria Basin P1460109-15 Foggy Victoria Basin At Sunrise P1460011-7 Fog Moving In At Sunrise P1450926-30 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1450891-7
Barn & Autumn Tree P1450877-83 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1450779 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1450616-22 Autumn Color At Sunrise P1450595-01
Fog Wave At Sunrise P1450560-2 Barn In Fiery Sunrise P1450546-52 Moonlit Nightscape P1450506-12 Moonlit Nightscape P1450500-5
Moonlit Nightscape P1450486-93 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1450393-9 Belated Harvest Moon P1450386-92 Gemmells Point In Misty Sunrise P1450345-51
Roses Bridge In Foggy Sunrise P1450317-23 Misty Canal Basin At Sunrise P1450282-8 Row Of Trees In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1450228-34 Sun Rising Through Ground Fog P1450207-3
The 6:22 Torontobound In Fog P1450185 The 6:22 Torontobound In Fog P1450174 Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1450166-72 Rideau Canal Sunrise Mist & Ground Fog P1450124-8
Red Sky Over The Victoria Canal Basin P1450117-23 Red Sky & Solar Pillar In The Morning P1450082-8 Clouded 20190901 Aurora P1440984 Clouded 20190901 Aurora (P1440980)
Milky Way Beyond Clouds P1440963-4 Misty Rideau Canal At Dawn P1440859-65 Early Morning Fishing P1440818 Barn in Sunrise Ground Fog P1440796-02
Pastoral Sunrise P1440747-53 Red Barn In Sunrise Ground Fog P1440719-25 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1440691-7 Gemmells Point At Sunrise P1440631-5
Three Meteors & Wispy Clouds P1440598,07,13 Star Trails, Wispy Clouds & Two Meteors P1440587-18 Two Meteors P1440578,85 Ground Fog Beyond Dead Tree P1440570-4
Waiting Train At Sunrise P1440556-62 Victoria Park Marina At Night P1440451-7 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1440437-43 Kawartha Voyageur At Blue Hour P1440388-94
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1440246 Heron On An Overflow Dam At Sunrise P1440193 Trees In Sunrise Mist & Ground Fog P1440079-85 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1440072-8
Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1440051-7 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1440016-22 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1440003-5 Big Dipper, Meteor & Polaris P1430987
Milky Way, Meteors & Jupiter Over Irish Creek P1430923-6 Clouds At Sunrise P1430866-72 Moon Over Rideau Canal At Dawn P1430852-5 Kawartha Voyageur At Night In Smiths Falls P1430750-6
Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1430673-9 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1430635-41 Decaying Barn In Ground Fog P1430609-11 Dawn Glow P1430506-12
Misty Foggy Sunrise P1430422-8 Geese Flying Above Sunrise Fog P1430402-5 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1430341-3 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1430279-85
Smiths Falls KFC P1430246-52 Smiths Falls KFC P1430246-52BW Smiths Falls KFC P1430246-52SC Tree Row At Sunrise P1430141-7
Pedestrian Skunk P1430077 Waning Buck Moon Over Victoria Basin P1430031-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1430008-14 Bales & Tree At Sunrise P1420965-9
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1420930-6 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1420916-22 Railway Crossing Lights P1420835-8 Deer Among Wildflowers P1420802-7
Running Deer P1420793 Deer Standing In Meadow P1420785 Bales & Ground Fog P1420767-73 Disc Plow In Sunrise Ground Fog P1420725-31
Summer Fields At Sunrise P1420668-70 Irish Creek Sunrise P1420601-7 Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise P1420573-9 Fishing In Sunrise Mist P1420545-51
Foggy Sunrise P1420489-95 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1420428-32 Grazing Horses At Sunrise P1420326-32 Sunrise Ground Fog P1420223-5
Sunrise Ground Fog P1420211-3 Clouded Foggy Sunrise P1420183 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1420144-50 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1420032-8
Irish Creek At Sunrise P1420015-7 Pink Peonies P1410905-7 Moon At Sunrise P1410862-8 Otter Creek Sunrise Panorama P1410841-54
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1410834-40 Strawberry Moon Setting P1410810-6 Foggy Sunrise P1410804 Silos In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1410734
Clouded Sunrise P1410649-53 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1410634-8 Two Centennial Park Fountains P1410621-7 Red Fountain Beyond Blue P1410551
Repaired Fountain P1410545-7 Powwow Tipi P1410506-8 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1410472 Milky Way Galactic Core & Jupiter P1410451-6
CP Locomotive 8048 (P1410420-2) CP Crew Change P1410396 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1410348-54 Otter Creek Sunrise P1410320-6
Sun Rising Into Cloud P1410250-6 Otter Creek Sunrise P1410159-65 Home Hardware Reflected P1410110-2 Houseboat In The Creek P1410089
Goslings On The Rocks P1410060crop Geese & Goslings P1410045 Night Train Departing P1410019 Night Train Departing P1410013-4
Moon & Clouds At Sunrise P1400962-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1400955-61 Three Horses On A Foggy Morning P1400892-8 Foggy Otter Creek P1400836-49
Otter Creek In Sunrise Fog P1400806 Horse & Ground Fog At Sunrise P1400767-72 Misty Rideau Canal In Foggy Sunrise P1400709-15 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1400688-94
Docked Le Boat Canadian Fleet At Night P1400575-81 Tree In Foggy Sunrise P1400547-51 Foggy Sunrise At Otter Creek P1400464-6 Detached Lock In Foggy First Light P1400419-21
Victoria Basin Weir P1400361-7 Clouds At Sunrise P1400319-25 Irish Creek Moonrise P1400191-4 Galactic Core Between Trees P1400189
Galactic Core Over Irish Creek P1400184-5 Rail Yard Sunrise P1400085-91 Old Post Office Building In Scaffolding P1400034-40 Bales & Barn At Night P1400006-12
Two Barns At Night P1390978-83 Barn In Night Fog P1390949-55 Barn & Gate At Night P1390935-41 Barn & Tree At Night P1390921-7
Barn & Tree At Night P1390900-6 Cenotaph On A Foggy Night P1390840-4 High Water In Night Fog At Turtle Island P1390805-9 Rail Yard Office Building On A Foggy Night P1390790-4
Hotel Sign Glow In Fog P1390771-3 Hotel On A Foggy Night P1390766-70 Gazebo On A Foggy Night P1390744-9 Cloud At Sunrise P1390733-9
Clouds At Sunrise P1390726-30 Setting Moon P1390677-83 Christmas Boathouses At Dawn P1390600-6 Spring Runoff P1390583
High Water P1390509 Milky Way & Jupiter P1390485-92 Meteor, Jupiter, & Clouded Milky Way P1390478 The 6:22 To Toronto Leaving Town P1390469
The 6:22 To Toronto Leaving Town P1390464 Sunrise Solar Pillar P1390420-6 Spring Sunrise P1390399-05 Rosedale Creek Sunrise P1390392-8
