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Nikon Coolpix P1000 Photo Gallery

On 23 August 2019, despite its large size and weight, I bought a Nikon Coolpix P1000 superzoom camera since wildlife I had been seeing on the morning walks needed longer zoom than the cameras I already had.

Now, more than a year later (19 October 2020) and after shooting more than 12,000 brackets (36,000 shutter activations) I can say that the Nikon Coolpix P1000 is the first camera I've ever owned that has all the telephoto reach I can handle and for the first time in my life I am not interested in a camera with more. I still don't like its large size and weight but it's manageable. The camera is truly an amazing device and after discovering the equally amazing Topaz Labs DeNoise AI for noise removal, the P1000 has become my "go-to" camera for wildlife and nature photography. Basically, if my old eyes can see something in the distance, I can get a usable shot of it.

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Four Goldeneye Ducks At Sunrise DSCN11767 Red-winged Blackbird Calling DSCN11734.7 Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN11726 Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN11718-20
Cottage On Gemmels Point At Sunrise DSCN11712-4 Goose Spreading Its Wings DSCN11670 Song Sparrow Singing DSCN11664 Muskrat On Ice DSCN11580-2
Muskrat Chowing Down DSCN11560 Trumpeter Swan Landing DSCN11499 Three Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN11475 Abstract In Ice DSCN11454A
Male Bufflehead Duck DSCN11443 Male Ring-necked Duck DSCN11394 Common Merganser Couple DSCN11343 Messy Eater Goose At Sunrise DSCN11305
Two Trumpeter Swans At Sunrise DSCN11301 Goose Family Squabble DSCN11232 VIA Rail 6427 (DSCN11203) Goose Flapping Its Wings At Sunrise DSCN11200
Four Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN11178 Four Ring-necked Ducks At Sunrise DSCN11124 Ring-necked Ducks At Sunrise DSCN11113 Male Bufflehead At Sunrise DSCN11084
Waning Crescent Moon, 28% Illuminated DSCN11040 Waning Crescent Moon, 28% Illuminated DSCN11040 (crop) Male Bufflehead DSCN11006 Hooded Merganser Couple DSCN10956
Incoming Geese At Sunrise DSCN10917 Canal Basin At Sunrise DSCN10902-7 Mouthy Goose DSCN10876 Migrating Geese At Rest DSCN10862.5.7
Red-winged Blackbird Singing DSCN10831 Hooded Merganser Head-On DSCN10803 (crop) Hooded Merganser Turning DSCN10802 Hooded Merganser Side View DSCN10800
Hooded Mergansers DSCN10776 Mass Goose Migration DSCN10729 Field Of Geese DSCN10717 Goose On Wet Ice Honking To High Heaven DSCN10707
Goose In Flight DSCN10583 Wood Duck & Mallard Couples DSCN10489-91 Full Worm Moon Setting DSCN10453 Full Worm Moon Setting DSCN10421
Squabbling Geese DSCN10414 Three Swans Landing In The Swale DSCN10388 Four Geese In Flight DSCN10354 Skein Of Canada Geese DSCN10349
Gull & Goose DSCN10321 Common Mergansers In The Swale DSCN10292 Red-winged Blackbird Singing DSCN10267 (crop) Two Robins In A Pine Tree DSCN10228
Red Squirrel Dining Out DSCN10202 Red Squirrel In A Tree DSCN10181 Four Trumpeting Swans DSCN10148 Duck Arabesque DSCN10108-10
First Buds DSCN10098 Snow-Plastered Trees & Fence DSCN10053 CP 8740 Beyond Snowy Tree DSCN09992 Trumpeting Swans DSCN09975
Otter Surfacing Through Ice DSCN09960 Two Otters On Ice DSCN09944 Otter Breakfast DSCN09934 Three Otters At Edge Of Ice DSCN09930