Lockmaster's Watch House On A Foggy Night P1390368-70 Beckwith Street Bridge At Night P1390362-4 Overnighting Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1390271-7 Spring Snow P1390262-8
Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1390226-32 Lower Reach At Sunrise P1390210-2 Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1390184-90 Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1390184-90BW
Boathouses In Frosty Sunrise P1390142-8 Frosty Trees At Sunrise P1390125-7 Frosty Winter Cattails P1390119-21 Winter Mallard P1390115
Sunrise Ground Fog At The Swale P1390082-4 Snowscape P1390045-51 Sun Rising Through Mist P1390031-7 Misty Old Slys Rapids At Sunrise P1390017-23
Crescent Moon Over Turtle Island At Dawn P1380904-10 First Light At The Rail Yard P1380894 The 6:22 Train Torontobound At First Light P1380877 Snow Removal P1380862
20190212-13 Snowfall P1380825-7 Winter Sunrise P1380776-82 Winter Sunrise P1380769-75 Oak Leaf In Ice P1380718-20
Clouded Sunrise P1380659-65 Venus-Moon-Jupiter Conjunction P1380623-9 Venus-Moon-Jupiter Conjunction P1380609-15 Rail Yard Office & Station Theatre P1380502-8
Victoria Avenue In Snowfall P1380488-94 Misty Edmonds Lock P1380446-52 Edmonds Lockmaster's House At Sunrise P1380425-31 Jupiter & Venus Conjunction P1380418-24
2019 Super Blood Wolf Moon P1380366 20190120 Winter Storm P1380254-6 20190120 Winter Storm P1380251-3 20190120 Winter Storm P1380233-5
Jupiter & Venus Conjunction & Meteor P1380171-7 Jupiter & Venus Conjunction & Meteor P1380171-7 (crop) Confederation Bridge In Sunrise Mist P1380036-42 Carss House Roofline Beyond Canal Basin Mist P1380015-21
Frosty Fallen Tree In Sunrise Mist P1370979-85 Rideau River Sunrise Frost P1370937-43 Misty Rideau River At Sunrise P1370881-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1370860-6
Jupiter & Venus Over Frozen Irish Creek P1370837-9 Clouded Crescent Moon P1370723.6 Moon & Venus Over Turtle Island P1370700-6 Clouded Sunrise P1370586-92
Clouded Sunrise P1370572-8 Irish Creek Sunrise P1370544-50 Swimming Otter P1370532 Otter On Ice P1370524
Otter On Ice P1370510 Two Otters Frolicking P1370465 Stained Glass Shop Windows P1370398-02 The 6:22 Train To Toronto P1370356.8
Canadian Pacific 8912 Arriving P1370286 CP 8912 In Snowfall P1370270-6 CP 8912 Arriving In Snowfall P1370263-9 CEFX 1059 & NS 4111 (P1370256-62)
CEFX 1059 & NS 4111 (P1370242-8) Wind Turbine Tower Sections P1370214-20 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1370130-6 Moon Over Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1370116-22
Sunrise Moon P1370111 Holiday Crystal Palace Interior P1370067-73 White Christmas Tree Ornaments P1370046-52 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1360919-25
Clouded Cold Moon Setting P1360891-7 Clouded Cold Moon Setting P1360857-61 Holiday Tay River P1360814-20 Holiday Crystal Palace P1360800-6
Holiday Perth Town Hall Clock Tower P1360751-7 Holiday Perth P1360723-9 Holiday Perth Crystal Palace P1360695-01 Railway Night Crew P1360662-6
Comet 46P/Wirtanen P1360567 Comet 46P/Wirtanen P1360563 Holiday Lights P1360551 Railway Museum On A Foggy Night P1360459-65
Cenotaph On A Foggy Night P1360410-6 Rideau Canal On A Foggy Night P1360368-74 Heritage House Museum At Night P1360347-53 Passing Train  Beyond Holiday Gazebo P1360319-25
Holiday Heritage House Fence P1360312-8 Christmas Lights P1360298-03 Holiday Lights P1360274-80 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1360220-6
Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1360192-8 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1360185-91 Holiday Heritage House Museum P1360178-84 2018 CP Holiday Train P1360150-6
2018 CP Holiday Train P1360095 2018 CP Holiday Train P1360052-8 2018 CP Holiday Train P1350956 The 6:22 Departing To Toronto P1350888-9
2018 CP Holiday Train Panorama P1350752.59.66 Snowy Nightscape P1350653-5 Beckwith Street At Night In Falling Snow P1350650-2 Beckwith Street At Night In Falling Show P1350641
Light Pole Holiday Wreath In Falling Snow P1350638-40 Snowy Mary Street North P1350631-7 2018 Celebration of Lights P1350610-6 2018 Celebration of Lights P1350596-02
2018 Celebration of Lights P1350566-8 2018 Celebration of Lights P1350546 Rideau Canal Night Fog P1350512-4 Moon Beyond Contrail P1350453-66
Heritage House Museum (Night & Day) Rideau River (Night & Day) Three Pines On A Foggy Night P1350380-6 Downtown Day & Night P1350303.28
Snowy Fast Food Restaurants P1350295-7 CP Railyard Office Building P1350286-8 Hotel Day & Night P1350261.76v2 Irish Creek Night Sky P1350225
Victoria Park From Afar P1350199-04 Canal Basin At Night P1350181-4 Sunrise Beyond Turtle Island P1350131-7 Red Barn P1350102-4
Wet Oak Leaf Macro P1350093-8 Precipitating Cloud At Sunrise P1350049-55 Red Sky At Sunrise P1350035-41 Sunrise Clouds P1340985-91
Autumn Canal Lights P1340971-7 Railroad Bridge At Night P1340936-42 Fall Foliage Under Water Tower P1340796-02 Old Stone Arch Dam P1340775-88
Roses Bridge Sunrise P1340741-5 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1340726-8 Car In Ground Fog P1340659-61 Cars In Ground Fog P1340649-5
Cut Cornfield P1340549-51 Rideau River P1340546-8 Trees In Misty Sunrise P1340517 Foggy Roses Bridge Sunrise P1340477-83
Three Horses In Misty Sunrise P1340461-3 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1340455-7 Skein of Geese At Sunrise P1340439-45 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1340432-8
Misty Water & Patchy Ground Fog At Sunrise_P1340408-10 Sunrise After The Storm P1340331-7 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1340290-2 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1340275-7
Bales in Ground Fog P1340268BW Railway Tracks Into Fog At Sunrise P1340245-9 Blue Boat In The Basin At Night P1340176-82 Old One Room School P1340088-90
From The Long Sault Parkway P1340039 Trees In Misty Sunrise P1340017-23 Davidson's Horse-drawn Bread Truck P1330926-8 Ebony & Ivories P1330739BW
Still Life P1330723BW Heritage House Museum Oven Preheating P1330705 Ground Fog Beyond Horse At Sunrise P1330604-10 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1330597-03
Sunrise Patchy Ground Fog P1330586-8 Otter Lake At Sunrise P1330569-71 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1330494-00 Three Trees In Sunrise Fog P1330484
Sunrise Over Misty Cornfield P1330459-65 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1330439-45 Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise P1330383-5 Red Sky In The Morning P1330321-5
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1330301-5 Irish Creek Sunrise P1330285-7 Crescent Moonrise P1330279-81 Crescent Moonrise P1330270-2
Clouded Sunrise P1330229-35 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1330197-9 Clouds At Sunrise P1330146-8 Ground Fog Beyond Barn P1330143-5
Clouded Sunrise P1330140-2 Le Boats Before Dawn P1330101-7 Sunrise Over A Misty Cornfield P1330040-6 Moon Setting Over Misty Cornfield P1330016-8
Clouded Sunrise P1320968-74 Spooked Duck At Sunrise P1320928-9 Sweet Scoops P1320886-92 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1320866-72
Ground Fog At Sunrise P1320831-7 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1320800-6 The 6:22 Train Leaving Town P1320768 The 6:22 Train To Toronto P1320763
Bales In Ground Fog P1320758-60 2018 Perseid Meteor P1320729 Milky Way Over A Field P1320721 Otter Creek At Sunrise P1320681-3
Waning Crescent Moonrise P1320651-3 Waning Crescent Moonrise P1320616 Clouded Sunrise Over The Swale P1320567-73 Otter Lake At Sunrise P1320522-3
Fogged Sun & Water Tower P1320493-9 Anchored Boat At Sunrise P1320454-6 Towering Cloud P1320415-7 Ground Fog Beyond Bales P1320403-5
Sunrise Ground Fog P1320380-6 Bale With Tree In Ground Fog P1320367-9BW Red Sun Rising P1320310-6 Clouded Moon Over Irish Creek P1320274-9
Buck Moon Over Canal Basin P1320239-45 Buck Moon Over Canal Basin P1320162-8 Old Barn P1320159-61 Barns In Sunrise Ground Fog P1320138-40
Irish Creek Sunrise P1320122-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1320108-14 Otter Creek At Sunrise P1320097-101 Father & Daughter Going Fishing P1320093
Bridge Restoration P1320052-4v1 Clouded Sunrise P1320013-5 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1320006-12 CP Tanker Train P1310976
Hotel At Dawn P1310961-6 Heron Poised To Strike P1310944 Heron In Murphy Park At Sunrise P1310930 Four Bales In Foggy Sunrise P1310842-4
Ground Fog At Sunrise P1310839-41 Two Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1310809-11 Foggy Farm P1310776-8 Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog P1310764-6
Weird Sunrise Cloud P1310707-9 Tipis At Sunrise P1310695-7 Moon Over Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1310629-33 Kawartha Voyageur At Dusk P1310514-9
Kawartha Voyageur At Sunset P1310490-2 Geese & Goslings P1310471 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1310442-6 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1310433-5
Shooting A Shooter P1310367 2018 Tulip Festival P1310283 Canal Basin Pier At Dawn P1310222-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1310201-7
Patch Of Ground Fog P1310185 Emerging From A Sunrise Ground Fog P1310161-3 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1310105-11 Lower Reach Sunset P1310005-7
Roses Bridge At Sunrise P1300992-4 Sunrise Rainbow P1300966.69.72 Osprey & Rainbow P1300952 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1300878-84
Edmonds Lock At Sunrise P1300814-20 Robin On A Canal Gate P1300771 Sunrise At The Swale P1300766-8 20180505 Clouded Aurora P1300748
Le Boat Canadian Fleet At Dawn P1300698-704 Misty Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise P1300656-62 Moon & Geese Over Misty Kilmarnock P1300577-9 Trees In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1300544-6
Moon Over Irish Creek P1300501-7 The 6:22 Train Bound For Toronto P1300475 The 6:22 Train Bound For Toronto P1300460 Sunrise Ground Fog P1300443-9
Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1300431 Milky Way Over A Barn P1300426 Barn At Sunrise P1300399-405 Tulips From The Bottom P1300380-2
Tulip Center Closeup P1300374-6 Floating Tulip P1300368-70 Yellow Tulips P1300359-61 Mid-April Snow P1300340
Mid-April Snow P1300329-31 Backlit Yellow Tulip Top P1300323-5 The 6:22 Torontobound P1300302-4 Sunrise Color P1300277-81
The 6:22 Arriving From Ottawa P1300222 The 6:22 Torontobound At Dawn P1300202-4 The 6:22 Departing To Toronto P1300150 Foggy Dawn Crew Change P1300054
The 6:22 Torontobound In A Foggy Dawn P1300043-5 Night Sky P1300013A Library Capital P1290991-5 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1290978
Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1290970 Roses Bridge At Night P1290964 Night Sky P1290959 Night Sky P1290948
The 6:22 Train To Toronto Departing P1290942 Snowy Trees P1290879-83 Smiths Falls Library P1290864-8 CBC 'Ottawa Morning' Smiths Falls Broadcast P1290827
VIA Rail Canada 150 (P1200477) Sunrise Cloud P1290794-8 Split-Rail Sunrise P1290739-43 Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1290702-8
Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1290686-8 Barn At Sunrise P1290653-9 Sun Rising Into Cloud Bank P1290625-31 Sunrise Solar Pillar P1290577-83
Sunrise Solar Pillar P1290567-71 Barn At Sunrise P1290539.42 Foggy Winter Morning P1290512 Red Channel Marker In Winter Fog P1290508
Foggy Park At Dawn P1290503-5 Overcast Winter Dawn P1290497-9 Crescent Moon Over Cloud Bank P1290473.83 Crescent Moon Over Turtle Island P1290476-8
Waiting For Spring P1290459-63 2018 Hazy Super Blue Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse P1290437 2018 Clouded Super Blue Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse P1290384-90 Roses Bridge At Sunrise P1290310-4
Rideau Canal Winter Sunrise P1290277-83 Cloud Bank Sunrise P1290229-35 The Lockmaster's House P1290224-8 Lone Light P1290209-13
Edmonds Lock Restoration P1290172-85 Frozen Rideau Canal Dawn P1290134-40 Frozen Spillway P1290109 Misty Canal Basin At Sunrise P1290079-85
Zamboni On Ice (vlcsnap20171225-05h36m05s) Goldfish P1290052 Winter Sparks Street P1290032-4 Parliament Hill Christmas 2017 (P1290029-31)
Centennial Flame Spectators P1290017-9 Peace Tower Clock At Twilight P1290008-10 Crop Peace Tower Clock At Twilight P1290008-10 Crop Peace Tower At Twilight P1290008-10
Wellington Street At Twilight P1280979-81 Wintry Ottawa Locks At Twilight P1280973-5 Canada 150 Skating Rink At Sunset P1280914-25 Canada 150 Skating Rink At Sunset (P1280913-25)
Christmas Church Door P1280850-2 Betty's Train To Ottawa P1280822 Winter Farmscape P1280794-6 Field Of Snowy Christmas Trees P1280779-81
Three Trees On A Foggy Night P1280771-5 Bright Night P1280770 Snowy Engine 1112 (P1280746-50) At Ian's Christmas Tree Farm P1280701-5
Merry Christmas 2017 (P1280686) Reindeer P1280661-5 Pawing For Grass P1280606-9 Holiday Lights P1280596-00
Holiday Heritage House P1280571-5 Holiday Heritage House P1280556-60 Snowy George Street South P1280496-00 Amy's Holiday Lights P1280403-7
Blue Light Split-rail Fence P1280393-7 Holiday Heritage House & Passing Train P1280333-48 Holiday Gazebo & Passing Train P1280333-42v2 Holiday Lights P1280310-2
Cold Moon Rising P1280242-8 Moonrise, Rideau Canal, Ontario P1280221-7 Light Trails P1280134.40.55 Rideau Canal Under Dark Clouds At Sunrise P1280101-5
Rideau Canal Angry Sunrise P1280081-5 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1280064-6 2017 CP Holiday Train P1280015-7 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270973