Otter With A Catch DSCN09928 Blue Jay Hiding In A Pine DSCN09904 Female Downy Woodpecker DSCN09897 Snowshoe Hare Hiding In Plain Sight DSCN09888
Blue Jay Out On A Limb DSCN09880 Snowshoe Hare Closeup DSCN09870 Roof Ice Slide DSCN09791 White Rose Closeup DSCN09738 'Art'
White Rose Closeup DSCN09738 American Goldfinch DSCN09693 American Goldfinch DSCN09691 Common Merganser Taking Flight DSCN09684
Crow Calling DSCN09621 (crop) Common Merganser On Ice DSCN09609 Peacock Profile DSCN09535 Goldfinch With A Mouthful DSCN09450
Injured Goose Beside Bridge Pier DSCN09423 Moon Over Winter Swale DSCN09395 Two Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN09382 Two Trumpeting Swans In Flight DSCN09379
Four Trumpeter Swans Approaching DSCN09372 Four Trumpeter Swans Flying Over Treetops DSCN09369 Common Merganser Nearing Ice DSCN09336 Combined Lock In Winter DSCN09329BW
Goose Swimming Amidst Ice DSCN09315 Five Trumpeter Swans Taking Flight DSCN09291 Otter Creek At A Misty Edmonds Lock DSCN09240 Two Span Footbridge In Freezing Mist DSCN09235
Railway Bridge In Frosty Sunrise DSCN09156-61 Sun Rising In Freezing Mist DSCN09147-53 Frosty Winter Sunrise DSCN09144-6 Clouded Snow Moon DSCN09136
31 Trumpeter Swans Sleeping On Ice DSCN09109 Trumpeter Swan Hokey Pokey DSCN09095 Two Bald Eagles DSCN09057 Trumpeter Swan Taking Flight DSCN08824
Trumpeter Swans Face-off DSCN08808 Trumpeter Swan & Entourage DSCN08790 Swan Stretching DSCN08775 Tulip Bunch DSCN08766 'Art'
Yellow Daffodil DSCN08763 Daffodil Corona Closeup DSCN08758 Iced Water Weir DSCN08732 Frost On A Fishing Bobber Closeup DSCN08659
Frosty Landscape Along The Canal DSCN08630 Trumpeter Swan Stretching DSCN08614 Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN08551 Frosty Snagged Bobbers DSCN08493
Two Span Footbridge In Freezing Mist DSCN08469 Trumpeter Swan's First Stretch Of The Day DSCN08438 Steamed Starlings DSCN08431 29 Trumpeter Swans A-sleeping On Ice DSCN08400
Two Trumpeter Swans Out Of Twenty-Five DSCN08328 Trumpeting Swan Aswimming DSCN08288 CEFX 1036 (DSCN08243) CEFX 1036 & Its Train DSCN08231
Last Petal To Fall DSCN08133 Wintry Christmas Boathouses DSCN08091-3 Frosty Landscape Along The Canal DSCN08039 Shelter Amidst Heavy Frost DSCN08012
Wintry Christmas Boathouses DSCN07973 Spears Of Ice DSCN07942 Winter Merganser DSCN07932 New Footbridge In Rising Mist DSCN07857
Old Mill Channel At Daybreak DSCN07803-5 Pink Tulip Petals DSCN07801 White Pigeon On A Wire DSCN07734 American Goldfinch DSCN07603
Common Merganser DSCN07594 Bald Eagle In Flight DSCN07525 Bald Eagle In Flight DSCN07524 Ice & Waterfall DSCN07499
Interesting Sky DSCN07452 Two Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN07439 Snowy Rock Amidst River Ice DSCN07407 'Art' Lower Reach Park Sunrise DSCN07383-8
The Swan Has Landed DSCN07381 Three Swans A-flying DSCN07374 The Swale DSCN07357 Birches DSCN07342 'B&W'
Birches DSCN07342 'Art' Sixteen Swans A-sleeping DSCN07333 Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN07245 Two Swans In Flight DSCN07225
Two Swans A-swimming DSCN07186 Abstract DSCN07154 Common Goldeneye Family DSCN07113 Eagle On Ice DSCN07011
Swans On Ice DSCN06970 Three Swans On Ice DSCN06959 Nine Swans In Flight DSCN06930 Seven of Nine DSCN06928