2017 CP Holiday Train P1270954-6 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270924.27.32 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270916 (crop) 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270878
2017 CP Holiday Train P1270866 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270855-7 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270831-3 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270808
2017 CP Holiday Train P1270786-8 2017 CP Holiday Train P1270782 Sunrise Landscape P1270734-8 Snow-capped Bales At Sunrise P1270721-3
Snowy Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1270689-95 Irish Creek Sunrise P1270640-6 The 6:22 To Toronto P1270610-2 2017-18 Winter First Snow P1270607-9
2017-18 Winter First Snow P1270601-3 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1270552-8 Autumn Leaves P1270503-5 'Art' Autumn Leaves P1270503-5 'Art' B&W
Autumn Leaf & Frost P1270485-7 Remembrance Day 2017 P1270458-60 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1270439-3 Cloud Over Cornfield At Sunrise P1270436-8
Night Train P1270409 Night Train P1270395-7 Waiting Train P1270383-5 Transparent Train P1270352.60
2017 Beaver (aka Frost) Moon Setting P1270310-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1270272-8 Old Log House & Farmstead P1270198 Prince the Horse (Happy To See Me) P1270177
Prince the Horse P1270177 Molly the Donkey P1270165 Old Log House Kitchen Sink P1270144-6 Old Log House Wall Hangings P1270141-3
Old Log House Place Setting P1270138-40 Bonnet Rack P1270135-7 Old Log House Foyer P1270132-4 Ground Floor Rocking Chair P1270129-31
Old Log House Upper Window P1270119-25 Old Log House Upper Window P1270112-8 Old Log House Candle P1270092.6 Old Log House Candle P1270070-6
Upstairs Bedchamber Door P1270064-6 Old Log House Dining Room P1270058-63 Old Log House Pitcher & Wash Basin P1270044-50 Aged Old Log House Pitcher & Wash Basin P1270044-50 Art
Candle & Apples Still Life P1270034-6 Bowl & Lantern P1270010-6 Old Log House Table & Chairs P1260995-2 Old Log House Fireplace P1260991.4
Old Log House Windows P1260986-8 Old Log Barn & Shed P1260977-9 Old Log Barn P1260965-7 Aged Old Log Barn P1260965-7
Old Log House Shed 1260959-61 (fauxIR) Old Log House Outbuildings P1260956-8 Old Log House Jars On A Windowsill P1260943 (crop) Old Log House Table & Chairs P1260933-46
Old Log House Butler's Pantry P1260927-32 Old Log House Bedchamber P1260923.6 Old Log House In Autumn P1260888-90 Sunrise Ground Fog P1260864-6
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1260821-7 Autumn Transmission Towers P1260768-70 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1260693-5 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1260658-64
The 6:22 To Toronto Departing P1260581 Harvest Moon Over The Swale P1260517-23 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1260377-9 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1260371-3
Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1260332-4 Sunrise Sunrays P1260275-91 Roadside Grass In Sunrise Mist P1260256 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1260253
Distant Fog P1260197-203 Misty Rideau Canal P1260150-6 Fiery Fog P1260087-93 Rideau Canal Sunrise Fog P1260084
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1260032-6 Clouded 20170928 Aurora P1260002 Clouded 20170928 Aurora P1250997 Roadside Trees At Sunrise P1250989
Ground Fog At Sunrise P1250981 Back Road On A Foggy Morning P1250973 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1250939-41 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1250900-2
Barn In Sunrise Fog P1250885-7 Early Autumn Trees In Fog P1250876-8 Foggy Otter Creek At Sunrise P1250852 Two Barns In Sunrise P1250692-8
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1250632-8 Old Barn In Foggy Sunrise P1250598-604 Tree & Bale In Foggy Sunrise P1250445-51 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1250382-6
Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1250311-7 Pouch Cove At Night P1250135-9 Moon Over Pouch Cove P1250130-4 Pouch Cove South Slipway On A Foggy Night P1250115-9
Moon Over Pouch Cove P1250085-9 Moon Over Pouch Cove P1250084 Big Dipper Over Foggy Pouch Cove P1250074 House By The Sea P1240962-4
Pouch Cove P1240928 Quidi Vidi P1240736 Old Fishing Boat P1240635 Pouch Cove North Slipway Mural P1240565
Sunrays Over Pouch Cove P1240436-8 Incoming Storm P1240361-7 North Atlantic Sunrise P1240338-40 North Atlantic Clouded Sunrise P1240269
Pouch Cove At Dusk P1240203-5 'Atlantic Griffon' In Port_P1240116-8 The Narrows At Sunrise P1240113-5 Prescott Street P1240101-3
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1240071-3 Bales & Fog At Sunrise P1240050-6 Bales & Fog At Sunrise P1240043-9 Kilmarnock Sunrise P1240004-10
Clouded Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1230996-03 Sunday Sunrise Fishing P1230950-2 Sunday Sunrise Fishing P1230950-2BW Rideau Canal Sunrise Mist & Fog P1230929-31
Bales & Ground Fog At Dawn P1230907-9 Cloud Mountains At Sunrise P1230850-2 Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise P1230772-4 Eclipse 2017 P1230718
Clouded Sunrise P1230674-80 Irish Creek Sunrise P1230645-7 Rail Yard At Sunrise P1230641 Rear Facing Train Engines P1230626-32
Approaching Train P1230563-9 CP Building At Dawn P1230486-92 Red Sun Rising P1230391-7 Trees & Canoes P1230371
Bales & Tree In Sunrise P1230307-13 Departing Storm Clouds At Sunrise P1230274-6 Barn At Sunrise P1230259-61 Barn In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1230256-8
Giant Rubber Duck Backside P1230220-4 Giant Rubber Duck P1230195-9 Giant Rubber Duck P1230190-4 Giant Rubber Duck P1230170-4
Giant Rubber Duck Close Up P1230160-4 Equine Pals At Breakfast P1230124 White Horse P1230100 Horse & Foal P1230098
Night Fog Along The Rideau P1230083-9 Foggy Night At The Canal Basin P1230027-33 Kawartha Voyageur In Night Fog P1220993-9 Kawartha Voyageur In Night Fog P1220972-8
Almost A Sunrise P1220958-64 Purple Loosestrife Pasture P1220900-2 Blue Light Special P1220870-5 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1220849-55
Bales In Sunrise P1220817-9 Bales & Ground Fog P1220811 Tree In Sunrise Fog P1220790-6 Two Bales At Sunrise P1220783-89v2
Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1220685-91 Sunrise Ground Fog P1220643-9 Farmer Working At Sunrise P1220629-35 Night Transforming Into Day P1220613-5
Grazing In A Field Of Wildflowers P1220601.9 Rolling Fields At Sunrise P1220577-9 Soy Bean Field P1220571-3BW Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1220541-9
Kawartha Voyageur At Twilight P1220496-8 Kawartha Voyageur At Twilight P1220490-2 A Seldom Seen Scene P1220480-6 Fog Layer & Barn At Sunrise P1220459-65
Kawartha Voyageur At Night P1220447-9 Barn In Sunrise P1220441-3 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1220403-5 Sylvan Sunrise P1220377-83
Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1220336 Milky Way Over The Rideau P1220328 Clouded Sunrise P1220288-90 Clouded Sunrise P1220273-5
Church & Ground Fog At Sunrise P1220251-7 Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise P1220217 Sunrise Sunrays P1220182-8 Sunrise Sunrays P1220141-7
Tanker Train In Dawn Fog P1220062 Light In A Window P1220041 Sunrise Cloud & Contrail P1220005-9 Thunder Moon Setting P1210997-02
Thunder Moon Rising P1210902-4 Daybreak Scudding Clouds P1210872 Incoming Storm Clouds P1210809-11 Rideau Canal Foggy Night P1210713-5
Pine In Night Fog P1210705 Sunrise Clouds P1210682-4 Rideau Canal Lifting Fog P1210656 Foggy Night On The Rideau Canal P1210645
Docked In Night Fog P1210640-2 Docked In Night Fog P1210637-9 Docked In Night Fog P1210628-30 Foggy Night At The Canal Basin P1210627
'Salty Paws' P1210585-7 Otter Lake At Sunrise P1210564-8 3% Waning Crescent Moon P1210540-5 Crescent Moon Over Rideau Canal P1210531-3
Irish Creek Sunrise P1210498-500 Chippie On A Porch P1210420 Strawberry Moonset P1210384 First Boat In The Basin P1210352-4
Edmonds Lock At Sunrise P1210348 Butterfly P1210221 Butterfly P1210063 Butterfly P1210046
Butterfly P1210023.6 American Falls At Sunrise P1200938-42 Harbour Fountain P1200879 Niagara T-rex P1200730-3
Niagara SkyWheel P1200703-5 Sunrise Through Niagara Falls Mist P1200627 Niagara Falls At Dusk P1200553-8 Niagara Falls P1200538-40BW
Niagara Falls P1200462 Country Sunrise P1200438-40 Wet Purple Iris P1200426 20170527 Aurora P1200413
20170527 Aurora P1200403-4 20170527 Aurora P1200389-91 20170527 Aurora P1200363 20170527 Aurora P1200357-60
20170527 Aurora P1200350 Canal Basin At Night P1200300-4 Purple & White Iris Closeup P1200293-5 Purple & White Iris Closeup P1200287-9
Irish Creek Night Sky P1200272 Len's Cove At Daybreak P1200240-2 Marina At Blue Hour P1200234-5 2017 Tulip Festival P1200115
Shooting A Shooter P1200111 (crop) 2017 Tulip Festival P1200028 2017 Tulip Festival P1200013 2017 Tulip Festival P1190945
2017 Tulip Festival P1190894 Lower Reach At Night P1190851 Mrs Wood Duck Scolding A Grackle P1190825 Standing Watch While The Missus Bathes P1190817-8
The Swale At Sunrise P1190792-4 Flooded Footbridge P1190720 At The Combined Lock P1190681-3 The 6:22 Train To Toronto P1190646
Flooded Field P1190585-7 Foggy Canal Basin P1190552-4 Pine Shadows P1190539 Under The Beckwith Street Canal Bridge P1190531-3BW
VIA Rail Station In Fog P1190510 Foggy Russell Street East P1190507-9 The Old Post Office Building On A Foggy Night P1190504-6BW Foggy HOTEL P1190489-91
Night Train P1190440-2 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1190388 Foggy Night At Turtle Island P1190349-51 Cenotaph In Night Fog P1190336
Raging Rapids P1190282 Spring Runoff P1190255 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1190239-45 Sprouting Through Ice P1190155-63
Milky Way Over The Rideau Canal P1190152-4 Milky Way At Irish Creek P1190140-1 Blue Hour Main Street W P1190134-6 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1190121
Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1190077 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1190068-70 Late Winter Snow At Dawn P1190032-4 Six Swimming Geese P1180997
Sap Moon Over Otter Lake P1180976-82 Tired Tulip P1180935-40 Spring Runoff P1180843 Town Sky Glow At First Light From Otter Lake P1180812
Town Sky Glow At First Light From Otter Lake P1180783 Sidelit Pretty Pink Tulip Closeup P1180768-70 Backlit Pretty Pink Tulip Closeup P1180739-48 Happy Easter P1180738
Pretty Pink Tulips P1180730-2 Swans In Flight P1180715 VIA Rail Canada 150 (P1180686) Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1180627-33
Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1180613-9 Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1180571 The 6:22 To Toronto Arrives P1180523 Winter Sunrise P1180492-8
Winter Sunrise P1180471-7 Island In Fog P1180409 Pine On A Foggy Night P1180377 Horse & Little Rustic Barn P1180365-7
Banker's Lamp & Reflection P1180352-8 The 6:22 Train To Toronto P1180325 Turtle Island At Night P1180315-7 Winter Sunrise P1180294-6
Winter Sunrise P1180268 Drive-thru Old Log Barn At Sunrise P1180231-3 Winter Barbers Creek At Sunrise P1180210-2 Last Quarter Moon Sunrise P1180201-3
Abstract In Ice P1180177-9 Tree Row Sunrise Shadows P1180150-6 Tree Row Sunrise Shadows P1180150-6BW Smoking Smokehouse At Sunrise P1180134-9A
Winter Farmscape At Sunrise P1180093-9 20170212 Snowstorm P1180076 Winter Nightscape P1180057-60 Combined Lock In Winter P1180046-8
Snowy Winnifred Street P1180031-3 Tulip Interior P1180021 Snow Moon Setting P1180009-10 Boathouse Beside The Swale P1170970-6
Departing Clouds P1170891-3 Sunset At The Swale P1170884-90 Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn P1170868-70 Red Tulips P1170860
Heritage House At Night P1170856-7 House Under The Stars P1170852-4 Winter Tulip P1170848 Water Tower At First Light P1170840-2
11-17 Victoria Avenue P1170817-23 Red Barn In Winter P1170766-8 Barn In Winter P1170766-8 Art This is NOT a sunrise or sunset P1170751
Winter Irish Creek At Night P1170748 Irish Creek At Night P1170746 Turtle Island After Sunrise P1170726-32 Collapsing Boathouse P1170674
Collapsing Boathouse P1170674 'Art' Old Red Boathouse Gone P1170663-5 Frozen Swale At Sunrise P1170656 Frozen Swale At Sunrise P1170639-41
Decommissioned Railway Bridge At Night P1170598 Red Sky At Night P1170595 Horse Shelter On A Foggy Winter Day P1170550 Lone Tree In Foggy Park P1170514
Brightly Lit House P1170485-7 Beckwith At William P1170455-7 Railway Museum At Night P1170439-43 Icy Porch Railing P1170425
Ice-Coated Tree P1170422 Ice-Coated Branches P1170413 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1170393-5 Winter Lane At Sunrise P1170381-3
Sunrise Solar Pillar P1170370-4 Winter Barn Under Ominous Cloud P1170287-91 Irish Creek Sunrise P1170272-6 Wolf Moon & Light Standard P1170190-2
Winter Canal Basin P1170140-2 Rideau Canal On A Bright Night P1170127-9 Winter Sunrise P1170094-6 Turtle Island Sunrise P1170066
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1170055-7 Winter Sunrise P1160996-8 Winter Cornfield Sunrise P1160960-2 Car In Motion P1160924-6
Red Amaryllis P1160899-900 Total Concentration P1160885-8 Christmas Lights Across Canada Prismatica P1160843 Christmas Lights Across Canada Prismatica P1160841
Christmas Lights Across Canada P1160819A Ottawa Holiday Lights P1160818 Château Laurier At Night P1160813 Holiday Elgin Street P1160812
Night Sky P1160777-9 Brightly Lit House P1160753-5 Trinity United Church In Snowstorm P1160750-2 The Swale At Night P1160726
Christmas Boathouses At Nignt P1160712-3 Railway Bridge At Night P1160710 Christmas Lights In Snow P1160676-7 Westbound Freight P1160657