Four Swans Two Geese DSCN06849.51 The Swale After The Ice Storm DSCN06827 Ice Fishing Camper DSCN06744 In Murphys Point Provincial Park DSCN06738-40
Deer In Woods DSCN06692 Deer In A Clearing DSCN06673 Contrail & Clouds DSCN06636 Misty Icy Swale DSCN06626
Goose Flapping Its Wings DSCN06612 Eastern Coyote DSCN06605 Eastern Coyote Beside A Laneway DSCN06596 Backlit Mink Beside Open Water DSCN06563
Wet Mink Walking On Water DSCN06546 Wet Mink On Ice DSCN06537 Abstract In Ice DSCN06503 Mink Looking Out DSCN06479
Swimming Mink DSCN06386 Rideau Canal Red Sunrise DSCN06368-70 Waning Gibbous Moon 57% Illuminated DSCN06331 Waning Gibbous Moon 57% Illuminated DSCN06331 (Cropped)
Abstract DSCN06296 Sunset Cloud DSCN06282 Wintry Swale DSCN06244 Wet Bridge Deck Reflection DSCN06242 'Art'
Wet Bridge Deck Reflection DSCN06242 Goose On Ice Inspecting A Crayfish DSCN06226 (crop) Sunstruck Swale DSCN06101 Immature Cooper's Hawk DSCN06219
Four Swans Aflying DSCN06156 Female Common Merganser DSCN06136 Preening Beaver DSCN06105 Four Swans In Flight DSCN06042.4
Beaver On Ice DSCN05971 Geese & Swans DSCN05922 Frosty Red Berries DSCN05846 Red Channel Marker In Ice DSCN05826-8
Two Beavers Chowing Down DSCN05804 Beaver On Ice DSCN05751 Late Autumn Farmscape DSCN05685-7 Wild Turkey Twofer_DSCN05673.jpg
Wild Turkey Headshot DSCN05668 Morning Frost On Amber Glass DSCN05641 Male Common Merganser DSCN05626 Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored) DSCN05578
Beaver With A Mouthful DSCN05460 Swimming Beaver Face DSCN05451 Two Mute Swans A-swimming DSCN05410 Three Swans A-flying At Sunrise DSCN05386
Three Swans A-flying At Sunrise DSCN05385 Three Swans A-flying At Sunrise DSCN05382 Three Swans A-swimming DSCN05379 Two Swans A-swimming DSCN05355BW
Two Swans A-swimming (Burnt Edges) DSCN05355 Three Swans On Ice DSCN05299 Male Goldfinch DSCN05178 Male Goldfinch DSCN05176
Otter On Ice DSCN05128 Perched Bald Eagle DSCN05104-5 Getting The Eagle Eye DSCN05056 (crop) Swan Flapping Its Wings DSCN05027
Moon Waning Crescent 43.5% (DSCN04953) Three Beavers DSCN04905 Goose Flapping Its Wings DSCN04839 Swan Bullying Geese DSCN04780
Two Swans On Final Approach DSCN04744 Swan Landing Gear Down DSCN04745 Two Swans Approaching DSCN04738 Geese Going On Ice DSCN04688
Snow-Covered Frozen Swale DSCN04684 Two Juvenile Cormorants DSCN04642 Juvenile Trumpeter Swan Spreading Its Wings DSCN04564 First Icicles DSCN04494
Inquisitive Sheep DSCN04308 Flags In Wind DSCN04244-50 Autumn Leaves DSCN04239 Wet Leaf Closeup DSCN04156
Dewy Autumn Leaf DSCN04138 Autumn Morning Walk DSCN04118 Autumn Canal Light DSCN04085-7 Autumn Rideau Canal DSCN04079-81
Wet Window Screen DSCN04077 Grow Good Together DSCN04068 Starling On A Treetop DSCN04034 Wasp Nest DSCN04007
Autumn Grebe DSCN03973 Airborne Le Boat DSCN03904 The Le Boat Lineup DSCN03838 Foggy Autumn Morning DSCN03723
Channel Marker & Geese In Fog DSCN03717 Moon Craters DSCN03693crop Swan Ripple DSCN03618 Red Berries DSCN03597-9
Preening Swan DSCN03564 Swans Seeing Eye To Eye DSCN03542 Confederation Bridge In Mist DSCN03539 Autumn Cenotaph DSCN03458
Autumn Victoria Basin DSCN03399-01 Waning Hunter's Moon DSCN03333.7 Merganser Looking Up DSCN03310 Duck Island Autumn Trees DSCN03273
Grebe Twofer DSCN03243 Buried Stone Arch Dam DSCN03200-2 Young Male Wood Duck DSCN03170 Yellowjacket Reflected DSCN03119 (crop)