Snowy Running Avenue P1160625-7 Snowy Russell Street East P1160607-9 Setting Cold Moon P1160593-9 Cold Moon Over The Swale P1160476
Cold Moon Setting Beyond Collapsing Boathouses P1160439-45 Clouded Cold Moon P1160419 Merry Christmas 2016 (P1160415) Winter Heritage House Museaum P1160399-401
Winter Heritage House Museaum P1160383.6 2016 Santa Claus Parade P1160359 Holiday Pipe Band P1160294 Holiday Perth P1160261-5
Crystal Palace Christmas Lights P1160226-35 Crystal Palace Christmas Lights P1160211-5 Holiday Heritage House Museum P1160157-62 Holiday Heritage House Museum P1160136-8
Light Pole Holiday Wreath P1160109-11 Train In Fog P1160082 Train In Fog P1160070 CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1160051)
CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1160033) CP Holiday Train 2016 Both (P1160024) CP Holiday Train 2016 Both (P1150999) CP Holiday Train 2016 Both (P1150943)
CP Holiday Train 2016 Both (P1150925-7) CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1150812) CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1150767) CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1150752)
CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1150726) Autumn Tamarack Needles & Cone P1150688-9 Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150670-1 Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150664
Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150654 Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150648-9 Rideau Canal On A Foggy Night P1150645-7 Late Autumn Harvest At Sunrise P1150605-7
Day After The 20161121 Snowstorm P1150579-81 20161121 Snowstorm P1150559 Streetlight In Snowstorm P1150545-7 Foggy Night At The CPR Rail Yard Office Building P1150529-31
Foggy Night At The VIA Station P1150518-20 Foggy Nightscape P1150494-5 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1150449-51 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1150434-6
Foggy Rideau Canal At Niight P1150360 Foggy Rideau Canal At Niight P1150355-6 Foggy Rideau Canal At Niight P1150346-7 Wet Fallen Oak Leaf P1150323
Sunset At The Swale P1150287 Barn At Sunrise P1150255-61 The 6.22 Train To Toronto P1150231 Smoke At Sunrise P1150219
Lombard Glen At Sunrise P1150210-2 Natural Neon Autumn Trees P1150168 Sunrise Over Ground Fog And Cows P1150145-51 Sunrise Over Ground Fog And Cows P1150103-9
Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1150075-80 Old Barn In Ground Fog P1150047 Trees In Ground Fog P1150005 Woodpecker At Sunrise P1140952
Autumn Ice P1140930-2 Autumn Rideau Canal P1140867-9 Why Are You Doing This To Me P1140806 Half-Autumn Tree P1140762-4
Autumn Tree P1140744-6 Early Riser P1140741-3 Night Clouds P1140672-5 20161025 Aurora P1140669
20161025 Aurora (P1140667) Up An Autumn Tree P1140658-60 Autumn Trees P1140655-7 Autumn Trees P1140604-6
Autumn Nightscape P1140550 Autumn Back Road P1140539-41 Autumn Back Road P1140536-8 Autumn Back Road P1140518-20
Autumnscape P1140464-8 Autumnscape P1140461-3 Autumnscape P1140446-8 Autumn Trees P1140437-42
Autumn Big Rideau Lake Shore P1140410-2 Autumnscape P1140380-2 Autumn Otter Lake P1140347-9 Autumn Otter Lake P1140346
Autumnscape P1140314-6 Autumnscape P1140314-6 Autumn Barn P1140293-5 Roadside Autumn Trees P1140275-7
Autumn Tree P1140268 Autumn Tree Faux IR P1140268 Late Season Coneflower P1140220-8 Day After The Full Moon P1140203
Autumn Back Road P1140163 Autumn Barn P1140145-7 Fence & Barn At Sunrise P1140136-8 Autumnscape At Sunrise P1140118-20
Autumn Ground Fog P1140070 Cloud Layers At Sunrise P1140049-51 Misty Sunrise P1140028-30 Moonlit Mist P1140013
20161013 Aurora (P1130998) 20161013 Aurora (P1130995) 20161013 Aurora (P1130993) 20161013 Aurora (P1130990A)
Grasshopper Close Up P1130970 Autumn Flowers P1130883-5 Gemmels Point In Sunrise Fog P1130877-9 Autumn Barn P1130738-44
Blue Hour Timmy's P1130693-5 Upper Beveridges Lock P1130680 Autumn Farmscape P1130665-71 Hurricane Matthew Clouds P1130624-6
Autumn Rideau River P1130536-8 Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1130441-4 Boathouses In The Dark P1130436-40 Autumnscape P1130337-9
Autumnscape Ground Fog P1130313-5 Overcast Landscape P1130292-4 Autumn Irish Creek P1130283-5 Equine Breakfast P1130262
Foggy Autumn Back Road P1130219 Flowering Plant P1130143-5 Leaking Lock P1130136 Autumn Wild Grapes P1130091-3
Pasture & Barn In Sunrise P1130036-40 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1130027-9 Tree In Foggy Sunrise P1130017-23 Tree In Sunrise P1130003-9
Foggy Rideau Canal P1120955-7 Autumn Trees At Sunrise P1120952-4 Skein Of Geese At Sunrise P1120947 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1120877-9
Farm At Sunrise P1120862-4 Autumn Irish Creek P1120773-7 Sunrise Ground Fog P1120763-7 Sunrise Ground Fog P1120757-9
Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1120745-7 Misty Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1120717-23 Misty Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1120703-9 Misty Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1120696-702
Autumn Rideau Canal P1120663-5 Merrickville Ruins At Sunrise P1120636-8 Merrickville Lockstation At Sunrise P1120622-8 Towers & Bales P1120615-7
Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120585-7) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120572-4) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120564-6) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120556-8)
Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120553-5) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120552) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120550-1) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120543)
Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120500BW) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120455) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120450-2) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120404)
Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120383) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120362) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120327) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120308)
Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120299) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120293) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120057) Fogged Sunrise P1110888-93
Fog On The Water At Sunrise P1110850-2 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1110799 Farm & Fog P1110764-8 Rideau Canal Fogged Sunrise P1110759-63
Otter Creek Fogged Sunrise P1110749-53 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1110702-4 Island In Fog & Mist At Sunrise P1110678 Cloudscape P1110654-6
St Thomas Anglican Church P1110581-6 Sunrise Ground Fog P1110554-6 Sunrise Ground Fog P1110510-2 Sunrise Ground Fog P1110491-7
Sunrise Ground Fog & Mist P1110437-9 Sunrise Ground Fog P1110393-5 Fogged Sunrise P1110373-7 Fogged Sunrise P1110352-8
Distant Fog On Upper Rideau Lake P1110315 Incoming Fog Bank P1110262-4 Foggy Sunrise At Edmonds Lockstation P1110238-40 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1110204-10
Geese Over Misty Otter Lake P1110163-4 Sheep Island In Mist Beyond Boat P1110089 Misty Big Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1110082 Rideau Canal Fishermen At Sunrise P1110054
Otter Creek Sunrise Mist P1110015 Cornfield Sunrise P1100977-83 Rideau Canal Sunset P1100974-6 Barn In Clouded Sunrise P1100938-40
Sunrise Ground Fog P1100867-9 Beckwith Street Canal Bridge P1100828-30 Hotel Beside The Canal At Dawn P1100822-7 Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog P1100740-2
Hoverfly Hovering P1100720 Purple Petunia Interior P1100709-12 Equine Pal P1100686 Bales In Ground Fog P1100676
Suspended Fog At Sunrise P1100667 Sunrise Cloud P1100632-4 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1100609-11 Drooping Sunflowers P1100508-10
Sunrise Ground Fog P1100489-94 Sturgeon Moon Over Ground Fog P1100469-71 Otter Creek Sunrise P1100463-5 Scugog River At Sunrise P1100409-11
Sunset Clouds P1100364-6 Sunset Clouds P1100308-12 Sunrise Ground Fog P1100136-8 Kawartha Voyageur In the Poonamalie Cut P1100004-6
Leaking Lock P1090875 Sunrise Over The Swale P1090847-9 CN Engine 1112 (P1090814-6) Light At The End Of The Road P1090802-4
Clouded Sunrise P1090796-8 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1090745-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1090736-8 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1090728
Milky Way Galactic Core P1090715-6 Sunflower Field At Sunrise P1090690-5 Pasture Sunrise P1090684-9 Irish Creek Sunrise P1090672-4
Sunflower Field At Sunrise P1090648-53 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1090599-601 Kawartha Voyageur At Night P1090586-8 Field Of Sunflowers P1090561
Clouded Sunrise P1090534-6 Irish Creek Sunrise P1090507-9 1953 Chevy Pickup Nose P1090471-3 2016 Rolling Thunder Car Show & Shop P1090456-8
Yellow Hot Rod P1090447-9 Chevrolet Nose P1090414-6 Sunrise Ground Fog P1090357 Freight Train In Wisp Of Mist P1090300-2
Sunrise Ground Fog P1090273-5 Sunrise Fishing P1090204-6 Gemmels Point At Sunrise P1090183-5 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1090176-8
Red Cloud At Sunrise P1090152-4 2016 Buck Moon P1090125-7 Field Into Fog At Sunrise P1090113 Three Grey Horses P1090095-6
Young Couple Going Sunrise Fishing P1090071 Old Log Barns At Sunrise P1090056-8 Irish Creek In Clouded Sunrise P1090053-5 Sunrise Landscape P1090044-6
Union Station P1090029 Union Station P1090017-9 Union Summer P1090009 SkyWalk P1090004
Entrance To Trains P1080998 Union Station P1080992 Skyscrapers P1080987 Window Cleaning P1080981
Monument to Multiculturalsim P1080972-4 Columns P1080963 Reading P1080962 Royal York Hotel P1080959-61
Union Station P1080952 Ripley's Aquarium of Canada P1080935 Red-bellied Gull P1080934 Stingray & Viewing Tunnel From Above P1080929
Two Jellyfish P1080927 Jellyfish P1080919 Stingrays P1080899 Glass Cleaner P1080896
Ripley's Aquarium of Canada P1080893-4 Daycampers P1080891 Ripley's Aquarium of Canada P1080888 Sawfish Over Viewing Tunnel P1080883
Outside The Viewing Tunnel P1080876 Shark P1080875 Stingray P1080868 Shark & Stingray P1080862
Shark P1080859 Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080850 Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080845 Orange Fish P1080839
Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080836 Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080832 Blue Lobster P1080819-21 Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080813
Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080799 CN Tower P1080782-4 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1080728-30 Foggy Gemmels Point P1080719-21
Tiny Droplets P1080686-91 Wet Lupine Leaf P1080680-2 Sunrise Over Cornfield P1080656-8 Otter Creek Sunrise P1080653-5
Fly On Yellow P1080620 Daylilies P1080613 Milky Way Over Rideau Ferry P1080584 Milky Way Over Edmonds Lock P1080576
Sunrise Landscape P1080551-3 Canada Day 2016 Sunrise P1080542-4 Old Barn P1080536-8 21st Century Viking Lass P1080482
Sunrise At Edmunds P1080357-9 Viking Ship P1080313-5 21st Century Viking P1080304 Viking Ship Stern Detail P1080287
Viking Ship Dragon Head P1080274-6 Viking Ship Bow Detail P1080268-70 Viking Ship P1080265-7 Irish Creek In Misty Sunrise P1080250-2
Irish Creek In Misty Sunrise P1080244-6 Bales In Sunrise Mist P1080210-2 Bales In Sunrise Mist P1080198-200 Boat At The Detached Lock P1080150-2
Distant Rain Shower P1080129-31 2016 Strawberry Moon At Sunrise P1080092-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1080023-5 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1080010-6
Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1070988-90 Otter Creek Sunrise P1070940-2 Otter Creek Sunrise P1070904.7.10 Otter Creek Sunrise P1070904-6
Backlit Wild Daisies P1070821 Wild Daisy P1070750 'Art' Wild Daisy P1070750 Yellow Wildflower P1070694-6
Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil P1070633 Wet Purple & White Iris P1070601-3 Horse Pasture At Sunrise P1070562-4 Kawartha Voyageur At First Light P1070542-6
Kawartha Voyageur At First Light P1070536-41 Lilac Blossoms P1070480-1 Geese On Turtle Island P1070474 Gosling Flotilla P1070444
Purple Iris Petal P1070392-400 Sunrise In Ground Fog P1070386-8 Fence & Tree In Foggy Sunrise P1070366-72 Rideau River Sunrise P1070330-2
Irish Creek Sunrise P1070306-8 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1070291-3 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1070285-7 Big Rideau Lake At First Light P1070227
Equine Pal At Sunrise P1070206 Beaver Tail Slap At Sunrise P1070148 Beaver Tail Slap At Sunrise P1070148 (crop) Round Ripples P1070136-8
Osprey In Flight P1070098 Osprey In Flight P1070092 Osprey In Flight P1070088 Osprey In Flight P1070082
Osprey In Flight P1070084 Bumble Bee In A Lilac P1070074 2016 Tulip Festival P1070055 2016 Tulip Festival P1060996
2016 Tulip Festival P1060938 Impudent Squirrel P1060833 Full Moon & Hot Air Balloon P1060780.805 2016 Tulip Festival P1060755
Miniature Purple Iris P1060654-6 Kilmarnock Bridge In Foggy Sunrise P1060632-7 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1060610-4 Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060603-7
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060539 Milky Way Over The Tay River P1060535-6 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1060497 Milky Way Over Hutton Marsh P1060431-3