Autumn Back Road DSCN03050-2 Blue-headed Vireo DSCN03027 Autumn Ivy At Sunrise DSCN03008-10 Misty Irish Creek Autumnscape DSCN02977
Misty Irish Creek Autumnscape DSCN02972-4 Backlit Blue Jay DSCN02964 Merganser On Otter Lake DSCN02943 Otter Lake Otter Feeding Frenzy DSCN02911
Loon Spreading Its Wings DSCN02846 Ducks In The Swale DSCN02789 White-breasted Nuthatch DSCN02758 Kingfisher On A Pole DSCN02746
Kingfisher On A Cable DSCN02718 Autumn Swale DSCN02679 Merganser Scratching An Itch DSCN02668 Merganser Swallowing A Drink DSCN02602
Autumn Leaves DSCN02468 Kingfisher On A Dead Limb DSCN02453 Kingfisher On A Windsock DSCN02434 Grebe In Flight DSCN02395
Peregrine Falcon On A Water Tower DSCN02377 Gull In A Berry Tree DSCN02330 Kingfisher In A Dead Tree DSCN02274 Kingfisher On Bridge Railing DSCN02224
Swan Stretching Its Wings DSCN02210-11 Pied-billed Grebe In The Swale DSCN02127 Boathouses At The Swale In Fog DSCN02118 Fogbow Over The Swale DSCN02091.7
Kingfisher On A Dirty Wire DSCN02089 Early Autumn Tree DSCN02053-5 Peregrine Falcon Napping DSCN02045 Peregrine Falcon Napping DSCN02045 (crop)
Belted Kingfisher DSCN02025 Monarch Butterfly DSCN02014 (crop) Monarch Butterfly DSCN02014 Monarch Butterfly Eye DSCN02002 (crop)
Monarch Butterfly DSCN02002 Monarch Butterfly DSCN01986 Peregrine Falcon On A Water Tower DSCN01977 Gulls Over A Berry Tree DSCN01945
Heron & Swan DSCN01928 Kingfisher On A Wire DSCN01911 Heron On A Light Standard DSCN01887 Monarchs On Wild Asters DSCN01844
Monarch Photobombed By A Bee DSCN01829 Kingfisher On A Bridge Abutment DSCN01755 Osprey & Crow In A Tree DSCN01748 Monarch Butterfly DSCN01722
Bee On A Purple Wildflower DSCN01695 Heron On A Treetop DSCN01682 Gull On A Channel Marker DSCN01593 Peregrine Falcon Taking Flight DSCN01582
Monarch Waystation DSCN01527 Holey Monarch DSCN01515 Peregrine Falcon Stretching A Wing DSCN01483 Peregrine Falcon On A Water Tower DSCN01406
Dripping Grebe DSCN01327 Kingfisher On A Beam DSCN01302 Heron Lurking In Grass DSCN01292 Peregrine Falcon DSCN01251
Peregrine Falcon DSCN01246 Bee Sleeping Under Goldenrod DSCN01200 (C&R) Bee Sleeping Under Goldenrod DSCN01200 Got My Ducks In A Row DSCN01183.5
Heron In Rapids DSCN01154 Heron In Rapids DSCN01137 Sign Of Autumn DSCN01110-2 Painted Lady On A Pink Clover DSCN01091
Painted Lady On A Pink Clover DSCN01091 (crop) Painted Lady On A Pink Clover DSCN01060 Cabbage Butterfly On A Purple Wildflower DSCN01005 The Blue Church DSCN00980
Heron In The Detached Basin DSCN00929 Juvenile Male Wood Duck DSCN00890 Grebe With Catch DSCN00867 Blue Jay DSCN00790
Contrails DSCN00762 Little Black Bee On A Purple Wildflower DSCN00741 Little Black Bee On A Wildflower DSCN00741 Osprey Portrait DSCN00736-7
Yawning Grebe DSCN00717 Heron Taking Flight Off Railway Bridge DSCN00702 Cedar Waxwing Profile DSCN00662 Heron Taking Flight DSCN0651
Pied-billed Grebe DSCN00636 Clayton FD 'Last Chance' Fire Boat DSCN00613 Tall Ships 'Empire Sandy' & 'St Lawrence II' DSCN00592 Tall Ships 'Empire Sandy' & 'St Lawrence II' DSCN00592 'Art'
Nao Santa Maria DSCN00584 The Topsail Schooner 'Pride of Baltimore II' Fires Its Cannon DSCN00580 The Brigantine 'Black Jack' Fires Its Cannon DSCN00571 The Brigantine 'Fair Jeanne' Fires Its Cannon DSCN00566
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