Sunstruck Purple Flowers P1060417 Song Sparrow P1060413 Song Sparrow P1060410 Song Sparrow Singing P1060409
2016 Tulip Festival P1060400 2016 Tulip Festival P1060384 2016 Tulip Festival P1060380 2016 Tulip Festival P1060379
2016 Tulip Festival P1060375 Shooting A Shooter P1060372 Shooting A Shooter P1060365 2016 Tulip Festival P1060351
2016 Tulip Festival P1060320 2016 Tulip Festival P1060319 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1060253 Milky Way Over Bellamys Lake P1060238.41
Happy Mother's Day 2016 (P1060227-9) Red Tulip P1060143-5 Sunrise Landscape P1060116-22 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060104-12
Irish Creek Sunrise P1060004-6 Dewy Spider Web P1050990 Trees In Fog P1050984 Otter Creek In Light Fog P1050975
Clock P1050936-8 Bee On A Spring Blossom P1050924-6 Spring Blossom P1050915 Spring Blossom P1050912
Bee On A Spring Blossom P1050897 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1050864-6 Miniature Daffodil P1050702-10 Otter Creek P1050654
Wood Duck Couple In Silhouette P1050636-42 Misty Foggy Otter Creek P1050629-35 Sunrise Sunrays P1050561 Sunrise Sunrays P1050557-9
Misty Foggy Otter Creek Sunrise P1050542-4 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1050533-5 White Rose P1050460 White Rose P1050460
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1050450-4 Milky Way Over The Rideau River P1050379 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1050330-2 Milky Way Over McGowan Lake P1050323
Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1050311 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1050282 Snowy April Night P1050139-41 Yellow & Burgundy Tulip P1050121-6
Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1050118 Three High-key Tulips P1050101 Orange Tulip P1050075-83 Crocuses In Snow P1050071.4
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1050030-2 Crescent Moonrise P1050014-6 Sunrise Reflected P1040964-70 Brassils Creek At Dawn P1040909-11
Two Yellow Crocus Sprouts P1040891 The 6:22 Arrives P1040834-6 Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise P1040767-9 Collapsing Boathouse P1040758
Two Horses In Their Barn Door P1040707-9 Stretching Mallard P1040686 First Buds Of Spring P1040674 Tree Bud P1040668-73
Tree Bud P1040668-73 (crop) Easter Sunrise P1040633-7 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1040576-8 Wolford Chapel P1040513-7
Foggy Sun P1040498-502 Trees In Foggy Sunrise P1040473-5 Abstract P1040457 Chilled Tulip Sprout P1040446-8
Chilled Grill P1040413-8 Snowy Tulip Sprout P1040389-91 Spring Wonderland P1040353-5 Snowy Spring Night P1040302-4
Early Spring Snow P1040281-3 Early Spring Snow P1040278-80 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1040208-14 Railway Lines P1040152-4
Tulip Sprouts From Ground Level P1040062-7 Roadside Trees At Sunrise P1040037-9 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1030942 Abstract P1030922-35
Rideau Canal At Night P1030912-21 Log In Spring Runoff P1030860 Sunrise Geese Flyout P1030671 Geese Flying Over Sunrise P1030524-6
Blue Light Special P1030471-3 Trees In Fog P1030443-5 Ducks Geese & Swan In Fog P1030425 Foggy Night P1030399-401
Foggy Night P1030365-7 Foggy Night P1030353-5 Miniature Daffodil Closeup P1030327-8 Lockmaster's House At First Light P1030310-5
Boathouses At Sunrise P1030237-43 Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1030140-4 Three Barns P1030088-90 Miniature Daffodil P1030014-6
Bald Eagle In Flight P1020899 Middle Of The Road Crescent Moon P1020835-9 Blind Simplicity P1020813 Otter On Ice At Sunrise P1020772.4
Otter On Ice At Sunrise P1020772.4 (crop) Misty Sun Rising Beyond A Railway Bridge P1020759-65 Crock Pot Lid Knob P1020703-5 Crock Top P1020691-6
Turtle Island Misty Sunrise P1020654-60 Canal Lock Gate Cranks At Sunrise P1020501-3 Bald Eagle In Flight P1020550 Open Water Fog At Sunrise P1020482-4
Winter Night Light Pillar P1020381-3 Snowy Night P1020360-2 Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1020337-41 Ice On The Rocks P1020306-8
Church Doors P1020282-4 Winterscape P1020267-9 Frozen Lower Rideau Lake P1020255-7 Pine Between Two Docks P1020249-51
Shoulder Nuzzle P1020206 Sparkling Tree P1020130 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1020108-13 Bright Night P1020077-9
Boathouses At Night P1020055-7 Moon On The Bascule Bridge P1020035-9 4K Frame Grab P1020015 4K Frame Grab P1020015 (crop)
Selfeyes P1010883-5 Frosty Rideau Waterway Sunrise P1010878-82 Frosty Rideau Waterway Sunrise P1010853-7 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1010848-52
Sunstruck Trees P1010843-7 Rideau Canal In A Frosty Sunrise P1010813-7 A Middle Of The Road Sunrise P1010753-7 Irish Creek Sunrise P1010748-52
Cold Forage P1010733 Equine Pals Chilling Out P1010712-4 Rotel At Dawn P1010667-9 Snowy Parking Lot P1010655-7
Patio Aftermath P1010651-3 Out Front Aftermath P1010645-7 VIA Station At Night P1010620-2 Frosty Shoreline At Sunrise P1010566-8
Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1010479-84 Sunrise Mist P1010437-9 Frosted Branches P1010422-4 Cold Morning Mist P1010346-52
Snowy Leaning Tree P1010314-6 Snowy Gallipeau Centre Driveway P1010308-10 4K Frame Grab Test P1010323 Railway Museum At Night P1010263-6
Duck Island On A Bright Night P1010249-51 Water Tower At Night P1010239-41 Rideau Canal At Night P1010231-2 Mouse In Hand P1010126
Christmas Boathouses P1010119 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1010114-6 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1010113 Rideau Canal Sunset P1010097-9
Sunrise At Old Slys P1010051-7 Crescent Moon Over Turtle Island P1010040 Swale Boathouses At Night P1010030 Blue Hour Reflections P1010009-13
Icicles P1000999 Ol' Frosty Breath P1000975.88 Frozen Swamp P1000926 Frozen Swamp P1000916
Rideau Rapids P1000896-9 Midwinter Thaw P1000852-6 Pedestrian Underpass P1000827-9BW Pedestrian Underpass P1000827-9
Lockmaster's Watch House At Night P1000821 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1000817-9 Rideau Canal Dawn P1000787-9 Snow Over Beckwith Street P1000734-6
Davidson Courtyard P1000731-3 Old Building P1000620-2 Backups P1000578-80 Beckwith Street Bridge At First Light P1000548.51
Perth Town Hall At Night P1000530 Sunset At The Swale P1000451 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1000399-401 Winter Farm At Dawn P1000337-9
Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1000297-9 Turtle Island Trees At Sunrise P1000159-61 Boathouses At Dawn P1000100-1 Moon Setting Over The Swale P1000085-91
Bright Night P1000067-72 Turtle Island On A Foggy Night P1370756-62 CP Building At Dawn P1230469-78 Irish Creek Sunrise P1210501-3
Partial Rainbow At Sunrise P1210519-21 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1400401-3 Sturgeon Lake Sunset P1100370-2